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【助力 2014 高考】英语语法小题特训:连词及从句
1. Many customers will have to wait for months to buy this kind of cars __________ the assembly line workers work day and night. A. if B. unless C. whether D. that 答案: 本句是个状语从句。if 意为“如果”,unless 意为“除非”,whether 意为 “是否”,that 不连接 状语从句。用 unless 要否定前面的意思。如: You will fail unless you work harder.(你只有更努力才不会不及格。) You can not go into that club unless you have a ticket.(你只有有票子 才可以进那个俱乐部。) (答案 B) 2. --Did you remember to return the digital camera to Sarah? --Yes. I gave it to her __________ I saw her. A. while B. the moment C. suddenly D. once 答案: 本句是个状语从句。the moment=when。while 可以引导状语从句,但 句中的谓语动词应该 是个延续动词。这里的 see 是个瞬间动词。 (答案 B) 3. __________ has recently been done to build more elevated roads, a shortage of high level public transportation remains a serious problem in Shanghai. A. That B. What C. Though what D. In spite of what 答案: 在 in spite of 后面跟名词或从句。如: In spite of the bad weather,we went to the mountain. In spite of what he said。we won the game. 本句的前半部分是个状语。选项 A 是 That 引导的主语从句,但是缺 从句中的主语。选项 B 是 What 引导的主语从句。 选项 C, Though 虽 然可以引导状语从句, 但用了 Though what 后: Though what has recently been done to build modern elevated roads 状语从句缺少谓语动 词,划线部分只是个主语。 选项 D,In spite of what has recently been done to build modern elevated roads 中划线部分是个名词性 从句,相当 于一个名词。 本题意为:尽管目前建造了现代高架路,发达的公共交通的缺乏仍是上 海的一个严重问题。 (答案 D) 4. It is interesting to look back in history, and to try to guess __________ colors meant to the early human beings. A. / B. that C. what D. which 答案: …what colors meant to the early human beings 意为:颜色对早期人类 意味着什么。又如: I want to know what“real life’’means to me.(我想知道“真正的生活” 对我来说意味着什么。) (答案 C) 5. Scientists say that it may be five or ten years __________ it is possible to test this medicine on-human patients. A. since B. before C. after D. when 答案: B 6. The house you bought is in a very bad location, __________, it is small and expensive. A. however B. nevertheless C. therefore D. moreover 答案: D 7. __________ is the center of our planetary system was a difficult concept to understand in the Middle Ages. A. It is the sun and not the earth B. Being the sun and not the earth C. The sun and not the earth D. That the sun and not the earth

