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2.4【含答案 老师方便又实用】高一阅读完形填空短文改错


By Sonia

【完形填空】 Many people think that Americans When


their cars almost more than anything else.

2__ people are fourteen years old, they want to have their __3_ cars. They don’t ask 4__. So many of them work in _5_ time during their last year of high 6 _ and getting a driver’s license may be one of the most

for a car from their

school to buy a car. Learning to

exciting things in a young person’s life. Some people almost 7 _ go to a doctor when they are ill. But they will __8_ their cars 9 . On Saturdays or Sundays some people may

to a garage as soon as they think there is a 10

most of their time washing and repairing their cars. 1. A. prefer 2. A. little 3. A. new 4. A, friends 5. A. free 6. A. make 7. A. always 8. A. take B. love B. big B. own C. drive C. old D. play D. young D. cheap D. brothers

C. expensive C. parents

B. teachers B. busy B. mend B. never B. carry

C. study C. wash C. often C. pull

D. good D. drive D. usually D. lift

9. A. question 10. A. cost

B. wrong B. get

C. mistake D. use

D. problem

C. spend



By Sonia

【文章赏析】 本文介绍了美国人尤其是年轻人对于轿车的厚爱,并列举了一些事例加以说明。让人们看到了一个发 达国家的富裕和人民生活的繁荣。 【答案解析】 1. B。通过下文的事例不难看出美国人对汽车不是一般的喜欢,故用 love it,较贴近文章的意思。 2. D。按常识,十四五岁的人应称为年轻人,故应说 young。 3. B。根据下文他们不想通过索要来获取别人的小轿车,而是想拥有自己的小汽车,故选 own。 4. C。如果说想要索要小汽车的话,那只有先从父母亲那儿开始了,故应选 parents。 5. A。十四五岁的年轻人大多在上学,所以工作占用的应是上学期间的空隙,故应选 free。 6. D。要想获得驾照得先学开车,故应选 drive。 7. B。与下文“车子一有问题就去修理”相对应,有些人病了却从不看医生,故应选 never。 8. A。carry 应为“搬运”,push 为“推”,lift 意思为“举,提起”都不合文意,take sth. to 某地, 意为“把……带到……”。 9. D。只能选择一个名词, 表示汽车的“故障,毛病”, 故选 problem。 10. C。spend some time doing sth。为一个固定搭配,意为“花时间干某事”。



By Sonia

【阅读理解】 More and more people like bicycling and it is no surprise. It is fun, healthy and good for the environment. Maybe that’s why there are 1.4 billion bicycles and only 400 million cars on roads worldwide today. Bikes can take you almost anywhere, and there is no oil cost! Get on a bicycle and ride around your neighbourhood. You may discover something new all around you. Stopping and getting off a bike is easier than stopping and getting out of your car. You can bike to work and benefit (受益) from the enjoyable exercise without polluting the environment. You don’t even have to ride all the way. Folding (折叠) bikes work well for people who ride the train. Just fold the bike and take it with you. You can do the same on an airplane. A folding bike can be packed in a suitcase. You can also take a common bike with you when you fly. But be sure to look for information by getting on airline websites. Not all airlines are bicycle-friendly to travellers. Health Benefits of Bicycling: ● It helps to prevent heart diseases. ● Bicycling helps to control your weight. A 15-minute bike ride to and from work three times a week burns off five kilos of fat in a year. ● Bicycling can improve your mood (心情). Exercise like bicycling has been shown to make people feel better, more relaxed and self-confident. ● Bicycling is healthier than driving. 1. From the passage, we know that bicycling is becoming very __________. A. surprising B. exciting C. expensive D. popular 2. When you are riding your bicycle around your neighbourhood, you may __________. A. pollute the environment around C. go everywhere and use a little oil A. get out of the car C. put it in your purse A. you can fold the bicycle C. you will be more relaxed B. find something you didn’t notice D. get off your bike and begin to work B. take it onto a train D. go on airline websites B. you will be friendly to others D. you may get fatter and fatter

3. If you travel with a folding bike, you can fold it and __________.

4. One of the benefits from bicycling is that __________.

5. Which is TRUE according to the passage? A. Bicycling is enjoyable exercise for people. B. Driving cars is healthier than riding bikes. C. Riding a bike pollutes your neighbourhood. D. Common bikes are welcomed by all airlines.


