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Book7Unit4 Reading(2) 教案

Book 7 Unit 4: Reading(2) 主备人: 教学目标

第 2 课时 审核人:

1.Get the students to gain some knowledge about London underground
2. Master some language points. 3. To help the students to improve their reading and speaking ability.

教学重点 教学难点

A study of new words, expressions and analysis to difficult sentences. Usage of language points. 教学过程 复备栏

Step 1 A brief revision of the text Try to help students to recall the information of the London Underground in the world in the following aspects: introduction, reasons, development, unusual functions, popularity Step2. Difficult sentences. 1. However, most trains into London only went to the distant boundary of the city because building railway tracks into the city would have caused damage to many historic buildings. (Lines 4-5) 1) 句子结构分析:在这个复合句中,most trains into London only went to the distant boundary of the city 是主句; because building railway tracks into the city would have caused damage to many historic buildings 是原因状语从句。into London 和 into the city 都为介词短语 作定语,分别修饰 trains 和 railway tracks。 2) 语言知识分析: would have caused damage to many historic building 意为“将会给许多历史建筑 造成损害”。句子中 would have caused 为虚拟语气,表示过去并未发生 的事情。 2. Travelling on these lines was inconvenient, though, as each line was separately owned and many were very far from each other. (Lines28-29) 1) 句子结构分析:Travelling on these lines was inconvenient, though 为主句, as each line was separately owned and many were very far from each other 为原 因状语从句; 状语从句又为由 and 连接的两个并列句。 2) 语言知识分析: Travelling on these lines was inconvenient, though 意为“然而,搭乘这些线路很 不方便”,句子中的 though 为副词,意为“可是,不过,然而”,常被置于句 中或句末。 3) 考点考例: [考点] as 引导原因状语从句 [考例] Jenny was very sad over the loss of the photos she had shot at Canada, _____ this was a memory she especially treasured.(广东 2006) A. as B. if C. when D. where 选 A。句意为:珍妮因为丢了在加拿大拍的照片感到很伤心,因为这是她特 别珍惜的一段记忆,用 as。其他三项都不表示原因。 3. Having seen the situation, a wealthy American businessman, Charles Yerkes, tried to improve the system by buying many of the different lines and setting up

the Underground Group. (Lines 30-32) 1) 句子结构分析: 此句虽然很长, 但实际上是一个简单句。 主干为 a wealthy American businessman tried to improve the system。 句首的 Having seen the situation 为 V-ing 短语作状语;Charles Yerkes 为 a wealthy American businessman 的同位语;后面的 by buying many of ...是方式 状语。 2) 语言知识分析: Having seen the situation 意为“看到这种情况”。 一般说来, V-ing 形式作状语时,逻辑主语为主句的主语,用完成式表示其动作发生在 主句谓语动词的动作之前。 3) by: by means of Alice left her keys at home. She had managed to get into her room by climbing through the window. 他通过每天练习提高了他拉小提琴的技能。 He has improved his violin-playing skills by practising every day. 4. A newly built line was used as an underground aeroplane factory, a closed station was used as an anti-aircraft centre, and the station nearest the Prime Minister’s house was used by the Prime Minister as meeting rooms for the government administration. Lines 42-45) 1) 句子结构分析:此句为 and 连接起来的三个并列句。 第一个分句为 A newly built line was used as an underground aeroplane factory; 第二个分句为 a closed station was used as an anti-aircraft centre; 第三个分句为 the station nearest the Prime Minister’s house was used by the Prime Minister as meeting rooms for the government administration。 2) 语言知识分析: A newly built line 意为“一条新建的铁路”,句子中的 newly 为副词,修饰动词 过去分词 built, 如果改用形容词 new, 则修饰名词 line。 如: a newly built house 意为“一栋新建的房子”,而 a new built house 意为“一栋已建成的新房子”。 Step3. Translation

1.have the distinction of _________________________________
{distinction n.区别, 差别, 声望 have the distinction(=reputation) of doing sth.享有做某事的荣誉(盛名 gain / win / obtain / attain distinction(=fame)出名= become famous without distinction (= difference)没有区别 make a distinction between A and B = make a difference between A and B 区别 A 和 B = distinguish A from B (between A and B)}

2. the distant boundary of the city _________________________ 3.cause damage to many historic buildings __________________
4.增加了的车辆_______________________________________ 5. 堵塞交通__________________________________________


vt. 使闭气,使闷死;使闷塞;扼(喉),绞死; 堵塞,填塞; .阻止,

防止,扼止;干死(植物);减(火);压住,抑制(情感) vi 窒息噎,哽; (管道等)塞住说不出话来窘住;举止失措,行动失当; The pipe chokes. 管子塞住了 choke back 抑压住(感情),忍住(哭泣)。 choke down 硬用力咽下;硬忍 着(气),抑制住(感情、眼泪等)。 choke off 把…闷死,绞死;使中止,使

放弃(计划)。choke up 使闷死;枯死; 〔口语〕激动得说不出话来,紧张得发 呆。choke up with 阻塞,填塞,塞满。)


It was decided that… _______________________________

7.beneath the surface of the ground _______________________ (beneath prep. (1 )低于;在…的(正)下方;在…脚下,在(或紧挨着)…的底
下 live beneath the same roof 同住一屋