答案: 这是个主语从句。That the sun and not the earth is the center of our planetary system 中主语是 the sun and not the earth,谓语动词是 is,表 语是 the center。That 引导从句。选项 A,看来像是个 强调句,但后面 没有 that,而且又有 was,多了谓语动词。选项 B,Being the sun and not the earth 是动名词作主语,但后面有 is 和 was,也多了谓语动词。 选项 C,主语从句缺连词。 本题意为:是太阳而不是地球是我们星系的中心在中世纪是个很难理 解的概念。 (答案 D) 8. __________ really no substitute for the sound of native English speaker’s voice, which is exactly __________ you will hear when you take the test. A. It is ... what B. There is ... what C. It is ... that D. There is ... that 答案: It 作形式主语或表示“它”。 There be 的结构表示“存在”。 本句 There is really no substitute for the sound of native English speaker’s voice 是 表示“没有(不存在)英语母语人士声音的替代品”。第二个空 格要用 what 引导表语从句,因为在 hear 后需要一个宾语。 (答案 B) 9. Not that Priscilla doesn’t want to help you out, __________ it’s beyond her power and ability. A. hut that B. for that C. and that D. in that 答案: A 10. __________ quite recently, most of the families in Shanghai didn’t use ADSL for their Internet access. A. Before B. Until C. From D. Since 答案: 本句是个倒装句,如不倒装,应该是: Most of the families in Shanghai didn’t use ADSL for their Internet access until quite recently.这是一句 not…until 的句型。 本题意为:直到最近,上海的大多数家庭才用 ADSL 来上网。(答案 B) 11. They are junior clerks and don’t know __________ to start and run a large company. A. what take them B. what they take C. what takes it D. what it takes 答案: It takes…to do something 是一个句型。例: It takes many years to learn how to play the piano. It took me two hours to finish this report. It takes money and experience to start and run a large company. 就划线部分提问:What does it take to start and run a large company? 本题意为:他们是低级职员, 所以不知道开办和经营一家大公司需要 什么。 (答案 D) 12. She stepped into the bedroom quietly, __________ she might wake up her roommate. A. for fear that B. so long as C. on condition that D. in order that 答案: A 13. The rent is reasonable and __________, the location is convenient. A. though B. thus C. however D. besides 答案: D 14. He was asked of all the stories he had read __________ was the most interesting. A. that B. what C. which D. as 答案: 本句在 of 后面是个宾语从句: all the stories he had read which was the most interesting. …of 划 线部分意为“在所有他听到的故事中”。 又如: Of all the students which studies the hardest? (答案 C) 15. The two areas are similar __________ they both have a high rainfall during this time of the year. A. except that B. in that C. in which D. besides that 答案: 请注意本句中的 in that 是个固定词组,意为“因为”,等于 because, since。本句不是定语 从句,是个状语从句。如:

Criticism and self-criticism is necessary in that it helps us to correct our mistakes. 本题意为:这两个地区很相像,因为在一年中的这个时候都有大雨。 (答案 B) 16. Stacie said in her e-mail that she’d appreciate __________ if I could write her a reference letter. A. that B. it C. which D. so 答案: B 17. It was only under pressure __________ to resign his post. A. did the general manager agree B. that did the general manager agreed C. that the general manager agreed D. agreed the general manager 答案: C 18. Antarctica (南极洲) has been the focus of many countries in their attempt to get __________ may be accessible riches. A. which B. that C. what D. anything 答案: C 19. Lucian expressed the hope __________ possible, he would come and teach at our school again. A. that B. if C. when D. that if 答案: 在 hope 后是个同位语从句,同位语从句由 that 引导,而且这个 that 通 常不省略。在同位 语从句中有一个 if possible 的状语短语。 (答案 D) 20. Take your umbrella with you __________ it rains. A. since B. because C. in case D. for 答案: C 21. When Sarah heard the news, she __________ laughed and cried. A. neither B. not only C. either D. both 答案: D 22. Since it is raining, __________. A. I will not go B. so will I not go C. and I will not go D. therefore I will not go 答案: A 23. She was invited __________. A. and she came B. yet she came C. but she came D. so that she didn’t come 答案: A 24. He __________ knew of their existence. A. either saw them nor B. either saw them or C. neither saw them or D. neither saw them nor 答案: D 25. As you are strong, __________ you can lift 100 pounds. A. yet B. but C. however D. / 答案: D 26. She looked healthy, __________ she felt sick. A. and B. so C. but D. for 答案: C 27. Not only was he good at English __________ maths. A. so at B. still at C. but also D. and also 答案: C

