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专题6 动词的时态和语态

1. The twins,who playground.


their homework,were allowed to play badminton on the

A.will finish


C.have finish

ed D.had finished 2.—What time is it? —I have no idea.But just a minute,I A.check C.will check B.checked D.would check to make our environment more it for you.

3. Since the time humankind started gardening,we beautiful. A.try C.are trying B.have been trying D.will try

4.—How much do you know about the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing? —Well,the media A.cover it in a variety of forms.

B.will cover

C.have covered D.covered 5. Writing out all the invitations by hand was more time-consuming than we A.will expect C.expect B.are expecting D.had expected a new house once Larry changed jobs. .

6. They made up their mind that they A.bought C.have bought B.would buy D.had bought

7. We won’t start the work until all the preparations A.are being made C.have been made B.will be made D.had been made


8. During his stay in Xi’an,Jerry tried almost all the local foods his

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. B.had recommended D.were recommending most

A.would recommend C.have recommended

9. Sofia looked around at all the faces;she had the impression that she of the guests before. A.has seen C.saw B.had seen D.would see

10.—How could I apply for a course online? —Just fill in this form and we A.see C.have seen B.are seeing D.will see what we can do for you.

11.—What a pity!I missed the TV program last night. —Don’t worry.It A.broadcasts B.will be broadcasted C.is broadcasted D.will broadcast 12.—How long have you been here,Alice? —Only a few minutes.Susan A.walks C.has walked B.walked D.had walked here next year. me here. again this weekend.

13. It is our hope that more trees A.will plant B.have planted

C.will be planted

D.have been planted

14.—I wonder why nobody but you was absent from my birthday party. —Oh,sorry.I A.attended C.had attended a very important meeting. B.have attended D.was attending

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15.Miriam arrived at 5 pm,but Mr Whitaker A.closed C.had closed B.has closed D.was closed

the store.

16.—Ouch!You hurt me. —I’m sorry.But I A.don’t mean;am trying B.didn’t mean;tried C.haven’t meant;tried D.didn’t mean;was trying 17.When she returned home,Rose found her computer A.was removing B.has been removed C.had removed D.had been removed the cup. and she was very confused. any harm.I to drive a rat out.


—It wasn’t me.I didn’t do it. A.was breaking B.is breaking C.has broken D.had broken

19. Mo Yan,a Nobel Prize winner in Literature,grew up listening to folk tales that for centuries in his hometown. A.have been told C.were told 20.My wife D.have told the night shift when my plane .That’s why no one is to meet B.had been told

me at the airport today. A.will be working;arrives B.was working;arrived C.will have worked;has arrived D.is working;is arriving 21.—Do you love teaching,Miss He? —I fell in love with teaching in 2000.I for twelve years by this winter.

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A.will teach B.would have taught C.have been teaching D.will have been teaching 22.—Are you going to the party? —No,I .

A.hadn’t invited B.didn’t invite C.hadn’t been invited D.haven’t been invited 23.We first met in New York,if my memory A.serves C.is serving B.served D.has served me well.

24.—Guess what!We’ll have a chance to visit our sister school in that country this summer! —How nice!You a different culture then.

A.will have experienced B.have experienced C.have been experiencing D.will be experiencing 25.When Lily came to herself,she did not know how long she A.had been lying C.was lying D.has lain B.has been lying in the cave.

26.Jenny has not heard from her husband for ages.Apparently their relations increasingly tense. A.were growing B.are growing C.grew D.will be growing

27.—Alas!I have left my key to the office in my car.

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—Don’t worry.I A.get C.will get

it for you.Wait a minute.

B.am going to get D.am getting

28.—Got your driving license? —Yes.It is a week since I A.have passed C.will pass B.passed D.had passed well. the driving test.

29.Although my sweater is a bit expensive,it A.washes C.is washed B.has washed D.can be washed

30.In general,most tennis A.plays B.is played C.has played D.has been played ## 1.D

on hard courts or on clay.

考查时态。“完成作业”发生在“被允许打羽毛球”(were allowed to play

badminton)之前,表示“过去的过去”,故用过去完成时。句意:已经完成了作业的这对双胞胎 被允许在操场上打羽毛球。故选 D 项。 2.C 考查时态。句意:——现在几点了?——我不知道。但是稍等一会儿,我确认一下。

此处表示说话之后将要发出的动作,故用一般将来时。 3.B 考查时态。句意:自从人类开始园艺劳动以来,我们一直在设法使我们的环境变得更 加美丽。根据时间状语 since the time humankind started gardening 可知,主句的谓语动 词使用现在完成进行时,表示动作从过去持续到现在并且还将继续进行下去。 4.C 考查动词的时态。句意:——你对即将在南京举办的青奥会了解多少 ?——喔,媒体

早已通过多种方式报道了。此处表示对现在的影响或结果,故用现在完成时。 5.D 考查动词时态。句意:手写出所有的这些请帖比我们原先预料的更费时。根据前面

的 was 可以看出,此处表示过去的动作,且 expect 发生在“过去的过去”,故用过去完成时。

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6.B 考查动词时态。句意:他们决定一旦拉里换了工作,他们就买一所新房子。根据句意 可知 buy 这个动作应在 made up their mind 之后,故应用过去将来时。因此 B 项正确。 7.C 考查时态。句意:直到所有的准备工作都做好了我们才开始工作。主句中用的将来