By Sonia

【内容摘要】 本文是说明文。自行车越来越受到人们的欢迎,因为它有益于人的身心健康,有益于环境, 给人以乐趣,并且携带方便。 1. D 推理判断题 文章第一段的前两句点明了文章的主题:人们越来越喜欢自行车。整个文章的内容也

是围绕此主题进行的,所以答案为 popular“受欢迎”。surprising 令人奇怪的;exciting 令人兴奋地; expensive 昂贵的。 2. B 细节理解题 A 项和第二段末句中“…without polluting the environment”内容相悖;C 项和第一 段最后一句内容相矛盾;D 项内容在文中未找到相配的信息。只有 B 项“你也许会发现以前没注意到的事物 /情”和文章的第二段第二句“You may discover something new all around you 你也许会在你周围有 新的发现”内容相符所以 B 为正确答案。 3. B 细节理解题 根据第三段第一句可得出答案。 4. C 细节理解题 从 Health Benefits of Bicycling 下面的第三部分内容中可知答案。 5. A 细节理解题 B 项内容和文章最后一句相矛盾; C 项内容和第二段倒数第二句中 “…without

polluting the environment”内容相悖;D 项内容和第三段末句内容不符。A 项内容在第二段倒数第二句 点明,所以 A 为正确答案。



By Sonia

【完形填空】Why do I want to go to college? No one has ever asked me __1 _ a question. But many times I have asked myself. I have __2__ a whole variety of reasons. __3__ important reason is that I want to be a better man. Many things make human beings different __4__ or better than or even superior to animals. One of the most important things is __5__ . If I fail to receive higher education , my education __6__. As I want to be a fully __7__ man, I must get a well-rounded education, which good colleges and universities are supposed to __8__. I know one can get educated in many ways, but colleges and universities are __9_ the best places to teach me how to educate myself. Only when I am well-educated, will I be a better human being and __10__ fit into society. 1. A. quite B. so C. such B. agreed with D. another C. been fed up with D. Much D. from D. science D. has finished D. experience D. provide D. outside D. be able to best D. got on well with

2. A. come up with 3. A. Most 4. A. to 5. A. education 6. A. finished 7. A. develop 8. A. improve 9. A. between 10. A. can good

B. The most B. around B. weather B. don’t finish B. developed B. graduate B. among B. may better

C. More C. between

C. temperature C. will not finish C. developing C. hear C. inside

C. be able to better



By Sonia

【答案解析】 1. C。such 常用在不定冠词或名词前修饰可数名词或不可数名词,表示“此类的”、“这种的”,故 suc h 为正确选项。 2. A。come up with 意为“提出、找出”;agree with 意为“同意”;be fed up with 意为“对…… 厌倦”;get on well with 意为“和……相处得好”。根据文意 A 为正确选项。 3. B。上文讲到我曾找到过各种各样的原因,其中最重要的原因应当是……,因此这里应用 importan t 的最高级,故选 the most。 4. D。固定结构 be different from 表示“不同于……”。 5. A。本段着重说明了教育在人的发展中的作用,以及大学在教育中的地位。作为总括句,本空应填 education。 6. C。这是一个含有条件状语从句的复合句,意为“如果我不能受到更高等的教育,我就无法完成我的 学业”,故选 will not finish 为正确选择。 7. B。这里只能选可作定语的选项。过去分词 developed 表示“成熟的”,为正确选项。 8. D。大学应是提供高等教育的地方, provide 符合文意为正确选项。 9. B。介词 among 可表示”包括……在内”为正确选项。 10. C。与前半句相对应,这里仍应用比较级,而 may better 意思不对,因此 be able to better 为正确选项。



