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Different things usually stand for different feelings. Red, for example, is the color of fire, heat, blood an

d life. People say red is an exciting and active color. They associate (使发生联系)red with a strong feeling like is used for signs of 2 , such as STOP signs and fire engines. Orange is the bright, warm color of 4 color. They associate orange with happiness. Yellow is the color of 1 . Red 3 5 in .

autumn. People say orange is a

People say it is a cheerful color. They associate yellow too, with happiness. Green is the cool color of grass in People say it is a refreshing color. In general, people warm colors are red, orange and 9 . Those who like to be with 10 8 7

6 .

two groups of colors: warm colors and cool colors. The

. Where there are warm colors and a lot of light, people usually want to be like red. The cool colors are 12 11 and blue. Where are these colors, people

are usually worried. Some scientists say that time seems to suggest that a warm color is a good do not want time to pass quickly. pass quickly. 13 15

more slowly in a room with warm colors. They 14 . People who are having a rest or a re eating

for a living room or a

colors are better for some offices if the people working there want time to

1. A. sadness 2. A. roads 3. A. land 4. A. lively 5. A. moonlight 6. A. summer 7. A. speak 8. A. green 9. A. calm 10. A. the other 11. A. black 12. A. go round 13. A. one 14. A. factory

B. anger B. ways B. leaves B. dark B. light B. spring B. say B. yellow B. sleepy B. another B. green B. go by B. way B. classroom

C. administration C. danger C. grass C. noisy C. sunlight C. autumn C. talk about C. white C. active C. other one C. golden C. go off C. fact C. restaurant

D. Smile D. places D. Mountains D. frightening D. stars D. winter D . tell D. gray D. helpful D. Others D. Yellow D. go along D. matter D. hospital

关心每一个学生的学习 15.A. Different B. Cool C. Warm

关注每一个角落的教育 D. All


Charlie came from a poor village. His parents had __1__ money to sen d him to school when he was young. The boy was very sad. Mr. King lived next to him. He found the boy __2__ and had pity on him and lent some money to him. So the boy could go to school. He studied hard and __3__ all his lessons. When he finished middle school, the man introduced him to his friend in the town. And he began to work. Once Mr. King was seriously hurt in an accident. Dying, he asked Charlie to take care of his daughter, Sharon. The young man __4__ and several years later he married the girl. He loved her very much and tried his best to make her happy. H e often bough t beautiful clothes and delicious food for her. He was good at cooking and he cooked __5__ for her. So she became very fat and she felt it difficult to walk. And one day she found there was something wrong with her heart. Her husband wasn’t at home and she had to go to __6__ at once. The doctors looked her over and told her __7__ eat meat, sugar, chocolate and things like these. She was afraid __8__ the doctor’s words and wrote all the names of the food on the paper. When she got home, she put the list on the table and __9__. When she returned home that

afternoon, she found many kinds of food: meat, sugar and chocolate in the kitchen. Charlie was busy __10__ there. As soon as he saw her, he said happily, “I’ve bought all the food you like, dear!” 1. A. no 2. A. lazy 3. A. did well in 4. A. was angry 5. A. a little 6. A. rest 7. A. should B. some B. clever C. much C. careful C. was working C. agreed C. many C. hospital C. to C. to catch C. cooked C. cooking D. not to D. to teach D. Ate D. Writing D. Hard D. was good for D. said “No.” D. a lot D. Work D. enough

B. was poor at B. thought hard B. a few B. sleep B. would

8. A . to remember B. to forget 9. A. slept 10. A. reading B. went out B. seeing


Twelve years ago, my mother gave birth to the most beautiful girl.


, we were later given the


that this little girl, who was three and a half months old, would only have 14 days on earth. It’s hard to understand what

关心每一个学生的学习 kind of 3 you have when you find out that you’re 4


something that you don’t even know. 5 . When the doctors said that we could

As time went on, the number of days kept g rowing, which gave us take her home, that was 6 reality hit. We had no 8 7 .

