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【四川专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(三十五) [选修6 Module 5 Cloning]


[选修 6

Module 5


(限时:35 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空

1.—Have you finished your first paper? —________.Just half of it.How about you? A. Not at all C.Not a bit A.broke down C.broke in of their experiments. A.rose C.lifted B.raised D.arose B.Not likely D.Not yet the way you________on their conversation seemed somewhat rude. B.broke up D.broke into unexpected difficulties ________ in the course

2.Frankly speaking,

3. Although they had made careful preparation,

4.If he________well for his lessons yesterday,he________so many difficulties now. A.had prepared;wouldn't have B.had prepared;wouldn't have had C.prepared;wouldn't have D.prepared;wouldn't have had 5.—Kate, A.persist C.insist you went shopping again. Don't you know we've overspent this month? B.consist D.resist not knowing what to do, ________ by what she had seen. B.terrifying D.was terrified it may have side effects. —I know. But I just can't ________ the temptation of nice clothes.

6. The little girl stood there, A.terrified C.being terrified A.treat C.cure

7. Although this medicine can ________ you of your illness, B.recover D.examine

8.Most of us know we should cut down on fat, it ________ shopping and eating. A.refers to C.focuses on B.speaks of D.comes to

but knowing such things isn't much help when

9. She sat at her desk, A.fixing; absorbing C.fixed; absorbing A.companied

with her eyes ________ on the book, B.fixed; absorbed D.fixing; absorbed

________ in its plot.

10.Children under 14 must be________by an adult. B.accompanied

C.punished A.in need of C.for fear of

D.embarrassed B.instead of D.in search of B.broke out

11.He got to the station early, ________ missing his train.

12.The conversation ________ at this point. A.broke down C.broke up A.compete C.combine D.broke in B.compare D.contrast

13.Her actions________sharply with her promises.

14.Although________is generally agreed that this wine is much better than that one in quality, few wish to pay so much money for it. A.that C.this B.it D.one B.of great benefit D.to great benefit

15.The dictionary will be________ to me, I think. A.for great benefit C.with great benefit Ⅱ.完形填空 A businesswoman got into a taxi in midtown. As it was the rush hour and she was in a__16__to catch a train, she__17__a quick way to reach it. “I have been a taxi driver for 15 years!” the but the driver kept__20__. She driver said__18__. “You don't think I know the best way to go?” The woman tried to explain that she hadn't__19__to annoy him, finally realized that he was too annoyed to be__21__, you are right, __25__, way__24__the city.” the driver glanced at his__26__in the rearview mirror, turned down the street she ”she said. wanted and got her to the train on time. “He didn't say another word the rest of the ride, “__27__I got out and paid him. Then he thanked me.” When you find yourself __28__with people like the taxi driver, to__29__your idea. It can lead to longer arguments, difficult situations from__32__in a disaster. The__33__is to put yourself in the other person's shoes and look for the__34__in what that person is saying. Find a way to__35__, 16.A.hurry C.moment 17.A.chose C.found 18.A.jokingly C.anxiously 19.A.supposed C.meant C.asking 20.A.apologizing B.rush D.way B.made D.suggested B.angrily D.curiously B.expected B.driving D.decided D.shouting and the result may surprise you. you will always try lose job chances or__30__marriages. I have so she changed her__22__. “You know,

” she told him. “It must seem__23__for me not to think you know the best

discovered one simple__31__extremely unlikely method that can prevent the disagreement or other

21.A.reasonable C.normal 22.A.road C.direction 23.A.strange C.terrible 24.A.across C.through C.Annoyed 26.A.rider C.helper 27.A.until C.because 28.A.satisfied C.crowded 29.A.give up C.stick to C.suffer 31.A.and C.but C.setting C.key 34.A.fact C.expression 35.A.agree C.escape Ⅲ. 阅读理解 32.A.lying 33.A.problem 30.A.combine 25.A.Surprised


D.practical B.mind D.manner B.wrong D.stupid B.at D.along B.Worried D.Disappointed B.speaker D.comer B.after D.since B.concerned D.faced B.turn down D.point out B.destroy D.divide B.that

D.though B.resulting D.leading B.importance D.reply B.meaning D.truth B.argue D.fight time and effort be spent exploring understandably, are very