By Sonia

【阅读理解】One day, there was a blind man called John sitting on the bench with a hat by his feet and a sign that read, "I am blind. Please help me.” A creative publicist(广告员)named Tom was walking by the blind man and stopped to see that the man only had a few coins in his hat. He put a few of his own coins in the hat. Without asking for permission, took the sign, turned it around and wrote a new message. Then he put the sign by the feet of the blind man, and left. Later that afternoon the publicist returned to the blind man and noticed that his hat was almost full of bills and coins. The blind man. He also wanted to know what the man wrote on it.n recognized(识别)his footsteps and asked if it was he who had changed his sign. The publicist said, "I just wrote the message a little differently.” He smiled and went on his way.The new sign read, "Spring has come, but I can't see anything.” 1. What's the blind man's name? A. Tom. B. John. C. Tony. D. Sorry, I don't know.

2. Who wrote a new message? A. The blind man. C. The publicist. B. The teacher. D. The farmer.

3. How did the blind man recognize the publicist? A. By his sign. B. By his footsteps. C. By his voice. D. By his corns. 4. When did the story happen? A. In spring. B. In summer. C. In autumn. D. In winter. 5. What can we learn from the passage? A. Publicists are always friendly and helpful. B. We can get more money by changing a sign. C. The blind man is very stupid, so he has little money. D. The power (力量) of language is great.



By Sonia

【内容摘要】街头上一位行乞的盲人得不到别人的帮助,而一位名叫汤姆的广告员帮这位盲人改动了一下 行乞的牌子,盲人便收获了意想不到的帮助,原因到底出在哪里呢? 1. B 细节理解题。由文章首句“there was a blind man called John sitting on the bench”可知,这位 盲人叫 John。 2. C 细节理解题。由第二段中“A creative publicist(广告员)named Tom was walking……”和“turned it around and wrote a new message.”可知,是广告员 Tom 写的。 3. B 细节理解题。由“The blind man recognized(识别)his footsteps……”可知,盲目通过识别脚步识 别出了这位广告员。 4. A 细节理解题。由末句“Spring has come, but I can't see anything”可知,事情发生在春天。 5. D 拓展题。由全文可知,这位广告员只是改动了一下牌子,就收到了好的效果。说明了语言的力量是伟 大的。



By Sonia

【5】Good morning, everyone. Yesterday I received a letter from a elderly gentleman. He told me the other day he saw that some student in our school uniform crowded onto a bus without waiting their turns. On the bus they refuse to offer their seats for old people. What was worse, they even said dirty words to each other. I am very much sorry for this. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s old people. Respect the old and caring for the young is a fine tradition of our Chinese. Every one of us have the responsibility to keep it up. I hope that you can learn something this incident and you will have good manners whether you are inside or outside the school. Thank you.

【6】Hello! I’m Hannah, is former Editor of Kiwibox’s Life & People section.I’ve now moved and became the Senior Editor of Books & School. A little about me you may not know: I am 17- year – old high school junior from Arizona. I’ve been on Kiwibox for January of 2004, which I became a reporter. Outside of Kiwibox, my hobbies include music, writing and just hanging out and try to get through high school. I’m really happily to be a part of the Books & School section. I love read and write, so book reviews are always a lot of funs. If you have any questions or comments about this section, I’d love to answer it. You can reach me at gingermulatta.



By Sonia

(5)第一行 a—an

第二行 student—students 第三行 refuse— refused ; for— to 第七

第四行 much 去掉 第五行 Respect— Respecting 第六行 our— us ; have — has 行 this 前加 from;and 后加 that (6)第一行 is 后加 the for→since

第二行 became→become 第三行 17—year—old→a 17—year—old; 第五行 try→trying 85.it→them 第六行 happily→happy ; love 后

第四行 which→when

加 to 第七行 funs→fun 第八行


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