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2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 题库强化练习(新课标专用)Book 3 Unit5 Word版含解析

Unit 5

Canada—“The True North”

1.—You seemed to be very surprised at the news that he won. —Not exactly . It was his courage________his skill________really struck me. A.as well as ; that C.rather than; which B.other than; that D.and; which

答案 B [考查短语辨析和固定句式。句意:——看起来你对他获胜的消息感到意外。 ——不是的,除了他的技术,是他的勇气的确打动了我。other than 除了;不同于;as well as 与……一样;也;rather than 而不是。It was...that...构成强调句式。] 2.The government has taken measures to________the high prices of daily goods to keep the market stable. A.take down C.hand down B.bring down D.tear down

答案 B [考查动词短语辨析。 项意为“取下; A 写下; 拆除”; 项意为“击落; B 降低(价 格等)”;C 项意为“传递”;D 项意为“拆除;弄倒”。句意:政府已经采取措施降低日用品价 格以保持市场稳定。] 3. was Mr Zhang that helped us out of the trouble. Without his help, we_______it so easily. It A.can't manage B.mustn't have managed C.couldn't have managed D.couldn't manage 答案 C [考查虚拟语气。句意:是张先生帮我们摆脱了困境。要是没有他的帮助,我 们就不可能这么轻易完成。] 4. When I study English, I like to put my dictionary________my reach so that I can refer to it when necessary. A.out of C.within B.beyond D.in

答案 C [考查介词搭配。within one's reach 在某人能够得着的地方或范围内。句意: 当我学习英语时,我喜欢把字典放在能够得着的地方以便需要时随时查阅。] 5.Before you________the design of this product, you need to study the market carefully. A.memorise C.order B.confirm D.express

答案 B [考查动词词义辨析。memorise 记忆;记住;confirm 批准;确认;order 命令; express 表达;表示。句意:在你批准该产品的设计前,你需要对市场进行研究。] 6.When asked why he prefers bikes to buses, the professor said, “Riding a bicycle takes________half an hour, but it's more convenient and environmentally friendly.” A.absolutely B.accurately

C.approximately 答案 和环保。] C


[考查副词词义辨析。absolutely 绝对地;完全地;accurately 准确无误地;

approximately 大约;exactly 准确地。句意:……骑自行车大约需要半个小时,但更加方便 7.When he was criticized, Jack claimed that it was outside his________of responsibility. A.range C.field B.dimension D.distance

答案 A [考查名词词义辨析。 range 范围; 限度; dimension(长、 高等)量度; 宽、 field(某 学科、活动等的)领域或范围;场地;distance 距离。句意:当杰克受到批评时,他声明那超 出了他的责任范围。] 8.Isn't it the time that the government________measures to prevent the environment from getting worse? A.take C.took B.takes D.will take

答案 C [考查虚拟语气。 is (high) time+从句”意为“是时间做某事了”, “It 从句谓语动 词多用“should+动词原形”或动词的一般过去时态。句意:难道不是政府采取措施阻止环境 恶化的时候了吗?] 9.________is no possibility________she can finish the task in two hours. A.There; that C.There; whether 个小时之内完成任务。] 10. until the third day after the terrible earthquake________a phone call from his mother. Not A.he received C.didn't he receive B.did he receive D.had he received B.It; that D.It; whether

答案 A [考查固定句式。that 引导同位语从句修饰 possibility。句意:她不可能在两

答案 B [考查倒装结构。 until 引导的时间状语置于句首, not 主句应用部分倒装结构。 句意:直到可怕的地震发生了三天之后他才接到了母亲的电话。] 11.We should consider the students' request________the school library provide more books on popular science. A.that C.which B.when D.where

答案 A [考查同位语从句。 school library provide more books on popular science 即 the the students' request,同位语从句中不缺成分由 that 引导。] 12.Lawrence Craven, a doctor from the USA, is the author of several published reports, one of________introduced the idea in 1953________aspirin could reduce the risk of heart attacks. A.them; when B.which; that

C.what; that 答案 B

D.which; when

[考查定语从句和同位语从句。第一空是定语从句,先行词是 reports,因此用

which;第二空是同位语从句,同位语从句中不缺成分由 that 引导。] 13.On arrival, the famous movie star found himself________by the enthusiastic fans. A.to be surrounded C.being surrounded 答案 B B.surrounded D.having surrounded

[考查 find 的用法。句意:一到达,这位著名的电影明星就发现自己被热情的

粉丝围住了。find oneself surrounded 意为“发现自己被包围了”。] 14.We________to repair the machine; now it works very well. A.tried C.tried our best B.did our best D.managed

