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一、翻译' 1. coach: 2 3 relax : jog: 6.苗条的: 7.节食 : 8.增加体重 : 9.熬夜 : 10.交通堵塞 :






1.What food do you ________?Chinese food or the Western food ? 2.Wangyang told me some ___with interesting cartoon movies. 3.Liming held the____of sales manager in the company. 4.He looked___.and his clothes were in a terrible state. 5.We are now studying under very good ______. 6.May I know your shoes _____. 7.I think there is nothing ______ in this store.

4. vacation : 5 career: 二、写出这些动词的过去式 write : study: play: know: cut: have: put: help: say: do:

8.The doctor____me to take more exercise. 9.A large _____ of money is needed to build a highway to link the two 10.The hotel is _____ near the new shopping center. cities.

give: make: begin: read: see:

四、Choose the best answer: 20'
( )1. Our TV set _____ yesterday. A. is repaired C. has been repaired ( B. was repaired D. repaired

)2. A wonderful English talk _____ by Mr Liu tomorrow. A. has been given C. is being given B. is given D. will be given

三、Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the words: 20'


)3. Would you please ____ drop your shoes on the floor at night? A.not; to B. not C. don't D. won't


)4. This maths problem _____ out by little Tom. A. can be easily work B. can easily be worked







C. can is easily worked (

D. can easily worked (

A. don't go

B. to go

C. to go to

D.go to

)5. The monkeys ______ to the zoo tomorrow morning. A. may be send C. may be sent B. may will sent D. is going to send

)15. Tom ____ watch TV after he finishes his homework A. will let to B. will be allowed C. will be let D. will be allowed to.


)16. Meimei went ____Kate with her Chinese A . help B. to help C. hleped D. helping


)6. The baby ____ when Mother was out. A.looked after well C. is well looked after B. was looked well D. was well looked after (

)17. In the last few years Beijing ____ greatly. A. has changed C. changed B. has been changed D. was changed


)7. I often forget___ the door. A. closing B.to close C. closed D. close (

)18. The old man was ____tired ___ walk any farther. A. too; to B.go; to C. very; to D. for; to


)8. ----Why are you going shopping if you don't _____? ---- My wife wants____with her. A. want to; I go B. want; me going C.want to; me to go D. want; to go ( (

)19. It's too late .why ___ now? A. not to do B.not going C.not go D.don't go


)9. The children ____ a beautiful picture by the teacher in the classroom. A. were shown B. were shown to C. was shown D. was shown to

)20. I have a lot of things __ this weekend A.do B.did C. doing D. to do


)10. Have you decided ____ for your holidays. A. go where B. where to go C. to go where D.where go

五、Choose the best answer for each blank to complete the passage.20'
When I was a child, my family 21 a road trip every summer. We 22


)11. Mr Brown ____ take the medicine twice a day. A. told to B. was told to C. told D. was told

from our home in New York City to my grandmother's home in Missouri, the 1580-kilometer trip 23 two or there days. on road trip .Many times our car 25 .


)12. The boys ____ copy the new words ten times before they went home. A. were made B. were made to C. was made D. was made to

I always thought my family had 2 4

broke down . It was always very hot. Sometimes the air conditioner


)13. When class began, we stopped ____ to the teacher carefully. A. listening B. listen C. listens D. to listen

My brother , my sister and I sat in the back. My sister, the youngest, always sat 26 . She would 27 . Then her little 29 28 would fall onto my


)14.You'd better ____ the cinema by bus.

shoulder . I would always push her head

my brother's shoulder, and he


would push it back. She just slept though everything. Road trip were long and boring, but we had some good laugh along the way . Like the time a buffalo attacked our car ! Now when I remember our road trips, I ( ( ( ( ( ( 30 . B. were taking B.drive B. cost B. bad luck B. don't work C. took D. takes D.came D.took D. lucky D. works

man," answered Nasreddin. "Everything will soon be all right again.Wait ,and you will soon feel much happier." get rich againthen? " man."I meant that friends." ( )31.An old man died and left his son_____. A.nothing ( B.some gold C. much money D.only a house The young man was very glad. "Am I going to

heasked Nasreddin. "No, I didn't mean that," said the old you would soon get used to being poor and to having no

)21.A.had take )22.A. drove )23.A. spent )24.A.luckily )25.A.didn't work )26.A. in the fornt C. in the middle

C. Come C.paid C. good luck C. worked B.in front D.in middle

)32.When the son was_____ , he went to see Nasreddin. A.short of money C. in trouble B.quite poor and sick D. quite poor and alone man was very glad because Nasreddin said

( D. fell asleep D .arm D. onto D. smile



( ( ( (

) 27.A. fall sleep ) 28.A. head )29.A. into )30.A. smiling

B. fall asleep B. hand B.for B.smiled

C. slept

that____. A. he would become rich again B. he would soon feel clever more friends much happier

C. should C.over C smiles

C.he would become D. he ( would have

六、Read the passage and then answer the following questions:20'
A An old man died and left his son a lot of money. But the son was a foolish

) 34.Nasreddin meant the young man______. A.would get rich again B. would get used to having nothing

young man,and he quickly spent all the money, so that soon hehad nothing left. Of course,when that happened, all his friends left him.When he was quite poor and alone, he went to see Nasreddin, who was a kind, clever old man and often helped people when they had troubles. "My money has finished and my friends have gone,"said the young man. "What will happen to me now?" "Don't worry , young (

C.would get used to being in trouble D.would get out of poorness

) 35.What this story tells us is________. A.that money is everything


B.that money makes the mare go C.to save each penny (

C.he wouldn't pay for the damage D.he would buy a new car )39.When the man got back to his country, the customs officers_____. A.would check his new car C. searched ( him B.only checked his car

D. that misfortune tests the sincerity of friends B A man was travelling abroad in a small red car.One day he left the car and went shopping. When he came back, its roof was badly damaged. Some boys told him that an elephant had damaged it. The man did not believe them,but they took him to a circus which was near there. Theowner of the elephant said,"I am very sorry!My elephant has a big, round,red chair.He thought that your car was his chair, and he sat on it!" Then he gave the man a letter, in which he said that he was sorry and that he would pay for all the damage. When the man got back to his own country,the customs officers your new car while you wouldn't believe his story.They said,"You sold

D. wouldn't believe what he had said made the officers believe him.

) 40.It was only_____that

A .the letter from the circus man B. a newspaper from the country C.the certificate of his D.the letter from the government

were abroad and bought this old one!" It was only

when the man showed them the letter from the circus ma that believed him. ( )36.A man was travelling abroad_______. A. in a big bus C.in a red car ( B.in a green jeep D.in a red taxi

) 37.The car was damaged because________. A.there was a traffic accident C. it rushed into a shop ( B.the circus man broke it D.the elephant sat on it

) 38.The circus man said that_______. A.he would pay for part of the damage B.he would pay for all of the damage


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