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英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit3《Under the sea》(新人教版选修7)

英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit3《Under the sea》(新人教版选修7)

? ?佳作选登 ? [话题] 给某航空公司写回信,寻找遗失的 行李箱。 ? [体裁] 英文书信

? Dear Sir/Madam, ? I'm Li Hua.I took the flight BA793 on June 3,2010.B

ut when I came to my home,I found I lost a suitcase.I am writing to you to request you to help me find it back. ? My suitcase is a small blue one with a zip.There is a lable on the handle with my name and address on it.It is really important for me,because I had put all my important documents in it,including my ID card,passport and so on.Besides,it is what my father sent to me on my birthday.

? Thanks for your kind consideration and I look forward to receiving your earliest reply. ? Yours truly, ? Li Hua

? 经典例句 ? [亮词] 1.take the flight??乘??航班 ? 2.with a zip带拉链的 ? 3.look forward to doing...盼望??

? [典句] 1.I am writing to you to request you to help me find it back. ? 我给你写信的目的是想让你帮我把它找回来。 ? (变式)?The reason why I'm writing to you is that I hope you can help me find it back. ? 2.It is really important for me,because I had put all my important documents in it,including my ID card,passport and so on. ? 这对我来说真的很重要,因为我已把我的所有的 重要文件都放在里面了,包括我的身份证、户照 等。

? 1.(2011·辽宁高考)What are you doing out of bed,Tom?You're ________ to be asleep. ? A.supposed B.known ? C.thought D.considered

? [解题指导] 句意:你不睡觉在干什么,汤 姆?你应该睡觉。be supposed to do sth.意为: (按规则、惯例等)应该做某事。如:Am I supposed to clean all the rooms or just this one? 我是应该打扫所有的房间,还是只这一间? be known to be被知道是;be thought to be被 认为是;be considered to be被认为是。 ? [正确答案] A

? 2.(2011·福建高考)The lack of eco-friendly habits among the public is thought to be a major ________ of global climate change. ? A.result B.cause ? C.warning D.reflection ? [解题指导] 句意:公众缺乏环保习惯被认 为是全球气候变化的一个主要原因。本题 考查名词辨析。cause原因,起因;result 结 果;warning警告;reflection反思,反省。 根据句意可知,正确答案为B项。 ? [正确答案] B

? 3.(2012·莱阳模拟)—How can you prove that you have nothing to do with this case? ? —I have three ________. ? A.friends B.judges ? C.facts D.witnesses ? [解题指导] 句意:——你怎么能证明你与这 事无关呢?——我有三个证人。本题考查名 词辨义。friend 朋友,judge判断;法官。 fact事实;witness证据;证人。 ? [正确答案] D

? 4.(2012·上海模拟)Premier Wen urged that all the countries ________ measures to keep stability in the Northeast Asia. ? A.take B.must take ? C.are to take D.took ? [解题指导] 句意:温总理极力主张各国为 保持亚洲东北部的稳定采取相应的措施, 本题考查urge的用法,urge后跟宾语从句要 用虚拟语气,即从句用(should)+动词原形。 ? [正确答案] A

? 5.(2012·太原模拟)The grandparents ________ when they saw the gold medal their grandson had got at the Olympic Games. ? A.couldn't help to smile B.couldn't help smiling ? C.couldn't help but smiled D.coudn't help but smiling ? [解题指导] 句意:爷爷奶奶看到他们的孙子在 奥运会上获得了金牌禁不住笑了起来。 can't/couldn't help doing sth.忍不住/禁不住做某事。 can't/couldn't help but后面要求接动词原形,意为 “不得不做某事”。 ? [正确答案] B

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅰ.重点单词 1.annual n.年刊;年鉴→ annual adj.每年的;按年度 annually 计算的→ adj.一年一次地 opposite 2. prep.在??对面→ opposite adj.相对的;相 反的→ oppose v.反对 dive vi./n.跳水;潜水;俯冲 3. 4.flee vi.逃离;逃跑→ fled (过去分词) drag vt.拖;拉;扯 5.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

6. relationshipn.关系→ relation n.关系,联系→ relative adj.比较的→ related adj.相关的,联系的→ relate v.联系;交往 conservation n.保存;保护→ conserve vt.保护;保存 7.
aware adj.意识到的→ awareness n.意识→ 8. unaware adj.没意识到的 9.vivid adj.生动的;鲜艳的→ vividly adv.生动地→ vividness n.清晰

relationship n.关系→ relation ? 6. n.关系,联系→ ? relative adj.比较的→ relatedadj.相关的,联系的→ ? relate v.联系;交往 conservation n.保存;保护→ conservevt.保护;保存 ? 7. ? 8.aware adj.意识到的→ awareness n.意识→ unaware ? adj.没意识到的 ? 9.vivid adj.生动的;鲜艳的→ vividly adv.生动地→ ? vividness n.清晰

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅱ.重点短语 1.witness sth. with one's own eyes亲眼见证 2.sort out 分类;收拾;整理 3.aheadof ...早于;在??前面 4.aim at 朝??瞄准 turn 5. around调转;回转 6.be terrified of 害怕 out 7.help sb. 帮助某人摆脱困难

? ? ? ? ?