答案 D [从后面的 now it works very well 可判断,“我们修好了机器”,故用 managed。 manage to do sth.“设法做成了某事”,符合语境。do/try one's best to do sth.“尽最大努力做某 事”;try to do sth.“努力做某事”。] 15.It's getting dark. We'd better find a hotel and________. A.set out C.make out 答案 B B.settle down D.move down


down“安定下来”,在此指“住下来”。] II.完形填空 Canada Canada is the second biggest country in the world. It has an area of about ten million square km,__1__most of the northern part of the North American continent and with a(n) __2__larger than that of the United States. Canada__3__to the southwest of Greenland. To the south, it__4__to the same latitude as southern France. The__5__from the Pacific coast in the west to the Atlantic in the east is greater than that from North America to Europe. But__6__its large size, twothirds of the population of Canada live in a__7__belt of land no more than 200 km from the U.S. territory. In the east are the Great Lakes that lie on the__8__with the United States. These huge inland seas__9__into the St. Lawrence River, which__10__them with the Atlantic Ocean. The__11__of government and finance is in Ontario. So are many of Canada's industries. Canada is a country of ten provinces and three territories. The first inhabitants of Canada were North American Indians and Inuit. France and Britain each__12__Canada to their rule in the past. At that time the population of Canada was almost__13__the French, but in the next few decades, thousands of British colonists__14__to Canada from the British Isles and from the

American colonies. In 1849, the right of Canada to selfgovernment was finally__15__. Today, 18 percent of Canadians still speak only French. Canada is often__16__a land of the future. The__17__is that the country's rich oil and mineral__18__have hardly been touched. It is among the ten__19__industrial nations of the world. Its capital is Ottawa and the largest city is Toronto. Other important cities__20__Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Quebec. 文章大意:本文介绍了幅员辽阔、资源丰富的北美国家加拿大的地理位置、疆域面积、 历史背景、社会文化、市政经济等概况。 1.A. making C. covering 答案 C 他的选项不符。] 2.A. altitude C. area 答案 C 指“水域”。] 3.A. limits C. spreads 答案 B 于”。spread 是“延伸”的意思。] 4.A. rises C. grows B. wanders D. reaches B. lies D. connects B. nation D. water [此处“with an area larger than that of the United States”仍然是介绍 Canada 的国 B. recovering D. determining

[cover 此处表示“占有面积”,Canada 的国土面积覆盖了北美大部分地区,其

土面积。nation 指的是“国家”,Canada 本身就是一个国家;altitude 指“海拔,高度”;water

[此处是开始介绍 Canada 的地理位置, Canada 位于 Greenland 的西南, to“位 lie

答案 D [此处仍在介绍 Canada 的位置。Canada 的南部还延伸到了与法国南部同一纬 度的位置。reaches 意思是“延伸,达到”;rise“上升”;wander“漫游”;grow“增长”。] 5.A. distance C. culture 美到欧洲的距离更长。] 6.A. instead of C. as for 答案 B 意为“尽管,即使”。] 7.A. sensitive C. tight narrow belt 正符合句意,wide 意思相反。] 8.A. border C. forest 之意。] B. valley D. bank B. wide D. narrow B. in spite of D. as with [从此句的“but”一词可知, 尽管 Canada 面积大, 但人口分布不平衡, spite of in B. scenery D. atmosphere

答案 A [此句是一个比较句,从太平洋的西海岸到大西洋东部的距离(distance)比从北

答案 D [从此句的 no more than 200 km 可知 Canada 的人口分布在一个狭长的地带,

答案 A [Canada 的东部是“the Great Lakes”,正好与美国交界,border 是“边界,交界”

9.A. float C. hide 答案 B 配。] 10.A. surrounds C. links 答案 C 符。] 11.A. centre C. connection “centre”。] 12.A. protected C. subjected 答案 C Canada,故选 subject“使隶属”。] 13.A. originally C. usually

B. run D. fall

[“the Great Lakes”正好流向“St. Lawrence River”,只有“run”能与 inland seas 搭 B. provides D. combine [此句中的 which 指的是 St. Lawrence River,它最终流向大西洋。因此,St.

Lawrence River 将“These huge inland seas”和“Atlantic Ocean”连接起来,其他选项与句意不 B. balance D. mixture

答案 A [根据事实“Ontario”既是 Canada 的金融中心,又是政府的中心地带,因此是 B. frightened D. impressed

[在历史上,Canada 曾遭受多个国家的入侵。France 和 Britain 都曾入侵过 B. accidentally D. entirely

答案 D [从本句的 almost 可知, 只有 entirely 可与之搭配,表示那时 Canada 的人口 几乎全部都是法国人,因为 Canada 曾是法国的殖民地。] 14.A. turned C. devoted 答案 B B. moved D. led

[从上句的“France and Britain each subjected Canada”可知 Canada 也曾是英国的 B. organized D. settled

