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2014年高考英语总复习(必修5)课时作业25:Unit 5 First aid

课时作业 25

Unit 5

First aid

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Excuse me,may I use your car? —I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't ________ the car key just at the moment. A.rely on C.put my hands on B.break away from D.keep my hands off

解析:句意: “打扰一下,我可以用一下你的车吗?” “对不起。恐怕我不能 马上找到车钥匙。 ”put one's hands on 意为“找到” ,符合句意。rely on 依靠; break away from 挣脱;keep one's hands off 不要管,不要碰。 答案:C 2.(2013· 浙江萧山中学月考)—How do you like Robie? —He has been trying hard at his subjects. ________ he is an excellent student. A.No wonder C.No excuse B.No problem D.No doubt

解析: doubt 毫无疑问。 wonder 难怪; excuse 没有借口; problem no no no no 没问题。 答案:D 3.She knows how to make full use of her time and her parents never put ________ on her to work hard. A.force C.burden B.pressure D.weight

解析:put pressure on sb.(to do sth.)“给某人施压;强迫、促使或劝说某人(做 某事)” 。 答案:B 4.I think it is ________ that she should be knowledgeable about computers for her present job. A.urgent B.normal



解析: 根据后面宾语从句的结构可以判断出所填的词必须具有能使其后的从 句是虚拟语气的功能,四个词中只有 essential“必不可少的”有此用法。 答案:C 5 . The opening between the doors was very narrow , but we managed to________through. A.press C.stretch B.squeeze D.keep

解析:squeeze through 挤着通过;press 按,压;stretch 延伸。 答案:B 6.After the show,the crowd________out of the theater. A.poured C.drew B.melted D.dismissed

解析:pour 涌出,涌来;melt 融化;draw 绘画,注意,移动;dismiss 考虑, 解雇,解散,根据句意,A 为正确选项。 答案:A 7. (2013· 四川省南充市模拟)It ________ Sunday, there were no students having classess in the school. A. being C.was B.to be D.were

解析:考查独立主格结构,It being Sunday,相当于原因状语从句 Because it was Sunday。 答案:A 8.—Do remember to see a doctor tomorrow! —________. A.Got it C.Made it B.Heard it D.Taken it

解析:句意:——务必记住明天去看医生!——明白。口语中常用“got it” 表示“知道了”“明白了” 、 。 答案:A

9.It's a good habit to keep everything________in your study. A.in the way C.in hand B.in place D.in case

解析:句意:把书房里的物品摆放得井井有条是个好习惯。in place“在适 当的位置” 项“挡路” 项“在手里;在掌握下” 项“以防万一” 。A ;C ;D 。 答案:B 10 . (2013· 河南师大 附中月考 )Charlie had reached a point in his career ________ he needed to decide whether to open branches in some other big cities. A.that C.what B.which D.where

解析:先行词为 a point,定语从句中缺状语,故用 where 引导。 答案:D 11.(2013· 山东聊城调研)—How come everything tastes bitter? —Well, things ________ taste different to you when you are suffering a cold. A.may C.must B.should D.would

解析:may 大概,也许。句意:一切尝起来是苦的是怎么回事?——嗯,你 感冒时东西大概尝起来就不同了。 答案:A 12.(2013· 大连市模拟)—Do you know that not until the winter of ________ to know each other? —Yes, I know. It was not until the spring of 2007 that ________ married. A.they got; they got C.did they get; did they get B.they got; did they get D.did they get; they got 2005

解析:not until 置于句首,句子采用部分倒装;It was not until...that...为固定 强调句型,故 D 项正确。 答案:D 13 . (2013·淮 北 模 拟 )It is clear that the number of cars on the roads________rising with the development of the society. A.keep B.was keeping


D.were keeping

解析: 句意: 很明显, 随着社会的发展, 路上汽车数量在持续增加。 number the of 的意思是“??的数量” ,在句中作主语,其谓语应用第三人称单数;由句意 可知讲的是现在的情况,应用一般现在时。 答案:C 14.—I hear Alice was badly injured in the accident and sent to hospital. —________,we should go and see her immediately. A.If so C.On condition that B.When necessary D.Believe it or not

解析:考查省略。句意:——我听说 Alice 在事故中受伤严重,并且被送进 了医院。 ——如果是那样的话, 我们应该马上去看她。 so 如果这(那)样的话??; if when necessary 有必要时??;on condition that 如果??;believe it or not 信不 信由你,根据句意可知选 A 项。 答案:A 15 . (2013·衡 水 检 测 )Beijing was attacked by such a terrible

sandstorm________few residents had ever experienced before. A.as C.and it was B.which D.that

