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Unit 1 Friendship
Pre-reading and reading

Do you have friends? Are you good at making friends?

What do you do to be a good friend? Are you good to your friends?

Situation 1: You want 2: to see a very interesting film with your Situation friend, but your friend can’t go until he/ she Your friend borrow your favorite camera. Situation 3: asks to finishes cleaning the bicycle. What will you do? When he/she borrowed it last time, he/she broke Situation 4: Your comes to in school very What upset. The bell it andfriend you had to get repaired. will you rings sotaking you need to go to class.exam. What Your will you You are your end-of-term do now? do? friend, who doesn’t work hard, asks you to help him/her cheat in the exam by looking at your paper. What will you do?

I have a good friend. He\She is honest, brave and clever, …

Please describe your best friend!

He/ she is ordinary-looking, good-looking,

handsome, pretty, beautiful, generous,

strong, brave, friendly, kind, easygoing,
honest, helpful, trusty, funny, loyal,

smart, hard-working, wise, clever,
warm-hearted, cool-headed, dutiful, happy, understanding, poor, rich etc.













Why do you need friends?
Friends are helpful.
Friends are good companies. Friends can share my happiness, worries and secrets.

Some proverbs about friendship
?A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真情。 ?Friendship is like wine, the older, the better. 友谊如美酒,越醇越浓厚。 ?A life without a friend is a life without a sun. 人生没有朋友,如同生活没有太阳。

Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be your friend?

A boy & his dog


CJ 7

Do you know this girl?

Reading Anne’s Best Friend

Now observe the text carefully to find out: ? How many parts does it contain?
two parts. It contains_____

Fast reading


1. Read the first part of the reading section and answer these questions:

? Who was Anne’s best friend? Her diary―Kitty. ? When did the story happen? During World War II.

Born on June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was a German-Jewish teenager at that time.

纳粹屠杀犹太人的真实场景 纳粹正对着屠杀后幸存的妇女进行扫射 被毒死的犹太人的衣服和鞋子 纳粹逼迫犹太人离开他们的家园 犹太人排队进入后面的毒气室 纳粹正在建设集中营 被关在集中营中的犹太人

The Second World War and the Nazi crime

1944 discovered and killed the next year

Her diary was published after the war.

1.Anne kept a diary because
2.She felt very lonely because 3.They had to hide because 4.Anne named her diary Kitty because

A.She couldn’t meet her friends. B.Jews were caught by Nazis and killed by them. C.She could tell everything to it. D.she thought it was her best friend.

? The first part is about the background knowledge about Anne and her diary. What’s the main idea of the second part? Let’s go to part 2.

True or false
1.A friend would never laugh at you. ( F ) 2.She was fond of nature. ( T ) 3.She stayed awake in the night because she couldn’t sleep well. ( F ) 4.She couldn’t go out as she liked. ( T ) 5.Anne was only able to look at nature through dirty curtains. ( T )

1.Anne and her family hid away about___ before they were discovered. A.Twenty-five months B.Two years C.More than twenty-five months D.Two and a half years

2. Anne said that she had grown crazy about nature because ____________. A. of her interest in nature B. she had always been so C. she had been outdoors D. she had been indoors for too long

3. She didn’t dare open the window

when the moon was bright. That’s because__________________. A. they might be discovered by the German Nazis. B. her family might be disturbed C. it was very cold D. a thief might get into the room

4. Anne and her family were caught by German Nazis ___________. A. about August 1944 B. about February 1945 C. about December 1944 D. about November 1944

? 1.Why Anne’s family had to hide?
Because they were Jewish. They might be killed by the German Nazis.

? 2. Why did she stay awake on purpose until half past eleven one evening? ? Because she wanted to have a good
look at the bright moon.

What kind of feelings do the following words imply?
Words/phrases nature outdoors crazy didn’t dare thundering entirely power What is implied free, relaxed, peaceful free eager, thirsty 渴望的 scared, frightened helpless, depressed(沮 丧的), lonely

Main idea of this part: ?The second part is about how Anne felt after being in the hiding place since July 1942.



I lived in Amsterdam ___________in the ______________ Netherlands Jewish during _____________. World War II My family were ______, hide away for nearly 25 months so we had to ___________ in order ________________ not to be caught by the German Nazis. During that time I wasn’t able to go grown so crazy ________ outdoors for so long that I had ______________ about everything to do with_______. nature So I made my diary Kitty whom I could tell friends with_____________, everything to.

Read the text again and underline some important phrases and difficult sentences.

Add up your score and see how many points you get.
? ? ? ? ? and为并列连词,连接句子 祈使句 以动词开头,说话对象为第二人称 and 与 or Hurry up and you will catch the bus.