时,until 从句中用一般现在时或现在完成时,故选 C 项。 8.B 考查时态。定语从句中的谓语动作“推荐”发生在主句谓语动作“品尝”之前,也

就是“过去的过去”,故用过去完成时。 9.B 考查时态。“她以前已经见过绝大多数客人”是在“有这样的印象”之前,即“过

去的过去”,所以用过去完成时。句意:索菲娅环顾四周看了一下所有的面孔,她有这样的印象: 她以前见过绝大多数客人。故选 B 项。 10.D 句意 :——我如何能申请一个在线课堂 ?——填写这个表格, 我们将看看我们能为

你做些什么。答句是一个“祈使句+and+简单句”结构,后面的简单句常表示将来的情况,用一 般将来时态。 11.B 句意:——真遗憾,我昨晚错过了那个电视节目。——别担心,这个周末还会重播。 it 和 broadcast 之间为被动关系,且在这个周末发生,因此用将来时态的被动语态。 故选 B 项。 12.B 句意:——爱丽丝,你到这儿多久了?——只有几分钟,苏珊陪我走到这儿的。根据

语境可知,苏珊陪爱丽丝走到这儿是发生在过去的事,故应用一般过去时。 13.C 句意:我们希望明年这儿将栽上更多的树。根据 next year 可知,此处应用一般将 来时态,且 plant 和 more trees 之间为被动关系,故应用一般将来时态的被动语态。 14.D 此处强调的是对方举行生日聚会时说话人正在参加一个十分重要的会议,故应用

过去进行时。 15.C 由句意可知 ,Miriam 抵达的时候 Mr Whitaker 已经关了店 ,close 这一动作在

arrived 这一动作之前发生,所以用过去完成时。 16.D ——哎呀!你伤到我了。——对不起。但我不是有意伤你的。我当时正试图把一只 老鼠赶出去。 由 hurt 这一动作发生在过去可知,第一空应用一般过去时。 且根据句意可知,try 这一动作表示过去某个时间正在进行,所以第二空应用过去进行时。 17.D 分析句子成分可知,remove 与 computer 构成逻辑上的动宾关系,应用被动语态,排 除 A、C 两项;根据句意可知,remove 这一动作发生在 returned 之前,故此处应用过去完成时。 18.C 句意:——啊,天呀!有人把杯子打碎了。——不是我,我没有打碎它。根据答语可

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知,杯子被人打碎发生在过去,且对现在造成了一定的影响,故应用现在完成时。 19.B 句意:诺贝尔文学奖获得者莫言是听着在他家乡已讲述了数世纪的民间故事而长

大的。grow up 使用了过去时态,而 tell 发生在其前面,同时 tell 和 that(folk tales)之间 为被动关系,故此处应用过去完成时态的被动语态。 20.A 根据 “is to meet”可知,此处表示将来的情况,首先排除 B、D 两项;没人接机的 原因是 “当飞机抵达时,我的妻子将正在上夜班”,所以主句用将来进行时,而时间状语从句 用一般现在时替代一般将来时。 21.D 结合答语中第一句的内容以及时间状语 by this winter 可判断出,teach 这一动作 从过去的某一时间开始一直持续到将来的某个时间,所以用将来完成进行时。 22.D 句意:——你要去参加聚会吗?——不,我没有被邀请。现在完成时态典型的特征是 这一动作对现在造成了一定的影响,又因 invite 与 I 之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,故答案为 D 项。 23.A 时。 24.D 答句句意:多好啊!那时你们将在体验异域文化。答句显然强调今年夏天这个将来 句意:如果我没记错的话,我们第一次见面是在纽约。根据句意可知应用一般现在

时间正发生的事,故应用将来进行时态。 25.A 句意 : 当莉莉苏醒时 , 她不知道自己在这个洞穴里躺了多长时间了。根据句意可

知,lie 这一动作发生在 came 之前,且一直在持续,所以用过去完成进行时。 26.B 句意:詹妮好久都没有收到丈夫的来信了,显然他们的关系越来越紧张。根据 has

not heard from 可知,这里应用现在进行时。 27.C 答句句意:别担心,我帮你去取。等一下。此处 will 用于一般将来时,表示 “将要 做临时决定的事情”。 28.B 句意:——你拿到驾驶证了吗?——拿到了。我已经通过驾驶考试一个星期了。在

固定句型结构“It is+一段时间+since...”中,主句若用一般现在时,从句应用一般过去时。 29.A 句意:尽管我的毛衣有点儿贵,但它很好洗。根据前面的 is 可知应用一般现在时。 wash well “好洗,容易洗干净”,符合句意。 30.B play 和 tennis 之间是动宾关系,应用被动语态,排除 A、C 两项;且根据句中的 In general 可知,这里表示一个客观事实,应用一般现在时。故 B 项正确。

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