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2015年《南方新高考》高考英语(新人教版)一轮总复习配套课件:选修8 Unit 5 Meeting your ancestors

Unit 5 Meeting your ancestors

运用词汇(会认,会写,starvation sharpen analyze significance arrest interrupt assume ripen applaud dizzy skilful regardless messy ample 理解意思,会运用) regardless of 不管/不顾 cut up 切碎 an ample amount of 足够量的 ample sunshine and rainfall 充足的阳光和雨水 be fed up with 受够了/饱受/厌烦 if only...如果……就好了 applause one's choice 赞赏某人的选择 look ahead 向前看/为将来打算 与本单元词汇相关的 arrest one's progress 阻止某人的进步 作文常用表达 be dizzy with hunger 饿晕了 now and then 时不时 date back to...追溯到…… show sb.around=show sb.round 带某人到周围看看 be similar to 相似 have no alternative but to go by plane 别无选择只好坐飞机 arrest all people's attention 吸引所有人的注意力 only to find the door locked 结果却发现门锁了





sharpener 卷笔刀;磨具 sharp 锋利的;敏锐的; sharpen (使)锋利;尖锐 尖锐的 sharpness 锋利 significance 重要性; 意义;意思;重要意义 interruption 中断;打断 dizziness 眩晕 alternative 可能的选择 interrupt 打断……讲话; 打岔;暂时中断或中止 dizzy 眩晕的 alternative 供选择的

sharply 锋利地; 剧烈地 significantly 重要地

significant 重要的

dizzily 眩晕地

alternatively 二者择 一地

radioactivity 放射性
botany 植物学

radioactive 放射性的
botanical 植物学的; 与植物学有关的

根据所给的中文或首字母填写单词。 sharpen 1 . Strikes will ________________ ( 使 尖 锐 ) the country's dilemma. alternative 2.Either ________________ (选择) is correct. assumed 3.I ________________ (认为) he had gone for a walk. accelerate 4 . He decided to ________________ ( 加 速 ) his factory's output of cars.

accuracy 5 . You should question its ________________ (准确性)

before accepting it.
regardless 6.I shall go ________________ a result of flood. of the weather. starvation 7.Millions will face ________________ (饥荒) next year as

significance 8.What will matter is not your success, but the ___________
(意义) of your life. 9 .After saving pocket money for nearly one month he has ample ________________ money for a dictionary. messy 10 . It's a ________________ kitchen, with bowls and plates everywhere.

运用所学的短语补全句子。 1.不顾其他学生的嘲笑,他继续一个人做实验。 Regardless of other students' laughing ,he went on doing the _______________________________ experiment by himself. 2.虽然他还是个孩子,他很擅长和别人交流。 is skilful in communicating with other people Child as he is, he _____________________________________. 3.作为一名老师,他应该耐心对待每一个学生。 be patient with every student As a teacher, he should ________________________.


at most It will take two hours ______________________ to get there.
5.在你煮肉之前,你最好把它切碎。 cut it up Before you cook the meat, you had better ________________. 6.向前看,你看见山顶上有什么东西? Look ahead ________________________.What can you see on the top of the hill? 7.这个城堡可追溯到罗马时代。 dates back to This castle ________________________ Roman times.

8.我受够了这种枯燥的生活。 fed up with I'm ________________________ this boring life. 9.他们在会上提出的建议无足轻重。 The proposals they put forward at the meeting ____________ were of little significance ____________. 10. 他的学习因为吵闹而中断。 was interrupted by the noise His study ________________________.

原句 1

Worried about the preparations for her feast, Lala

quickly turned for home with her collection of nuts, melons and other fruit.拉拉担心她这次盛宴的准备工作,所以赶紧把坚果、 甜瓜和其他水果收集起来就快步回家了。 结构:分词(作状语),主句+with 短语(作伴随状语) 1.怀特先生对中国历史感兴趣,所以在北京的时候他在当 地导游的引领下参观了所有的博物馆。 Interested in Chinese history, Mr.White paid a visit to all the __________________________________________________ museums with a local guide during his stay in Beijing. __________________________________________________

2.舞狮(lion dance),象征着兴旺与吉祥(success and luck), 富有浓厚的民族色彩和独特的传统艺术性,是中华民族文化中 一颗璀璨的明珠(a bright star)。 Standing for success and luck, lion dance is a bright star in __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ the Chinese traditional culture with rich national feature and unique traditional art. __________________________________________________

原句 2 ...Lala accelerated her walk up the path to the caves fearing that there might be wild beasts lying in wait for her.……拉 拉加快了回洞穴的步伐,她担心会有野兽埋伏着,正等着她。

3.我认为考试对我们学生是一件好事,它可以测试出我们 对老师所教知识的掌握程度。 I think examination is a good thing for us students, testing ___________________________________________________ how well we've mastered the knowledge taught by the teachers. ___________________________________________________ 4.我深深得益于网络,每天都期待着有大量的信息和宝贝 等着我去淘(explore)。 I deeply benefit from the Internet, expecting that there is plenty ___________________________________________________ of information and treasure waiting for me to explore every day. ___________________________________________________

运用本单元的短语和句型把下面的段落翻译成英文,并背 诵之。 Davidson Black 是一个加拿大医生。他促进了相关技术的


给了他足够的自由时间去做研究。最后,是他的助手裴文中发 现这些原始骨骼和削尖的石头工具。因为裴文中的天赋和勤奋 工作,Davidson 博士高度赞扬了他。

Davidson Black was a Canadian doctor who helped develop the techniques that led to the discovery of the bones in the Zhoukoudian Caves, near Beijing.He was a specialist in the study

of bones and found it challenging to search for and identify bones
of early people's.As the university in which he worked was aware of the significance of his work, they gave him ample free time to do the research.And at last, it was his assistant, Pei Wenzhong, who made the discovery of these primitive bones and sharpened stone

tools.Dr.Davidson thought highly of Pei Wenzhong because of his
talent and hard work.

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