I am from a small town with

hospitals, but when you don’t have money, you just don’t have it. My m 9 each time. A caseworker(社会工作者) was even doing her a baby from the hospital. 12 again. As she walked out, 13 down yet

other tried for days to get the money, but nothing best. It’s 10

that it almost felt as if we had to 11

One day the caseworker walked into her boss’s office to again, out of nowhere a man walked up to her. He lady in 14

her a handful of money and said, “Please give this to the

15 , so she can take her daughter home.” She looked down at her hand with tears in her eyes. As she 16 . They searched all over that hospital and he was no where to be

looked back up to thank him, he was 17 . Thanks to the guy that I will 18

know, we could take home that


baby girl that was only given 14 20 should

days to live, and celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday. I am grateful to this man and feel that his act of be shared with everyone.

1. A. Besides 2. A. idea 3. A. character 4. A. wasting 5. A. trouble 6. A. how 7. A. money 8. A. modern 9. A. set up 10. A. interesting 11. A. save 12. A. apologize 13. A. moved 14. A. took 15. A. danger 16. A. shy 17. A. avoided

B. However B. order B. feeling B. losing B. freedom B. where B. knowledge B. large B. came up B. necessary B. protect B. try B. let B. handed B. advance B. gone B. persuaded

C. Otherwise C. point C. habit C. explaining C. hope C. whether C. shelter C. small

D. Therefore D. news D. friendship D. gaining D. information D. when D. car D. good D. gave up D. impossible D. buy D. interview D. fell D. lent D. need D. proud

C. made up C. sad C. visit C. research C. knelt C. paid C. reward C. disappointed C. found

D. stopped

关心每一个学生的学习 18. A. even 19. A. nervous 20. A. courage B. never B. naughty B. kindness C. almost C. beautiful C. gentleness D. still D. dangerous D. politeness


People do not analyze every problem they meet. Sometimes they try to remember a solution, from the last time they had a without 2 1 problem. They often accept the opinions or ideas of other people. Other times they begin to act , they try to find a solution by trial or error. 5 3 , when all of these methods 4 , the person

with a problem has to start analyzing. There are six 6

in analyzing a problem.

the person must recognize that these is a problem. For example, Sam's bicycle is broken, and he cannot ride 7 that there is a problem with the bicycle.

it to class as he usually does. Sam must

Next, the person must find t he problem. Before Sam can repair his bicycle, he must know why it does not work. For example, he must 8 the parts that are wrong. 9 that will make the problem clearer and lead to 10 solutions. For example, 11 , he can

Now the person must look for

suppose Sam decides that his bicycle does not work because t here is something wrong with the brakes.

look in his bicycle repair book and read about brakes, talk to his friends at the bike shop, or look at his brakes carefully. After an example 12 the problem, the person should have 13 suggestions for a possible solution. Take Sam as

14 , his suggestions might be: tighten or loosen the brakes; buy new brakes and change old ones. 15 seems to be the solution to the problem. Sometimes the 16 idea comes quite

In the end, one 17

because the thinker suddenly sees something new or sees something in a different way. Sam, for example, 18 hits on the solution to his problem:

suddenly sees there is a piece of chewing gum (口香糖) stuck to a brake. He he must 19 the brake.

Finally the solution is

20 . Sam does it and finds his bicycle works perfectly. In short he has solved the problem.

1. A.serious 2. A.Besides 3. A.building 4. A.fail 5. A.ways 6. A.First 7. A.explain

B.usual B.Instead B.thinking B.work B.conditions B.Usually B.prove

C.similar C.Otherwise C.doing C.change C.stages C.In general C.s how

D.common D.However D.coming D.develop D.orders D.Most importantly D.see

关心每一个学生的学习 8. A.checkable 9. A.answers 10. A.possible B.determine B.skills B.exact C.correct C.explanation C.real C.First of all D.recover D.information D.special D.At this time


11. A.In other words 12. A.discussing 13. A.extra 14. A.secondly 15. A.suggestion 16. A.next 17. A.unexpectedly 18. A.fortunately 19. A.clean 20. A.recorded

B.Once in a while B.settling down B.enough B.again B.conclusion B.clear B.late B.easily B.separate B.completed

C.comparing with D.studying C.several C.also C.decision C.final C.clearly C.clearly C.loosen C.tested D.countless D.alone D.discovery D.new D.often D.immediately D.remove D.accepted


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