28. We couldn’t not win, __________ we decided to lose gracefully. A. while B. even though C. but D. so 答案: while 意为“当……”,even though 意为“即使”,as 意为“因为”,so 意 为“因此”。 本题意为:我们没法赢,因此我们决定输得体面一些。 (答案 D) 29. That was a lot of money, which was more __________ I could accept. A. than B. that C. as D. so 答案: A 30. __________ he saw people in trouble, he helped them. 答案: D A. Since B. Unless C. Until D. Whenever 31. You are not to leave __________ you are told. A. then B. so C. until D. as 答案: C 32. She speaks __________ her mother does. A. as B. like C. and D. but 答案: A 33. We had better hurry __________ it is getting late. A. and B. but C. yet D. as 答案: D 34. __________ the professor had left, everyone looked relaxed. A. While B. Since C. For D. Yet , 答案: B 35. You must practise daily __________ you can win the race. A. so that B. unless C. when D. because 答案: A 36. I read the James Bond series __________ I love the works of Jan Fleming. A. so B. therefore C. because D. so that 答案: C 37. I will come tomorrow __________ I am not prevented. A. but B. and C. as D. if 答案: D 38. __________ he ate, he remained silent. A. Since B. For C. While D. Because 答案: C 39. Although he is young, __________ he is well-manned. A. / B. and C. but D. however 答案: A 40. It is a long time __________ I returned from the United States. A. when B. since C. that D. for 答案: B 41. __________ she is ready, we can go. A. If B. While C. Unless D. Until 答案: A 42. __________ I met him I thought I knew economics very well.

A. Before

B. While C. As

D. Since

答案: A 43. He was so careless __________ he lost his passport when he was in Australia. A. and B. that C. but D. so 答案: B 44. Hardly had he gone out __________ it started to snow. A. that B. than C. when D. and 答案: hardly…when…是个句型,意为“一……就……”。如: I had hardly sat down when the telephone rang. =Hardly had I sat down when the telephone rang. 请注意类似的句型:scarcely…when…/no sooner…than… I had scarcely got to the station when the bus came. =Scarcely had I got to the station when the bus came. She had no sooner heard the news than she burst into tears. =No sooner had she heard the news than she burst into tears. (答案 C) 45. No sooner had he seen a blind man __________ he got up from his chair to help him. A. than B. when C. so D. and 答案: A 46. We won’t give up __________ we should fail ten times. A. even if B. since C. whether D. until 答案: A 47. The water will be further polluted unless some measures __________. A. will be taken B. are taken C. were taken D. had been taken 答案: B 48. __________ you don’t like him is none of my business. A. What B. Who C. That D. Whether 答案: C 49. Good technique in medicine means less pain and fewer deaths, and __________, it is our duty to master it. A. altogether B. therefore C. otherwise D. however 答案: B 50. It was in the Internet Care __________ I met your brother the other day. A. where B. that C. in which D. in that 答案: B 51. Aggalia came to France in 2000 and it was not long __________ she became a French citizen. A. while B. before C. since D. when 答案: B 52. It seems to me that __________ too much rain at this time of the year. A. it is B. there is C. it has D. there has 答案: B 53. How __________ to look after three children all by herself! A. difficult it was B. difficult was it C. was it difficult D. it was difficult

答案: A 54. __________ you begin, you must continue. A. Once B. Because C. Before D. While 答案: A 55. __________ we can solve this problem remains unknown. A. If B. That C. Whether D. What 答案: C 56. Let’s wait __________ the rain stops. A. when B. after C. until D. while 答案: C 57. The men never seem to be happy __________ they have got. A. that B. in that C. what D. with what 答案: D 58. __________ he is, he still has shortcomings. A. Though hero B. A hero as C. Hero as D. Being a hero 答案: C 59. The bike still __________ I had __________ it. A. lay which ... laid B. lay where ... lain C. lay where ... laid 答案: C 60. __________, someone switched on the radio. A. Having done my homework B. While I was doing my homework C. During doing my homework D. Doing my homework 答案: B 61. __________, tears came to her eyes. A. Reading the letter B. While reading the letter C. As she was reading the letter D. To read the letter 答案: C 62. He acted __________ he had never lived in China before. A. as though B. even if C. as D. since 答案: A 63. It is easier said than __________. A. to do B. doing C. did D. done 答案: 这是个省略句,如不省略,应该是: It is easier said than it is done. (答案 D) 64. --Could I borrow your dictionary? --I’d get it for you __________ I could remember who last borrowed it. A. except that B. if only C. on condition that D. considering whether 答案: B 65. Then the policeman told the people in the shop to stay __________ they were. A. where B. which C. that D. the place 答案: A 66. The students didn’t manage to work out the problem __________ their teacher had explained how. A. when B. until C. unless D. as

