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M2U3 Reading language focus

Module 2 Unit 3

Amazing people Language focus

Step I Revision
Howard Carter is one of the most famous e_______ of the xplorers dventurous urious world. He was brave and a_________ and was c_____ about the world outside his hometown when he was very young. By the 1920s, he had become an explorer, s________ for the tombs of the Egyptian kings. In 1922, earching Howard Carter made his most a_______ discovery of all, mazing in the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt, where he found the tomb of King Tutankhamun. However, not long after the tomb had been opened, people in Carter’s team began to fall ill and die s_______. trangely

Within seven years, 21 people who had s________ to do omething with the opening of the tomb died. Some people say the deaths were just c_________. Others believe that they oincidence were the result of the mummy’s c_____. However, still urses others believe that there is a s________ explanation, cientific iruses because inside the tombs there are many v______, which result in illness or even death if b________ in. reathed What is certain is that the mystery of Tutankhamun’s tomb has never been f____ explained. ully

Step II Phrases

1. 使世界变得更好 change the world for the better 2. 获得诺贝尔和平奖 win a Nobel Peace Prize 3. 有史以来最伟大的音乐家

the greatest musician of all time 4. 开启和…的联系 open up relationship between/with 5. 探索新世界 to explore the new world
6. 对….显示好奇 be curious about

= be curious to know…/ show curiosity about… 7. 启程去欧洲 set sail for Europe 8. 发现大笔财富 discover a large fortune
9. 被保存的尸体 preserved bodies 10. 偶然遇到 come across/ run into

11. 探查陵墓 look into the tomb 12. 掩藏…的入口 hide the entrance 13. 出席 be present

14. 之后不久 shortly after/ soon after 15. 与…有关 have something to do with

have nothing / little …to do with
16. 一直活到65岁 live on until one’s age of 65 18. 导致疾病甚至死亡 result in illness or even death 19. 迄今为止 to this day/ up till now/ to date/ so far 20. 偿清;成功;回报 pay off

17. 与…有联系 in connection with/ be linked to/with be

Step III Sentence Structures

1. 霍华德卡特是有史以来世界上最出名的探险家之一。

Howard Carter is one of the most famous explorers the world has ever known.

It was the most important tomb that had ever been found. Sum up
This/It is the first/ second…time + that从句或This/ It is the +最高级+名词+that从句, that从句谓语要用现 在完成时。 这是我看过的最好的一部电影了。

This is the best film that I have ever seen. 注:This was the best film that I had ever seen.

explore v. 勘探, 考察; 探索, 探究

They explored the land to the north of the Yellow River.

explorer n. 探索者; 勘探者; 探测器 exploration n. 勘探, 考察
oil exploration 石油勘探

2. 霍华德卡特没有上过学,但是他从画家父亲那里学会 了画画。

Howard Carter did not go to school, but learnt to draw from his father, who was an artist. ?在两代人之间,往往不是年龄而是所受教育的 差异引起的误解。 Between the two generations, it is often not their age, but their education that causes misunderstanding. Sum up not A but B 不是A 而是B

3. 他也去了陵墓,结果第二天就发高烧。 He too visited the tomb, only to catch a high fever the next day. 我匆忙赶到车站,结果发现汽车刚刚开走。 I hurried to the station, only to find that the bus had just left. Sum up ‘only + to do’ 意为 “不料,竟然”,做结果状 语,即表示与句子谓语动作的目的相反的结果。

4. If breathed in, they can result in illness or even death. = If the viruses are breathed in, they can result in illness or even death.
When asked ① _______________

(当问起)about his marks, he tried to direct our attention to other things. ___________________ Though born in the US (尽管出生在美国), he speaks fluent Chinese. kept silent at the party unless spoken to ____________________ (除非别人对他说话).

③ He

④ He

mustn’t go to bed ___________ until told to 吩咐). (If )given more time could have done the work better.
街上走时), he fainted.

we (在

⑤ __________________(如果给更多的时间),

While / When walking in the street ⑥ _______________________________

If invited, he is certain to join in the adventurous trip.

Sum up
在if、unless、once、though、when、 while引导的从句里,如果从句和主句的 主语一致并且谓语部分含有be动词,可 将主语和be动词省去 。

2) If breathed in, they can result in illness or even death. lead to/ contribute to/ cause
result n/v result in: cause /lead to 结果是,导致 result from 起因于,因……而造成 as a result 因此 as a result of 由于…的结果

The accident resulted from his careless driving.

His careless driving resulted in/ caused/led to the accident.
The accident was the result of his careless driving.

He drove carelessly; as a result, the accident happened.
The accident happened as a result of his careless driving.

breathe vt. /vi. 呼吸 breathe (in) fresh air 呼吸进新鲜的空气

breath n. 呼吸 hold one’s breath 屏住气,不呼吸 out of breath 气喘吁吁

5. __________________________ ‘the curse of the What is certain, though, is that

mummy’ remains a riddle to this day.(但是,有一 点仍然可以肯定)
此句里what is certain是句子的主语, that从句部是表语。
此句的主语和表语都是由从句充当。 众所周知写一篇文章要花很长时间。

What is well known is that writing an article takes a long time.

certain adj. make certain/ sure 确保;设法保证 for certain/sure 无疑;肯定 It is certain that… It is sure that … × sb. be certain that for a certain reason 为了某种原因
eg 我相信他一定会赢的。 It is certain that he’ll win. I’m certain that he’ll win. I’m sure that he’ll win. He is clever and works hard. It is ____ that he’ll get the job. A. sure B. certain C. maybe D. perhaps

Step V Exercises
[I] Multiple choices:

1-5 CCADB 6-10 CCDBB
11-14 BACB

II Translation
1. 工作守信,从长远来看会得到回报。(pay off)

Working honestly pays off in the long run.
2. 无论你走哪一条路都需要三个小时(whichever)

It takes three hours, whichever route you take.
3.他打破记录的时没有人在场,因此他没有证人。 (present)

When he broke the record, no one was present, so he has no witnesses.

4.这个小镇上有不少保护完好的古建筑。这些建筑每年都 引来不少的游客。(preserve)

There are many well-preserved old buildings in this small town. These buildings bring in a lot of visitors every year.
5. 家长不应该把药放在小孩能够到的范围内。(within)

Parents are not supposed to put the medicine within their reach.