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英语考纲重点词汇用法总结(一) n.名词 pron.代词 adj.形容词 adv.副词 v.动词 vi.不 vt. 及物动词 prep.介词 conj.连词 interj.感叹词 A 1.able unable ability n. disable vt.使残废 disabled adj.残废的 2.about be about to do sth.即将做...... 3.abo

ve---below over---under 4.accept ~ A as B 把 A 当作 B 接受/接纳 cf. receive 5.accident accidental adj.偶然的;偶发的 by ~/chance 偶然地 6.ache n./ vi. toothache backache headache 7.across---through across the world=all over the world 8.act v./n. action n. active adj. actively adv. activity n. 活动 act as...扮演;充当 be active in...=take an active part in...积极参加 act...out 表演出 9.actual adj. actually adv.事实上 10.add v. addition n. additional adj.附加的;额外的 add to sth.增强 add A to B 把 A 加到 B 上去 add...up 把......加起来 add up to sth.合计为;意思是 in addition=what’s more=besides 而且 11.admire vt. admiration n. admirer n. ~ sb. for sth 因......钦佩某人 in admiration 钦佩地 12.admit vt.承认;录取 admission n. admitted admitting admit doing sth. be admitted into a college 被......录取 13.advance v. advanced adj.先进的;高级的 in ~ = ahead of time 提前 14.advice u.n. advise vt. give sb. advice on sth. advise sb. to do sth./ advise doing sth. cf. advise 与 persuade 15.affair n.事物 family/foreign/love ~s 16.afford vt. can ~ (to do) sth. 17.afraid adj. I’m ~ so/not.恐怕是这样/不是这样。 18.Africa n. African n./adj. Asia---Asian America---American Europe---European Australia---Australian Austria---Austrian 奥地利人 (的) Canada---Canadian 19.again ~ and ~=over and over=time and again 反复地 once ~=once more=~又一次 20.three years ago (一般过去时) three years before(过去完成时) 21.agree vt. agreement n.协议 agreeable adj.可爱的 ~ to sth.同意某事 ~ on sth(经讨论)达成共识 ~ with sb.同意某人 come to/arrive at/reach an agreement 达成协议 22.agriculture n. agricultural adj. industry---industrial 23.aim n./v. ~ at...瞄准;意思是 24.alive adj.(表语形容词) eat sth ~ bury sb. ~ catch sb. ~ Cf. living 活着的 live 现场直播的 lively 活泼的 25.air n. in the ~在空中 on the ~在播出 by ~乘飞机 26.allow vt. allowance n.补助金;补贴 ~ sb. to do sth. ~ doing sth. ~ for...考虑到;酌量 Smoking is not ~ed here. 27.almost adv.几乎(可接否定词) nearly adv.(不接否定词) I have seen almost no such

book before. 28.alone adj./adv.独自的;单独的 lonely adj.寂寞的;孤独的 29.along adv./ prep. all ~=all the time 一直 30.although conj.虽然;尽管 though conj. 虽然;尽管 though adv.尽管如此(句末) 31.anger n. angry adj. hunger n. hungry adj. 32.announce vt. announcement n. make an announcement 33.another pron. one after ~= one by one another three chairs= three more/ other chairs 34.always adv. for ~/ good/ ever 永远 He is ~ talking in class.(反感) He is ~ asking clever questions.(赞扬) 35.answer n./v. the ~ to the question in ~ to 响应;回答 ~ the door/phone/letter ~ for=be responsible for 为......负责 36.anxious adj.急切的;焦虑的 anxiety n. be ~ to do sth.迫切要去做...... be ~ about..=worry about/ be worried about...担心 He is too ~ to leave the lonely island.(too...to 与 anxious 连用不表示否定) 37.any 常用在否定句、疑问句、条件句中 Come to me if you have any question. no=not any 全否 He has no brothers.= He has not any brothers. 38.apologize/apologise v.道歉 apology n. ~ to sb. for doing sth.=make an apology to sb. for doing sth.因某事向某人道歉 39.argue v.辩论;说服 argument n. ~ with sb. about sth. cf. debate quarrel 40.arm n. arms n.武器;怀抱 take sb. by the ~拉住某人的胳膊 ~ in ~ carry sth in one’s ~s 抱着...... ~s sale 军火销售 be armed to the teeth 武装到牙 齿 41.army n.军队;群 an ~ of ants 一大群蚂蚁 42.arrive vi.到达 arrival n. ~ at a conclusion 得出结论 ~ at an agreement 达成协议 ~at/ in sp. cf. reach vt. come vi. 43.art n. artist n. artistic adj.艺术的 artificial adj.人工的;人造的 fine ~s 美术 44.article n.文章;件 an ~ of clothing/ furniture 45.as prep.作为 work ~... serve ~... act ~... be famous ~... use A ~ B accept/regard/ treat/consider/ think of/ look at/take A ~ B 把 A 当作 B ~ it is 事实上 mistake A ~ B 误以为 A 是 B as conj.按照;像 Dance ~ I showed you. as conj.随着;一边......一边 As time goes by, he has come to love Ningbo as his second hometown. He usually does his homework ~ he listens to music. as conj.虽然;尽管(倒装语序) Clever ~ you are, you have to work harder to fulfill your dream. Fast ~ you run, you can’t catch me up.=Run ~ you may, you can’t catch me up. =Fast runner ~ you are, you can’t catch me up. as conj.像一样 He is ~ busy ~ a bee. He did the job ~ well ~ Bob did. Fan Wei is ~ funny an actor ~ Zhao Benshan. Peter is not ~/ so tall as Bill. as conj.由于 As you go to the bookshop, please get me a Harry Porter VI. as pron.(引导定语从句) I will buy such a pen ~ you are using. I study in the same school

~ Mary. Here is so big a stone as no one can lift. cf. Here is so big a stone that no one can lift it. 46.ashamed adj.羞愧的 be ~ of...对感到羞愧 47.ask v. ~ sb. for sth.向某人要...... ~ A after B 向 A 问候 B ~ for trouble 自寻烦 恼 ~ sb. to do sth. ~ to do sth. ~ to be done ~ about...询问;打听 48.asleep adj. fall ~ =go to sleep 入睡(动作) be ~= sleep 睡着(状态) be fast ~睡得 香甜 49.assist vt.帮助 assistance n. assistant n.助手 an assistant professor 副教授 50.attack v./n. be under ~遭到攻击 an air ~空袭 51.attempt n./v.努力; 尝试 ~ to do sth.= make an ~ to do sth. in an ~ to do sth.努力/尝试 去做...... 52.attend v.出席;照顾 attendant n.服务员 ~ to sb./ sth. 照料;从事;处理 53.attention n. attentive adj.注意力集中的 pay ~ to sth.注意...... draw sb’ s ~ (to sth.)吸引某 人的注意力(到......) 54.attract vt.吸引 attractive adj.有吸引力的;迷人的 attraction n.吸引(人的人或物) be attractive to sb.吸引某人 be attracted to sth. 被......吸引 55.average n./adj.平均(的) on (the) ~ 平均(来说) above/below the ~ 在一般平均以上 /下 56.awake adj.醒着的 v.醒来(awoke/awoke; awaked/awaked) B 1.bad adj. (worse/worst) from ~ to worse 每况愈下 go ~ 变质 Not ~.还好 2.badly adv. be ~ ill 得了 need sth. ~ 急需 be ~ off 生活较差 3.baggage u.n.行李 (=luggage) 4.balloon n.气球 5.bargain v. 讨价还价 n. 讨价还价;便宜货 a real ~便宜货 6.base n. 基地; 基础 vt.以......为基础 ~ A on B A 以 B 为基础/依据 be ~d on 以...... 为基础 7.bath n.洗浴 bathe v. be bathed in the sunshine 沐浴在阳光之中 8.bear vt.忍受;承受(bore/born-borne) He can’t ~ being looked down upon. He was born in Shanghai. They have borne three children. 9.beat v.打;击败(beat/beaten) 10.beauty n. beautiful adj. beautifully adv. beautify vt.美化 11.become/became/become link.v.系动词 12.because of=on account of=owing to prep. 由于 She cried because of what I had said about her work. 13.bed n. go to ~ (college/church/court/hospital)(零冠词)强调动作 be in ~ (college/church/court/hospital) 强调状态 make the ~ 14.beg v.乞讨;哀求 begging begged beggar n.乞丐 ~ sb. for sth. go ~ging 去乞讨 15.begin/began/begun v. beginning beginner 初学者 Well begun, half done.良好的 开端成功的一半。 to ~ with 首先=first of all in the beginning at the beginning of 16.believe vt. belief n.信仰;信念

17.bend/bent/bent v. 弄弯 ~ over sth. 伏在......上面 be bent over......一心想/做 18.besides prep./adv. 除了(以外) B~ English, we study five other subjects. I don’t like football; ~, the weather is too hot.(=what’s more; in addition ) 19.best do/try one’s ~ =do what one can=do everything (that) one can=spare no efforts=go all out 尽力 all the best(wishes)祝好 20.better be ~ off 富裕 be worse off 贫困 had ~ =might as well 最好 He’d ~ come earlier, hadn’t he? Better late then never. 21.beyond prep.在......以外 The beauty of the West Lake is ~ description. Sorry. This is ~ my power. 22.bill n.帐单 foot the ~ 埋单 23.biology n.生物学 biological adj.生物学的 biologist n. 生物学家 24.birth n. birthday birthplace at birth 天生 give ~ to 生育 25.bite/bit/bit:bitten v.咬 Never bite off more than you can chew.要量力而行。 26.blame vt.责备 be to ~ (for doing sth.)因......而应受责备 ~ sb. for doing sth. 因......而责备 Don’t ~ the child for the broken glass. It was my fault. I wonder who is to ~ for the broken glass.=I wonder who to ~ for the broken glass. 27.blood n.血 bloody adj.血腥的 bleed v.流血 a bleeding nose a bloody war 28.blow/blew/blown v.吹 ~ up 爆炸 ~ sth. up 把......炸毁 ~ ...away 把吹走 29.boil v. boiling water 在沸腾的水 boiled water 沸水 boiling hot 超热 30.bone n. bony adj.瘦骨嶙峋的=skinny 31.brain n.大脑 brains 智力 If only I had your ~s! 32.bottom n.底部 from the ~ of one’s heart 发自内心;衷心地 from top to ~从顶到底 B~ up!干杯! 33.brave adj. bravely adv. bravery n. 34.break/broke/broken v. ~ down 出故障;破除 ~ up 破坏;解散;开垦 ~ into sp.闯 入;侵占 ~ the law/rule 违反 ~ one’s promise 食言 ~ away (of)脱离 ~ forth/out 爆发 ~ off 折断;突然中断 ~ open 撬开 ~ with 与......断交 c.n.休息 take/have a ~ 35.breath n. breathe v. bath---bathe breathless adj.上气不接下气的 hold one’s ~ 屏住呼吸 lose one’s ~上气不接下气(动作) be out of ~上气不接下气(状 态) catch a ~喘口气 breathe one’s last 死 36.bring/brought/brought vt. ~ sb. up 抚养 ~ sth. up 呕吐;提出 bring sth. forward 提出 37.Britain n. British adj. the Great Britain 大不列颠 38.broad adj.宽阔的 abroad adv.在国外 aboard adv.在船(飞机、火车等)上 broaden vt.拓宽 39.broadcast/broadcast/broadcast vt. 广 播 ~ sth. live 现 场 直 播 Cf. cast/cast/cast forecast/forecast/forecast 40. build/built/built vt.建造;建设 building n. ~ ...up 建造 ~ A into B 把 A 建成 B

41.burn/burnt/burnt v. ~ sth. up 烧光 ~ sth. to the ground=~ sth down 夷为平地 It’s ~ing hot. 42.burst vt. 爆 发 ; 爆 炸 ~ sth. up =blow sth. up 炸 掉 ~ into tears/laughter/cheers ~ out crying/laughing/cheering ~ into...闯入 ~ forth= ~ out= break forth= break out 爆发 43.bury vt.埋葬 burial n.葬礼 ~ sb. alive 活埋 44.busy adj. business n. Business is business.公事公办 Business before pleasure.先干 正事后娱乐 be ~ (in) doing sth.= be busy with sth. go to sp. on business 到......出差 get (down) to business 开始干正事 45.but conj. But me no ~s.不要辩解。 but for 要不是因为 the last line but two 倒数第二行 46.butcher n.屠夫 go to the ~’s 去肉店 47.butter n.黄油 Bread and ~ is always my breakfast. 48.buy/bought/bought vt. I won’t ~ your story.我才不信呢。 49.by prep.乘坐 ~ bus/train/plane/ship/air/sea/water/land on/in a train in a plane 高考英语词汇用法总结(二) C 1.call v./n. ~ for 请求;要求;需要;呼吁 ~ at sp.参观 ~ on sb.访问 ~...off 取消 ~ out 大声叫喊 ~ forth...唤起;鼓起(勇气等) call (on) sb. to do sth.号召 2.camp v.宿营 n.帐篷 go camping 去宿营 3.capital n.资本;首都 capitalism n.资本主义 capitalist n.资本主义者 adj. 资本主义 的 4.care v. ~ for...喜爱;关心;照管 ~ about...关心;顾虑 care n. take ~ of...照料;照看 take ~当心;保重 under the ~ of 在......的照料下 with ~ =carefully 小心地;慎重地 5.carpet n.地毯 6.carrot n.胡萝卜 7.caryy vt. ~ sth. in one’s arms 抱着 ~ sth. on one’s back 背着 ~ sth. in one’s hands 捧着 ~ sth. in one’s hand 拿着 ~ sth. out 实施;执行 ~ ...away 带走;冲昏...的头脑 ~ sth. on 继续下去 ~ through 坚持到底 8.cart n. 马车 Never put the cart before the horse.不要本末倒置 9.case n.情况;案例;病历;箱子 in ~ 万一(可单独使用也可接句子) in ~ of 万一(接名 词、代词、动名词等) Take an umbrella in ~. Take an umbrella in ~ of rain. Take an umbrella in ~ it rain/in ~ it should(万一) rain. As is often the ~, Tom came late again. 10.castle n.城堡 a ~ in the air 空中楼阁 11.catch/caught/caught vt.抓住 ~ sb. = ~ up with sb.追上 catch sight of 突然看到 ~ hold of 突然抓住 ~ (a ) cold 得感冒 ~ sb.’s attention/ eye 吸引的注意力 ~ sb. doing sth. be caught in a rain 遭遇风雨等 be caught in/between the trees 卡在树中 12.ceiling n.天花板

13.celebrate v. 庆祝 celebration n. ~ one’ s birthday/Christmas/Easter/New Year’ s Day (=mark/observe/keep) 14.center/centre n.中心;中部 central adj. 15.century n.世纪 the twelfth ~ 16.certain adj. ~ly adv. certainty n. 确定性 It is ~ that he will make it.=He is ~/sure to make it. be ~/sure about...对确信 17.chain n.链条;锁链 a ~ shop 连锁店 a ~ smoker 连续吸烟者 18.chair n.椅子 chairman 主席; 书记; 懂事长 chairwoman chairperson The ~ is comfortable to sit in. 19.chalk u.n. 粉笔 a piece of ~ 20.chance n.机会 by ~ 偶然 take one’s ~碰运气;冒险 Chances are that he will win.=Possibly he will win. 21.change v./n.变化 ~/turn A into B 把 A 变成 B ~ trains/planes/clothes 换车、 飞机、衣服 ~ for the better/worse 边得更好/坏 ~ with...随着......而变化 ~ oneself=get ~d 换衣服 Great ~s have taken place in China since the reform and opening up in 1979. 22.charge v.收费;控告;冲锋 ~ sm. sb. for sth. He ~d me $10 for the book. ~ sb. with (doing) sth. He was ~d of sealing books from the newsstand. n.主管;收费;控告;冲锋 in ~ of 主管 in the ~ of 由......主管 free of ~免费的 23.cheap adj.便宜的 a ~ buy 便宜货 24.check n.检查;控制;支票(cheque) a money ~汇票 v. 检查;控制 ~ one’s tears 控制住眼泪 ~ in 入住宾馆/进入商场等 ~ out ~...up 核对;检查 25.chief adj.主要的;首要的 CEO=chief executive officer in ~ 主要地;尤其 an editor-in-~总编 a commander-in-~总司令 26.chimney n.烟囱 27.choice n.选择 have no ~ but to do sth.=have to do sth 只好;不得不 adj.精选的 a ~ friend 好朋友 28.choose/chose/chosen v.选择 ~ to do sth. cannot ~ but do sth.=have no choice but to do sth. 只好;不得不 29.church n.教堂 go to ~做礼拜(动作) be in ~z 在做礼拜(状态) a ~ goer 信教者 30.cigar n.雪茄 cigarette n.香烟 注:-ette 是表示“小”的后缀,如 case, cassette。 31.cinema n.电影院 go to the ~/theatre/hotel 32.circle n.圆圈 in ~s The bees dance in ~s. 33.citizen n.市民;国民 citizenship n.国籍 senior ~s 老年人 34.clap v. n.拍(手) 35.class n.课; 班级; 阶级; 等级 world-class adj.世界级的 first-class adj.一级的 Class A 最高级的 in /after/before ~ have ~es 听课 36.clean adj.干净的; a ~ sweep 完胜;全胜 vt.弄干净 clean...up 扫除; 收拾干净 cleaning n.扫除;擦 give sp. a thorough/spring cleaning 大扫除

