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unit 2 success stories 包文婧 新世纪高中英语 一年级第一学期

Unit 2 success stories

女雕刻家 雕塑


sculptress sculpture

The talented sculptor now plans to come to the UK to work

on another piece. 现在,这位天才雕塑家计划来英国创作另一 件。

[? krɑ:ftsm?n] craftsman
n. 手艺人
craft n.工艺;手艺;

This work of art is made by the craftsman. 这件工艺品是由工匠制造的。

['w?:k??p] workshop
n. 作坊,车间
n.作品 单 work 复 works Parents no longer attend to children as past, and the home is no more a workshop.

[ 'li?d?? ] leading
adj. 最好的,最重要的,最成功的

v. lead 导致 lead to


Heart disease is one of the leading killers in Britain. 在英国,心脏病是一个主要的杀手之一。

adv. 普遍地,广泛地 We generally trust our capacity to manage ourselves, but we do not trust the capacity of others to manage themselves.

[r?'ɡɑ?d]v. 把… … 看作,视为
n. 关心,关注 Learning and growing up in such an environment, one may regard dreaming as an unproductive act.
在这样的环境中学习和成长,人们会把做梦当作一种 徒劳无益的行为。

No one showed the least regard for my feelings. 没有人关心我的感受。

[a?t'st? nd??]

比较级 more outstanding 最高级 most outstanding 出色的表现

Outstanding Performance

The boy who won the scholarship was a quite outstanding student.


['si?l? ?] ceiling
n. 天花板,平顶

The rooms were spacious, with tall windows and high ceilings.

['s? t?sfa?d]
adj. 满意的, 满足的
Make a sentence according to the picture

be satisfied with 满意;对…感到满意

? satisfied (人)感到满意的 ? satisfying 令人满意的 ? satisfactory

? satisfaction
To one’s satisfaction, …

[‘t?? p?l ] chapel
n. 小教堂

小教堂 庙,寺




chapel church

cathedral church chapel


adj. 向上的;上升的 adv. (又作upwards)向上
She gave him a quick, upward look, then lowered her eyes. 她飞速地抬眼看了看他,然后又垂下双眼。 The smoke from the camp fire curled upward.

[,f? s?'ne???n] fascination
n. 迷人的事物, 吸引力

v. fascinate 入迷
Music is no national boundaries, nobody can resist the fascination of the music. 音乐没有国界,没有人能拒绝音乐的魅力。 Chinese culture never fails to fascinate westerners. 中国文化总令西方人着迷。

adj. 来自(发生在)国外的 adv. 向(在)海外(国外)

He said he would travel overseas if he had a long holiday. 他说如果有长假,他就去国外旅游。

He qualified in London as a teacher of English overseas.


n. 杰作,名作, 代表作 Definition:
A masterpiece is an extremely good painting, novel, film, or other work of art. She said she was going to take me to see a masterpiece of stone carving. 她说要带我去看个石雕的杰作。

She was a terrific ship, and a masterpiece of naval construction.

Battle two
Words (meaning)

adj. 最好的,最重要的,最成功的 n. 雕刻艺术,雕塑艺术,雕刻作品 masterpiece generally sculptor

n. 天花板,平顶

n. 小教堂

leading fascination adj. 来自(发生在)国外的

adj. 杰出的 n. 雕刻家,雕塑家 generally sculpture adj. 满意的, 满足的 n. 作坊,车间 chapel outstanding n. 关心,关注 adv. 向(在)海外(国外) upward n. 迷人的事物, 吸引力 adv. 普遍地,广泛地

n. 杰作,名作, 代表作


adv. 向(在)海外(国外) adv. (又作upwards)向上 n. 手艺人 satisfied regard ceiling overseas workshop v. 把… … 看作,视为

Task 3 (Expressions & proper Nouns)

Meanings & Usages

at an early age


We are partly responsible for this situation, at an early age we encourage grown like adults, just because we find it amusing.

Recent study shows that an increasing number of students go abroad at an early age.

by the time

到… … 之前, 不迟于

时态提示词: 完成时态
By the time I got to the office, most of the cars had filled up and driven off. By the time the sun rises, I shall have been sleeping for nine hours.

regard as


I regard you as a friend.

He regard his new bike as the apple of his eye.

If something goes wrong, don't just regard it as a temporary setback; but use it as feedback.

turn down


Sorry, but I'll have to turn down your offer. Why give an employer a reason to turn you down?

shut up somebody 把某人隔离
The thief was shut up in prison.

go through


You're a child. You know nothing about what people go through.

China is going to go through a very dramatic period.

lie on one’s back


On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.

Lie on your back and lift up your legs eight times.

a great number of 许多(后接可数名词)
A great number of factories have sprung up in the countryside.

Well known for his expert advice, he was able to help a great number of people with their personal affairs.

can’t help but do something can’t help doing something

I can't help but wonder what I should do next.
Well, I wouldn't say that, but I do know something. So how can I help you?

[?ma ?k?l??nd ???l? ?]

Sistine Chapel

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