D. laid which ... laid

答案: B 67. __________ a young man, he was a car repairman. A. While B. When he was C. Because D. For 答案: B 68. I won’t write to him __________ to me first. A. unless he will write B. unless he writes C. until he will write D. unless he doesn’t write 答案: B 69. Light travels __________ than sound A. much more fast ... travels B. very more quickly ... does C. much faster ... does D. so more quickly ... travels 答案: C 70. The use of telecommunication satellites makes it possible to watch events __________ they happen thousands and thousands of miles away. A. as B. that C. since D. for 答案: A 71. This machine is not dangerous __________ it is used carelessly. A. unless B. whether C. only D. except 答案: A 72. They have a meeting every Monday __________ there is nothing to discuss. A. when B. since C. unless D. as 答案: C 73. __________ smoke there is fire. A. There is. B. Where is C. Where there is D. Is there 答案: C 74. This MP3 cost me __________ the last one I bought five months ago. A. three times as many money as B. three times as much as C. as much as three times D. as much money as three times 答案: 请注意倍数问题: (1)A is five times as large as B. =A is four times larger than B. =A is five times the size of B. (2)A is seven times as heavy as B. =A is six times heavier than B. =A is seven times the weight of B. (答案 B) 75. Botanists are not sure where the first plant was grown or even __________. A. what plant was B. it was what plant C. what plant was it D. what plant it was 答案: D 76. It is four years __________ I moved to my new house at the Sakura Garden. A. when B. that C. until D. since 答案: D 77. The doctor didn’t stop the operation __________ it was over. A. because B. after C. when D. until

答案: D 78. We should do more such exercises, I believe, __________ those we did this morning. 答案: C A. like B. that C. as D. what 79. The bell will ring __________ there is a fire. A. although B. if C. unless D. even 答案: B 80. The workers produced twice __________ digital cameras __________ they did last year. A. as much more ... as B. as much ... as C. as many ... as D. as many more ... as 答案: C 81. Children shouldn’t stay up __________ grown-ups do. A. as later as B. so late than C. so later than D. as late as 答案: D 82. We are going to spend the summer holidays __________ my grandparents live. A. where B. that C. which D. who 答案: A 83. He helps __________ asks him for help. A. whoever B. whosever C. which D. who 答案: A 84. We expressed the hope __________ they would come and visit us again. A. that B. what C. which D. when 答案: A 85. __________ we are doing has never been done before. A. What B. That C. Which D. Whether 答案: A 86. I don’t think the question of __________ they are old or young is important. A. which B. whether C. how D. why 答案: B 87. Mr. Zhu wondered __________ the book on English idioms would be finished. A. how long B. how after C. how far D. how soon 答案: D 88. I’m sure he has got my letter, but I wonder __________ it takes him to reply. A. how long B. how much C. how many D. how soon 答案: A 89. --Those apples are very cheap. --Do you know __________? A. how much cost them B. how much they cost C. they cost how much D. how much do they cost 答案: B 90. The teacher asked us __________ with us. A. what the matter was B. what was the matter C. what wrong was D. what was the trouble 答案: B 91. I really can’t remember __________. A. how long ago did you meet him B. how long have you met him