解析:考查定语从句。as 在此处为关系代词,作 sandstorm 的定语。 因为 前面有 such,应用 as,不可用 which。 答案:A Ⅱ.完形填空 (2012· 湖北高考) I tend to accept any idea put forward by experts on TV. One day, a sociologist proposed that the __1__ society has been consuming modern humans little by little. For fear that I would become a victim of the consumer society, I __2__ hurried to a bicycle shop in my neighborhood. __3__ the shopkeeper Mr. Johnson was selling me the bicycle, he said, “This is the best thing you __4__ have done. Life has become hopelessly __5__. A bicycle is simple, and it brings to you __6__ things: fresh air, sunshine and exercise.” I agreed. Happy as a child, I got on the bicycle and headed out onto the streets. After some time, I __7__ at the other end of the town. I was

__8__ that this simple vehicle could let me __9__ long distances in a fairly short time. But how __10__ did I really go? Since I hated to be __11__, I went back to Mr. Johnson and asked him to __12__ an odometer (里程表) on my bicycle. He agreed, but __13__, “An odometer without a speedometer (速度计) is like a __14__ without a knife.” I admitted he was right and in a few minutes, the two devices (装置) were __15__ to the handlebars of my bicycle. “What about a horn?” he then asked. “Look, this horn is no larger than a matchbox and has many __16__.” Attracted by these functions, I bought the horn. “You can't leave the back part __17__, noted Mr. Johnson. He fixed a metal ” box with buttons __18__ the seat, and said, “Is there anything better than this oven when you feel __19__ on your way? I can give you a special discount.” I was not strong enough to __20__ the offer. “I congratulate you once more; this is the best thing you could have done, ” said Mr. Johnson in the end. 1.A.adult C.consumer 2.A.eventually C.reluctantly 3.A.Although C.As 4.A.would C.must 5.A.boring C.stressful 6.A.natural C.complex 7.A.gave up C.calmed down 8.A.amazed C.confused 9.A.march B.human D.bachelor B.immediately D.gratefully B.Because D.Unless B.should D.could B.complicated D.tough B.mysterious D.unique B.broke down D.ended up B.amused D.concerned B.drive

C.cover 10.A.far C.fast 11.A.unreliable C.unprepared 12.A.fix C.repair 13.A.swore C.replied 14.A.pencil C.box 15.A.distributed C.applied 16.A.shapes C.functions 17.A.loose C.bare 18.A.beside C.below 19.A.sick C.hot 20.A.consider C.make

D.measure B.long D.deep B.impractical D.inaccurate B.check D.lay B.added D.concluded B.fork D.cake B.converted D.attached B.sizes D.models B.blank D.incomplete B.before D.behind B.hungry D.thirsty B.withdraw D.resist 答案与解析


根据该句中的 consuming 以及下一句中的 the consumer society 可知,

此处指的是“消费社会” 。 2.B 作者担心自己成为消费社会的受害者,立刻赶去小区的自行车商店

里。immediately 修饰动词 hurried 能表现出作者迫不及待的心情。 3.C as 在此处引导时间状语从句,表示“店主约翰逊先生一边卖给我自

行车一边说??” 。


自行车商店的店主夸奖作者说: “这是你能够做得最好的一件事。 ”

文章最后一段也有提示。 5. 根据下文的句子“A bicycle is simple.”可知, B 此处指生活变得十分复杂, 两者构成对比。 6.A things 后面列举的 fresh air,sunshine,exercise 都是自然的事情,所 以选择 natural。 7.D 作者高兴地骑上自行车,一段时间后,作者已经到达了小镇的另一

端。give up“放弃” ;break down“出故障,坏掉” ;calm down“平静下来” ;end up“最终成为,最后处于” 。 8.A 自行车这么简单的交通工具能让作者在较短时间内行驶这么长的距