37.clear adj.清晰的;明亮的; (头脑)清醒的 be ~ about...对明了 make it ~ that...弄 清楚;使人明白 vt.使干净;清除~...off 清除;消散 ~...up 整顿 ~ up 放晴 38.clever adj.聪明的 be ~/quick/good/expert/skilful at...擅长 39.clinic n.医务所 40.clock n.钟表 around the ~=24 hours a day 全天地 41.close adj.近的;亲密的 closely adv. 密切地;亲密地 be ~ to sth.靠近 be ~ at hand 迫近 v.关闭 ~...down 关闭;封闭 Zhang Fei liked sleeping with his eyes closed. 42.cloth u.n.布料 a piece of ~一块布料 c.n.有特殊用途的布,如桌布、擦脚布等 clothes n.衣服 a suit of clothes 一套衣服 clothing u.n..衣服的总称 a piece/an article of clothing 一件衣服 sugar-clothed pills 糖衣药片 43.cloud n.云 cloudy adj.多云的 Soon the ~s lifted.云很快散去了。 44.club n.俱乐部 join the ~ 45.coast n.海岸 an island off the ~ a town on the ~ coastline 海岸线 46.coffee n.咖啡 make ~/tea/bed 煮咖啡/沏茶/铺床 black/white ~ 47.coin n.硬币 head 正面 tail 反面 Every coin has two sides. 48.cold n./adj.冷(的) leave sb. in the ~疏远某人 throw ~ water on...泼冷水;不赞成 catch a ~ 得感冒(动作) have a ~感冒(状态) 49.collar n.衣领 white-~ blue-~ pink-~ golden-~ gray-~ 50.college n.大学 go to ~上大学(动作) be in ~在上大学(状态) 51.colour/color n.颜色 colourful/colorful adj.色彩斑斓的 52.comb n.梳子 tomb n.坟墓 bomb n.炸弹 53.come/came/come vi. 来 ~ about 发生 ~ across...偶遇 ~ along 一道来;进步 ~ at...袭击 ~ back 回来;恢复 ~ back to life 苏醒 ~ down 降落;跌落;病倒 ~ for...来取(物) ;来接(人) ~ into being 产生;出现 ~ into existence 成立;出现 ~ into force 开始生效、实行 ~ into office 上任 ~ into power 上台;掌握政权 ~ into use 开始得以使用 ~ off 脱落 ~ out 出来;长出;出版;显现 ~ to 苏醒 ~ to a conclusion 告一段落;得出结论 ~ to s stop 停下来 ~ to light 现露出来 ~ to oneself 苏醒过来 ~ to terms with sb.与某人妥协 ~ to the point 说到要点 ~ true 实现 ~ up 走近;上升;流行 ~ up to sth.到达;符合(标准) ;不辜负(期望) ~ up with...提出 ~ what may 不管发生什么 ~ from...来自 54.comfort vt./n.安慰 comfortable adj. comfortably adv. 55.common adj.共同的;常见的 in ~共有的 a ~ room 卫生间 56.commune n.公社 communism n.共产主义 communist n./adj. 共产主义者/的 socialism n.社会主义 capitalism n.资本主义 feudalism n.封建主义 57.companion c.n.伴侣;伙伴 58.company n.公司;伙伴 keep sb. ~给某人做伴 in ~ with sb.和某人在一起 keep ~ with sb.与某人交往 59.compare v.比较 comparison n. 比较 comparative adj.比较的 ~ A with B 把 A 与 B 比较 ~ A to B 把 A 比作 B in comparison with...与......比较

Compared with Shanghai, Beijing is important politically. 60.complete adj.完全的 vt.完成 completion n. 完成 61.composition n.作文;作曲 compose vt.写作;作曲 Your ~ is well written except for some spelling mistakes. 62.computer n.电脑 PC=personal ~ 63.comrade n.同志 a ~-in-arm 战友 64.concert n.音乐会 65.condition n.条件 conditional adj.有条件的 unconditional adj. 无条件的 on ~ that(接句子)如果 on ~ of (接名词和动名词等) on no ~决不 living/working/studying ~s 生活/工作/学习条件(环境) in ~状况良好 out of ~状况不 好 66.conductor n.导体;乘务员 67.congratualte vt.祝贺 congratulation n. ~ sb. on (doing) sth.因......而祝贺某人 ~ oneself on sth.庆幸 68.connect vt.连接 connection n. ~ A with B 把 A 和 B 连接起来 be ~ed with...与有关; 与连着 69.consider vt.认为;考虑 consideration n.考虑 considerate adj.体贴人的;体谅人的 ~ A as B 认为 A 为 B ~ doing sth.打算 take sth. into consideration 考虑到 Charles Babbage is generally ~ed to have invented the computer.=It is ~ed that Charles Babbage invented the computer. It is considerate of you to have brought so much food. 70.contain vt.包含;含有 container n.容器 71.content n./adj.满足(的) I’m ~ with my salary. He’s ~ to stay in the present job. vt.使感到满足 As there is no cream, we have to ~ ourselves with black coffee. n. (复数)目录;内容 72.continent n.大陆;大洲 continental adj. 大陆的 continental climate 大陆性气候 73.continue v.继续 continuous adj.连续不断的 continual adj. 频频的;时断时续的 ~ to do sth.= ~ doing sth. The story is to be ~d.(未完待续) 74.control n./v.控制 controlled controlling be in ~ of 控制 be in/under the ~ of 被控制 beyond ~无法控制 keep/get...under ~控制住 lose ~ of 失去对......的控制 75.convenient adj.方便的 convenience n. 方便 It is ~ for me to get the milk from the grocery shop. 76.conversation n. 交 谈 conversational adj. 口 头 的 conversational English=spoken English 77.cook n.厨师 v.烹调;烹饪 cookie n.甜饼 do some cooking 78.copy n.拷贝;(相同书、报、杂志等的)份,本,册 vt. 抄写;抄袭 a ~ cat 只会模仿的人 79.corn u.n.玉米;谷物 c.n. 谷粒 80.corner c.n.角落 in the ~ of on the ~ of at the ~ of around the ~即将到来 81.correct adj.正确的 vt. 改正;纠正;矫正 ~ the papers 批改试卷 82.cost/cost/cost vt. 花费; 使丧失 How much/What does the book ~? The carelessness ~ us $1,000. n.成本;花消;代价 at the ~ of 以为代价 at all ~s 不惜任何代价 count for: 有价值 under the counter: 非法地 take up courage: 鼓起勇气 cover one’s tracks: 掩盖证据

from cover to cover: 自始至终 cross off: 划掉 one’s cup: 醉酒 be curious about: 对?好奇 customs: 海关

cross up: 欺骗


damage: “损坏”(不可数) be in the dark: 被蒙在鼓里 dead end: 死胡同 deadly: 致 命 的 deadline: 最 终 期 限 put to death: 处 死 declare war: 宣战 in deep water: 在 困 境 中 made a defense: 做 防 御 by degrees: 逐 渐 地 without delay: 毫不拖延 take a delight in: 以?为乐 in demand: 有需求 a department store: 百货商店 have design on: 对?别有用心 beyond one’s depth: 超出?的理解力 devote oneself to: 致力于 die away: 平息 diamond cut diamond: 强中更有强中手 make a difference: 有影响 eat dirt: 忍辱 get into difficulties: 陷入困境 dirty one’s hands: 干不正当的事 a long distance call: 长途电话 in the distance: 在远处 dog eat dog: 互相残杀 give to the dogs: 无用而扔掉 lead a dog’s life:过苦难生活 work like a dog: 拼命干 from door to door: 挨门挨户 show a person the door: 下逐客 令 shut the door to: 拒之不见 beyond doubt: 毫无疑问 without doubt: 毫无疑问 come down on a person: 责备 come down to business: 认真谈论正事 down to the ground: 完全地 down under: 在世界另 一边 hit a man when he’ s down: 打落水狗 let a person down: 见死不救 put sth. down: 铲除; 停止 send a person down: 开除某人 shout a person down: 拒绝听某人讲话 draw a bread on: 攻击 draw a conclusion: 得出结论 draw aside: 拉到一边 draw back: 不信守诺言 draw off: 撤退 dress down: 责备 dress up: 打扮 drink deep: 大量饮酒 drink hard: 痛饮 drink in: 倾听; 欣赏 drink to: 为?干杯 drink up: 喝干 drive a person into a corner: 逼入绝境 drive out: 赶出去 drop across: 偶遇 drop in: 顺便拜访 dry goods: 干货 dried milk: 奶粉 dry up: 干 涸 dryer: 烘干机 a duck’s egg: 零分 like a duck to water: 自热地;如鱼得水 due: adj.到期的 When is the rent due? 合适的 Respect is due to older people. 应到的;预期的 When is the steamer due? (这船预定何时到?) 由于;起因 His absence was due to the storm. Incorrect: He fell due to his mistake. Correct: His fall was due to his mistake. Incorrect: Due to the storm, he was late.

D damages: “赔偿费”(可数) up to date: 及时的 day in day out: 日复一日

Correct: Because of the storm, he was late. (due to 一般不用于句首) dull: 枯燥的;阴郁的;不锐利的;愚蠢的 Incorrect: During I was sick, I couldn’t eat well. Correct: While I was sick, I couldn’t eat well. (during 其后不要接从句) dust: 灰尘 be in the dust: 受屈辱 make a dust: 引起骚动 off duty: 下班 on duty: 值班 E Incorrect: I’m eager to success. Correct: I’m eager for success. (=I’m eager to succeed.) be all ears: 倾听 turn a deaf ear to: 对?根本不听 have an ear for: 有对?的鉴赏能力 in one’s early thirties: 30 岁出头 keep early hours: 早睡早起 the early bird catches the worm: 捷足先登 earn one’s living: 谋生 on earth: 究竟 come back to earth: 重返现实 easier said than done: 说得容易做得难 eat one’s words: 食言 eat out: 在外吃饭 eat up: 吃光 edge: 边;缘;刀刃; come into effect: 有效;生效 of no effect: 没有作用 make an effort: 努力 spare no effort: 不遗余力 put all one’s eggs in one basket: 孤注一掷 teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs: 班门弄斧 or else: 否则;要不然 out of employ: 失业 employee: 雇工;职员 employer: 雇工 enclose: 随信寄来 come to an end: 结束 make ends meet:收支相抵 put an end to: 结束 end in: 以?告终 end up with: 结束 enter for: 报名参加 entrance fee: 入场费 equal to: 等于;能胜任 equip with: 用?装备起来 trial and error: 反复试验 in that event: 如果那样 in the event of: 万一 quite an event: 重要大事 Incorrect: Everyone of the books is broken. Correct: Every one of the books is broken. (everyone 不可与 of 结构连用。 Everyone 只能代表人, 而 every one 可代表人, 也可代表物。 ) Incorrect: Everyone should do exercises every day. Correct: Everyone should do exercise every day. (作为“运动”讲, exercise 是不可数名词;而当“练习体操”或“练习”来讲则是可数名 词。例如:We do a lot of exercises in the class.) on exhibition: 展出 exist v. 存在 existence n. 存在 come into existence / being 形成 expect v. 料想,希望 expectation n. expect sb sth expect sb to do sth expect that ?

beyond one’ s expectation(s) 出乎意料 live / come up to one’ s expectation(s) 不辜负, 符合? 的期待 expensive adj. 昂贵的 expense n at the expense / cost of 以?为代价 spare no expense 不惜一切代价 living / school expenses 生活费/ 学费 experience n. / v. 经历(可数) ;经验(不可数) experienced adj. 有经验的 experiment n . / v. 实验 experimental adj. 实验的 carry out / conduct / do an experiment 做实验 explain v. 解释 explanation n. explore v 探险,调查 exploit v. 开采,剥削 express v. 表达,快递,快车 expressive adj. 意味深长的 n. 表情 extra adv. / adj./ n. 额外的 extraordinary 非同寻常的 extremely adv. 极其地,非常 extreme adj. / n. 极其,极端 F 1. face n./ v. facial adj. face to face 面对面 make a face / make faces 扮鬼脸 face the danger / difficulty 面对危险/应付困难 be faced with the difficulty 面临困难 in (the) face of 面临;不顾 2. fact n. as a matter of fact / in fact / actually 事实上 3. fail vt./ vi. failure n. 失败;失败的人或事 fail to do sth 没做成 succeed in doing sth 做成,成功 4. fairly adv. 相当地 (多与褒义词连用,e.g. a fairly easy question) 5. faith n. 信念 keep/ have / lose faith in ? faithful adj. 忠实的 6. fall v. / n fall asleep 入睡 fall ill 生病 fall in love (with ?) 爱上 fall silent 沉寂下来 Pride goes before a fall. 骄兵必败 7. false adj. 假的 true adj. 真的 8. familiar adj. 熟悉的 be familiar with? 对?熟悉 be familiar to sb 为某人所熟 悉 9. famous adj. (= well-known ) be famous / well-known for 因?而出名 be famous / well-known as 作为?而出名 be famous/ well-known to sb 为某人所 熟知 比较: for his Theory of Relativity. Einstein was famous as a great scientist to people all over the world. 10. far adj. (farther , further; farthest, furthest ) futher study 深造 Do you have anything further to say?你还有什么要说的吗? far (away) from sp 远离? far from 远离;远远不,完全不,决非 so far 到目前为止(与现在完成时连用) by far 显然地;很 so / as far as 远到;就?而言 (as far as I known = as far as I am concerned) far / much / rather too + adj. 实在太,过于 far + adj. 比较级 ? 得多 11.fast adj. / adv. fast: 迅速地;指运动的物体和运行的速度 quickly: 快;强调立刻 行动,毫不迟疑 12. favo(u)r n. 帮助;偏爱 favo(u)rite adj. /n. in favor of 喜欢,赞成 do sb a

favor 帮忙 13. fear n./ v. 害怕 fearful adj. 可怕的 be in fear of 害怕 for fear (of sth / that +句 子) 生怕,以免 14. feather n. 羽毛 Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚,人以群分 15. feed vt./ vi. (fed, fed) 喂养, 饲养 feed on (牛, 马等) 吃? feed ? on / with? 喂 (动物)饲料 16. feel v. (felt, felt) 感觉 feel like sth / doing sth 喜欢;觉得好像 17. fever n. 发烧 (run / have a fever) 18. fierce adj. 凶猛的;猛烈的; 强烈的; 激烈的 a fierce tiger / storm / effort / competition 19. fight n./ vt./ vi. (fought, fought) 战斗 fight for / against / with 20. figure n. / v. 数字;身材;图形;人物; 算出;认为 figure out 算出,想出 21. fill v. 充满 fill in (the blank / the form ?) 填 (空/表格?) be filled (up) with 充 满,填满 22. final adj./ n. 最后的;决赛(~s) finally adv. (= eventually = at last= in the end ) 最后 23. finger n. 手指 toe 脚趾 the thumb ---拇指 the index ( first ) finger / the forefinger --食指 the middle finger--- 中指 the third / ring finger 无名指 the little finger 小指 24. firm adj./ adv. / n. 牢固的;公司 firmly adv. 25. first first of all 首先,第一 at first 起先,开始 in the first place 首先 the first time 可直接引导时间状语从句(同 immediately, instantly, directly, the moment, the instant, as soon as?) It (This) is the first time (that)… 26. fit. v. / adj. / n..fit sb / sth 适合(强调大小尺寸合身) 区别:suit sb (趣味方面适合;形状、颜色等其他方面协调一致) fit in (with) 与? 相适应,与? 相协调 be fit / suitable for / to... 合适 keep fit 保持 健康 27. fix v. 固定;专注于;修理(~up) fix one’s attention / one’s eyes on / upon ? 把 注意力/目光集中于? 28. flash n. / v. 闪光;闪烁 in a flash 一瞬间 flesh n. 肉,肉体 flesh and blood 血肉 fresh adj. 新鲜的 29. follow v. 跟随; 遵守 (~ the rule / one’ s advise / the fashion / one’ s example) as follows 如下 30. fond adj. 喜欢的 be fond of = be into ? 喜欢 31. fool n. / v. 傻瓜;愚弄 foolish adj. 愚蠢的 make a fool of sb 愚弄某人 All Fools’ Day/ April Fools’ Day 愚人节 32. forbid v. (forbade, forbidden ) 禁止 (反义 allow / permit) forbid / allow / permit / advise sb sth forbid / allow / permit / advise sb to do sth fordid / allow / permit / advise (sb’s) doing sth forbid / advise that sb (should) do sth 33. force n. / v. 暴力;强迫 by force 以武力 come into force / effect 开始有效(实施) carry / put into force / practice 把?实施 force sb to do sth = force sb into doing sth 强 迫某人做某事

34. forget v. (forgot, forgotten) forget to do sth 忘记去做某事 forget doing sth 忘记曾经做 过某事 35. foreign adj 国外的 foreigner n. 外国人 36. forgive v. ( forgave, forgiven) 原谅,宽恕 forgiveness n. forgive sb sth forgive sb for doing sth 37. fork n. 叉 a knife and fork 一副刀叉(谓语动词用单数) 38. form n 形式 in the form of 以? 的形式 39. fortnight n. 两个星期 40. fortunate adj. 幸运的(lucky) unfortunate adv. 不幸的 (unlucky) fortunately adv. 幸运地(luckily) unfortunately adv.不幸(unluckily) fortune n. 幸运,命运;财富 misfortune 不幸 41. forward adv./v./ adv 向前方 (反:backward) look forward to doing sth 期待,盼 望 42. found v. 建立 foundation n 43. fountain n. 喷泉 44. free v. / adj. / adv. 使自由;自由的;免费的;有空的 freedom n. freely adv. set free 释放 be free to do sth 随意做某事(be free of sth) for free 免费地 (free of charge) free sb from / of (from 有免除之意,of 有救济之意) 45. freeze v. (froze, frozen) 使结冻 freezing adj. 极冷的 freeze / starve / beat to death 冻死/饿死/打死 46. Frenchman (pl. Frenchmen) Englishman (pl.Englishmen) Chinese (pl. Chinese) Japanese (pl. Japanese) German (pl. Germans) American (pl. Americans) 47. frequent adj. 频繁的 frequently adv. 48. friend n 朋友 (反:enemy) friendship n. 友谊 friendly adj. 友好的 make friends with sb 与?交朋友 A friend in deed is a friend in need. 患难见知己 49. frighten n 使害怕 frightened adj. 惊吓的,害怕的 be frightened / afraid to do sth be frightened / afraid of doing sth 50. from from now on 从今往后 from then on 从那时起 51. front n. / adj. 前面,前部,前线; 前面的,前部的 in front of 在某一物以外的前面 in the front of 在某物本身内部范围内的靠前部分 52. fuel n. 燃料 add fuel to the fire (flame) 火上加油 53. full adj. 满的,充分的 fully adv. 完全地,全部地 be full of 充满 to the full 完全的 make full use of = make the most / best of 充分利用 54. fun n. (不可数) 玩笑,乐趣,有趣的事或人 funny adj 滑稽的 What fun it is to have a bath in the sunshine in such hot weather! make fun of 开玩笑,嘲笑 for (in) fun 开玩笑地 55. furniture n.(不可数) 家具 a(n) piece / set / article of furniture 56. future n./ adj. 未来 in future 从今以后 in the future 将来 G 1. gain v. / n. Pain past is pleasure. 苦尽甘来 No pains, no gains. / No pains without gains. 不劳无获

