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Book 7 Unit 4 Sharing 导学案 Using Language : reading and speaking
学习目标 >> 1. Read the passage and get some useful information 2. Work out the difficult points 3. Learn how to help others 【学习重点、难点】 1. Master the reading ability. 2. Discussion and express oneself. 预习案(Previewing case)
1.Find the correct words for the explanations. 1) a list of priced items for sale, usually presented in book form 2) to buy something with money 3) a plant part that gives rise to a new individual 4) to join things or repair or make something using a needle and thread 5) give something to a charitable organization or other good cause 2.Translating: 1.爱上------------------- 2.结束----------------------3.了解------------------- 4.研究----------------------5.自给自足--------------6.照看、喜欢 ------------7.挨饿 --------------------

探究案(Exploring Case) 【探究一】Pre-reading
Have you ever tried to send a gift or something to the children in poor areas or countries?

Task1: Glance quickly and answer the questions. 1. What does the page show you? 2. Where is the list of gifts? 3. In what kind of order are the gifts listed? How much are the cheapest and dearest gifts? 4. Where is the gift card? 5. What do the photos show you? Task2: Make a right choices according to the form at page 34. On the Internet page, when you click on each gift, you get a description of that gift. In pairs, write the correct gift (A to U) from the Internet page next to each description below.

1. This gift allows a woman who is a trained tailor to make some income, giving her and her family a better future. (India, Tanzania, Kenya) 2. This gift gives a man or a woman the opportunity to acquire basic reading and writing, and life skills. Adults develop the confidence to participate in the social, economic and political lives of their communities. (Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Uganda) 3. This gift covers the cost of production and distribution of seedlings, as well as training in tree care for the local villagers who are working hard to prevent their land from turning into desert. (Kenya, Tanzania, India) 4. This gift buys a goat. A goat gives milk and is a valuable income. Goats increase in number quickly and add much to a family's food and financial security. They are easy and fun for children to care for. (Nepal, India, Uganda) 5. This gift covers the cost of exercise books and textbooks for community primary schools that operate in poor or remote villages. (Southern Sudan) 6. This gift gives a child a good start in life. Community schools provide good quality education for children who would otherwise have no opportunity to attend school. (Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda) Task3. Read the text carefully and do the following exercise. 1. In the Internet pages, there’s a card on the right, it will be given to you when you____ A. buy something in a shop B. ask for it from a poor children C. choose from the catalogue a useful gift for some of the world's poorest D. come to India 2. When you want to give child vaccinations against 6 killer diseases, you must send _____ A. $50 B. $20 C. $8 D. $85 3. The purpose of the Internet Page is to ____ A. let people give an unusual gift to the poor B. let people get an unusual card C. let people learn something useful D. let people make money 4. How much are the cheapest and dearest gifts? A. $ 8 B. $ 10 C. $ 15 D. $ 5 5. You can use the card for the following occasions except _____ A. anniversaries B. birthdays C. burials D. Weddings 【探究三】Discussion Topic 1: Add to the gift list on the Internet page three more gifts that you think might be important for those in need in another country. Share your choice with another group and give at least two reasons for your choice. Topic 2: Imagine your class has raised $250. What gifts from the catalogue would you buy for those in need in another country? Why?

. 【巩固训练】 Ⅰ . 单项选择 1. The trick to marketing is to find out your customers and take steps to ______ their needs. [2011 台州高二检测] A. have B. give C. feel D. meet 2. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to propose a toast ______ the bride and the groom. A. for B. with C. in D. to 3. —The plane is due to take off at 7:50 from the airport. —______ we fail to arrive there in time? —Try to take another flight then. [2011 成都高二检测] A. What if B. As if C. Even if D. Only if 4. A needle ______ was given to her but she couldn’t ______ the button on. A. and a thread; sew B. and the thread; sewed C. and thread; sew D. or a thread; sewed 5. The Town Hall ______ in the 1800’s was the most distinguished building at that time. [2011 渭南高二检测] A. to be completed B. having been completed C. completed D. being completed 6. Because he saw the machine for the first time, the little boy was dying to know how to ______ the machine. A. benefit B. balance C. concern D. operate 7. A citizen in Henan made a big fortune by winning first prize in a lottery, ______ a large sum to charity. [2011 金华高二检测] A. donated B. to donate C. donating D. having donated 8. It is ______ because I liked it ______ because I had to do it. A. not only; but also B. not; but C. both; and D. nor; but 9. In April, 2009, President Hu inspected the warships in Qingdao, marking the 60th ______ of the founding of the PLA Navy. A. decade B. celebration C. anniversary D. congratulation 10. In the late 1970s, the central government ______ land to farmers willing to take care of it. A. advocated B. separated C. divided

D. distributed Ⅱ . 完成句子 1. They ______________(爱上)each other at first sight. 2. She ________________(捐献)of $ 5, 000 to the Children’s Hospital. 3. After ________________(做研究)on the subject for several years, he wrote his paper successfully. 4. The butterflies __________________(在花上飞舞)are very beautiful. 5. The teacher ________________________(把新书分配给)the pupils. 6. The department store ________________(经营得好). 7. They __________________(已结婚)for 10 years. 8. The wall of the house _______________(刷成白色)is my brother’s. 【单元补充练习】 Ⅰ . 单词拼写 1. He can’t grasp the basic _________(概念)of maths. 2. The farm house is ________ (遥远的) from any other building. 3. These facts are ________(有关的)to the case. 4. He didn’t ________(参加) in the game as a result of his illness. 5. Education is a ________ (特权) in many countries. 6. Seize the chance, ________ (否则) you will regret it. 7. The secretary has made the __________(安排) of a time and place. 8. He can’t ________ (使适应) himself to the country life in this remote village. 9. They built a(n) ________(平台) in the trees from which they could watch the animals unobserved. 10. As usual, he stood his ________(扫帚) behind the door after he finished cleaning the room. Ⅱ . 用本部分的短语替换下列各句中的斜体部分 1. All of the family jumped with joy when he received a letter from Qinghua University. All of the family jumped with joy when he ______________ Qinghua University. 2. She bought a new computer a few days ago. She bought a new computer ______________. 3. We are eager to know the results of the final exam at home. We ______________ know the results of the final exam at home. 4. Do you know who will take part in the discussion in Shanghai? Do you know who will ______________ the discussion in Shanghai? 5. He soon accustomed himself to the new environment and the new climate in Australia. He soon __________________ the new environment and the new climate in Australia.

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