殖民地。英国从本国向 Canada 移民,因此选 moved。] 15.A. recognized C. honored 只有 recognize 可与 right 搭配。] 16.A. allowed C. named 答案 B B. called D. said [call 意为“被称为”;allow“允许”;name“命名”;say“说”。called 用在此处最 B. truth D. idea [这一段第一句和第二句构成因果关系, 因此只能用 reason。] B. resources D. energies [加拿大丰富的油田和矿产资源未被开发。resource“资源”;material“材料”;

答案 A [从本句中的“the right of Canada”可知,加拿大本国政府的权利被承认、认可。

恰当,人们称 Canada 为“a land of the future”。] 17.A. fact C. reason 答案 C 18.A. materials C. sources 答案 B source“来源”;energy“能量,精力”。]

19.A. leading C. possible 要的”,最符合句意。] 20.A. replace C. represent 其中包括以下城市,因此选 include“包括”。] III. 阅读理解

B. fortunate D. growing

答案 A [Canada 是世界上十个顶尖级的工业大国之一,选 leading,表示“领头的,主 B. conclude D. include

答案 D [上一句介绍了 Canada 的首都和最大的城市。接下来介绍其他的重要城市,

In the early 1950s,researchers found that people scored lower on intelligence tests if they spoke more than one language.Research in the sixties found the opposite.Bilingual people scored higher than monolinguals,people who speak only one language.So which is it? Researchers presented their newest studies last month at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.The latest evidence shows that being bilingual does not necessarily make people smarter.But researcher Ellen Bialystok says it probably does make you better at certain skills. Ellen Bialystok said,“Imagine driving down the highway.There're many things that could capture(捕获)your attention and you really need to be able to monitor(监视)all of them.Why would bilingualism make you any better at that?” And the answer,she says,is that bilingual people are often better at controlling their attention—a function called the executive control system. Ms.Bialystok is a psychology professor at York University in Toronto,Canada.She says the best method to measure the executive control system is called the Stroop Test.A person is shown words in different colors.The person has to ignore the word but say the color.The problem is that the words are all names of colors. Ellen Bialystok said,“So you would have the word blue written in red,but you have to say red.But blue is so salient(显著的),it's just lighting up all these circuits in your brain,and you really want to say blue.So you need a mechanism(机制)to override that so that you can say red.That's the executive control system.” Her work shows that bilingual people continually practice this function.They have to, because both languages are active in their brain at the same time.They need to suppress one to be able to speak in the other. This mental exercise might help in other ways,too.Researchers say bilingual children are better able to separate a word from its meaning,and more likely to have friends from different cultures.Bilingual adults are often four to five years later than others in developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇中等难度的科普说明文。最新的研究表明,说双语的人不一 定比说一种语言的人聪明,但是他们的某些技能水平更高。 1.What's the main idea of the text? A.Bilingual people are smarter. B.Monolingual people are smarter.

C.Bilingual people are better at some skills. D.Bilingual people have longer lives. 答案 C [主旨大意题。可根据全文的主题句(第二段的最后一句)去理解。] 2.The underlined word “override” in Paragraph 6 probably means ________. A.pay attention to C.take an interest in no notice of)。] 3. the Stroop Test, In supposing you have the word yellow written in white, will have to you say ________. A.white C.blue in red,but you have to say red.去推断。] 4.Which group of people can most likely pass the Stroop Test? A.People who can speak only Chinese. B.People who can speak only Japanese. C.People who can speak more than one language. D.People who can speak only English. 答案 C [细节理解题。根据第四段中的关键信息 bilingual people are often better at controlling their attention...可知正确答案。] Ⅳ.书面表达 假如你是李华,你的朋友 Peter 给你发来邮件,询问你校正在开展的“低碳活动”。根 据要点写回信。 (1)尽量乘公交车、走路或骑车; (2)使用电子贺卡; (3)双面使用纸张; (4)节约用电、用水 。 活动主题是:行动改变世界(Act On the Earth)。 要求:100 词左右;首句已给出。 Dear Peter, With regard to your enquiry, I am here to tell you more details about the low carbon programmes that are right now taking place in my school. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 Dear_Peter, With_regard_to_your_enquiry,_I_am_here_to_tell_you_more_details_about_the_low_carbon _programmes_that_are_right_now_taking_place_in_my_school. We would like to start by B.yellow D.red B.take no notice of D.take care of

答案 B [词义猜测题。根据上下文可猜出 override 在此处的含义为“不予理睬”(=take

答案 A [细节理解题。 根据第六段的关键信息 So you would have the word blue written

suggesting not to take private vehicles for daily transportation. Instead, we recommend you to walk, ride or take a public bus to school. Secondly, we reckon that electronic greetings cards should gain more popularity among caring people. Meanwhile, paper ought to be used to full extent, namely we must write on both sides. Last but not least, with energy crisis threatening our lives, water and electricity,for example, two of our major necessities amongst other things, have to be consumed wisely and economically. Under the theme of Act On the Earth, we hope that we can lead a healthy and sustainable low carbon life. Best wishes! Li Hua

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