2. garage n. 车库 3. gather v. (反:scatter ) gather oneself 振作起来 4. gay adj./ n. 快乐的;男同性恋 5. general adj. / n. 大体的,一般的 generally adv. in general 就一般而言 as a general rule 一般而言;通常 generally (speaking) 一般说来 6. generation n 代 generation gap 代沟 pass down from generation to generation 代代相传 7. gentle adj. 温柔的,亲切的 gently adv. gentleman (pl. gentlemen ) 绅士 8. geography n. 地理 9. get v. get along (on) with 进展,相处 get away 逃脱,离开 get back 回来,恢复,取回 get down 下来;记下;使情绪低落 get in 进来;收(庄稼) (get down to doing sth 开始认真干某事) get off 从火车、 汽车、 船、 飞机、 马上下来 (从出租车或小车下来用 get out of) ; 脱下 get it 明白 get on 登上车、船、飞机等; 进展 get over 越过,克服 get rid of 处理,去掉 get through 穿过,完成,拨通 get together 聚集 get up 起床, 站起来,化装 10. gift n 礼物,天赋,轻而易举之事 have a gift for 有?的天赋 11. give v. give back 归还,回来(=return) give away 赠送,泄露,出卖 give in 投降,屈服 give up 放弃 give off 发出(蒸汽,光等) give over 沉湎于(give oneself over) ;交出,让给 give out 分发;分配;发表;用完; 筋疲力尽;发出,放出 give way to 让位于?;让步于? give birth to 生 12. glad adj. 高兴的 be glad at/ about sth be glad of sth / to do sth / that? 13. glance n. / v. 瞥见 at a galane 一眼,乍见之下 take a glance at 看?一眼 14. glass n. 玻璃(不可数) ;玻璃杯(可数) ;眼镜(可数) 15. globe n.地球,地球仪 global adj. 地球的;全球的 16. glove n. 手套 17. go n ./ v. on the go 忙碌 have a go/ try 试一下 go about sth / doing sth 开始? go after 追求 go against 违 背, 对 ... 不 利 go all out to do sth 全力 ? go away 离 开 go back 回去 go by 过去,逝去 go for 出去(散步等) ;设法得到) ;喜欢 go on 继续;举行; 进展 go on (well ) with sb 与某人相处(好) go out 出去,熄灭,落伍 go over 复习,仔细查看 go through 通过,经历,仔细 看 go with ? 与? 配 18. goal n. 目标 19. goat n. 山羊 20. god n. 神,上帝(God) goddess 女神 pray to God 向上帝祈祷 believe in God 信上帝 God bless you! 上帝保佑你! My God! 天哪! God knows that? 天知道? 21. gold n. / adj. 金子;金的, 金制的 golden adj. 金黄色的 22. good adj. / n. goodness n. 良好,长处 be good at 擅长 be good for 对?有好处 as good as 几乎

a good deal of 很多(修饰不可数) a good many 很多(修饰可数) do good / harm to sb 对?有好处/ 坏处 (=do sb good / harm) good and +adj. = nice and + adj. / adv. 非常 It’s no good / no use doing sth 做?没好处/ 做?没用 23. goods n. 货品(无单数形式,做主语配用复数谓语动词) 24. goose (pl. geese) 鹅 25. government n 政府 govern n. 统治,管理 governor n. 洲长,总督 26. gradually adv. 慢慢地 gradual adj. 慢慢的 27. graduate v./ n 毕业;毕业生 graduation n. 毕业 graduate from 从? 毕业 28. grain n 谷物(不可数) 29. grammar n. 语法 30.gun 31 great adj. greatly adv. 32. Greek n. 希腊 adj.希腊的,希腊人的 33. green green—eyed adj. 嫉妒的 greenbelt be green at one’s job 无经验的 34. greet vt. greet the New Year n..『c』greeting a New Year ~ 35. grey/gray adj. 灰色的,灰白色 36. ground ground floor(英)底楼 down to the ~ 彻底的 37. group 38. grow ( grew,grown ) vi.生长,发育 link v.渐渐变成 ~ old /dark ~ up 长 大 ~ out of 源自于? 39.guard n.士兵 v.保卫,守卫 n.. guarder 守卫者,看守员 40. guest n. 41. guide n.导游,指南,入门 a traveler’s ~ a ~ to Italy v.引导,指导,领导 ~ sb to a place ~ sb in /out/up guided missile 导弹 H 1. habit n. be in the/a ~ of doing sth. have the/a ~ of doing sth. 有?? 的习惯 form/fall into /get into the /a ~ of 养成?? 的习惯 get sb into the ~ of 让某人养成??的习惯 get out of a ~ 戒除 ★ Habit is second nature 习惯成自然 2.hair n. make one’s hair stand on end 令人毛骨悚然 haircut n. 理发 3.half n. half an hour = a half hour one and a half hours = one hour and a half Cut it in half 对半分 half –hearted adj.半心半意的 4.hall the Great hall of the People 人民大会堂 5.ham n.火腿 a ham 一只火腿 a slice of ham 一片火腿 6.hammer n.锤 a hammer and sickle 锤子和镰刀 7.hand n.& v. n. hand in hand a green hand 生手 the hour hand 时针 at first hand / at second hand 直接 / 间接 at hand 即将到来,就在手边 The examinations are at hand. by hand 用手工 on (the) one hand? on the other 一方面,另一方面 shake hands with sb. = shake sb. by the hand

n.handshake 握手 Hands off 不许摸,不许干涉 hands up 举起手来 v.hand in 上交 hand out 分发 hand / pass down /on 传下去 8 . handkerchief pl.handkerchiefs or handkerchieves hand + kerchief( 方 头 巾 ) = handkerchief 手帕 39. handsome adj. a handsome man 40. hang v. hang -- hung -- hung 悬挂 hang one’s head in shame 含羞低头 pictures hanging on the wall 挂在墙上的画 不可用 hung hang--- hanged—hanged 绞死 He was hanged for murder. 41. happen vi. 偶然发生 sth. happen to sb. Sb. happen to do sth./ to be doing sth. /to have done sth. It happens that? 恰巧,碰巧 12.(un)happy adj. (un)happily adv. (un)happiness n. live / lead a happy life 13.hard adj.& adv. work hard adv. a hard student adj. hard—working adj. 努力工作的 * hardly adv. 几乎不 hardship n.苦难 go through hardship 14.hardly hardly / scarcely ?? when?? no sooner?? than ?? 15.harvest 收获 n. a good / bad harvest v. harvest / get in crops 16.hat put on / take off one’s hat 17.hate hate / like to do sth. hate / like doing sth. 18.have (had, had) I have got a cough . = have cf have to & must have on 1)(无进行时态,表状态)穿着,戴着 e.g He had nothing on except a hat. 2)有事在手头 I don’t have anything on tonight. 19.head use one’s head head teacher 班主任 headmaster 校长 ★ Two heads are better than one .两人智慧胜一人 20.headache have got a headache /toothache /backache 21.health n. healthy adj. unhealthy 指人(不)健康的 He is healthy. healthful adj.有益于健康的食物 a healthful food be in good /bad /poor health 22.hear (heard, heard) 听见 强调结果 listen to 强调过程 hear sb. do sth. hear sb. doing sth. hear from sb.收到?来信 hear of 听说 23.heart n. heart and soul 全心全意的 break one’s heart 心碎 learn /get /know sth. by heart 熟记,背出 put one’s heart into sth.全神贯注做 sth = be absorbed in doing sth. lose one’s heart to sb.爱上 ? lose heart 灰心,气馁 with all one’s heart / with one’ s heart and soul 全心全意的 adj. hearted cold/warm –hearted 冷酷的/热心的 heart disease 心脏病 heart failure 心脏衰竭 heart transplant 心脏移植 24.heat n./v.热 adj. heated 加热的,热烈的,激烈的 a heated discussion 25.heaven n.天堂,天国 go to heaven 死去 26.heavy adj. 重的;大量的 n.heaviness adv. heavily a heavy rain 大雨 27.height n. / hait/ v. heithten 增高 adj. high high jump 跳高 adv.highly think /speak highly of highly skilled 高度熟练的 28.hello say hello to sb. 29.help n.& v. cannot help but do sth.不得不 e.g Icannot help but admire his courage. help oneself to sth.随便吃 help sb. out help sb with sth help sb. (to )do sth. help (to) do sth. with the help of

cf assist assist sb. with sth. assist sb. to do sth. assist sb. in doing sth. 30.here here and there 31.hero (heroes) heroine (女英雄) heroic adj. 32.hide (hid,hid/hidden) hide sth.from sb. sth.瞒着 sb. 捉迷藏 hide and seek hiding —place 藏身之处 33. hill 小山 adj. hilly mountain 大山 hillside 山坡, 山腰 hill billy (俚语) / yokel 乡下人 34.he-- him --his --himself she --her --her--herself by oneself 独立的 35.hire 雇佣 fire 开除 36.history n. with a history of adj. historic 有历史意义的 a congress of historic significance historical adj.历史的,历史上的 historical events 37.hit(hit,hit)v./n. 击中 hit sb. on the head 偶然碰到, 找到 hit on/upon a good idea n. 轰动一时的人或物 make a hit 38.hold (held, held) hold on (to) 抓着不放,坚持;不挂电话 hold one’s breath 屏 住呼吸 hold one’s head high hold up the traffic 延误交通 hold the view that? 持 有?的观点 hold back one’s tears = keep back one’s tears 阻止,抑制 hold sb. from doing sth. 阻止;隐瞒 e.g You are holding it back from me .你在瞒着我 39.hole n.洞 be in a hole 处于困难,为难 40. holiday ( 英) vacation (美) be on holiday /vacation make holiday /vacation take a holiday / vacation 41.home adj. home life 家庭生活 home and foreign affairs 内政外交 adv. go home on one’s way home see sb. home 送回家 n. at home make oneself at home 别拘束 one’s last /long home 坟墓 adj. homeless 无家可归的 homelike 像家的 home born 土生土长的 homesick 想家的 n. hometown 家乡 homeland 祖国 homework do one’s homework 42.honest adj. ( dishonest ) 正 直 的 , 诚 实 的 adv. honestly /dishonestly n. honesty /dishonesty honest wool 真羊毛 to be honest 坦白说 43.hono(u)r n.荣誉,尊敬 adj. honourable adv. dishonourable do honour to 对?表示敬意,带来荣誉 in honour of 表示敬意,为了纪念 I have the honour to inform you that? an honoured guest 贵宾 44. hope n./ v. There is not much hope that? hope (to) do sth. hope for hope that… wish sb. sth. wish sb. to do sth. wish for wish that… in (the) hope of adj. hopeful be /feel hopeful about the future adv.hopefully hopeless a hopeless case 绝症 adv. hopelessly 45. horse talk horse 说大话, 吹牛 horse sense 起码常识 be on one’ s high horse =

hold one’s head high a horse of another color 风牛马不相及的人 eat like a horse 很能吃 ride /mount the high horse 趾高气昂 Put the cart before the horse .本末倒置 46.hospital be in hospital 住院 47.hot a hot temper 急躁的脾气 hot dog blow hot and cold 摇摆不定 hot spring 温泉 48.hotel motel = motor + hotel 汽车旅馆 49.hour by the hour 按终点 the rush hours 拥挤时间 adj./adv. hourly 每小时的 50. house housewife housework<u.> housekeeper the House of Commons 英国下议院 the House of lords 上院 n.<u.> housing 住房供给 bad housing 51.how far 多远 how long how many /much how old how often how/what about doing? 52.however adv. 无论如何 However cold it is, she always goes swimming. 但是 I’d like to go with you, however, my hands are full. 53.huge adj. hugely adv. n. hugeness 54.human a human being 55.hundred three hundred hundreds of 56.hunger n. 饥饿 die of hunger hunger strike 绝食 adj. hungry go hungry be hungry for news 渴望的 adv. hungrily 57.hurry in a hurry 匆忙 Hurry up, or we’ll be late. 快点 58.hurt (hurt,hurt) adj. hurtful adv. hurtfully n. hurtfulness vt.伤害 He hurt his leg when he fell. vi.疼痛 My leg hurt. 59.husband hook a husband 钓一个金龟婿 wife I 1.ice ice cream ice water water ice 冰棍 ,刨冰 break the ice 打破僵局 adj.icy 冰冷的,冰似的 2.idea have a good idea 有了好主意 have no idea 不知道 ideal adj. 理想的,完 美的 3.ill adj.生病的 (常作表语) fall ill/sick (定语) 不好的,不祥的 ill luck 坏运气, 厄运 a sick man 病人 an ill man 坏人 speak / think ill of sb. be ill off = be badly off 贫穷 n. illness / sickness 疾病 4.imagine (sb./sb.’s) doing sth. 5.immediate adj. 立即的 an immediate reply 直接的 the immediate cause 直接原因 adv.immediately 马上 conj. 一?就? I came immediately I heard the news. 6.importance n. adj. important be of great / no importance = be very /not important be of great value = be very valuable 7.impossible adj. adv. impossibly n.impossibility It is impossible for sb. to do sth.(不 用人作主语) 8.improve v. 改善 n. improvement vt. He has improved his health. vi. He has improved a lot.

9.in 10.inch 英寸 by inches 差点儿 foot 英尺 11.include 包括,包含 There are ten people ,including me/ me included. 12.income n.收入 a small income 13.increase v. n.增加 vi.increase by 增加了 increase to 增加到 vt. increase one’s knowledge 14.indeed adv. 真正的,当然 A friend in need is a friend indeed. 15.India n.印度 Indian adj. 印度的 ;印度人,印度语 16.industry 工业 adj. industrial agriculture 农业 adj. agricultural 17.infer 推断,推论 n. inference make/ draw an inference 做出推论 18.information n. 不可数 a piece of information information desk 服务台 19.ink 墨水 20.inside / outside 21.insist doing sth. sb. insist(s) that (陈述语气(坚持认为)) should + v. (坚持要求) 22.instead 代替 adv. She never studies. Instead, she plays tennis all day. instead of 介短 He will go to Italy instead of France. 23.institute n. 学院,学会 24.instruction n.命令(复) carry out the instructions 说明书 The instructions/directions are on the bottle. v. instruct instruct sb. to do sth. adj. instructive 有教育意义的 25.interest a place of interest 名胜 have /show (no) interest in sth. be interested in sth. adj. interesting 有趣的 interested 感到有趣的 26.international adj.国际的 international law 国际法 the international date line 国际 日期变更线 27.interrupt vt.打扰,打断 n. interruption interrupt a conversion 打断谈话 28.into look into 调查 run into 偶遇;撞车 29.introduce 介绍,引进 introduce sb. to sb. n. introduction An introduction to English Grammar 英语语法入门 30.invent 发明 discover 发现 n. invention 31.invite v. invite sb. to do sth. invitation n.邀请 32. iron n. 铁 Strike while the iron is hot . 趁热打铁 33.island 岛 34.it its itself 高考英语词汇用法总结(三) J 1. jacket n.上衣,夹克衫 2. jam 果酱;交通阻塞,困境 strawberry jam 草莓酱 traffic jam 交通阻塞 get into a jam 陷入困境 3.January 一月 4.Japan n. Japanese n.日本,日语 adj. 日本的,日本人的,日语的 5.jar 罐子 6.job (可数) out of a job 失业 = out of work 7.join 参加组织成为一员 join the Party 参加 join (sb.) in sth. /doing sth. ; join up

参与,入伍 take part in; participate in 8.joke play a joke on sb. 取笑 make a joke 讲笑话 9.journey 10.joy n. to one’s joy / to the joy of 使人高兴的是 adj.joyful 11.judge judge by 根据? 判断 n.judgement Don’t judge a man by his looks. 不要以貌取人 34. juice 果汁 a glass of orange juice 35. July 七月 36. jump jump over the fence 跳过篱笆 jump across the river 跳过河 37. June 六月 38. just adj. 公正的,公平的 fight for a just caus 为正义事业而战 adv.正好,恰好 That’s just what I want. 刚刚,The bell has just rung .常用完成时态 The bell rang just now 常用于过去时 just then 就在那时 k 1. keep (kept, kept) keep on doing sth. 继续做? Prices kept on increasing. keep doing sth. 一直做? keep an eye on 留神,当心 keep away from 远离 keep up a good state of mind 保持好状态 keep sb. from doing 阻止 keep up with 跟上,不落后 2.key the key to the door the key to the answer 3. kick 踢 kick back 踢回 ,回报 4. kill kill one’ s time 消磨时间 kill off 消灭, 杀光 ★ Kill two birds with one stone. 一箭双雕 5.kilo (缩) kilogram 千克 kilometer 公里 6.kind all kinds of 各种各样的 a kind of 某种,几分,稍稍 I had a kind of suspicion that he was cheating. of a kind 同一类 ★ Things of a kind come together.物以类聚 adj. 善良的 it’s kind of / for sb. to do sth. 7.kindergarter 幼儿园 8.king 国王 9.kiss kiss?goodbye 吻别 10.kitchen 厨房 11.kite 风筝 12.knee 膝盖 bent the knee 屈膝 13.knife pl.knifves 14.knock at/on the door 敲门 knock down 撞到 knock into 撞,偶遇 knock off 撞到 knock out of 敲出 15.know (knew, known) be known to /for /as 16.knowledge (不可数) 但 a knowledge of English L 1. lab 实验室 2. labour the labour market 劳动市场 labour at 从事 3. lack vt. lack the courage vi. lack in experience be lacking in sth.

He is lacking in courage. n.(不可数) The plants died for lack of water. 4.ladder 楼 梯 5.lady 6.lake 7.lamp 8.land 9.language the English language 10.large 11.last at last 最后,终于 to the last 直到最后 breathe one’s last 死掉 the last but one 倒数第二 12.late adj. be late for adv. get up late stay up late adj.靠后一些的,晚点的 in one’s late fifties in late spring 13.lately adv. 最近的(同 recently) 14.later (late 的比较极) later on 在过些时候;后来 see you later sooner or later * latest (late 的最高级)adv. come the earliest and leave thelatest adj.最近的,最新的 the latest fashion /news 15.laugh v. laugh at 嘲笑 n. laughter (不可数) burst into laughter ★ He laughs best ,who laughs last. 16.law lawyer 17. lay -- laid --laid --laying 放置 ,下蛋 lay the table lay eggs lie --lay —lain --lying 平躺,位于 lie -- lied--lied--lying 撒谎 lie to sb. lay aside 积蓄 lay down one’s arms 放下武器 lay out 布置 18.lazy adj. adv. lazily 19.lead (led, led) lead/live a happy life lead to prep.导致 lead sb. to do sth. 导致, 造成 e.g What led you to change your idea? 1.leaf c.n.叶子(leaves 复数) turn over a new ~改过自新 2.league n. 同盟,联盟; 社团 a ~ member 团员 the UK L~英超联赛 3.least adj./adv./pron.最少 at ~至少 not...in the ~ 一点也不;根本不 4.learn v.学习(learned/learned; learnt/learnt) ~ (how) to do sth. learner n. beginner 初学者 a ~ed(有学识的) man A little learning is a dangerous thing. 一知半解是危险的。 5.leave v.(left/left)离开;留下;使处在......状态 He left Ningbo for Beijing. He left his wallet at home. He often left us thinking deeply about our future. He often left his homework unfinished. She left me unhappy. The naughty boy sometimes left his father in trouble. Don’t leave the lights on when you go out of the room. ~...about 乱放 ~ sb. alone 听任;不干涉 ~ sth. behind 拉下;忘记携带 ask for ~请假 ~...off 停止 ~...out 省去;遗漏 ~...over 留下;剩下 ~ room for 为留下余地 ~ word 留下口信 take French ~不辞而别 6.lecture c.n. 讲座 give a ~做讲座 have/take a ~听讲座 7.left n./adj.左边(的);剩下的 on the ~(静态)在左边 to the ~(动态)向左边 the ~= the rest= the remaining(可数和不可数名词都可以修饰)所有其余的 8.lend vt.(lent/lent)借给 ~ sb. sth.= ~ sth. to sb. ~ sb. a hand 9.length n.长度 at ~ = in detail 详细地