? Hurry up or you will miss the bus.
or 表示逆向关系,…,否则…

①add…to…给…加上 ②add to增加,添加 ③add up合计,加起来 ④add up to总计达,总共有

(1)Will you add more sugar to the coffee _____________? added up to (2)His whole school education___________ only one year. added to (3)His illness _________the family’s trouble. (4)We have planted flowers and green trees around the buildings, which___ the beauty of the city. A.add to. B. add up.

get it repaired

get sth. done 请人做某事 (非亲自动手) =have sth. done

1 上周我去城里剪头发了.

get / have my hair Last week I went to the town to _________________. cut. 2 爸爸明天要去检查身体. have/ get himself examined Tomorrow Daddy will________________________.
get sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事

get sb. to do sth.


have sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事

have sb. do sth. 让某人做某事

Tell him/her that he/she should have studied….
? 你告诉他他本来应该学习,… ? should have done ? 过去本应该做某事而实际上没有做,含有责 备的意思 ? You shouldn’t have left without saying good-bye. ? shouldn’t have done 过去本不应该做某事 而实际上做了,含有责备的意思。

Go through
1 These countries have gone through too many wars. 经历,经受

2 It took us a whole week to go through the forest. 穿过,通过 To my joy, she has gone through all the exams. 3 I had just gone through the work when the telephone rang. 完成,做完
4 You must ____ D your papers before you hand them in. A. go down. B. go across. C. go out. D. go through. 仔细检查

DoYou you want a friend whom you could want a friend tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and thoughts?
like 为介词 = such as You want a friend You could tell everything to
缺少宾语 a friend



从句起到修饰作用,修饰前面的名词 a friend.

…make her diary her best friend make +宾语+ 宾补

1 安妮把他的日记当做最好的朋友。

Anne made her diary her best friend.
2 这个有趣的故事使他很高兴。

The interesting story made him very happy.
3 他们把房子收拾得干净而整洁。

They have made the house clean and tidy.
4 他们让男孩站在树下。

They made the boy stand under the tree.
5 老师讲的很慢,以便能让学生理解他。(in order to )

The teacher spoke very slowly in order to make herself understood.

Set down 1 She listened carefully and set down every word he said. 写下,记下 He was asked to set down the facts in the notebook.

2 He set down the heavy boxes and rested for a while . 放下,卸下

I wonder if it is because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I have grown so crazy about everything 主句 to do with nature.
? I wonder if/whether 我想知道是否
我想知道我们是否还能见面。 I wonder if /whether we could meet again.


I have grown so crazy about everything to do with nature because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long.
It is ….that

我不知道这是不是因为我很久无法出门的缘故, 我变得对一切与大自然有关的事物都无比狂热。

It is… that
? ? ? ? ?


强调句 结构:It is +强调部分+ that +剩余句子部分 我昨天在街上遇见了Tom I met Tom in the street yesterday. 强调主语 It was I that met Tom in the street yesterday. ? 强调宾语

It was Tom that I met in the street yesterday. ? 强调地点状语 It was in the street that I met Tom yesterday. ? 强调时间状语 ?It was yesterday that I met Tom in the street.

I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound. when 引导的定语从句(划线部分)修饰句 中的time there was a time 曾经,以前 spellbind v. 吸引人;迷人 我记得很清楚,以前,湛蓝的天空、鸟儿的 歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未令我心迷神往过。

1 in order to / so as to 1).为了看清楚我带上了眼镜。

I put on my glasses in order to /so as to see it clearly,
2). 为了取得进步,他学习努力了。

In order to make progress, he worked hard. 2 so that/ in order that + 句子 1)I put on my glasses _______ I can see it clearly.
2)为了让学生听懂, 老师讲得很慢。

The teacher spoke slowly ____________ the students could understand him.

Another time five months ago, I happened to be upstairs at dusk when the window was open. 还有一次,就在五个月前的一天黄昏, 我碰巧在楼上,窗户是开着的。 happen的后面如果接动词不定式, 表示的是一种巧合,意为“碰巧,恰 好”;如果不定式所表示的动作正在进 行或已经完成,可用动词不定式的进行 式或完成式表示。如:

I happened to be out when he dropped in.他来拜访时我碰巧外出了。 She happened to have heard of the story. 她碰巧听说过这件事情。 【联想学习】Sb happened to do sth的 句式有时也可用It happened that 表示。如上 面两句也可写为: It happened that I was out when he dropped in. It happened that she had heard of the story.

It was the first time in a year and a half that I had seen the night face to face.
? 某人第几次做某事 ? It is the second time that Tom has been to Beijing. 这是我第二次去北京。 ? It was the second time that Tom had been to Beijing. 那是我第二次去北京。

It is/was +the+序数词+time+that+主语+完成时态

I am only able to look at nature through dirty curtains hanging before very dusty windows. hanging before very dusty windows 现在分 词短语作定语, 修饰curtains.相当于一个定语 从句 which hung before very dusty windows. 我只能透过肮脏的窗帘看大自然,窗帘悬挂 在沾满灰尘的窗前。


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