离,这令作者感到惊讶、不可思议。 9.C cover 在此处意为“经过(一段路程)” ,与宾语 long distances 搭配。

10.A 根据下文作者想要安装一个里程表可知,作者很想知道自己到底走 了多远的路。 11.D 作者既然想要安装里程表,这说明作者是一个非常较真的人,不喜 欢稀里糊涂的, 没有准确的数据。 unreliable “不可靠的, 不能信任的” impractical ; “不切实际的,无用的” ;unprepared“没有准备好的” ;inaccurate“不精确的, 不准确的” 。 12.A 作者重新回到自行车店,让店主给他的自行车安装一个里程表。倒 数第二段第二句出现了 fixed 一词。 13.B 根据店主所说的话可知,店主同意了作者的要求,但是补充了新的 建议。 14.B 根据生活常识可知,在吃西餐时,刀和叉是密不可分的,此处店主 用刀和叉的关系说明里程表和速度计缺一不可。 15. 此处承接上文, D 里程表和速度计被店主安装在作者的自行车把手上。 distribute“分发,分配” ;convert“转换” ;apply“应用” ;attach“把??固定, 把??附在??上” 。 16.C 根据下文的“Attracted by these functions,...”可知,此处说明喇叭

有很多功能。 17.C 店主又发表高见了: “你不能让自行车后边空着。 ”bare“光秃秃的,

空荡荡的” ;loose“不牢固的” ;blank“空白的,无内容的” ;incomplete“不完 全的,不完整的” 。 18.D 这个带按钮的金属箱被安装在自行车的后座上。 19.B 根据生活常识可知,烤箱的主要作用是烘烤食物,所以此处指的是 “如果你在路上觉得饿了,还有比烤箱更好的东西吗?” 20.D 根据全文内容可知,作者是个没有主见、优柔寡断的人,自然无法 抵制店主的花言巧语。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 (2012· 陕西高考) Spring is coming, and it is time for those about to graduate to look for jobs. Competition is tough, so job seekers must carefully consider their personal choices. Whatever we are wearing, our family and friends may accept us, but the workplace may not. A high school newspaper editor said it is unfair for companies to discourage visible tattoos (纹身)nose rings, or certain dress styles. It is true you can't judge a book by its cover, yet people do “cover” themselves in order to convey (传递)certain messages. What we wear, including tattoos and nose rings, is an expression of who we are. Just as people convey messages about themselves with their appearances, so do companies. Dress standards exist in the business world for a number of reasons, but the main concern is often about what customers accept. Others may say how to dress is a matter of personal freedom, but for businesses it is more about whether to make or lose money. Most employers do care about the personal appearances of their employees (雇员), because those people represent the companies to their customers. As a hiring manager I am paid to choose the people who would make the best impression on our customers. There are plenty of wellqualified candidates, so it is not wrong to reject someone who might disappoint my customers. Even though I am openminded, I can't expect all our customers are. There is nobody to blame but yourself if your set of choices does not match that of your preferred employer. No company should have to change to satisfy a candidate simply because he or she is unwilling to respect its standards, as long as its standards are legal.

1. Which of the following is the newspaper editor's opinion according to Paragraph 2? A.People's appearances carry messages about themselves. B.Customers' choices influence dress standards in companies. C.Candidates with tattoos or nose rings should be fairly treated. D.Strange dress styles should not be encouraged in the workplace. 2. What can be inferred from the text? A.Candidates have to wear what companies prefer for an interview. B.What to wear is not a matter of personal choice for companies. C.Companies sometimes have to change to respect their candidates. D.Hiring managers make the best impression on their candidates. 3. Which of the following would be the best title for the text? A.Employees Matter B.Personal Choices Matter C.Appearances Matter D.Hiring Managers Matter 4. The author's attitude towards strange dress styles in the workplace may best be described as ________. A.enthusiastic C.positive B.negative D.sympathetic 答案与解析 1.C 推理判断题。根据本段的第一句:他认为对纹身及某些服装样式进

行禁止是不公平的, 可知 C 项正确, 项错误。 “...people do cover’themselves D 根据 ‘ in order to convey certain messages.”可知 A 项错误。 2.B 推理判断题。从第三段第二句可知因为那些人代表他们的公司,及

从第四段可知在公司里一个人穿什么不是个人的选择而是代表公司,故选 B 项。 3.C 主旨大意题。文章第一段即提出了本文的中心:我们的着装要符合

公司的要求。下面几段都是围绕这个中心叙述的,故选 C 项。 4.B 推理判断题。根据第三段的第二句可知,老板们会非常重视员工的

外表, 因为他们代表的是公司; 从第四段中的公司会选择那些给顾客留下好印象

的人可知, 作者对待奇装异服态度是否定的。enthusiastic“热心的” ;negative “消 极的,否定的” ;positive“积极的,肯定的” ;sympathetic“同情的” 。

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