10.lesson c.n. 课;教训 do one’s ~s 学习 draw a ~ from 吸取教训 give sb. a ~给上 课 teach sb. a ~教训 11.let vt.(let/let) 让 ~ sb. do sth. ~...in 放进 ~...out 放出去;泄漏 ~ alone 不干涉;更不必说 ~ sb. down 使失望 ~ go 放开;松手 ~...off 放掉(气等) 12.letter c.n. 信;字母 a red-~ day 节日 in capital ~s 用大写字母写 13.level n.水平;杠杆 adj.水平的 on a ~ with sb.和同一水平 on the ~公平地;老实 说 14.liberate vt.解放 liberation n. the PLA(the People’s Liberation Army)解放军 15.librarian n.图书管理员 library n.图书馆 16.lie lie vi. 撒谎 n.谎话 lied lied lying lie vi. 位于;躺 lay lain lying lay vt. 放;产(卵) laid laid laying South of Zhejiang Province lies Fujian. He laid the eggs on the desk one by one. He has never lied to anyone ever before. ~ in 在于 His success lay in his diligence and wisdom. 17.life c.n.生命 lose one’s ~ for 为献出生命 a matter of ~ and death 生死攸关的事情 all one’s ~= through one’s ~=throughout one’s ~毕生;终生=for ~ bring sb. to ~使苏醒;使复活 come to ~苏醒;复活 u.n.生活 live/lead a dog’s ~过着牛马不如的生活 18.lift vt.举起 vi.(云)散去 n.举起;搭便车 give sb.a ~让某人搭便车 ask sb. for a ~ 向某人请求搭便车 19.light vt.点燃 (lighted/lighted; lit/lit) a lighted cigar The lamp was lit at once. ~ up 点着;照亮;变快活 n.光 bring sth. to ~使真相大白;暴露;公开 come to ~出现;显露 20.lightning c.n.闪电 thunder and ~ at ~ speed 风驰电掣地 21.like vt.喜欢 I like you as mice do rice. would/should ~/love to do sth. 想要;欲 prep.像 I’ll talk to you ~ your father. cf. I”ll talk to you as your father.(作为) and such like 等等 feel ~ doing sth.想要;欲 look ~看起来像 It’s ~ Tom to say such things about a lawyer.(...使某人的本性) 22.limit c.n.极限 Life is limited, but there is no ~ to serving the people. set a ~ to sth.限 制 without ~ 无限地 vt.限定 The composition is limited to 80 to 120 words. 23.line c.n.线; 线段; 行 draw a ~ between 划定界限; 区分 drop sb. a ~写一封短信 stand

in (a) ~站成一排 v.i. 站成一排 ~ up 排队 24.lion n.雄狮 lioness 雌狮 take the ~’s share 拿大份 25.list c.n./vt.列出名单 be on the top ~= head/lead the ~名列榜首 26.listen vi.听(动作) I am fond of ~ing to music. He won’t ~ to any advice. 27.liter/litre n.公升 28.little adj. /adv./pron.一点点 not a ~许多;非常 cf. not a bit 一点也不 only a ~=~很 少 29.live v.活;生活;住 ~ a happy/poor life ~ and learn 活到老学到老 ~ by doing sth.靠......为生 ~ on sth. 靠......为生;以为主食 ~ through...度过;经历 ~ up to sth./sb.实行;不辜负......的期望 adj.现场直播的 broadcast sth. ~ a ~ program 30.lively adj.活泼的 living 活着的 alive adj.(表语形容词) 活着的 31.load n. (精神方面的)负担;重任; 装载; 工作 reduce the students’ ~减负 vt. 装载 [~ A with B] The sip is loaded with coal. upload 上传 download 下载 32.loaf cn.(复数 loaves) (面包等) 一条或一块 a ~ of bread vi. 闲混,虚度(光阴) He ~ed the whole evening. 33.lonely adj.孤独的;寂寞的 alone adj./adv. 独自 along prep./adv.沿着 34.long adj./adv.长的;长时间的 ~ before 很久以前(过去完成时) ~ ago 很久以前(一般过 去时) before ~不久 no ~er=not...any ~er 不再 all day ~整天 as/so ~ as 只要 at ~est 至晚 for ~长久 in the ~ run 从长远来看 So ~!再见 L~ live...!......万岁! It was not ~ before he came to realize the importance of English.(才) L~ before they came back, Tom had left the airport. vt.渴望 He ~ed for a long holiday.=He ~ed to enjoy a long holiday. 35.look vi./n.看(动作) He ~ed happily at his son playing in the garden. link v.看起来 He ~s happy with my answer. ~ after... ~ at... ~ for... ~ in ~ around 到处寻找 ~ away 移开目光 ~ into...调查 ~ down 俯视 ~ down on...蔑视 ~up 仰视 ~...up 查阅 ~ up to...尊敬 ~ on 旁观 ~ on A as B 把 A 看作 B ~ out 向外看;当心 ~ out for... 提防 ~ like... 看起来像 Look sharp! 当心!~ through...看穿 have/take a ~看一眼 36.lorry cn.货车 37.lose/lost/lost vt.丢失; 失去 loss n. be lost in...沉迷于 be lost to sth.感觉不到 ~ oneself 迷路 ~ oneself in...入迷 ~ sight of...看不见 ~ control of...对......失去控制 ~ heart 失去信心 ~ one’s heart to...爱上 be at a loss 困惑;不知所措 38.lot cn. 很多; (作特定用处的)一块地 a ~ of=lots of the parking ~停车场 39.love vt./n.爱 would/should ~/like to do sth. Love me, love my dog.爱屋及乌 lovely adj.可爱的 40.luck un.运气;命运 wish sb. good ~ Bad ~!真倒霉! Good ~!祝你走运!

as ~ would have it 碰巧 have the ~ to do sth.侥幸 She had no luck finding a job.她很不幸, 找不到工作。 lucky adj. luckily adv. unlucky adj. unluckily adv. 41.luggage un.=baggage 行李 42.lunch cn.午餐 There is no such thing as free ~ in the world. M 1.machine cn.机器 a ~ gun 机关枪 2.mad adj.疯狂的 go ~发疯 be ~ about...喜爱 like ~拼命地 3.madam n. (对妇女的恭敬称呼)夫人,太太,小姐 madame(用于已婚妇女姓名前的尊称 ) 【法】太太,夫人;女士 4.magazine cn.杂志 a back number 过期杂志 5.major adj.主要的 n. (大学) 主修专业 majority n.大多数 minor adj.次要的 n. (大 学)兼修专业 6.make/made/made vt.制作;制造;使 be made in be made to do sth. be made from 由......制成(化学变化) be made of 由......制成(物理变化) be made up of 由......组成 ~ up...组成;弥补;编造;调解;和好 ~ for...走向;有利于;有助于 ~ A into B 把 A 制成 B ~ A out of B 用 B 制成 A ~ oneself understood/heard ~...out 理解;辨认;弄清楚 7.manage vt. 管理;经营; 设法做到;勉力完成 ~ a hotel ~ to do sth. cf. try to do sth. ~ without...没有......也可以对付 He can ~ without breakfast for a week. management n. 管理;经营 manager n.经理 8.many pron.许多 a good/great ~许许多多 ~ a...=more than one...许多 9.manner cn. 方式,方法; 礼貌,规矩(复数) We walked in a free ~, looking in all the windows. It is bad ~s to interrupt. Mind your table ~s. in no ~决不 In no ~ will China give in to the pressure. 10.marry v. 娶;嫁,和...结婚 be married to sb.与某人结婚(状态) get married with sb. 与 某人结婚(动作) ~ sb.嫁/娶某人 ~ A to B 把 A 嫁 B marriage n.婚姻 11.Marxism n.马克思主义 Marxist adj. 马克思主义的 12.mass cn. 团,块,堆,片,群; 弥撒; 大众 ~es of 大量的(可数不可数都可修饰) 13.master cn. 主人; 能手,名家,大师; 硕士 vt. 精通,掌握; 做...的主人 try to ~ English 14.match cn.比赛; vt.敌得过,比得上; 和...相配,和...相称 The color of the shirt does not match that of the tie. His latest film doesn't match his previous ones. 15.material n.材料;布料;素材;资料 adj. 物质的,有形的 16.maths/mathematics n.数学 M~ is my favourite. 17.matter cn. 事情 It was a matter of life and death for them. 麻烦事,毛病 There's something the matter with this car. un. 物质 Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas. as a ~ of fact 事实上 for that ~其实;关于那一点 It doesn’t matter whether...是否......无 关紧要

18.may v. (表示可能性)可能,也许 She may be a nurse. (表示许可或请求许可) "May I come in?" "Yes, please." 可以(表示希望、祝愿等)祝,愿 May you succeed! n.五月 19.maybe adv.也许(句首) 20.mean/meant/meant vt. 意指; 打算; 指定;预定(be meant for) What do you ~ by that? ~ a lot to sb.对某人意义重大 He had meant to come, but failed to because of the weather. The house is meant for five people. adj. 吝啬的;鄙陋的 meaning n.意义 meaningful adj.有意义的 means n.(单复同形)手段;方法 by means of 通过;用 by no means 决不 21.meanwhile adv./n. 其间;同时 In the meanwhile I'll visit an old friend of mine. Mother went shopping; meanwhile, I cleaned the house.(注意标点) 22.measure cn. 措施 take ~s to do sth. vt. 测量 ; 计量 vi. 有 ... 长 ( 或阔、高等 ) The lake measures 130 by 80 kilometers. 23.meat un.肉 cf.flesh 24.medicine n.药;医学 medical adj. 医学的;药的 a student of ~ study ~ 25.meet/met/met vt./vi. 遇 见 ; 对 付 ; 满 足 Let ’ s try our best to ~ the demands/needs/requirements of the customers. ~ with 偶遇 make both ends ~使收支相抵 meeting n.会议 a sports meet/meeting have a meeting hold a meeting 26.member n. 成员; 会员 become a ~ of...=join...加入 27.memory n.记忆 keep/have...in ~铭记 come to sb.’s ~被想起 in ~ of 为了纪念 from ~凭记忆 28.mend vt./vi. 修理,修补;缝补 It is never to late to ~.亡羊补牢,未为晚矣。 29.mental adj.脑力的;精神的 physical 体力的 30.mention vt./n. 提及;提起 Don’t ~ it.(用以回答感谢或道歉 ) at the ~ of 一提起 not to ~更不必说 31.menu cn.菜单 32.merely adv.只是;仅仅 That was merely a guess of mine. 33.merry adj.快乐的 M~ Christmas! The more, the merrier. 34.message n.口信;含义 take a ~ for sb. leave sb. a ~ 35.merchant cn.商人 businessman tradesman dealer 36.metal cn./un. 金属 Gold is a rare ~. 37.method cn.方法 38.meter/metre cn.米;仪表(如电表,水表等) 39.midday n.中午 midnight 子夜 midsummer 仲夏 mid autumn 中秋 40.milk v.挤奶 un.牛奶 milky adj.乳白的 the Milky Way 银河 41.million cn.百万 millionaire cn.百万富翁 42.mind n.大脑;智力;理智 lose one’s ~失去理智 keep sth. in one’s ~铭记 keep/set one’s ~ on 全身心投入到 make up one’s ~ to do sth.决心 bring...to ~记起;想起 change one’s ~改变主意 have...on one’s ~挂念;担心 vt.介意;注意 Would you ~ my/me smoking here?=Would you ~ if I smoke here?

M~ your steps/head/table manners! Never ~.(回答道歉)没关系 43.mine pron.(名词性物主代词)我的 cn.矿井;矿山;地雷 The pleasure is mine.=It’ s my pleasure. 44.minister cn.大臣;牧师 the M~ of Foreign Affairs 外交大臣;外交部长 45.minute cn.分钟 the ~=as soon as 一......就...... in a ~/while 过一会 just a ~/moment 稍等 Every ~ counts.分秒必争 46.mirror cn.镜子 look at oneself/admire oneself in the ~照镜子 47.mistake/mistook/mistaken v.弄错;搞错;误以为 ~ A for B 误以为 A 是 B cn.错误;失误 make a ~ by ~由于弄错 Make no ~s and you will make nothing. 48.mix v.混合 ~ A with B=~ A and B up/together feel ~ed about=be confused about 对感到疑惑不解 mixer n.搅拌机 mixture n.混合物 49.model cn.模型;模特;模范 a ~ plane a role ~楷模 50.modern adj. 现 代 的 ; 时 髦 的 in the ~ times modernize vt. 使 现 代 化 modernization n. 现代化 51.moment cn. 一 刻 ; 一 会 the ( very ) ~/the minute/the instant=as soon as=immediately/instantly/directly 一......就...... at the ~当时;那时;现在 for the ~暂时;眼下 at any ~随时 52.money un.钱 make ~赚钱 lose ~折本;蚀本 a money bags 一个富翁/大款 53.monitor cn. 男班长;监视器;显示器 monitress 女班长 54.monkey cn.猴子 M~ King 猴王 do ~ business 胡闹;捣乱 55.month cn.月 months 复数 56.more pron./adv.更(多) ~ or less 差不多 no ~不再=not...any ~ once ~又; 再 ~ than 超过 all the ~越加;更加 no ~ than 仅仅;与......都不 what’s more 而且 the ~..., the ~ 越......,就越...... cf. most for the ~ part 大部分; 通常 make the ~ of 充分利用/使用 ~ of=a majority of 57.mother cn.母亲 ~ly adj.慈母一般的 ~hood un.母性 58.mountain cn.山 the Rocky M~s 落基山脉 a ~ of wave 巨浪 ~ous adj.多山的 59.mouse cn.老鼠 mice(复数) 60.mouth cn.嘴巴 mouths 复数 pass sth. from ~ to ~口口相传 61.move vt./vi.移动; 搬动 ~ment n.运动 (物理的或社会的) ~ on 继续前进; 继续搬家 ~ up 向上移动;上升 62.much pron./adv. be too ~ for 非......能力所及;对......来说承受不了 ~ the same 大致一 样 So ~ the better/worse.那就更好/糟。 think ~ of 重视;赞扬 63.museum cn.博物馆 64.music un.音乐 a piece of ~ musical adj.音乐的;悦耳的 musician cn.音乐家 N 1.nail cn.钉子 hit the ~ on the head 击中要害;一语中的 2.name cn.名字;姓名 by ~名叫 by the ~ of 名叫......的 in ~名义上 in the ~ of 以...... 的名义;为......的缘故 vt.命名 ~ A after B 根据 B 命名 A He named his dog after Napoleon(拿破仑).

3.nation cn.民族 ~al adj.民族的 nationality n.国籍 international adj.国际的 the Internationale 国际歌 4.native adj./cn.当地的(人) ;土著的(人) a ~ speaker of English China is home to grand pandas.= Grand pandas are ~ to China. 5.nature n.自然; 本性 by ~生来; 本性 go against ~违背自然规律 in ~在大自然中; 究竟 keep/break the balance of ~保持/破坏生态平衡 be true to ~逼真的 It is human ~ to enjoy being praised.喜欢表扬是人类的天性。 natural adj.自然的;天然的;理所当然的 naturally adv.自然而然地 naturalist n.博物学家 6.navy n.海军 army 陆军 air force 空军 7.nearly adj.几乎 not ~决不 There are not ~ enough chairs for the meeting. 8.neat adj.整洁的 tidy adj.整齐的 9.necessary adj.必要的;必须的 necessity n.必要性;必需品 if/when/whenever ~ I’ll come to your help whenever ~. It is ~ that all of us (should) spare no efforts to improve ourselves. necessarily adv. not necessarily 未必;不一定 A large man is not necessarily strong. A student is not necessarily wiser than a teacher. 10.neck cn.脖子 break the ~ of sth.完成了......的最艰难的那部分工作 ~ and ~并驾齐驱 They are running ` and ~. 11.need (实意动词)需要 The chair ~s repairing.=The chair ~s to be repaired. You ~ to get up early. He doesn’t ~ to come. I ~ a rest badly. (情态动词)仅用在疑问句或否定句中 He ~ not come. You needn’t have come so early. n.需要 in ~ of 需要 A friend in ~ is a friend indeed. 12.needle cn.针 cf. noodle 面条 A ~ and thread is needed here. 13.neighbour/neighbor cn.邻居 neighbourhood n.邻居街房 (地点) vi.相邻 a ~ing country 邻国 14.neither pron./adj. (俩者中如何一个) 都不 N~ of us likes maths. If you don’ t go traveling, ~ will I. ---I don’t like KFC. ---Me, ~. 15.nephew cn.外甥 niece cn. 16.nervous adj.紧张的 be ~ about...对......感到紧张 nerve n.神经 Get off my ~. 别惹我紧张。 N 1. new adj. 新的 newly adv. a newly married couple 一对新婚夫妇 2. news u.n 新闻 a piece of news at the news that?/ of?/ about? He was shocked at the news of her father’s death. / that his father was dead. No news is good news. 没消息就是好消息 Good news goes on crutches. 好事不出门。News flies apace. 坏事传千里。 3. newspaper c. n. 报纸 4. next adj. / adv. / n. 紧接的下一个,隔壁的 next door (to) ? 在?的隔壁 next to none 不比别人差 the next / second tallest boy in his class = the tallest boy but one 第二高 next to 紧挨着;几乎,简直(接否定) e.g. He stood next to me. 他紧挨着我站着。