Why should mankind explore space? Why should money,

and researching something with so few apparent benefits? Why should resources be spent on space rather than on conditions and people on Earth? These are questions that, often asked. Perhaps the best answer lies in our genetic makeup (基因构成) as human beings.What drove our ancestors to move from the trees into the plains, wider the spread of a species, and on into all possible areas and environments? The the better its chance of survival.Perhaps the best reason for exploring because by doing so, any dangers in

space is this genetic tendency to expand wherever possible. Nearly every successful civilization has explored, destroyed by the danger.With knowledge, have no immediate need of them, surrounding areas can be identified and prepared for.Without knowledge, we can lessen its effects. we may be completely

Exploration also allows minerals and other potential (潜在的) resources to be found.Even if we they will perhaps be useful later.Resources may be more than

physical possessions.Knowledge or techniques have been acquired through exploration.The techniques may have medical applications which can improve the length or quality of our lives.We have already benefited from other spin- including improvements in earthquake prediction, offs byproducts (副产品) of technological developments in the space industry! While many resources are spent on what seems a small return, creative, the exploration of space allows it brave and intelligent members of our species to focus on what may serve to save us.While but knowledge can help human beings to survive.Without the surely the adaptive ability of humans but human life in satellites for weather forecasting and in communications systems.Even nonstick pans and mirrored sunglasses are

space may hold many wonders and explanations of how the universe was formed or how it works, also holds dangers.The danger exists, ability to reach out across space, the chance to save ourselves might not exist.

While Earth is the only planet known to support life,

would allow us to live on other planets.It is true that the lifestyle would be different, and cultures have adapted in the past and surely could in the future. 36.Why does the author mention the questions in Paragraph 1? A.To express his doubts. B.To compare different ideas. C.To introduce points for discussion. D.To describe the conditions on Earth. 37.What is the reason for exploring space based on Paragraph 2? A.Humans are nature?born to do so. B.Humans have the tendency to fight. C.Humans may find new sources of food. D.Humans don't like to stay in the same place.

38.The underlined word“spin?offs”in Paragraph 4 probably refers to ________. A.survival chances B.potential resources C.unexpected benefits D.physical possessions 39.What makes it possible for humans to live on other planets? A.Our genetic makeup. B.Resources on the earth. C.The adaptive ability of humans. D.By?products in space exploration. 40.Which of the statements can best sum up the passage? A.Space exploration has created many wonders. B.Space exploration provides the best value for money. C.Space exploration can benefit science and technology. D.Space exploration may help us avoid potential problems on Earth.

课时作业(三十五) Ⅰ.1.D 考查交际用语。Not at all.一点也不,根本不;Not likely.不可能;Not a bit.非常, 很,极其;Not yet.还没有。根据应答句中的“Just half of it.”可知应选 D。 2.C break in (on sth)打断(谈话),插嘴。 3.D 合句意。 4.A 5.D 6.A 词形式。 7.C 考查动词搭配。cure sb of sth 是固定搭配,意为“治愈某人的疾病”。 8.D 9.B 10.B 考查固定句型。when it comes to 意为“涉及,当谈到??”。 考查非谓语动词。eyes 与 fix 之间构成被动关系,故用 fixed;表示“被??吸引, accompany 陪伴;陪同。句意:14 岁以下的孩子必须有大人陪同。 考查虚拟语气。主句与现在事实相反,故用“wouldn't +动词原形”; 而从句与 考查动词搭配。resist the temptation of sth 意为“抵抗住某物的诱惑”。 考查非谓语动词。terrify 与主语 the little girl 之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过去分 过去事实相反,故用过去完成时, 这是混合条件句的虚拟语气。 考查动词辨析。arise 意为“出现,引起,产生”; rise 意为“起立,起身”;lift 意为“提起,举起”;raise 意为“举起,筹集,抚养,提升,提拔”。根据题意,只有 D 项符