C. how long ago you met him

D. how long you have met him

答案: C 92. We don’t know __________. If she __________, I’ll let you know. A. if she comes ... will come B. if she will come ... comes C. whether she comes ... comes D. whether she will come ... will come 答案: B 93. __________ makes mistakes must correct them. A. What B. That C. Whoever D. Whatever 答案: C 94. I don’t doubt __________ he will come to the party. A. what B. which C. whether D. that 答案: D 95. The reason why I didn’t go to Canada for holiday was __________ a new job here. A. because I got B. because of getting C. on condition that D. that I got 答案: D 96. __________ he did it remains a secret. A. What B. Whom C. Which D. How 答案: D 97. __________ the students do during their holidays is very interesting. A. How B. That C. Which D. What 答案: D 98. We hoped __________ and help us at once. A. him come B. he came C. him to come D. he would come 答案: D 99. __________ they were sure to help us made us deeply moved. A. That B. What C. Which D. Whether 答案: A 100. __________ you go or stay won’t make any difference. A. What B. If C. That D. Whether 答案: D 101. He asked me __________. A. whether I know where his brother has gone B. if I knew where his brother had gone C. that I knew where his brother had gone D. whether I know where his brother went 答案: B 102. Do you know __________ he has been away from Shanghai? A. how soon B. how long C. how many D. how old 答案: B 103. The sick boy’s mother wondered if the doctor A. had sent out B. had sent for C. had been sent out D. had been sent for

答案: D 104. __________ you don’t like him is none of my business. A. What B. Who C. That D. Whether 答案: C 105. I have no idea __________. A. what does this sign means B. what this sign means C. what the meaning of this sign D. what kind of a meaning is this sign 答案: B 106. __________ our team will win the match is still unknown. A. If B. Whether C. That D. / 答案: B 107. Where do you think __________? A. has he gone B. has he been C. he’s gone

D. was he

答案: 这是个双重疑问句。do you think 是插入语,构成疑问形式。去掉插 入语后句子不倒装。整 句句子的主语是 he,谓语动词是 has gone。 请看下列句子: 正:Where do you think he has gone? 误:Where do you think that he has gone? 上面错句中的 that 是绝对不能用的,因为用了 that 后,he has gone 就成了 think 的宾语了,这样整 个句子的主语就没有了。 (答案 C) 108. Could you tell me __________ this problem? A. how I could deal with B. how I can deal with C. how could I deal with D. how can I deal with 答案: B 109. __________ we go swimming every day __________ us a lot of good. A. If... do B. That... do C. If... does D. That ... does 答案: D 110. My parents used __________ they had to get a new car for my brother. A. which B. that C. what D. all what 答案: C 111. __________ is know to all. A. His handwriting is beautiful B. His handwriting being beautiful C. That his handwriting D. That his handwriting is beautiful 答案: D 112. __________ troubles us most is __________ we don’t know what to do for him. A. It ... the thing B. What ... that C. that ... it D. The thing ... that 答案: B 113. Linda always thinks of __________ she can do good things for others. A. what B. how C. that D. which 答案: B 114. __________ books I have on the desk are borrowed from the school library. A. What B. many C. Whatever D. Which 答案: C 115. The boy’s pale face suggested __________.

A. he should be in poor health B. he was in poor health C. his health be poor D. his health should be poor enough . 答案: B 116. This was __________ as the Theory of Relativity. A. what knows B. what was known C. that was known D. that knew 答案: B 117. He had done everything __________ what I asked him to do. A. beside B. besides C. except D. accept 答案:C 118. Is __________ Mary told you to do when she left? A. what B. that C. this D. this what 答案: D 119. We regard __________ to learn at least two foreign languages. A. necessary B. it necessary C. it is necessary D. as necessary 答案: B 120. The little girl is wondering __________ to visit Disneyland. A. how it is like B. how is it like C. what it is like D. what is it like 答案: C 121. Was it in 1969 __________ the American astronaut succeeded __________ landing on the moon? A. when... on B. that ... on C. when ... in D. that ... in 答案: D 122. __________ you have seen both fighters, __________ will win? A. Since ... do you think who B. As ... who you think C. When ... whoever D. Since ... who do you think 答案: D 123. They were surprised that a child should work out the problem __________ they themselves couldn’t. A. once B. then C. while D. if 答案: while 有“与此同时但与此相反”的意思。 本题意为: 他们大吃一惊, 那小孩做出了那道题目, 而他们自己却做不出。 (答案 C) 124. __________ book of this writer is East and West. A. Known to be the best B. It was the best known C. Known as the best D. The best known 答案: D 125. My name is Robert, __________ most of my friends call me Bob for short. A. then B. instead C. however D. but 答案: D 126. __________ was in 2003 __________ my daughter graduated from Harvard University. A. That ... that B. It... that C. That ... when D. It ... when 答案: B 127. __________ caused the accident is still a complete mystery. A. What B. That C. How D. Where 答案: A 128. __________ journalism seems like a good profession, I A. Although B. Even C. No matter D. Now that