It was thought next to impossible. 人们几乎认为那是不可能的。 5. nice adj 美好的,宜人的,美味的 It’s nice of you to invite me to the party. = You are nice to invite me to the party. nice and +adj. 非常 The room is nice and warm. 这房子非常暖和。 6. niece n. 侄女,外甥女 (nephew 侄子,外甥) 7. night n. at night 在晚上 by night 在夜间 all night(long) 整夜 day and night = night and day 夜以继日 late / deep / far into the night 在深夜 8. nine 九 nineteen 十九 ninety 九十 ninth 第九 ninetieth 第九十 9. noble adj. / n 贵族的;贵族(pl.) nobly adv. 10. nobody pron. / c.n. 没有人(+单数谓语动词) ;无足轻重之人 He said he would marry me or nobody. 他说他非我不娶。 Don’t make friends with a nobody like him.不要同像他那样的庸俗的人交朋友 11. nod v. / n. 点头 nod to/ at ? 点头,打招呼 nod off 打瞌睡 12. noise c. n. 躁声 noisy adj.(反:noiseless) noisily adv. make noises / a noise 发 出躁声 13. none. (三个或三个以上)都不(指人或物) no one 没有人,不可接 of 结构 None of us is / are afraid of difficulties. 我们当中无人怕困难。 none other than 不是别人正是 none of one’s business 不关某人的事 none but 只有?除了? None but the brave deserve(s) the fair. 14. noon n. 中午, 正午 (= midday) at (high) noon 在正中午 as clear / plain as noon (day) 一清二楚 15. nor conj. 也不 neither?.nor ? 既不?, 也不? Neither you nor I nor anybody else has seen it (就近制原则) I never saw him again, nor did I hear from him. (倒装) 16. normal adj. 正常的 (abnormal 不正常的)normally adv. normalize v. 正常化 normal school 师范学校 17. north adj. / n./ adv. 北 northern adj. 在北方的 northward(s) adj./ adv. 向北 in / to / on the north of 在? 的北部/ 在?以北/ 接邻?的北方 north and south 南北各地 back and forth 前前后后 18. nose n 鼻子,嗅觉 nostril n.鼻孔 lead sb. by the nose 牵着某人的鼻子走 as clear / plain as one’s nose in/on one’s face 一清二楚 poke one’s nose into 牵涉 under sb’s (very) nose 在某人鼻子底下,在某人面前 turn up one’s nose at 鄙视 nose one’s way 小心前进 19. not 不 not ? at all 一点也不 not only? but also? 不但,而且(连接主语时,考虑就近制原则) as soon as not 非常愿意 I’ll go there as soon as not. 我非常愿意去那里 not that ? but that ? 不是因为?,而是因为? e. g. Not that she forget to do the homework, but that she was nursing a sick classmate. 不是她忘了做作业,而是她忙这照顾一个生病的同学。 not a bit (= not in the least) 一点也不 He was not a bit surprised.= He was not surprised in the least . 他一点也不吃惊 not a little (= very much) 非常 He was not a little surprised. 他非常吃惊。 20. note n./ v. 笔记,便条,钞票,口气,注意 noted adj. 有名的 notebook 笔记本 notice n/v 注意

make / take a note / notes of 记下 take note of 留意 be worthy of note 值得注意 compare noted 对笔记,交换意见 21. nothing pron./ n. 没什么;无足轻重的人或物 nothing but 除了 He could see nothing but fog. 除了雾,我们什么都没看见。 to say nothing of = let alone say = much less 更不用说 have nothing to do with 与?无关 22. notice n./ v. 注意,通知 take notice of 注意 come to sb’s notice 引起某人的注 意 23. noun n 名词 a proper none 专有名词 24. November n. 十一月 25. now adv. / n. 现在,在现在 (every)now and then 有时,偶尔 now that = since 既 然 now and again 有时,不时 right now 立刻 just now 刚才 (up) till now 直 到现在 26. nowadays adv. 现在,当今 27. nowhere adv. 到处都无 get nowhere 没有结果 28. number n.数字,号码 number one (No. 1) 最杰出的,头号的 in number 在数目上 in large / great numbers 大量地 the number of ?的数目 (接可数名词复数 谓语动词用单数) a (great/ large) number of 很多 (接可数名词复数 谓语动词用复数) 29. nurse n./ v. 护士;看护 nursery n. 保育室 30. nut n.坚果 O 1. obey v. 服从,听从,遵守 (反:disobey) 2. object n. / v. 物体,目标,对象,宾语;反对(objection n. ) objective adj. 客观的(反:subjective 主观的) ~ly adv. object to sth / doing sth 反 对 3. occur v. 发生, 突然有个?想法 occurred occurring 4. ocean n. 大洋,海洋 Oceania 大洋洲 the Pacific Ocean 太平洋 the Atlantic Ocean 大 西洋 5. offer v./ n. 提供,出价 offer sb sth = offer sth to sb offer to do sth 愿意 6. office n. 武官 official n. 文官 7. often adv. 常常 How often ? ?多少时候一次? 8. oil n. 油 9. on prep. / adv. and so on 等等 on and on 没完没了 on doing sth 一? 就 on end 竖着; 连续地 on and off 断断续续地 on time 按时 10. once adj. / conj./ n. 一次,一旦,曾经 at once 立刻 once upon a time 从前 once and again 一再地,重复地 once (and)for all 一劳永逸,不再 once in a while 偶尔 11. one n. / pron./ adj. one by one 一个接一个,陆续地 (= one after another ) one anther (三者或三者以上)互相 = each other (两者)互相 by / in ones and twos 三三两两地 ten to one = one out of ten 十之八九 12. oneself pron. 自己 by oneself 独自一人;独立地,自动地 for oneself 亲自,独自;为 了自己

in oneself 本身,本来 to oneself 对自己 of oneself 自动 come to oneself 苏 醒过来 13. only adj./ adv./ conj. 唯一的, 仅仅 not only?but also?不仅?而且? only too ?非常; 很遗憾地 I’m only too glad to go with you. (我非常高兴与你同行。) It is only too true. (很遗憾的是它 是真的。) only if 只要,除非(真实条件句) Only if you study hard, you’ll pass the exam. if only 但愿,要是?就好(虚拟语气) If only I were you! 14. open adj. / v. in the open (air) 在户外 push / kick / pull / force the door open 推开/ 踢开/ 拉开/ 破开门 The door was open. (状态) The door was opened .(动作) 15. operate v. 运转,操作,作手术(operate on sb) operation n. in operation 在运作 16. opinion n. 意见,看法 in one’s opinion / eyes / view= as far as? 依某人看来 17. opposite adj./ prep. 相反的;与?相对 (?to ) 18. or 或者 or else 否则 (Hurry or else you will be late.) or so 大约 or something 或类似什么的 either ? or 不是?就是 or rather 毋宁说,更确切地说 more or less 或多或少,从一定程度上说 19. orange c.n. 橘子 u.n. 橘子汁 adj. 橘黄色的 20. order n. / v. 顺序, 定单, 点菜, 命令 be in (good) order 秩序井然 (反: be out of order) May I have your order, please? 请问你要点什么菜? be made to order 订做 (Is your suit made to order ?你的衣服是订做的吗?) in order that?/ in order to do sth 为了? order sb to do sth / order that sb (should ) do sth 命令某人做? 21. ordinary adj. 通常的,普通的 extraordinary 非同寻常的 22. organiz(s)e v. 组织 organization n. 组织,机构 organizer 组织者 23. other adj. / pron. 其他的 one? the other? 一个?,另一个 some ? other +n. / others ? 一些?,另一些 the others 剩余的全部 any other 其他另一个 He runs faster than any other student in his class. every other 每隔 every other/ second line = every two lines 隔行 the other day 几天 前 (用一般过去时) other than 除了 I can’t do other than obey. 我只好服从。 24. otherwise conj. / adv. 否则,用不同方法 Work hard, otherwise you will be sorry. 努力 工作,否则你回后悔。 He should have done it otherwise. 他应该用别的方法做事。 25. ought 应该 ought to do sth = should do sth 应该做某事(前者语气更强) ought to have done sth = should have done sth 本应该做某事 26. out out of 1) 从?向外 He came out of the room. 2) (数目)从?中 Choose one out of these ten books. 3) 由于,因? out of kindness / curiosity 出于好心/ 好奇 4) 离,脱离(状态或形式) out of danger 脱离险境 5) 不足,缺少,没有 out of breath 上气不接下气 6) 在?范围之外 out of sight 看不见 out of reach 够不着 7) 使?取消 talk / persuade sb out of (反: into) doing sth 说服某人不做 all out to do sth 尽全力做某事 out of date ( 反: up to date ) 过时的,陈旧的

27. outdoor adj 户外的 (反:indoor) outdoors adv. 在户外 (反:indoors) 28. outside 在外面 29. over over and over (again) 再三 over there 在那里 30. overcoat n. 外衣,大衣 31. owe v. 欠 owe sb. money = owe money to sb 欠某人钱 owe sb sth = owe sth to sb 归功于 owing to = because of = on account of = due to 因为 (前三者既可作状语也可作表 语, due to 只做表语) 32. own adj. / v. 自己的;拥有 owner 主人,拥有者 of one’s own 属于某人自己的,自己做的 on one’s own = by oneself 独立地 33. ox n. 牛 (pl. oxen) P 1. pack n. / v. 包裹 (package);包装 2. packet n 小包 a packet / pack of cigarettes 一包烟 3. page n. 页 on P. 10 在第十页 4. pain n . 疼痛;努力,辛苦(~s) painful adj.疼痛的 have a pain in the stomach 胃痛 spare no pains to do sth= take pains to do sth 不辞辛苦(刻苦)做? 5. paint n. / v. 油漆,绘画 6. painting n. 画,绘画 oil painting 油画 7. pair n.a pair of 一对 (a pair of ? 作主语时,用单数谓语动词) in pairs 成对地 8. palace n. 宫殿 The Summer Palace 颐和园 9. pale adj. 苍白的,灰白的 turn pale with fear 吓得脸色发白 10. pan n. 平底锅 P 11. paper u.n. 纸张 c.n. 文件,论文,报纸 12. paragraph n. (文章的)段或节 13. pardon n. / v 原谅,赦免 beg one’s pardon 请求某人原谅 14. parent n. 父(母)亲 15. Paris n. 巴黎 16. park n. / v. 公园,停车场; 停车 No parking! 禁止停车 a paring lot 一个停车场 17. part 部分 take part in = participate in 参加 play a part (role) in ?在?中起作 用,演角色 take part with?= take one’s part = take the part of? 在?一边,拥护 for the most part 大 部分是 18. particular n./ adj. 特别的,特殊的 particularly adv. be particular about / about sth 挑剔的,讲究的 in particular 尤其,特别 19. partly adv. 部分地,在一定程度上 20. party n. 聚会,党派 21. pass v. 穿过,经过 past prep. 穿过,经过 pass = go/walk/run?past pass by(= go by )过去,从旁而 pass away 死亡,度过 pass over 掠过 pass through 穿过,贯穿;经历 pass off 消失 pass on? to?传给 22. passage n. 通行, (文章的)一节或一段,通道 23. passer-by n. 过路人 (pl. passers-by)

24. past adj. / n. / prep./ adv. a past president 一位前任总统 in the past 在过去 25. passenger n. 乘客,旅客 26. path n. 小径,小道 27. patient n../ adj. 病人; 有耐心的(反:impatient )patience n. 耐心 be patient with / towards sb 对某人有耐心 be patient of sth 容忍某物 28. pattern n. 型,图形,式样,方式 29. pause v. / n. 停顿 30. pay v. (paid, paid ) 付;有好处,合算 pay sb. some money for sth 为某事付某人钱 pay sb. a visit / pay a visit to sb. 拜访某人 pay attention to 注意,留意 pay back 偿还;报复 pay off 偿清(债务) ;带来好的结果 31. peace n. 和平 peaceful adj. 和平的 peacefully adv. 和平地 at peace 和平的,平静的 in peace 平安,安宁 make peace with 与?讲和 hold / keep one’s peace 保持缄默 32. pear n 梨 33. peasant n. 农民 34. pen n. 钢笔 write in pen / with a pen 用钢笔写 35. penny n.(pl. pennies 或 pence)便士 penniless adj. 身无分文的 36. people n 人;民族 37. percent n. 百分之 percentage n. 百分比 About 70 percent of the surface of the earth is covered by water. 38. perfect adj. 完美的 perfectly adv. 完美地 39. perform v. 扮演,履行,完成 performance n. give / put on a performance 演出 40. perhaps adv. 或许 41. period n. 期间; 时代; 一节课 come to a period = come to an end 终了 put a period to? = put an end to ?. 使?结束 42. permit v. 允许 ( permitted permitting ) permission n permit / allow sb sth permit / allow sb to do sth permit / allow (sb’s) doing sth Weather permitting, I’ll go. = If weather permits, I’ll go. 如果天气允许的话,我回去的. ask for permission 请求允许 with ( without ) one’s permission (未)经允许 43. person n.人 personal adj.个人的,私人的 personality n. 人品, 品格, 个性 in person = in one’s own person 本人,自己 44. persuade v. 说服,劝服 persuasion n. 说服 advise = try to persuade persuade sb. to do sth = persuade / talk into doin sth. 说服某人做某事 persuade sb. not to do sth = persuade / talk sb out of doing sth. 说服某人不做某事 45. pet n. 宠物 46. photo / photograph n. 照片 take photos 拍照 47. physics n. 物理,物理学 ( 无复数) physical adj. 物理的, 自然界的,身体的(反: mental),物质的 physically adv. physician n. 内科医生 (外科医生:surgeon ) physicist n. 物理学家 48. piano n. 钢琴 play the piano 弹钢琴 49. pick v. 摘, 挑选, 扒窃 pick out 选择,挑出 pick up 拾起,接,学会, (无意间)获得(消息或知识) ,收听,用较少的钱买到,恢 复健康 have one’s pocket picked 遭扒窃

50. picnic n. / v. 野餐 (picnicked , picnicking) 51. picture n. 图片,照片 52. pie n. 派 53. piece n. a piece of 一件(张,条,块?) 54. pile n. / v. 大量的?,堆积 a pile of = piles of 一大堆 be piled with 堆满 55. pilot n. 飞行员 56. pillow n. 枕头 57. pin n. 大头针 not worth a pin 一钱不值 on pins and needles 如坐针毡 58. pink n. 粉色 59. pioneer n. 先驱者,开拓者 the Young Pioneers 少先队员 60. pipe n. 管子,烟斗 61. pity n. / v. 可怜,同情,憾事(同 shame) pitiful adj. 有同情心的 in pity of 因为可怜? out of pity 出于同情 feel pity for sb. 同情某人 have / take pity on / upon sb. 同情某人 what a pity / shame! 多么遗憾! 62. place n. / v. 地方,放置 take one’s place 取代某人; 就座 take place 发生 take the place of 取代 in place of 代替 in the first place 首先 in place 在原位,适当 (反:out of place) 63. plain adj. / adv. / n. 明白的, 清楚的, 朴素的, 平平的; 坦白地; 平原 It is plain that ? 很明显? She is a plain girl. 她是个长相平平的女骇。 64. plan n. / v. 计划 plan ahead 提前计划 plan to do sth / on doing sth 计划做某事 65. plane / aeroplane n. 飞机 66. plant n. / v. 植物,工厂; 种植 67. plastic n. / adj. 塑料,塑料的 68. plate n. 浅盘子 69. platform n. 站台,讲台 70. play v. / n. 玩,比赛,剧本 player n. 运动员 playground n. 运动场 71. pleasant adj. (侧重外界作用)使人感觉愉快的 pleased adj. adj. 高兴的,愉快的(自己感觉愉快) be pleased with pleasing adj. (侧重主观作用)讨人喜欢的,令人愉快的 (同 pleasant ) He is pleasant to work with. I am pleased to see you here. = It is pleasant for me to see you here. the pleasing / pleasant thought 讨人喜欢的想法 72. pleasure n. 愉快,快乐 with pleasure 乐意 It is one’s pleasure to do sth.很荣幸做 某事 take (a) pleasure in 以?为乐 73. please v. 请,取悦 74. plenty n. 许多 plenty of +可数名词或不可数名词 (多用于肯定句) 75. plough / plow n./ v. 犁,耕 76. pocket n. 口袋,衣袋 pocket money 零用钱 77. poem n. (一首)诗 a poem, two poems poetry n. 诗的总称,无复数形式 78. poet n.诗人

79. point n./ v. 点,分数,意义 a point of view 一个观点 point out 指出 point to 指向 point at 指向(一个点) to the point = in the point 切题的 (反: off the point 离题) There is no point doing sth. 做某事没意义或作用. 80. pole n. 柱子,杆,极地 the North / South pole 北/南极 the positive / negative pole 阳/ 阴极 81. police n. 警察(集体名词) policeman n. 警察(pl. policemen) 82. polite adj. 有礼貌的 politely adv. 有礼貌地 impolite adj. 没礼貌的 be polite to sb. 对?有礼貌 It is polite of sb. to do sth 做?是有礼貌的 83. political adj. 政治的,政治上的 politics 政治 policy n. 政策 84. pollution n. 污染 pollute v. 污染 environmental pollution 环境污染 85. pool n. 小水池,池塘 86. poor adj. 贫穷的,可怜的,缺乏的, 低劣的 poorly 缺乏地,不充分地 the poor 穷人(集合用法) a poor crop 歉收 in poor health 身体不佳 in my poor opinion 依我浅见 poor as a church mouse 一贫如洗 87. popular adj. 受欢迎的,流行的(pop) popularity n. be popular with 受?欢迎 popular/ pop music 流行音乐 88. population n. 人口 populous 人口稠密的 What’s the population of ?? ( 问人口多少不能用 how many 或 how much ) have a population of ? the elephant population 象群 70% percent of the population in China are farmers 89. pork n. 猪肉 beef 牛肉 veal 小牛肉 mutton 羊肉 lamb 小羊肉 chicken 鸡肉 90. port n 港口 91. position n. 位置,地位,职位,处境 a man of position 有地位的人 in a favorable/difficult...position 在有利/苦难?处境下 92. possession n. 拥有,占有;财产(~s) possess v. 拥有,占有(be possessed of ) sb. is in possession of sth 某人拥有某物 sth is in the possession of sth 某物为某人 所拥有 come into the possession of sb. (某物)落入某人之手 personal possessions 个人财产 possessor n. 所有者 93. possible adj. 可能的 (反: impossible ) possibility n. 可能性 as ?as possible = as? as one can 尽可能地 It is probable / likely / possible for sb. to do sth sb. be likely to do sth 94. possibly adv. 可能地 95. post n. / v. 邮件,支柱,岗位;布置?岗位 postage 邮资 post office 邮局 96. postcard n. 明信片 97. pot n. 壶,盆,罐 98. potato n. 马铃薯 (potatoes) a hot potato 一个棘手的问题 99. pound n. 磅,英镑 100. pour v. 浇,灌 pour out 倾诉 101. powder n. 火药,粉末,粉(面粉是 flour) power: 力量; 权力; 电力 in power: 当权 powerful: 强大的 powerless: 无权力的 a power cut: 停电 practical: 实际的 impractical: 不实际的

practice: n. in practice: 实际行动 put into practice: 附诸实施 practise: v. practise doing sth. praise: 称赞 praise sb. for sth precious: 珍贵的 prefer to do sth. prefer doing...to doing... prepare sth.: 准备。 。 。 prepare for sth: 为。 。 。做准备 present: 礼物;出席的;呈递 at present: 现在 for the present: 暂时 presentation: 演出 presenter: 节目主持人 president: 总统 press: 按;压;新闻界 pressbox: 记者席 pretend to do sth: 假装做某事 prevent sb from doing sth: 阻止某人做某事 price: 价格 at a price: 以很高的价钱 priceless: 无价的;贵重的 pride: 自豪感 proud: 自豪的 print: 字体;印刷 out of print: 已绝版的 prison: 监狱 prisoner: 囚犯 produce: 生产;产品 producer: 制造商 production: 产量 productive: 多产的;丰饶的 professor: 教授 program: 程序;节目单 progress: 进展 make rapid/great progress promise: 允诺 make a promise I promise you = I warn you pronounce: 发音 proper: 适当的 properly: 适当地 protect sb. against/from ? protection: 保护 be proud of: 以。 。 。为自豪 prove: 证实;证明 provide sth for sb provide sb with sth:为某人提供某物 provided that: 假如 public: 公众的 public transport: 公共交通 public servants: 公务员 go public: 上市 in public: 公开地;当众 pull: 拉 push: 推 pump: 泵;抽水 put away: v.放好, 储存...备用, 处理掉, 放弃, 抛弃 put on: v. 穿上, 把...放在上, 装出, 假装, 增加, 欺骗, 添上, 使靠...维持生命 put sth. in force: v.实施, 使生效 put up: v. 举起, 抬起, 进行, 提供, 表现出, 建造, quality: n.质量, 品质, 性质 quantity: n.量, 数量 quarrel: n.吵架, 反目, 怨言, 争吵的原因 vi.吵架, 争论, 挑剔 quarrel with: v.跟...吵架, 不同意, 拒绝接受, 抱怨