专心致志于??”时,用 absorbed in,常用来表示人的状态,故 B 项正确。 11.C 考查介词短语辨析。in need of 意为“需要”; instead of 意为“代替”;for fear of 意为“害怕”;in search of 意为“寻找”。 12.A 13.D 14.B 考查动词短语辨析。break down 意为“中断”;break out 意为“突然发生”; 考查动词辨析。compete with 和??竞争;compare with 与??比较;combine with 考查代词辨析。此处 it 作形式主语,与 agree 构成句型:It is(generally) agreed that? 句意:虽然人们公认这种酒较之那种品质优良得多,但很少有人愿意花这 break up 意为“粉碎,分裂,结束,解散”;break in 意为“插嘴”。根据题意选 A。 和??结合,联合;contrast with 与??形成对照。句意:她的行动与承诺形成鲜明的对比。 大家普遍认为?? 么多钱去买它。 15.B 处”。 Ⅱ.一位女商人要到市中心去,打车时建议司机走某条路,引起了司机的强烈反应。于是, 女商人认错,承认司机更熟悉城市道路,最终及时到达目的地。由此可知,换位思考,先设法 认可对方意见,你可能得到意想不到的结果。 16.A 17.D 18.B 20.D 21.A 的。 22.B 23.B change one's mind 改变主意/想法。女商人见此情景,她改变了想法。 女商人对司机说自己似乎犯错误了,居然认为司机不是对城市道路最熟悉的人。 因为是交通高峰期,她急于赶火车,于是向司机建议了一条能最快到达目的地的 此题易误选 A,但从下文来看,此处并未选定走哪条路,只是建议而已。 从司机所说的话来判断,他一定是“很生气”。下文中 annoy 一词也是暗示。 结合上下文语境可知,司机不断“大喊大叫”。 她意识到他恼怒得已经不讲道理了。reasonable 意为“讲道理的,有理性的”,符 路。in a hurry to do sth 急于做某事。 考查常用搭配。(be) of great benefit 相当于(be) beneficial, 表示“(对??)有益/有好

19.C 女商人试图向司机解释,她并不是“想要”惹司机生气。

合语境。thoughtful 沉思的,思考的;normal 正常的,平常的;practical 实际的,实践的,实用

可知答案为 B,stupid 语气太重。 24.C through 表示“从??的一端到另一端,穿过,贯穿”,符合题意。

25.A 送她了。 26.A 27.A 28.D 时??

对女商人的突然转变,司机自然是感到“吃惊”的,他不再跟她争论,居然开车 坐在出租车的自然应是乘客(rider)。 直到女商人下车付车费,司机一句话也没有再讲。本句考查了句型 not?until?意 be faced with 面对。此处意为:当你发现自己面对像这位出租车司机那样的人


29.C 结合下文内容可知,此处意为:当你发现自己面对像这位出租车司机那样的人 时,你常常试图坚持己见,但是这样只能引起更多的争执。由此可知应选 C,stick to 遵守,坚 持。 30.B 31.D 此处指固执己见的后果之一是破坏婚姻。destroy 指“毁坏,毁灭,破坏”。 易误选 C。but 强调的是 but 后面的内容,但本句强调的是 one simple method,故可

将其排除。而选 though 则可指“我”发现一种简单的方法,虽然不是特别容易做到,但能阻止 危机的发生。 32.B 34.D 35.A result in 表示“引起,导致,以??为结局”,符合题意。 truth 指“真理,正确的因素”。此处意为:关键是要换位思考,要承认对方话语 先设法“认可”对方(的意见),你可能会得到意想不到的结果。 33.C 此处意为:关键是要站在别人的立场上。key 意为“关键”,符合题意。 中的某些合理成分。 Ⅲ.本文主要就太空探索展开讨论;虽然我们没有从太空探索中直接受益很多,但是在其他 领域间接地受益了不少,有可能帮助我们避免地球上许多潜在的问题。 36.C 推理判断题。从第一段的几个问句“为什么人类要探索太空?为什么花那么多的 钱、时间和精力,而受益又很少?”推知其目的是介绍讨论的重点。故答案选 C。 37.A 推理判断题。从第二段的第一句 Perhaps the best answer lies in our genetic makeup as this genetic tendency to expand wherever human beings 和本段最后一句 Perhaps the best?is possible.可知,答案为 A。 38.C 词义猜测题。从本句句意“我们已经从其他我们没有料想到的方面受益了,如地 震预测的提升??”可知, 这里意思是“没有预料到的益处”,推知答案选 C。 39.C 细节理解题。从最后一段第一句 While Earth is the only planet known to support life, surely the adaptive ability of humans would allow us to live on other planets.得知人类的适应能力可 能让我们能够生活在其他星球上。故答案选 C。 40.D 选 D。 主旨大意题。通读全文得知其大意为:虽然我们没有从太空探索中直接受益很 多,但是在其他领域间接地受益了不少,有可能帮助我们避免地球上许多潜在的问题。故答案

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