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高中英语 Unit3 Under the sea 第4课时 Using language课件 新人教版选修7

根据所给词性和汉语意思写出单词,并进行适当拓展。 1.________(vi.) 思考;(vt.)映射→________(n.)反映 2.______(adj.)意识到的,知道的→______(n.) 意识 3 . ________(adj.) 狭 窄 的 ; 有 限 的 ; 狭 隘 的 →________(反义词) 4 . ________(adj.

) 锐 利 的 ; 锋 利 的 ; 敏 捷 的 →________(vt.) 使锋利

5.________(adj.) 好吃的;可口的→________(v.) 品

6.________(vi.) 受惊吓;(vt.) 恐吓→________(adj.)
害怕的 7 . ________(adj.) 浅 的 ; 肤 浅 的 ; 浅 显 的 →________(反义词) 8.________(n.) 养老金;退休金→________(n.) 领取 养老金者 答 案 : 1.reflect; reflection 3.narrow; wide 4.sharp; sharpen 2.aware; awareness 5.tasty; taste 6.scare;

scared 7.shallow; deep

8.pension; pensioner

1.be/become aware________ 对??知道、明白;意 识到?? 2.________down 上下翻转 3.get close________ 接近 4.(be)scared________death 吓得要死 答案:1.of 2.upside 3.to 4.to

1.reflect v. 1)vt. 反射[光,映,照,响],映出(形象);带来,使 蒙受,招致(on, upon) ①The pavement reflects heat on a hot day. 在热天里,人行道反射热气。 ②A mirror reflects a picture of you when you look in it. 当你照镜子时,镜子会映出你的形象。 ③ Many newspapers reflect the opinions of the children. 许多报纸都反映了儿童们的看法。 ④The results reflected the greatest credit upon him. 这些成绩给他带来了最大的荣誉。

2)vi. 反映,反射,映出;思考,沉思,反省(on, upon)
①The child's bad behavior reflects on his home training. 这孩子的坏行为归咎于家教不严。 ②He had time to reflect on his successes and failures. 他有时间反思他的成功和失败。

reflection n. 反射,映象,倒影,反省,沉思,反映 ①He is simply a reflection of his father. 他极像他的父亲。 ②This is a reflection upon your honor. 这有损你的名誉。


(1)(2010湖北-28) Just as the clothes a person wears,
the food he eats and the friends with whom he spends his time, his house________his personality.

C.reflects 答案:C



食用的食物,以及花时间所交往的朋友一样,他所居住的 房屋也能反映一个人的个性。reflect表示“显示,表明, 表达(事物的自然属性或人们的态度、情感等)”。

(2)The heat________from the white sand formed a
mirage. A.reflected C.to reflect 答案:A B.reflecting D.have reflected


the heat与reflect之间构成逻辑上的动宾关系,因此要用过 去分词作定语。

2.aware adj. 知道的,意识到的
①He wasn't aware of the danger. 他没有意识到危险。 ②Is she aware that I'm coming? 她知道我要来吗?

(1)be aware of sth. 意识到某事 (2)be aware that-clause 知道??;意识到?? (3)be aware wh-clause 知道??;体会到?? (4)make sb. aware that... 提醒某人注意?? (5)make sb. aware of... 让某人注意到??

(1)(2010 年 3 月 青 岛 市 高 三 教 学 质 量 统 一 检 测 ) The public________of the environmental problem will make the government take it seriously. A.awareness B.revolution C.existence 答案:A D.evidence 本题题意:公众的环保意识将会使政府认


①大多数吸烟者完全知道吸烟的危害。 Most smokers are perfectly________ ________ the dangers of smoking. ②我察觉出她在发抖。 I was________ ________she was trembling. ③他们突然意识到有些人正在瞧着他们。 They suddenly________ ________ ________people

looking at them.
答案:①aware of ②aware that ③became aware of

1)adj. 锋利的,锐利的;清晰的 ①Peel the apples using a sharp knife. 用锋利的刀子削苹果。 ②The outlines of the cypress trees were sharp and clear. 那些柏树轮廓清晰,枝条挺拔。 2)adv. 整点地

We're meeting at 10 o'clock sharp.

用sharp的适当形式填空 (1)The TV picture isn't very________. (2)You'd better look________or you'll be late. (3)Please be here at seven o'clock________. (4)This knife needs________. (5)Prices are dropping________. 答案:(1)sharp (2)sharp (3)sharp (4)sharpening


4.scare vt. 恐吓

vi. 受惊吓

①Local businesses were scared into paying protection 当地商家迫于威胁缴纳了保护费。 ② Rising prices are scaring off many potential customers. 涨价把很多潜在的顾客都吓跑了。

(1)be scared of害怕;恐惧 (2)scare sb. away/off 将某人吓跑 (3)scare sb. into/out of doing sth.吓得某人做/不敢 做?? (4)(be)scared to death 吓死了

[知识运用] (1)They lit a fire________the wolves.

C.scared off 答案:D

B.to scare
D.to scare away 本题题意:他们点火是为了把狼吓跑。由


(2)I felt a bit________when the plane took off.
A.afraid C.scared 答案:C “恐惧的,害怕的”。 B.terrified D.scared of scared 是 过 去 分 词 形 式 的 形 容 词 , 意 为

upside down
1)上下翻转 ①That picture is upside down. 那幅画上下颠倒了。 ②The pagoda is reflected upside down in the water. 宝塔的影子倒立在水中。 2)乱七八糟 Burglars had turned the house upside down.


(1)By far the worst of the storm has taken place________Texas. A.upside down B.up and down C.in and around D.side by side 答案:C 围”。 本题题意:至今为止,最大的暴风雪发生

在德克萨斯附近。in and around表示“在??内部和周

(2)It's amazing how a phone call can totally turn one's
life________. A.upside down B.up and down C.in and around D.side by side 答案:A 本题题意:简直令人惊异,一个简短的电 话竟能把一个人的生活整个颠倒了过来。upside down表示


Then there were two grey reef sharks, each about one
and a half metres long, which suddenly appeared from behind some coral. 然后还有两条灰色的珊瑚鲨,每条大约有1.5米长,它 们突然从珊瑚礁后面游了过来。

1)each about one and a half metres long实际上是独立 主格结构,在此处作状语。which引导一个非限制性定语 从句,修饰reef sharks。 2)from behind是双重介词。双重介词结构,是由两个 介词搭配而成,如:from under the bed, until after lunch 等。双重介词结构通常有下面三种构成方式:

①The moon appeared from behind the clouds. 月亮从云层后面露了出来。 ②A rat ran from under the bed. 一只老鼠从床底下跑了出来。 ③He swam from across the river. 他从河对面游了过来。 (2)except+介词短语。except后常接介词at, by, from,

in, on, to等引出的短语。如:
I searched everywhere except in the bedroom. 除了卧室我到处都找了。

till/until后常接介词after引出的短语。如: Not until after lunch can you see him return home. 只有在午饭后你才能看到他回家。

完成句子 (1)The secret was never told________________(直到老 人去世之后). (2)A champion should be chosen________________(从 这些选手中). (3)That is the boy________________(来自街对面). (4)I can't have a good rest in a


答案:(1)until after the old man's death
among the players (4)except on Sundays


(3)from across/over the street

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