quarter: n.四分之一,方向, 地区, 方面, 季, 季度, 一刻钟 num.四分之一, 刻 queen: n.王后, 女王 race: n.种族, 种族气质, 种族特征, 赛跑, 急流, 姜根 vi.赛跑, 疾走 vt.与...赛跑, 使空转 on the radio: 广播中 railway: n.[英] 铁道, 铁路 raincoat: n.<美>雨衣 raise: n.上升, 高地, 提出 vt.升起, 唤起, 提高, 使出现, 解除, 饲养, 筹集, 使复活 rapid: adj.迅速的, 飞快的, 险峻的 n.急流, 高速交通工具, 高速交通网 rather than: conj.胜于 ray: n.光线, 闪烁, 微量 vi.射出光线, 浮现, 放射光线 vt.放射, 显出 reach:n.延伸, 区域, 河段, 范围, (车子前后轴的)联接杆, 横风行驶 vt.到达, 达到, 伸出, 影 响 vi.达到, 延伸, 伸出手, 传开 be ready to:预备, 即将 realize: vt.认识到, 了解, 实现, 实行 reason: n.理由, 原因, 动机, 理智, 前提 vt.说服, 推论, 辩论 vi.推论, 劝说, 思考 receive: vt.收到, 接到, 接收, 遭到, 受到, 接待, 接见 recent: adj.新近的, 近来的 recognize: vt.认可, 承认, 公认, 赏识 record: n.履历, 档案, 诉状, 最高纪录, 报告, 唱片 vt.记录, 标明, 将...录音 vi.录音, 被录 音 adj.创纪录的 recover: vt.重新获得, 恢复, 使改过 vi.痊愈, 复原, 胜诉 reduce: vt.减少, 缩小, 简化, 还原 refuse: vt.拒绝, 谢绝 n.废物, 垃圾 regard: n.关心, 注意, 尊敬, 尊重, 致意, 问候, 关系 vt.看待, 当作, 重视, 尊敬, 关系 regular: adj.规则的, 有秩序的, 经常的, (花)整齐的, 常备军的, 等边的, 合格的, 定期的 n.正规军, 正式队员 adv.经常地 relation: n.关系, 联系, 叙述, 故事, 亲戚 relative: n.亲戚, 关系词, 相关物, 亲缘植物 adj.有关系的, 相对的, 比较而言的 remain: vi.保持, 逗留, 剩余, 残存 remind: vt.提醒, 使想起 remove: vt.移动, 开除, 移交 vi.迁移, 搬家 n.移动, 距离, 班级, 升级 repair: n.修理, 修补 vt.修理, 修补, 补救, 纠正 repeat: n.重复, 反复 vt.重做, 复述, 向他人转述, 复制, 使再现 vi.重复, 留有味道 reply: n.答复, 报复, 答辩 vi 答复, 回击, 报复, 答辩 report: n.报告, 传说, 谣言, 声誉, 名声, 爆炸声 v.报导, 汇报, 报到, 告发 republic: n.共和国, 共和政体 adj.共和的 request: vt.请求, 要求 n.请求, 要求, 邀请 require: vt.需要, 要求, 命令 research: n.研究, 调查 vi.研究, 调查

respect: n.尊敬, 敬重, 注意, 考虑, 尊重, 关系, 有关, 敬意 vt.尊敬, 尊重, 不防碍 take a rest: v.休息 restaurant: n.餐馆, 饭店 result: n.结果, 成效, 计算结果 vi.起因, 由于, 以...为结果, 导致 as a result: adv.结果 return: n.回来, 返回, 来回票, 利润, 回答 adj.返回的, 回程的, 报答的, 反向的, 重现的 vi.回返, 归还 vt.归还, 回报, 报告, 获得, 回答, 返回 review: vt.回顾, 复习 n.回顾, 复习, 评论 revolution: n.革命, 旋转 rice: n.稻, 米 rich: adj.富的, 有钱的, 富有的, 富饶的, 肥沃的, 充足的, 丰富的 ride: v.骑, 乘 n.骑, 乘 right: n.正义, 公正, 正确, 权利, 右边, 右派 adj.正当的, 正确的, 对的, 合适的, 恰当的, 健康的, 健全的, 正面的 adv.正当地, 正确地, 一直地, 直接地, 完全地, 彻底地, 在右边 all right: adv.好, 良好, 顺利, 确实 right now: 立刻 ring: n.环, 环形物, 环状, 铃声, 声调, 打电话, 拳击场 vt.包围, 套住, 按铃, 敲钟 vi.成环形, 响, 鸣, 敲钟, 回响, 按铃 ring back: 回复电话 ring off: v.挂断电话, 停止谈话, 走掉, 离开 ring up: 打电话给某人 rope: n.绳, 索, 绳索 v.围起 rise: n.上升, 增加, 上涨, 高地, 小山, 发生, 出现 vi.升起, 起身, 发源, 起义, 高耸, 增长, 上升, 复活 vt.使飞起 river: n.河, 江 road: n.路, 道路, 公路, 大道 rock: n.岩石, 暗礁, 石头, 摇动 vt.摇摆, 使动摇 vi.摇, 摇动 role: n.角色, 任务 roll: adj.滚动, 滚转, (使)摇摆, (使)摇晃, 卷起, 卷拢 vt.辗, 轧 n.(一)卷, 卷形物, 摇晃, 摆 动, 名单 roll over: (睡时)翻身, 反侧 roof: n.屋顶, 房顶, 顶 room: n.房间, 屋子, 寓所, 场所, 地位, 空间, 机会, 余地 make room for: 为...腾出空位 root: n.根, 根部, 根本, 根源 v.(使)生根, (使)扎根, 使立定不动, 坚定不移, 确立 rose: n.蔷薇属, 玫瑰, 玫瑰红 vi. rise 的过去式 rough: adj 粗糙的, 粗略的, 大致的, 粗野的, 粗暴的, 粗略叙述的 v.大体描述 adv.粗糙地 round: n.圆, 圆形物, 巡回, 轮唱, [体]一轮 adj.圆的, 球形的, 丰满的, 大概的, 十足的, 完 全的, 率直的, 肥胖的 prep.围着, 附近, 绕过, 在...周围 vt.弄圆, 使成圆形, 绕行, 完成 vi.变圆, 发胖, 环行, 拐弯, 进展 adv.围绕着, 循环地, 在周围, 迂回地, 朝反方向, 挨个 row: n.排, 行 v.划(船) rubber: n.橡皮, 橡胶

rubbish: n.垃圾, 废物, 废话 rude: adj.粗鲁的, 无礼的, 猛烈的, 残暴的, 粗鲁无礼的 ruin: v.(使)破产, (使)堕落, 毁灭 n.毁灭, 崩溃, 废墟, 遗迹 rule: n.规则, 惯例, 统治, 章程, 破折号, 准则, 标准, 控制 vt.规定, 统治, 支配, 裁决 vi. 统治, 管辖, 裁定 n.规则, 水线 ruler: n.统治者, 管理者, 尺, 直尺 n.标尺, 划线板, 划线的人 run: n.跑, 赛跑, 奔跑, 运转, 趋向 vi.跑, 奔, 逃跑, 竞选, 跑步, 蔓延, 进行, 行驶 vt.使跑, 参赛, 追究, 使流, 管理, 运行, 开动 adj.熔化的, 融化的, 浇铸的 vbl. run 的过去式 和过去分词 run away: v.潜逃, 失控 rush: n.匆促, 冲进, 急流, 灯芯草 vi.冲, 奔, 闯, 赶紧, 涌现 vt.使冲, 匆忙地做, 突袭, 飞 跃, 用 灯芯草做 adj.急需的 Russia: n.俄国, 俄罗斯, 苏联 Russian: n.俄国人, 俄语 adj.俄国的, 俄国人的, 俄语 sad: adj.忧愁的, 悲哀的 safe: n.保险箱, 饭橱, 菜橱, 冷藏室 adj.免受攻击的, 安全的, 可靠的, 有把握的 safety: n.安全, 保险, 安全设备, 保险装置 sail: v.航行(于)vi.启航, 开船 n.帆, 篷, 航行 sailor: n.海员, 水手, 不大会晕船的人, 船员 sale: n.出售, 卖出, 贱卖, 廉价出售, 销路, 销售额 salt: n.食盐, 风趣, 刺激 adj.含盐的, 咸的, 风趣的, 辛辣的 vt.加盐于, 用盐腌 same: adj.同一的, 相同的, 无变化的, 上述的, 所谓 pron.同样的事物 adv.同样地 all the same: adv.仍然 sand: n.沙, 沙子,沙滩, 沙地 v.撒沙子 sandwich: n.夹心面包, 三明治 vt.夹入中间 v.做成三明治 satisfaction: n.满意, 满足, 令人满意的事物 satisfy: vt.满足, 使满意, 说服, 使相信 v.满意, 确保 Saturday: n.星期六 save: vt.解救, 保存, 保全, 保留, 节省, 储蓄 Vi 挽救, 节省, 救球 prep.除...之外 n.救球 say: v.说, 讲, 背诵, 念, 表示, 比方说, 假定 n.话语, 想说的意见, 发言权 scene: n.现场, 场面, 情景, 景色, 发生地点, [戏剧]一场, 布景, 道具布置 school: n.学校, 学院, 学习, 授课, 求学, 全体学生, 学派 vt.锻炼, 教育 after school: adv.放学后 at school: adv. 在学校, 在上课, 在求学 go to school: v. 上学 science: n. 科学, 自然科学, 理科 scientific: adj. 科学的 scientist: n. 科学家 scold: v. 责骂, 申斥, 斥责 score: n.得分, 乐谱, 抓痕, 二十, 终点线, 刻痕, 帐目, 起跑线 vt.把...记下, 刻划, 划线, 获 得, 评价 vi.记分, 刻痕, 得分

scream: v. 尖声叫, 尖声喊叫 n. 尖叫声, 喊叫声 sea: n. 海洋, 大浪, 大量, 许多 by sea: adv. 由海路 search: n.搜寻, 查究 v.搜索, 搜寻, 探求, 调查 season: n. 季, 季节 v.(使)适应, (使)适用, 调味 seat: n. 座, 座位, 所在地, 场所, 席位 vt. 使坐下 take a seat: v. 坐下 be seated: v. 坐下, 坐落于 second: n.秒, 片刻, 第二者, 第二人, 助手, 次货, 二等品 adj.另一个, 又一个 num.第二 vt. 赞成, 支持 secret: n.秘密, 秘诀, 奥秘 adj.秘密的, 隐秘的, 幽静的、 secretary: n. 秘书, 书记, 部长, 大臣 seed: n. 种子, 萌芽 vt.播种, 结实, 成熟, 去...籽 vi.结实, 播种 seek: v.寻找, 探索, 寻求 seem: vi.象是, 似乎 seize: v.抓住, 逮住, 夺取 vt.没收, 查封 seldom: adv.很少, 不常 sell: v.出售, 卖 sell out: v.卖完, 出卖, 背叛 send: vt.送, 寄, 发送, 派遣, 打发 send for: v.召唤, 派人去拿 send up: v.发出, 射出, 长出, 呈保, 使上升 sense: n.官能, 感觉, 判断力, 见识, ...感, 意义, 理性 vt.感到, 理解, 认识 sentence: n.句子, 判决, 宣判, 文句 vt.宜判, 判决 separate: adj. 分开的, 分离的, 个别的, 单独的 v. 分开, 隔离, 分散, 分别 September: n.九月 serious: adj.严肃的, 认真的, 严重的 servant: n. 仆人 serve: v.当仆人, 服务, 服役, 供职, 招待, 侍候, 供应, 适合 n.发球 service: n.服务, 服务性工作, 服役, 仪式 vt.保养, 维修 adj.(军队)服现役的, 服务性的, 仆 人的, 耐用的 set: v.放, 置, 移动到, 使(人或事物处于某种状态), 提出, 树立, 规定, 调整 n.一套, 一副, 一批, 接受机, 装置, 趋势, 布景 adj.固定的, 规定的, 坚决的, 固执的, 事先 做 a set of: 一组, 一套 set off: v. 出发, 动身, 使爆炸, 引起, 使爆发, 抵销, 分开, 衬托 set out: v. 1.出发, 开始, 装饰, 陈列, 测定, 宣布, 移植, 陈述 2.启程 3.展示 set up: v. 设立, 竖立, 架起, 升起, 装配, 创(纪录), 提出, 开业 settle: n.有背的长凳 vt.安放, 使定居, 安排, 解决, 决定, 整理, 支付, 使平静 vi.安家, 定居, 停留, 下陷, 沉淀, 决定, 澄清 seven: num. 七, 七个 several: adj.几个, 个别的, 单独的 pron. 几个 sew: v. 缝制, 缝纫, 缝合 sex: n.性别, 男性或女性,

高考英语词汇用法总结(四) S 1. shade n. 阴凉处 adj. shady 多荫的,阴凉的 2. shadow n. 阴影 adj. shadowy 有影的,多荫的 3. shake (shook, shaken) v.摇, 摇动 4. shall (否定式 shan’t ) 用在陈述句中与 2、3 人称搭配,表示说话者的意志,如 威胁、恐吓、命令 5. shame n.(不可数) 羞愧,可耻 He hung his head in shame. (可数)可耻的 人或事 It’s a shame to lie. 遗憾的人或事 (= pity) It’s a shame to treat him like that. adj. shameful 可耻的 a shameful thing ashamed 感到羞耻的 She felt ashamed. adj. shameless 无耻的,不知羞耻的 6.shape n. 形状 in shape 在形式上 7.share share sth. with sb. 8.sharp adj. 锋利的 a sharp knife a sharp pencil 尖的铅笔 敏锐的 sharp eyes /ears 刺骨的 a sharp wind 急转的 a sharp turn a sharp drop in temperature adv. 整 The meeting started at eight sharp. 9.shave (shaved, shaved/shaven) v. 剃,刮(胡须),修剪(草坪) n. have a shave and a haircut 修面理发 10.she 11.sheep pl. sheep a black sheep 害群之马 separate the sheep from the goats 区别好坏 12.sheet [可数] 床单 get between the sheets 就寝 一张 two sheets of paper 13.shelf pl. shelves a book-shelf 书架 14.shine (shone, shone) 照耀,发光 15.ship pl. ship 16.shirt a T-shirt 17.shock n.震惊 to one’s shock v. I was shocked at /by his rudeness. 18.shoe 鞋 shoe lace 鞋带 shoe polish 鞋油 19. shoot(shot, shot) 射击; 拍摄 The film was shot in China . the shooting star 流星 n. shot 射击,开枪 take /have a shot at a bird 20.shop 21. shore off shore 离海岸不远处 22.short in short 总之,简言之 run/be short of 缺少 short cut 捷径 23. should 24. shoulder shoulder by shoulder 肩并肩 25.shout shout at sb. 26.show (showed, showed/shown) n. / v. be on show 展览 show sb. around 参观 show off 炫耀 show up 出席,到场 27.shower n. 阵雨 have / take a shower 沐浴 28.shut (shut, shut) shut up 闭嘴 shout down 关闭(工厂,商店等) 29.shy adj.害羞的 n. shyness 30.sick adj. be /fall sick 生病 sick leave 病假 n. sickness 31.side n.边,侧面 by/ at the side of 在?旁边 side by side 肩并肩,并排 take sides with sb. = take the side of sb. 同意,支持 on one’s side = on the side of sb. 支 持索赔 32.sigh n./v. 叹息,叹气 sign 符号

33.sight n.[可数] 视力,目光 have long /far sight 远视 have short/near sight 近视 [不可数] 见, 瞥见 at first sight 第一眼 at the sight of 一看见? catch /have /get sight of 看到,发现 in/within sight 视线范围内 out of sight 视线范围外 adj. short-sighted near-sighted 近视的,目光短浅的 far-sighted long-sighted 远视的, 目光长远的 n. sight—seeing 观光,游览 34.sign n.符号,记号;标志;迹象,征兆 vt.签名 sign one’s name n. signature vi.做手势 sign to /for sb. sign language 手势语 sign post 路标 35.silence n.沉默,无言 in silence vt.使安静,使沉默 The arrival of the teacher silenced the class. adj.silent 沉默的;寂静的 ;静止的 keep silent a silent volcano 静止的火山 不发音的 The “t” is silent in “often”. 36.silk n.丝绸 adj. silky Silk Route 丝绸之路 silkworm 蚕 37.silly adj.傻的,愚蠢的 foolish stupid 38.silver n./adj.银,银的 silver medal 银牌 silver wedding 银婚 39.similar adj.相似的 be similar to 40.simple adj.简单的 simple–minded 头脑简单的,纯朴的 n. simplicity v. simplify 简化 a simplified reader 简写读物 41.since It is/was some time since ?did/had done?自从? 有一段时间 It is /was the first time that …have done/had done… 42.sing (sang, sung) v. 唱歌 n. singer sing high praise for sing the praise of sb./sing sb’s praise 赞扬 43.single 单一的;独身的 adv. singly 单身的,独自的;个别的 deal with the problem singly 一个个的处理问题 44.sink (sank/sunk ,sunk/ sunken) 下沉,沉没 n. 洗涤槽,水池 sink or swim 孤注一 掷,不论成败 45.sir 46.sister sister-in-law 嫂子,弟媳 47.sit(sat, sat) sit up = stay up 熬夜 n. sit-up 仰卧起座 48.situation n.位置;处境,情形;形势 He is in a difficult situation. 他处境困难。 the international/domestic situation 国际/国内形势 situated adj.位于 be situated /located in The temple is situated /located on the top of the mountain. 49.six at sixs and sevens 乱七八糟的 six sixth ; sixteen sixteenth; sixty sixtieth 50.size 尺寸,大小 be of a size 一样大 51.skate v.滑冰 roller skatings 溜冰鞋 52.skill 技能,技巧 skilled adj. 熟练的,有技能的 a skilled/unskilled worker skillful adj. 熟练的,灵巧的 He is skilled in/at teaching.擅长于 53.skin n.皮肤 adj. skinny 皮包骨的,极瘦的 54.skirt n. 女裙 (常用复数)城郊,边缘 on the skirts of a city 在市郊 55.sky n. 天空 praise sb. to the skies 捧上天 out of a clear sky 晴天霹雳的,突然 sky scraper 摩天大楼 56.slave n. 奴隶 v. enslave 使成为奴隶 n. slavery 奴隶制度