答案: A 129. I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella. __________ I got wet through. A. It’s the reason B. That’s why C. There’s why D. It’s how 答案: B 130. I thought her nice and honest __________ I met her. A. first time B. for the first time C. the first time D. by the first time 答案: “第一次……”英文是 for the first time。例: Last summer,I went to the United States for the first time. 但是如果在 the first time 后有一个定语从句时,就不用 for: The first time I saw her,I knew she was a clever girl. (答案 C) 131. It was a matter of __________ would take the position. A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever 答案: 在本句中 who 意为“谁”,whoever 意为“无论谁,不管谁”。如: It is not true,whoever may say so.(不管谁说,这并不对。) 本题意为:问题是谁会担任这个职位。而不是:问题是无论谁会担任 这个职位。 (答案 A) 132. Don’t __________ that all those who get good grades in the entrance examination will prove to be most successful. A. take as granted B. take this for granted C. take that for granted D. take it for granted 答案: D 133. It was __________ he said __________ disappointed me. A. what ... that B. that ... that C. what ... what D. that ... what 答案: A 134. The director gave me a better offer than __________. A. that of Dick’s B. Dick’s C. he gave Dick D. those of Dick 答案: 这是个省略句,如不省略,应该是: The director gave me a better offer than he gave Dick an offer. 省略宾语 an offer,就成了 C。选项 A 本身有问题,因为 that of Dick’s 中的 that 就是 Dick’s。如用选 项 B.Dick’s,句子应该是: My offer which the director gave me is better than Dick’s. 选项 D 有问题,因为 those 只能表示一个复数的东西,而句中提到的 是 offer 是个单数。 (答案 C) 135. __________ everybody knows about it, I don’t want to talk any more. A. For B. Even C. Since D. However 答案: C 136. One more week, __________ we will accomplish the task. A. or B. so that C. and D. if 答案: C 137. __________ she couldn’t understand was __________ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons. A. What ... why B. That ... what C. What ... because D. Why ... that 答案: A 138. Someone is ringing the doorbell. Go and see __________. A. who is he B. who he is C. who is it D. who it is 答案: D

139. I know nothing about the young lady __________ she is from Beijing. A. except B. except for C. except that D. besides 答案: C 140. Information has been put forward __________ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. A. while B. that C. when D. as 答案: 这是个同位语从句,只是同位语从句不是紧跟在先行词后面,如紧跟 在先行词后面,句子 应该是: Information that more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities has been put forward. 划线部分是同位语从句。同位语从句讲的是先行词的内容,引导词 that 通常不省略。参照本章第 141、152 句。 (答案 B) 141. There’s a feeling in me __________ we’ll never know what a UFO is--not ever. A. that B. which C. of which D. what 答案: A 142. He was about to tell me the secret __________ someone patted him on the shoulder. A. as B. until C. while D. when 答案: when 和 while 都有“当……”的意思。when 后面的状语从句中的谓 语动词可以是瞬间动词和 延续动词。而 while 后面的状语从句中的 谓语动词不能用瞬间动词只能用延续动词。如: 正:When I finished my project,it was mid-night. 误:While I finished my project,it was mid-night. when 还有“然后”的解释,而 while 没有这种解释。如: 正:I was walking along the street when I caught sight of a tailor’s shop. 误:I was walking along the street while I caught sight of a tailor’s shop. 本题的状语从句中既有瞬间动词 pat,又有“然后”的意思。 (答案 D) 143. __________ be sent to work there? A. Who do you suggest B. Who do you suggest that should C. Do you suggest who should D. Do you suggest whom should 答案: 本句是个带有虚拟语气的双重疑问句。do you suggest 是个插入语, 把插入语拿掉后,疑问 句不倒装。本句的插入部分有 suggest,就和 虚拟语气有关,其结果是在主语中省略了 should: Who do you suggest (should) be sent to work there?划线部分是插 入语。 (答案 A) 144. Perseverance is a kind of quality--and that’s __________ it takes to do anything well. A. what B. that C. which D. why 答案: It takes…t do something 是个句型,意为“花……去做什么事”。如: It takes courage to work at that remote area. It took me one week to finish writing this poem. 本题中的后半句如写完全,应该是: It takes perseverance to do anything well. 这里的空格中的词就是 it takes 后的宾语,也就是上文提到的 perseverance,意为:那就是要使任何 事情做好所需要的东西。what 就是“所需要的东西”。 (答案 A) 145. A good storyteller must be able to hold his listeners’ curiosity __________ he reaches the end of the story. A. when B. unless C. after D. until 答案: D 146. It is these poisonous products __________ can cause the symptoms of the flu, such as headache and