(2.)不值得,不足取;有失…的身分,有损于(尊严等),不称,不配;劣 于,比…不如。beneath attention 不值得注意. It would be beneath him to cheat. 他去行骗未免有失身份。 adv. 在下,在下面,在下方,在下位。 The valley lay beneath. 山谷就在下面。)

8.comparatively narrow tunnels___________________________ (comparatively adv. comparatively speaking 比较地说来〔插入语〕)
comparative adj. 比较(上)的;相当的,还可以的 ; 〔委婉语〕(广告等) in comparative comfort 相当舒适地。 with

比较性的,攻击竞争者的。 comparative ease 比较容易地 compare

vt. 比较,对照 (with); 参照; 把…比作为 (to) vi. 相比,匹敌 (with)

9 image doing _______________

10. link up___________________

(link up: to connect e.g. 1) The two islands will be linked up by a bridge. 2) If you link up the pieces of information, you will be clearer about what has really happened. )

11. in the middle of the city __________________________________


12.加快…… 步伐_________________________________________ 13.be responsible for _________________ 14. 被使用 ________________________ 15. during World War II________________ 16. function as ______________________ 17. 纪念 __________________________ 18. permit sb. to do sth._______________
(permit permit sb. to do vt. 许可,准许,允许,答应;默许,放任;使可能。 permit doing (allow; forbid) permit n. 执照

Permit me to explain. /Smoking is not permitted. vi. Weather permitting=If weather permits 如果天气好的话。)

19.a dozen different lines _______________________________
(dozen 一打,十二个〔作为实数及作修饰语时,复数不加 s〕;

〔dozens〕 若干,许许多多 two [three] dozen eggs 两[三]打鸡蛋。 four dozen of these eggs 四打这种鸡 蛋。 some dozens of eggs 好几打鸡蛋。 dozens of eggs 几十个鸡蛋。 some dozen (of) eggs 一打左右鸡蛋。 a dozen of eggs 一打鸡蛋。 sell eggs by the dozen 论打售蛋。 pack oranges in dozens 按打包装橘子。)

20.at a discount _____________________________________
Step 4 Language focus 1. It has the distinction of being the oldest and most complex underground system in the world. (L2) 这是一个复杂的问题。 It was a complex problem. 生活正在变得越来越复杂和艰难。 Life is getting more complex and difficult. 2. These new ways of digging accelerated the pace of the London Underground’s development. (L24) accelerate the pace of : quicken one’s pace The conference accelerated the pace of educational reforms. 这次会议加快了教育改革的步伐。 3. The Underground Group, the Metropolitan Line and all the different bus and train lines were placed under the Board. (L35) place: 1) She placed a tape recorder in front of her on the table.

2) His uncooperative attitude placed us in an embarrassing situation. 3) This job places great demands on the workers, which can be quite stressful. 4. An architect called Charles Holden was responsible for designing many of these stations and they are still in use today. (L39) be responsible for: be in charge of 1) The driver is responsible for the passengers’ safety. 2) Philip is the project manager. He is responsible for anything concerning the project. 5. During World War Ⅱ, when London was bombed, many underground stations functioned as bomb shelters. (L41) function as: serve as This big room functions as a meeting room. 这个大房间用作会议室。 My living room also functions as a study. The beautiful leaf functioned as a bookmark. 6. If you want to travel all over the underground system, you should buy one of the travel cards that ________ you to travel all over the underground system. permit (permitting/permitted) {permit doing } e.g. This club does not permit smoking. {permit sb. to do sth.} e.g. The security system will not permit you to enter without the correct password. Step 5 Language in use Help the students use the following words to say something about the underground system in Nanjing. Suggested words: distinction, complex, distant, choke, accelerate, permit, link up Step6 Consolidation Ⅰ. Multiple choice.

1. The two cultures have a lot ____. A. commonly B. in common C. ordinary D. usually

2. This is a ____ moment. A. historic B. historical C. history D. historian

3. What ___ you to believe it? A. lead B. led C. bring D. result

4. Skirts will be worn ___ the knees. A. below B. under C. beneath D. on

5. He ____ the apple into halves. A. separate B. divide C. separated D. divided

6. South America separated ___ Africa 200 million years ago.

A. from

B. in

C. into

D. by

7. Only the manager has the ___ to sign cheques. A. powerful B. energy C. strength D. authority

8. I forbid ____ here. Who allow you _____ here? A. smoke, smoking C. smoking, smoking 9. I bought ____ his books. A. three dozen of B. three dozens C. three dozens of D. dozens B .smoking, to smoke D. to smoke, to smoke

10. They were selling everything ___ a discount. A. at B. for C. of D. in 6-10 A DB AA ) (Answers: 1-5 BABAD

Ⅱ. Complete the following sentences. 1. 请找出 A 和 B 句的区别。 Please find out the ___________ __________ Sentence A and Sentence B. 2. 经决定, 图书室于星期天重新开放。 _______ _______ _________ ________ that the library will reopen on Sunday. 3. 如果你不给机器好好加油的话, 她就不会正常运转。(function) ___________________________________________________________ 4. 我脚下的地面是柔软的。(beneath) ___________________________________________________________ 5. 作为惩罚, 她不被允许参加任何学校活动。( permit) ___________________________________________________________ Step7. Homework 1. Finish exercise E on page 53. 2. Finish exercise C1 & D1 in the workbook . (P97) 3. Remember the new words and expressions. 4. Preview the next part. 教后反思


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