57 . sleep (slept, slept) go to sleep 入睡 fall asleep 熟睡 go to bed 去睡 sleeping bag/sack 睡袋 sleeping car/carriage 卧铺 sleeping pill/tablet 安眠药 58.slightly adv.轻微的,稍微的 adj. slight I have a slight cold. 我有点感冒了。 59.slow adj.慢的;迟钝的,不活跃的 adv. slowly n. slowness 60. small small change 零钱 61.smart adj.聪明的,机敏的 adv. smartly n. smartness 62. smell (smelt/smelled, smelt/smelled) n.&v. smell/feel/sound/taste/look + adj. 闻/摸/ 听/尝/看起来? 63.smile n.&v. 微笑 64.smoke n.& v. 烟;抽烟 end (up)in smoke 成为泡影,化为乌有 adj. smoky 冒烟的, 烟熏的 65.smooth adj.光滑的,平坦的;顺利的 adv. Smoothly vi. smooth away 消除障碍, 困难等 e.g We’ll be able to smooth away these difficulties. 66.snake 蛇 67.snow 雪 68.so so + adj./adv. + that? such + n. + that? 如此?以致于,引导结果状从,可省 that so that 引起目的状从,常和 may ,can, will 连用,that 可省 e.g Check carefully so(that) any mistake will be caught. They were so tired (that) they could do nothing but yawn(打呵欠) . and so on /and so forth 等等 as/so long as 只要 be so kind /good as to 劳驾 Would you be so kind to help me? so as ( not) to 为了 so far 迄今为止 69.soap 肥皂 70 . socialism n. 社 会 主 义 n. society 社 会 n. socialist 社 会 主 义 adj. socialist construction 社会主义建设 adj. social 社会的 social welfare 社会福利 71.sock n. 短袜;中统袜 stockings 长袜 72.soft 软的;柔和的 soft drink 不含酒精的软饮料,尤指果汁 73.soil 土壤 74.soldier n. 士兵 75.solid n./adj.固体;固体的,实心的 76.some someday someone /somebody something sometimes somewhere 77.son 儿子 daughter 女儿 78.song n. popular songs v. sing(sang, sung) 79.soon as soon as possible = as soon as one can no sooner?than ? 一? 就? hardly / scarecely ?when.. 一? 就? sooner or later 迟早 The sooner the better.越块越好 80.sorry say sorry to sb. 81.sort n.种类 all sorts of = all kinds of v.分类 sort out 整理 sort out a drawer 整理抽屉 82.soul 灵魂,心灵 body and soul 肉体和灵魂 heart and soul 全部心思 83.sound n./v.各种声音 voice 嗓音 noise 噪音 adj.健康的,健全的 safe and sound 安然无恙 84.soup 汤

85.south n./adv. fly to the south / fly south adj. the South Pole 南极 adj. southern the southern hemisphere 南半球 adj.& adv. southward 向南的 [u]-- 不可数名词 [c]--- 可数名词 86.space n. [u] 太空 in outer space 不用冠词,但有 adj.修饰可 in the dark space [c][u]间隔,距离 The trees are planted at equal spaces. spacecraft spaceship 宇宙飞船 spaceshuttle 航天飞机 87.Spanish adj./n.西班牙的,西班牙人的 ;西班牙语 the Spanish 西班牙人 88.spare vt.匀出,抽出 spare a ticket for me spare no efforts/expense 不遗余力/不惜 费用 使免受痛苦;不伤害;宽恕 spare sb. from 使 sb.免受痛苦 Take the money but spare my life .把钱拿去,饶我一命 adj.空闲的 in one’s spare /free time 备用的 a spare tyre 备用轮胎 89.speak (spoke, spoken) speak English speak of 提到 frankly /strictly/generally speaking 插入语 speak ill/well of 说坏/好话 loudspeaker 扬声器 90.special adj.特别的,专门的 adv. specially cf especially 尤其的,特别的 vi. specialize 专攻,专门研究 n. specialist 专家 91.speech (speak 的名词形式) adj. speechless 无言的 [u]说话能力 Man is the only animal that has the power of speech. [c] 讲话,演讲 give /make a speech 做报告,演讲 92.speed n./v. 速度;加速 speed up 加速 with all speed 全速 speed limit 车 速限制 93.spell(spelt/spelled, spelt/spelled) n. spelling 94.spend (spent, spent) 花费 sb. spend time/money on sth. sb. spend time/money in doing sth. * 花费 take it/sth. takes sb. some time to do sth. cost sth. cost sb. time/money *使失去生命,健康等 Careless driving cost him his life. 95.spirit n.精神 the spirit of the age /times 时代精神 96.splendid adj.华丽的,辉煌的 97.spoon n. 调羹 98 . sport n. 运 动 a sports meeting /meet have sports 参 加 体 育 运 动 sports car 赛车 99.spread (spread, spread) vt.传播,散布 spread the news vi.传开,蔓延 Word spread quickly about the accident. * spread oneself 舒展身体, 伸展四肢 100.spring n.春天;泉;弹簧 a hot spring 温泉 v. 弹跳 e.g He sprang to his feet. 他一 跃而起。 spring up 出现,迅速长出 e.g A doubt sprang up in her mind .他心中产生了怀疑。 101.square n. 正方形,广场 Tian An Men Square 天安门广场 102.stage n. 阶段,时期 in the early stage 早期 舞台 on the stage 在舞台上 103.stair n. (常用复数)楼梯 a flight of stairs 一段楼梯 104.stamp 邮票 collect stamps 集邮

105.stand (stood,stood)站 stand by 袖手旁观 stand out 显眼,出色 stand for 代 表,象征 * stand/bear doing sth. 忍受做 sth. 106.standard n./adj.标准,规格 the living standard 生活标准 moral standards 道德准则 standard English 标准英语 107.star n.星 ;明星 the North /Polar star 北极星 108.stare v.盯,凝视 stare at sb. 109.start v./n. start doing sth. /start to do sth. 110.starve vi.饿 starve to death 饿死 n. starvation 111. state n. 国家,政府 the United States vt.陈诉,声明 The Prime Minister stated his views on the subject. 112.station n. 车站 113.stay vi.待,留下 stay at home link.v. (联系动词) 保持某种状态 The window stayed open all the night. * stay up 熬夜 114.steal (stole ,stolen) 偷 steal sth. from sb./ rob sth. of sb. 115.steam n.蒸汽 116.steel 钢 iron and steel 钢铁 117.step n.步伐 Watch your steps! 当心 v.行走 step forward 向前走 118.stick(stuck, stuck) 粘贴 stick the broken pieces together stick to 坚持 e.g The bus was/got stuck in the mud. 难住,困住,陷住 119.still adv. 仍然 n sth. 120.stomach n.胃 pl. stomachs 121.stone 石头 Kill two birds with one stone. 一箭双雕 122.stop stop doing sth.停止做 sth. /stop to do sth. 停下来做 sth. stop /prevent/ sb. (from )doing sth. 阻止做 sth. keep sb. from doing sth. from 不可 省 ,阻止做 sth. 123.store n. 商店;贮存 the department store 百货商店 have sth. in store 储存 n. storekeeper /shopkeeper 店主 124.storm n. 暴风雨 125.story n. 故事;经历 as the story goes 据说, to make a long story short 长话短说, 简言之 126.straight adj.直的;坦率的,正直的 a straight line 直线 a straight answer 直截了 当的回答 adv.直接的,马上 He went straight home . stand /sit straight 站/坐直 127.strange adj.奇怪的 adv. strangely n. strangeness stranger 陌生人 128.street n. 街道 129.strength n.力量 Union is strength. 团结就是力量。 130.strict adj.严格的 be strict with sb. be strict in sth. 131.strike (struck, struck) be on strike 罢工 132.strong adj.强壮的 133.struggle v./ n. 奋斗,努力 struggle to one’s feet 挣扎站起 134.student n.同学 135.study v./n. 学习 ,研究

136.stupid adj.愚蠢的 137.subject n.主题;学科,科目 138.succeed v. 成功 adj. successful adv. successfully succeed in doing sth. be successful in doing sth.成功的做 sth. n. success [u] 成功 Wish you success! [c] 成功的人或事 He is a success as a teacher. 139.such such?that so ?that 如此?以致于 140.suddenly adv. 突然的 adj. sudden all of a sudden 突然 141.suffer vt. suffer hunger/pain vi. suffer from hunger/pain 142.sugar n.糖 sugarcane 甘蔗 143.suggest v.建议;暗示,表明 n.suggestion suggest (sb/ sb’s )doing sth. 建议 suggest +that?should + 动原? 暗示,表明 suggest +that? + 陈述语气? 144.suit n. 一套衣服 vi.合适;协调 adj. suitable 合适的 be suitable for 145.suitcase n.手提箱 146.summer 夏天 147.sun 太阳 under the sun 天底下, 世界上 adj. sunny 向阳的, 晴朗的 sunny days 晴朗的日子 148.Sunday 星期天 149.sunset 日落 sunrise 日出 150.supper 晚饭 have supper /breakfast/lunch 151.supply v./n.提供 be in short supply 短缺 supply sb. with sth. supply sth. for/to sb. offer sb. sth. offer sth. to sb. provide sb. with sth. provide sth. for sb. 152.support 支持;维持,供养 support the family 养家糊口 153.suppose v.假设, be supposed to 应该,理应该 154.sure adj. adv. surely sb. be sure to do sth. sb. be sure of sth. 主语只能是 人 而 sb./sth. be certain to do sth. sb./sth. be certain of sth. 只能是 it ′s certain that? make sure ? 确信 for sure 确实的,肯定的 155.surface n.表面,外观 156. surprise n./v. to one ’ s surprise 令某人奇怪的是 in surprise = surprisedly take ?by surprise 奇袭,使意外 e.g His answer took us by surprise. 他的回答使我们吃惊。 adj. surprised surprising 157.sweep (swept, swept) 扫除;席卷 e.g The storm swept (over) the country. 158.sweet adj. 甜的 [c] 糖果 sweat n. 汗 159.swim (swam, swum)游泳 n./v. have a swim n. swimming swimmer 游泳 者 T 1. table n. 桌子 2. tail n.尾巴 3. tailor n. 裁缝 at the tailor’s 在裁缝铺 4.take (took, taken) take a walk 散步 take away 拿走 take down 取下;写

下 take out 拿出 take off 起飞;脱下;腾飞 take food /medicine take the train/a boat/a bus take over 接管 take in 吸收 take one’s time 慢慢来 take up 占据;从事; 拿起(武器) take great trouble to do sth.不辞辛劳的做某事 take exercise 运动 take ?for granted 认为?理所当然 5.tale 故事,传说 fairy tales 童话 folk tales 民间故事 6.talk n./v. have a talk 谈话 talk about 谈到 talk of 谈起 talk with /to sb.同?说 7.tall adj. 高的 8.tap v. 轻拍 n.水龙头 9. tape 磁带 tape recorder 磁带录音机 10.task 任务 11.taste n. /v. to one’s taste 按口味 in good/bad taste 格调低/高的 link.v. It tastes good. 12.tax n. 税 13.taxi 的士 take a taxi go by taxi /go in a taxi 乘出租车去 get in /into a taxi 上车 get out of a taxi 下车 14.tea 茶 make tea 沏茶 15.teach (taught, taught) teach sb. sth. teach sth. to sb. teach oneself 自学 16.teacher 教师 17.team 队,组 teamwork 协同工作 18. tear n. / 眼泪 v.撕 (tore,torn) in tears 流着泪 tear apart 使?分离 tear down 拆卸,折毁 tear off 扯掉 tear sth. into pieces 撕成碎片 19. technical adj. 有技术的,有技能的 20. technique n. 技术,技能 21.telegram n. [c] [u]电报 by telegram 22.telegraph n.[c]电报机 [u] 电报 by telegraph 1.telephone/phone cn./v.(打)电话 be on the ~在打电话 2.television/TV n.电视 I heard it on TV. 3.tell/told/told vt.告诉;要求;断定 ~ sb. (not) to do sth. ~ sb. how to do sth. Do as you are told to. ~ A from B=~ A and B apart ~ the difference between A and B 4.temperature n.温度;高烧 have/run a ~发烧 5.ten num.十 ~s of thousands of 数以万计的 6.tense adj.强烈的 ~ly adv. 7.tent cn.帐篷 set up the ~ 8.term cn.学期;字眼 in ~s of 用......的词句/术语(表示);按照 be on good ~s with 与......和好相处 come to ~s with sb.向......让步 9.terrible adj.可怕的;糟糕的 terribly adv.非常 terror n.恐怖 terrorism n.恐怖主义 10.thank v./n.感谢 thankful adj.感激的(=grateful) 11.theatre/theater cn.剧院;戏剧学 go to the ~去看戏 12.then adv.当时 ~ and then 就在当时当地 now and here 就在此时此地 now and ~偶尔

every now and ~时常 13.therefore adv.因此;所以 14.thick adj.厚的;浓密的;粗壮的 through ~ and thin 不顾一切;不顾安危 15.thief cn.小偷;贼 (复数)thieves theft n.偷盗 set a ~ to catch a ~以毒攻毒 16.thin adj.(thick 的反义词)薄的;瘦的;稀薄的 thinner/thinnest 17.thing cn.事情 for one ~举一个例子来说吧 for another ~其次 18.think/thought/thought v.思考;认为 thought n.思想 thoughtful adj.体贴人的;沉思所 I ~ that he is a bright boy.=I ~ him a bright boy. ~ about...考虑 I ~ that it is nice to have a tea after work.=I ~ it nice to have a tea after work. ~ hard 深思 ~...over 仔细思考 ~ highly/much/a lot of 重视;对......评价很高 ~ poorly/little/ill/nothing of 轻视;对......评价低 ~ of 考虑;想起;设想;打算;记得 Think twice before you leap.三思而后行。 19.thirst n.口渴 thirsty adj. be thirsty for sth.渴望得到 20.this pron.这个 with ~这样说完就 With this, he left in a hurry. 21.thousand num.千 one in a ~独一无二的人或物 ~s upon ~s of 无数的 Toady I have a ~ and one things to do.(许多) 22.thread cn.线 the ~ of the story 小说的线索 A needle and ~ is need badly. 23.through prep.穿过 all ~ the night=throughout the night=all the night be ~ with=finish 做完 get ~完成(=get ~ with) ;通过;及格;接通(电话) see ~ sb.看穿;识破 24.throw/threw/thrown vt.扔掉; 投掷 ~ sth. about 乱仍; 乱丢 ~ sth. at 向投掷 ~ sth. away 抛弃;浪费 ~ sth. back 丢回;拒绝; ~ sth. down 推翻;拆毁 ~ light on 照亮;阐明 ~ sth. open 打开;开放 ~ sth. up 向上抛;呕吐;辞职 25.Thursday n.星期四 26.thus adv.所以;因此 27.ticket cn.票;罚单 a ~ for the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon a one-way ~单程 车票 28.tidy adj.整齐的 His room is clean and ~. vt. 收拾,整理 He is ~ing his room. 29.tie n.领结;平局;关系 vt. 系,拴,捆,扎 ~ A to B 现在分词 tying 30.tight adj. 紧的; 紧身的; (比赛等)势均力敌的 The dress is too ~ for me. n.tights 紧身衣 tighten vt.弄紧 31.time un.时间 How ~ flies! cn. 次,回 How many ~s have you been to the USA? cn. 时代 in the ancient ~s cn. 倍 The earth is 49 ~s the size of the moon. ahead of ~提前 all the ~一直;始终 at a ~同时;一次 at all ~s 总是;始终 at no ~决不;从不 at one ~曾经;一度 at that ~当时 at this ~ of day 这样迟 at ~s 偶尔 behind the ~s 落后于时代 behind ~晚点 each time 每当 for the first/second ~第一次 for the ~ being 暂时;目前 from ~ to ~偶尔 have a good ~过得快活 It is high time that he went to bed. 该....... Time is up.时间到。 in no ~立即 in old/ancient ~s 在古代 at the same ~=in the meantime 同时 in ~及时;赶上 keep good ~(钟表)走得准 most of the ~时常 take one’ s ~慢慢来 ~ after ~=~ and (~) again 反复地 Time and tide wait for no man.时不我待。

32.tin un. 锡 cn. 罐头 I bought a tin of sardines. 33.tiny adj. 极小的;微小的 34.tip cn. 顶端;尖端;窍门 Your name is just on the ~ of my tongue. 35.tire vt.使劳累 ~ sb. out 使......累得筋疲力尽 be tired out 累得筋疲力尽 tired 累 的 tiring 令人累的 cn.轮胎 a flat ~ 36.tobacco un.烟草 37.toilet cn. 洗手间; 梳妆 Jane made a toilet before going to the party. 珍在动身去参加聚会 前梳妆打扮了一番。 38.tomato cn.番茄;西红柿 39.tomorrow n.明天 Tomorrow is another day. 40.ton cn.吨 a ~ of coal 41.tongue cn.舌头;语言 one’s mother ~母语 42.too adv.太; 过于 too much 接不可数名词 much too 接形容词或副词 go ~ far 走极端;过分 cannot... too...=cannot...enough 无论......都不过分 too...(for sb.) to do sth. You can never be too careful in an exam. A woman cannot have enough hats. 43.tool cn.工具 44.tooth cn.牙齿(pl. teeth)have a ~ pulled out be armed to the teeth 武装到牙齿 45.top n.顶端; 顶点,极点 on (the) ~ of from ~ to bottom at the ~ of one’s voice adj. 顶的;顶上的;最高的;最优良的 live on the ~ floor a top expert on SARS at top speed 46.total adj./n. 总计的,总括的,全体的 in ~=in all 合计 What is the total population of Japan? Their expenses reached a total of 1,000 pounds. vt. 合计为 The students of our college total two thousand. 47.touch vt. 碰到; 触摸; 触动,感动 I was touched beyond words. un. 触觉; 接触,联系 sense of ~ keep in ~ with sb.保持联系 lose ~ with sb. be out of ~ get in ~ with sb. cn. 触,碰 It will break at a touch. 48.tour v./cn.游览 tourism n.旅游业 tourist cn.游客 49.toward(s) prep. 向,朝;面对;对于;关于 What is your attitude ~ the question? 50.tower cn. 塔;塔楼 the Leaning Tower of Pisa vi. 高耸,屹立 The skyscraper towers into the sky. 51.town cn.城镇 go to ~上城(购物游玩等) be in ~ 52.toy cn.玩具 a ~ bear 53.track cn. (1)行踪;轨道;足迹 We followed his tracks in the snow to a hut. keep ~ of 留意;跟上发展;保持接触;跟踪 『反』lose ~ of (2) 铁轨,轨道 The train jumped the track. (3) 跑道;径赛运动 He runs around the track every morning. sports of ~ and field 田径运动 vt. 跟踪;追踪 54.tractor cn.拖拉机 tract vt. 拖拉 55.trade un. 贸易,交易,商业 improve international ~ WTO(World Trade Organization)

cn. 行业 vi. 做买卖,进行交易 ~ with the local people 56.traffic un. 交通(量); 运输;运载量;运输业 There is too much traffic on the road. Traffic is very heavy during the rush hour. Illegal traffic in protected animals is quite common there. 57.train vt.训练;培训 Mother trained us to be honest. ~ up 训练;培训 vi.接受训练,锻炼 They are training for the boat race. training un. 训练;培训 58.translate vt.翻译 ~ A into B 59.transport vt. 运送,运输,搬运 The goods will be transported to Tokyo by air. The machines are ready for transport. un.(=transportation) 运送,运输,搬运 60.travel vi. 旅行; (光、声音等)行进,传导 vt. 在...旅行,游遍 They travelled Australia from end to end. un. 旅行,游历 We had ten day's travel by train. 注意:复数表示“游记” The Travels of Marco Polo 61.treasure un. 金银财宝,财富 vt. 珍爱,珍视; 铭记 This is a moment I will always ~. 62.treat vt. (1)对待;看待,把...看作 ~ A as B ~ sb. well/badly (2) 医疗,治疗 The doctors were not able to treat this disease. (3) 款待,请(客) We'll treat you to some sea food. cn. 请客 It’s my ~. Treat or trick? 63.trick cn. (1)诡计;骗局;谋略;花招 play a ~ on sb. (2) 窍门,招数,手法 Daily practice is the trick in learning a foreign language. 64.trip cn. (1)旅行;航行;行程 He has gone on a business trip. (2) 跌倒,失足;失误 He apologized for the trip of the tongue. vi. 旅行,远足;绊倒 He tripped over a brick. 65.trouble n. 烦恼;忧虑; 困难;困境 ask/look for ~自找麻烦 get sb. into ~使某人陷入 困境 be in ~ take the ~ to do sth.不辞辛劳做 have ~ (in) doing sth.做某事有困难 make ~捣乱 save ~避免麻烦 have ~ with sb.与某人发生纠纷 vt. 使烦恼;使忧虑;(表示客气时用)麻烦 Could I trouble you to open the window? Never ~ ~ until ~ ~s you. 66.trousers n.裤子 a pair of ~ 同义词 pants 近义词 shorts 短裤 tights 紧身衣 67.truck cn. 手推小平台车;卡车 68.true adj. 真实的,确实的; 真的,非人造的; 忠诚的;虔诚的 come ~实现;应验 be ~ to one’s name 名副其实 be ~ to one’s word 守约 truly adv. truth un. in truth 说实话;确实=to tell the truth=truth to tell 69.trust vt.(1) 信任,信赖 Why must you trust a guy like him? (2)依靠,依赖 I can't trust my memory. I'd better write everything down. un. 信任,信赖 I have no trust in him. 70.try vt. (1)试图;努力 ~ to do sth.(只强调努力) manage to do sth.(强调做成,即成功) (2)尝试,试行 Let's try knocking at the back door. (3) 试验,试用 ~ some sea food/ the key ~ sth. on 试穿;试试看 ~ sth. out 试验;精炼 ~ one’s best to do sth.尽力 cn. 尝试;努力 Don’t be shy and have a ~!