aching muscles. A. who B. that

C. how

D. what

答案: B 147. --Dad, I’ve finished my assignment. --Good, and __________ you play or watch TV, you mustn’t disturb me. A. whenever B. whether C. whatever D. no matter 答案: B 148. There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars __________ road conditions need __________. A. that ... to be improved B. which ... to be improved C. where ... improving D. when ... improving 答案: 本句中的 a new problem 有一个过去分词短语的定语和一个同位语 从句修饰。过去分词短 语定语是:involved in the popularity of private cars。同位语从句是:that road conditions need to be improved。因为 that road conditions need to be improved 就是 problem 的内容。 本题意为:现在存在着一个和普及私车有关的问题,(这个问题)就是 路况需要改进。第二个空格可 以是 to be improved,也可以是 improving。 (答案 A) 149. After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth, __________ our astronauts desire to do is walk in space. A. where B. what C. that D. how 答案: B 150. Jasmine was holidaying with her family in a wildlife park __________ she was bitten on the leg by a lion. A. when B. while C. unless D. once 答案: A 151. Parents should take seriously their children’s requests for sunglasses __________ eye protection is necessary in sunny weather. A. because B. though C. unless D. if 答案: A 152. A story goes __________ Elizabeth I of England liked nothing more than being surrounded by clever and qualified noblemen at court. A. when B. where C. what D. that 答案: D 153. Why! I have nothing to confess. __________ you want me to say? A. What is it that B. What it is that C. How is it that D. How it is that 答案: A 154. Was __________ that I saw last night at the concert? A. it you B. not you C. you D. that yourself 答案: A 155. __________ much advice I give him, he did exactly what he wanted to do. A. How B. Whatever C. However D. No matter 答案: C 156. She found her calculator __________ she lost it. A. where B. when C. in which D. that 答案: A

157. --How far apart do they live? -- __________ I know, they live in the same neighborhood. A. As long as B. As far as C. As well as D. As often as 答案: B 158. It is right for us to do __________ we should __________ those who are in trouble. A. that ... help B. what ... to help C. which ... to help D. what ... help 答案: 这个句子省略了东西,使我们感到有些迷惑,如不省略,应该是: It is right for us to do what we should do in order to help those who are in trouble. 在 do 后面的宾语从句中省略了 do。引导目的状语的 in order to 中 省略了 in order。 (答案 B) 159. How close parents are to their children __________ a strong influence on the character of the children. A. have B. having C. has D. to have 答案: How close parents are to their children 是个主语从句,空格内应该是 个谓语动词。主语从句 通常是个单数概念。 (答案 C) 160. The policemen went into action __________ they heard the alarm. A. promptly B. presently C. quickly D. the moment 答案: D

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