8.reflect on 思考;考虑?? 9.be aware of 对??明白;知道?? 10.upside down 上下翻转 11.get close to 接近;靠近 12.be scared to death吓死了

? Ⅲ.重点句型 ? 1. It was a time when the killer whales,or “killers” as they were then called,helped the whalers catch the baleen whales that were on their annual migration. 那个时期,虎鲸(当时被称为“杀手”)帮助捕鲸 人在每年须鲸迁徙时捕捉须鲸。 was about to ? 2.This was the call that announced there be a whale hunt.这声喊叫宣布了即将有一场捕鲸大 战。

? 1.witness n. 目击者;证人;证据 vt.当场 见证;目击;见证 ? witness sth.当场见到;目击;见证 ? a witness to sth.某事的证人 ? bear/give witness to sth.为??作证;证明 ? witness to (doing) sth.作证,证明(做) ? 某事

? ? ? ? ?

①He is a key witness in this case. 在这个案件中,他是一个主要见证人。 ②Did anyone witness the traffic accident? 有谁目击了这场交通事故? ③The temples bear witness to the city's former greatness. 这些庙宇见证了这个城市 以前的辉煌。 ? ④He witnessed to having seen the man enter the room. ? 他证明看到那人进了房间。

? 2.abandon vt. 放弃;遗弃;抛弃;离弃; 逃离 ? abandon oneself to沉溺于 ? abandon the hope (of doing sth.)放弃(做某事 的)希望 ? abandon doing sth.放弃做某事 ? with abandon放任的,放纵的

? ①The cruel man abandoned his wife and child. ? 那个狠心的男人抛弃了他的妻儿。 ? ②Those who abandon themselves to despair can not succeed. 那些自暴自弃的人无法成功。 ? ③People were shouting and cheering with abandon.人们兴高采烈,纵情欢呼。

? ? ? ? ?

3.urge vt. 催促;极力主张;驱策 urge sb./sth.on催促某人/某物前进 urge sb.to do sth.催促某人做某事 urge sb.into doing sth.催促某人做某事 urge that sb.(should) do sth.极力主张,强调

? ? ? ?

①Brown urged her to reconsider her decision. 布朗极力劝说她重新考虑自己的决定。 ②I urged that he (should) do his best. 我强调他要尽自己最大的努力。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

4.help...out 帮助某人摆脱困境 help (sb.)(to) do sth.帮(某人)做某事 cannot help doing sth.禁不住做某事 help oneself(to sth.)自取,自用 can't help but do sth.不得不做某事 help sb.with sth.帮助某人做某事 can't help (to) do sth.不能帮着做某事

? ①If you haven't got time to finish,I'll help you out. ? 如果你来不及做完,我会帮你摆脱困境。 ? ②Do you mind helping me with this a minute? ? 你能抽点时间帮我一把吗? ? ③I can't help wondering what happened to that little girl. 我忍不住想知道那个小女孩出 了什么事。

? 1.(2012·重庆模拟)Many people ________ the car accident,so it was not difficult to investigate(调查). ? A.witnessed B.swallowed ? C.dragged D.fled ? 解析:witness 目睹;见证;swallow吞咽, drag拉;拖flee逃走。由句意可知,应选A。 ? 答案:A

? 2.They ________ drinking although they are drivers,which is very dangerous both to themselves and the passengers. ? A.give up themselves ? B.devote themselves to ? C.quit themselves ? D.abandon themselves to ? 解析:abandon oneself to+n./doing沉溺 于??;devote oneself to??致力于?? ? 答案:D

? 3.(2012·长春质检)They urged that the library ________ open during the vacation. ? A.must be kept B.is kept ? C.would be kept D.be kept ? 解析:urge后跟宾语从句时,用虚拟语气 (should)+动词原形的形式。 ? 答案:D

? 4.(2012·济宁模拟)—Do you work in this office? ? —No,as a clerk in this office is on vacation, I'm just ________ here for about a week. ? A.hanging out B.working out ? C.turning out D.helping out ? 解析:help sb.out帮某人摆脱困境。符合语 义。 ? 答案:D

? This was the call that announced there was about to be a whale hunt. ? 这是宣告捕鲸行动马上就要开始的呼声。 ? 句中的be about to表示即将发生的动作,意 为“正要/就要”,不与具体表示将来的时 间状语连用,常与when引导的时间状语连 用。

? ①Sit down,everyone.The film's about to start. ? 大家坐下,电影马上开始。 ? ②I was about to give up when the good news came. ? 当好消息传来时我正打算放弃。

? I was just about ________ road ________ a ship came to us. ? A.traveling on;while B.to travel on;while ? C.traveling by;when D.to travel by;when ? 解析:本题考查句型be about to do...when...正要 干??突然??为固定句型 ? 答案:D

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