T 1. Tuesday n. 星期二 2. turn v. / n. turn into 使变成; 翻译成 turn to 翻到; 求助于 (turn to sb for help) turn off 关掉 turn on 打开 turn down 关小;拒绝 turn up 调高;出现 turn over 移交;翻阅;反复思考; 翻转 turn out (to be) 结果是,证明是 turn away 转过身去 turn in 上缴 turn? upside down 颠倒 turn a deaf ear to 不理会 a turning point 转折点 turn + n.+ adj. 使?变成 turn + adj. 变成 turn + n (勿加冠词) e.g. He has turn doctor. = He has become / made a doctor. by turns 轮流地 in turn 依次地;转而,反过来 take turns to do sth. 依次做,轮流做 It’s your turn now! 轮到你了! 3. twelve 十二 twelfth 第十二 twenty 二十 twentieth 第二十 4. twice 两次,两倍 5. type n./ v. 种类,式样;字体;打字 typewriter 打字机 typical adj. 典型的 this type of hat = a hat of this type 这种式样的帽子 U 1. ugly adj. 丑陋的,难看的;不愉快的;坏的 2. umbrella n. 伞 3. uncle n. 叔父,伯父,舅父,姨父,姑父 Uncle Sam 山姆大叔,美国人,美国, 美国政府 Uncle Tom 汤姆大伯(与白人交往并竭力讨好白人的黑人) 4. under prep. 在?之下 (反义: over) under 强调在?正下方 under the table 在 桌子下面 below 在?以下 below one’s eyes 在视线下 be under one’s control 受?控制 bring?under control 把?控制起来 under +动作名词(名词前不用冠词) :处于某种状态中 under discussion / repair / construction / treatment / investigation 5. understand (understood, understood ) v. 理解 understanding n. 理解,理解力 misunderstanding n. 误解 make oneself misunderstood 使自己被理解 have a good understanding of 了解,理解 6. uniform n. 制服 uni- 单一 unicycle 单轮车 unique 独一无二的 7. unit n. 单位 8. unite v. 合并,联合 united adj. 团结的 unity n. 团结,统一 be united with 与?合并,结合 the UK = the United Kingdom 英国 the US (A)= the United States (of American) 美国 the UN = the United Nations 联合国 9. universe n. 宇宙,世界 universal adj. 普遍的,一般的,宇宙的,全世界的, 多才多艺的 universal truth 普遍的真理 a universal rule 一般法则 a universal language 世界通用语 universal knowledge 渊博的知识 10 university n. 大学 go to university 上大学 11. unknown adj. 不知的,未知的 be unknown to sb 12. unless conj. 除非,如果不 He never speaks unless (he is )spoken to.除非别人先对他开口, 他从不先讲话。

Unless you change you mind (If you don’t change your mind ), I won’t be able to help you. 13. until conj. / prep. 直到 I shall stay here until next Sunday.(肯定句中,与持续性动词连用) He did not come until late in the evening. (否定句中,与瞬间性动词连用) Not until the concert had begun did he appear. (not until 放句首,考虑倒装) It was not until ?that?. (强调句型)直到?才 until 与 till 意思基本 一样 只是正式文体中常用 until,放句首不用 till. 14. unusual adj. 不同寻常的 15. up adv. / prep. / n. up and down 上上下下(此处 up 为副词) ups and downs (地形)高低, 盛败兴衰 (此处 up 为名词) up and about 起来活动 up till 直到 It’ s all up with ? 一切都完了 what’ s up? 出 了什么事? up to (1)直到? I didn’t know the fact up to then. (2) 从事,忙于 What are you up to now? 你现在在忙啥呢? (3)胜任 He is not up to the work. (4) ?的责任,取决于 It is up to me to help them with English. (5) (数目上)多达? 16. upon prep. 在? 之上 与 on 同,但有些惯用语必须用 upon upon my word 我发誓 once upon a time 从前 depend upon it 没错 17. upstairs adv. (反:downstairs ) go downstairs 上楼 18. upward(s) 向上 (upward 做定语或状语 upwards 只做状语) 19. use n. / v. 用 useful adj. 有用的 make (full / good)use of = make the most / best of 充 分利用 be of great use = be very useful 非常有用的 be of little / no use 没用的 It is (of ) no use doing sth / to do sth . 做?是没有用的 come into use 使用 put ? to use 把?加以使用 20. used be / get used to doing sth 习惯于做某事 used to do sth 过去常常做某事 21. useful adj. 有用的 22. usual adj. 通常的 as usual 一如往常 23. usually adv. 通常地 V 1. vacation n. 假期 on vacation(美)/ on holiday (英)在度假 the summer vacation (美)/ the summer holidays(英)暑假 2. valley n. 山谷 3. valuable adj. 有价值的,值钱的 value n./ v. 价值, 重视 values 人生观 be of great value = be very valuable 很有价值的 be good / poor value for money 花钱划算/ 不划算 4. variety n. 种类,多样性 vary v. 改变,使变化 various adj. 各种各样的 a great / large / wide variety of 各种各样的 vary from? to? 从?到? 不等变化 e. g. Her health varies from good to rather weak. vary with 随?而变化 The weather here varies with seasons. 6. vast adj. 巨大的, 广大的 a vast expanse of water 一片汪洋 a vast sum of money 一 大笔钱 7. vegetable n. 蔬菜 vegetarian 素食主义这 vegan 严格的素食主义者 8. verb n. 动词

9. very adv. 非常 10. victory n. 胜利 win/ achieve/ gain/ get / have a victory 取得胜利 11. village n. 村,村庄 villager 村民 12. visit n. / v. 拜访,访问 visitor n. 访问者,来客 go on a visit to? = pay a visit to ?= pay? a visit 13. voice n./ v. 嗓子, 发言权,说出 at the top of one’s voice 扯着嗓子,大声 give voice to?大声说出或表达 (感情, 思想等) in a low voice 低声地 with one voice 异口同声 I have no voice in the decision. 我对这个决议没有发言权 voice (v.) one’s opinion/ dissatisfaction/ views 发表意见/表示不满/表达观点 14. volleyball n. 排球 play volleyball 15. voyage n. 航海,太空旅行 (可数名词) go on a voyage 去航海 W 1. wait n. / v. 等待 wait for 等待 Mother waited for me to come back for dinner. 妈 等我回来吃饭。 wait ?for sb. 因?而耽搁 Don’t wait dinner for me. 别等我吃饭。 wait on 照顾,拜访 She waited on her Mother-in- law. 她照顾婆婆。 If convenient, I’ll wait on you tomorrow. 如果方便的话,我明天去拜访你。 wait and see 很快就会明白,拭目以待 2. waiter 男侍者 waitress 女侍者 3. wake v. (woke, woken)醒来,叫醒 wake up 醒来 4. walk v. / n. 散步 have / take a walk 散步 go for a walk 去散步 walk (vt.) a dog 遛狗 walks of life 各行各业 5. wall n. 墙 Wall Street 华尔街 the Great Wall 长城 Walls have ears. 隔墙有耳 6. want v. / n. 想要 want (sb) to do sth 想要(某人)做某事 want sth done 让某事情被完成 want for 缺少 (He want for nothing.她什么都不缺) want doing sth = want to be done (同 need, require 主动表被动) 7. war n. 战争 be at war with 与?交战 go to war 开战 go to the wars 从军 8. warm adj. / v. 温暖的,热烈的,使暖和起来(warm up ) 9. warn v. 警告,提醒 warning n./ adj. 告诫,警告,告诫的 warn sb of / against sth 警告某人某事 e. g. We were warned of / against the danger of flood. warn sb not to do sth = warn sb against doing sth 警告某人别去做某事 e. g. The doctor warned me not to drink / against drinking.医生告诫我不要喝酒 warn that +从句 10. wash .v. 洗,冲洗 This cloth washed well. 这布料经洗。 11. waste v. / n. 浪费 waste ?(in / on)doing sth Don’t waste time playing. waste ? on sb / sth Don’t waste words on him. 不要和他多费口舌。 It’s (a) waste of ? to do sth. It’s a waste of money to but that. 12. watch v./n. 留心观察, 注视, 照看, 手表 watch TV 看电视 watch sb to do sth / doing sth watch out (for sth ) = look out (for sth) 当心


water n./ .v. 水(不可数) ,水域(可数, 浇灌 by water 乘船由水路 waterfall 瀑布 watermelon 西瓜 waterproof 防水的 14. wave n./ v. 波浪,挥手,一阵 A wave of fear swept over her. 一阵恐惧从她身上掠 过。 15. way n. 路,方式 by the way 顺便 on one’s way (to sp.) 在某人去某地的路上 in the / one’s way 妨碍,堵住 all the way 一路上 by way of 经由 lose the / one’s way = be / get lost 迷路 the way to do sth = the way of doing sth 做 某事的方法 15. weak adj.虚弱的, 软弱的, 能力差的 weaken v. 使变弱, 变弱 weakness n. (可 数)软弱,弱点 16. wealth n. 财富 wealthy adj. 富有的 17. wear v. (wore , worn) 穿,戴,留须发 wear out 穿坏;疲劳 Cheap socks wear out quickly. 便宜的袜子很快就穿破了。I am worn out by the hard work. 辛劳使我筋疲力尽。 18. weather n. 天气(不可数) weather-beaten 饱经风霜的 19. wedding n. 婚礼 (=wedding ceremony ) wed v. 嫁娶 He wedded / married Jane. 他娶 了简。 a newly married couple = a newly wedded couple 一对新婚夫妇 20. Wednesday n. 星期三 21. week n. 星期 week in week out = week after week 一周又一周 weekly adv. / adj. / 每周地/的;周刊 weekday 平日 weekend 周末 22. weigh v. 称?重量 weight n. 重量 lose weight 减肥 by weight 按重量/斤两计 Apples are sold by weight. 苹果按斤卖。 23. welcome v. / adj. 欢迎,受欢迎的 welcome you to sp 欢迎某人到某地方 You are welcome. = Not at all. 当对方道谢是的回答语,不要客气 24. well adj./ adv. 身体好的;顺利地,很好 might/ may as well do sth 不妨,最好做某事 e. g. Since nobody else wants the job, we might as well let him have it. 既然睡也不要着份工作,还是不妨让他去做吧! might as well do sth ?as do sth 如果?倒不如 e. g. You might as well throw away your money as spend it in betting. 如果把钱用于赌博,倒不如把它仍掉好些。 as well as 也 e. g. He speaks French, and Spanish as well. as well as 除?之外,也? e. g. He speaks Spanish as well as French. = He speaks not only French but also Spanish. 他 不仅会讲法语,也会讲西班牙语。 25. well-known adj. 众所周知的,著名的(= famous_) 26. west n./ adj./ adv. 西方, 向西 in the west 在西方 the West 西方 The house looks (faces) west. 这房子朝西。 western adj. 西方的 27. wet adj. 湿的 Wet paint. 油漆未干。 28. what What ? for? 为何 e. g. What did you go there for ? 你为何去那里? What if?? 如果?该怎么办?如果? 又有什么关系? e. g. What if you should fail? 假如他失败又有什么关系? what is called 所谓的 e. g. He is what is called a walking dictionary. 他是所谓的活字典

A is to B what C is to D. e. g. The Spring festival is to Chinese what Christmas to wresters 29. whatever 引导让步状语从句或名词性从句 Whatever(no matter what )happens, we should keep calm. (让步状语从句) 无论发生什么事情,都应该保持镇静。. Choose whatever you like. (名词性从句)选择你所喜欢的。 30. wheat n. 小麦 31. wheel n. 车轮,方向盘 32. when 当?的时候;既然 He was just about to leave when he came. 我刚要走,他就来了。 Why did you write in pencil when you know you should write in ink? 既然你知道应该用钢笔,为何还用铅笔写? 33. whenever 无论何时 34. where 哪里 W 1. wherever 无论在哪里 2. whether 是否 weather 天气 3. which 4. while conj. 当? 时候 强调同时 虽然,尽管 While he was respected, he was not liked. n. after a while 过了一会儿 in a short while 不久,很快 once in a while 偶尔 all the while 一直 5. whisper n./v. 低声的说,耳语 whisper to sb. in a whisper/whispers 6. white 白色 white elephant 昂贵而无用的东西 7. who whoever whom whose 8.whole 整个的,全部的 the whole class = all the class 9.why the reason why… is that… e.g The reason why he was late is that he was held up by the traffic. why don’t you do sth. why not do sth. 10.wide adj. / adv. 宽阔的 v. widen 拓宽 with wide eyes Open your mouth wide. adj. wide—spread 流传广的 11.wife pl. wives 12.wild adj.野生的 go wild 狂热,狂喜 wild wood 原始森林 wild duck 野鸭 wild goose 野雁 wild life 野生动植物 13.will n.遗嘱 make a will 立遗嘱 14.willing be willing/unwilling to do sth. 15.win(won. won) 宾语只能是比赛,战斗,奖品 win a battle defeat/beat sb. 打败 16.wind n. 风 v. 弯 曲 前 进 (winded/wound,winded/wound) wind one ’ s way across/through/over?蜿蜒前行 17.window 窗户 18.wine 酒 19.wing 翅膀 20.winter 冬天 this winter in (the) winter winter sports 21.wipe 擦,拭 wipe the table 擦桌子 wipe one’s eyes 抹眼泪 wipe off 抹掉,擦掉 wipe off the water wipe out 消灭 22.wire 线 23.wise 明智的

24.wish wish sb. sth. wish sb. to do sth. wish to do sth. wish for hope to do sth. hope for wish sb.happiness/success wish + 从句 用虚拟语气 主句 从句 与现在事实相反 did 与过去事实相反 had done 与将来事实相反 would /might +动原 25.with without 26.within within/beyond one’s reach 在?范围内/外 27.woman pl. women man pl.men 28.wonder n./v. 奇迹 ;想知道 no/little/small wonder(that)? 难怪 Seven Wonders 七大奇迹 I wonder where to spend the weekend. 29.wonderful adj. 精彩的,奇妙的 30.wood [u]n. 木头 can’ t see the wood for the trees.只见树木不见森林 (常用复数) woods 小树林 forest 森林 adj. wooden 木的,木制的 wooden headed 木头木脑的 wooden horse 木马 wooden wedding 木婚 (结婚五年) 32.wool n.羊毛 adj. woolen 羊毛制的,毛线的 a woolen blanket 羊毛毯 33. word [c] n. 单词,字 a new word 生词 [c] n .话语,常用复数 words and deeds 言行 have a word with sb.谈一谈 have words with sb.与 sb.吵架 eat one’s words 食言 in a/one word 简言之,总之 in other words 换句话说, 也就是说 break one’ s word 失信 keep one’ s word 守 信 34.work n. /v. [u] 工作 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 只工作不玩耍, 聪明孩子也变傻 out of work 失业 in work 有工作 go/set about one’s work 着手工作 be hard at work 努力工作 v. work hard at 努力学习 work out 算出,计算出;制定 35.worker n. 工人 a model worker 劳动模范 works 作品;工厂 36.world all over/around the world 全世界 37.worry n. /v. worry about sth. be worried about sth. 38. worse bad—worse--worst good/well—better—best be worse off 经济状况不好 for better for worse 不论好坏 from bad to worse 每况愈下 worse and worse 越来越糟 what is worse 更为糟糕 的是 39.worth n. be (well) worth doing sth. 主动表被动 prep. It is worth 500 yuan.

worthy adj. be worthy of being done = be worthy to be done It is worthy of 500 yuan . worthwhile adj. it’s worthwhile to do sth./doing sth. 40.would 41.wound n./v.伤口,常指刀伤,枪伤 hurt 常指感情的伤害 injure 指平时的大小创 伤 adj. wounded the + adj. 表示一类人 the wounded the rich the poor 42.write vi. vt. (wrote, written) write down = take down 写下 ,记下 write to sb. n. writer 作家 writing n. 写,写作 43.wrong n./adj. do sb. wrong = do wrong to sb. 冤枉 sb. do wrong 做错,犯错 go wrong 出毛病,出故障 be wrong wih 不正常,出故障,出毛病 What’s wrong with sb. = What’s the matter with sb. Y 1.yard n. 庭院,院子 2.year year after year 强调重复 year by year 强调变化 from year to year all the year round 一年到头 3.yellow 黄色的 The Yellow River 4.yes /no 5.yesterday 昨天 today 今天 tomorrow 明天 the day after tomorrow 后天 the day before yesterday 前天 6.yet adv. 还,仍然 conj. 但是,然而 He worked hard ,yet he failed. 7.you your yourself yourselves by yourself 独立的,独自的 8.young adj.年轻的 n. youth [u]青春 ,青春时期 the youth 青年们 adj. youthful 年轻的 youngster 年轻人 Z 1. zero 零 2. zoo 动物园 pl. zoos zoology 动物学

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