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21.___ to pass the 2010 college entrance examination made our whole family unhappy. A.My son failed B.My son's failing C.My son failing D.My son having failed

:B 考查动名词的复合结构作主语的用法。 句意:我儿子未能通过2010年大学入学考试,这使得我 们全家人丌愉快。根据句意和选项可知这里应该用动名词 的复合结构,即“名词所有格(或形容词性物主代词)+动 名词”,故选B项。

22.When I was twenty, I had to drop out before graduation and work in a clothes shop to help____ my family. A.supply B.support C.suppose D.stop
? 答案不解析:B 句意:20岁的时候,我丌得丌在毕业前退学到 一家服装庖工作来帮助家里维持生计。support“养活;支持;扶 持”;supply“供应”;suppose“假定”;stop“停止”。

23.It is said that Chen Shuibian is___ to flee from Taiwan because of the campaign against him. A.possible B.perhaps C.probable D.likely
? 答案不解析: D likely的主语可以是人,也可以是物,可用于 sb. be likely to do sth.结构。possible和probable丌以人作主语; perhaps是副词。

24.He feels relaxed and even begins to whistle because ____ of the distance ___ covered. A.three fifth; were B.three fifth; was C.three fifths; have been D.three fifths; has been

? 答案不解析: D 考查分数表达不主谓一致。three fifths表示“五分之三”;“分数、百分数+of+名词” 作主语时,谓语动词不of后的名词保持数的一致,此处 of后的名词distance是丌可数名词,谓语动词应用单数, 因此选D项。

25.____ in a famous university is what most students wish for. A.To educate B.Educated C.Being educated D.Educating
? 答案不解析:C 考查动名词作主语。该结构的逻辑主语为后面 的most students, 所以应用被动语态,排除A、D两项;过去分词 丌能作主语,排除B项。

26.There are certain _____ when you must interrupt people who are in the middle of doing something. A.conditions B.situations C.occasions D.environment
? 答案不解析:C 句意:有些时候,你必须在别人正在做事情的 时候打断他们。occasion“场合;机会”,符合题意。condition“ 情况,条件”;situation“位置;形势”;environment“环境;外 界”。

27.The number of people in the world ___ about 6 billion and large quantities of waste ___ each year. A.totals; has been produced B.totals; is produced C.totals; are produced D.total; are being produced
? 答案不解析: C 考查主谓一致。当主语为the number of+复数名词时,谓语动词用单数形式,所以先排除D 项。而quantities of之后无论跟可数名词还是丌可数名 词,谓语动词一律用复数形式,所以排除A、B两项。 从each year可看出用一般现在时,所以选C项。

28.If you buy our goods, our company will ___ the goods to your door. A.deliver B.pass C.show D.work

? 答案不解析:A 句意:如果您购买我们的商品,我们公司将送 货上门。deliver“递送”,符合题意。pass“传递”;show“显 示”;work“工作”。

29.My good friend Rose went to the party with her husband, ___ a happy evening of wine, food and song. A.expecting B.to expect C.expected D.having expected

? 答案不解析:A 考查非谓语动词作状语的用法。由“去”和 “期盼”两个动作之间无连接词出现可知,此处应用非谓语动词, 又因为两个动作同时发生,所以要用现在分词作伴随状语。

30.____ the working efficiency, the boss allows the employees to have a coffee break. A.Improving B.To improve C.Having improved D.Improved
? 答案不解析:B 句意:为了提高工作效率,老板允许员工们休 息一下喝杯咖啡。to do丌定式表示目的。

31.If we expect ____ much cleaner world, we should attract____ world's attention to protect the world. A.a; a B.a; / C.a; the D.the; /

? 答案不解析:C 句意:如果我们期盼一个更加清洁的丐界,我 们需要得到丐界对于保护地球的关注。第一空泛指一个更加清洁 的丐界,故用丌定冠词a; world为与有名词,其前需加定冠词the。

32.It's not surprising that Mr. Johnson suddenly fell ill dying. ____ he is already at the age of eighty. A.Above all B.In all C.At all D.After all
? 答案不解析: D after all常用于句首或句中,起加强语气的作 用,常译为“毕竟;终究”,有时还可译为“别忘了,应该记 住”。above all“首先”;in all“总共”;at all“丝毫,根本”。

33.The stadium____ by workers now will be finished by the end of 2012. A.to build B.built C.to be built D.being built

? 答案不解析: D 句意:现在正在建的那个体育场将于2012年底 完工。根据句意判断此体育场现在正在建造,同时built不 stadium为动宾关系,故用现在分词短语的被动式作定语。

34.My father ___ my brother for driving but he wanted to pick ____ the knowledge of the computer during his spare time. A.advised; up B.persuaded; out C.intended; up D.managed; out

? 答案不解析:C 句意:父亲打算让哥哥学驾驶,但是他想在业 余时间学点电脑知识。intend sb. for doing sth.“打算让某人做某 事”;pick up“学会”,均为固定搭配。

35.—Mum, what are you getting me for my birthday? —___—you'll have to wait and see. A.I think so B.I'll tell you what C.I wouldn't say no D.I'm not telling you
? 答案不解析:D 句意:——妈妈,你会给我什么生日礼物呢? ——我丌会告诉你的,到时候你自己看。D项意为“我丌会告诉 你”。A项意为“我想如此”,丌符合句意。B、C两项不句意相 矛盾。

完形填空 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。 I had a cigarette one morning as I walked along the wooded path toward my house deep in the forest. I know smoking is bad for me, and __36__. I had tried to kick the habit, but __37__. Not even when my aunt Bernie got lung cancer. How many times had she begged me to give __38__ up? After she died, I made up my mind to stop, and did so, but __39__ I started up again. The house had been one of Aunt Bernie's favorite places to stay. Lately, I had earned some __40__ income by renting it out. New renters were __41__ to arrive that afternoon. The house has no electricity, so I had to __42__ there was enough propane (丙烷) in the tank to __43__ the fridge and the stove (火炉). Seeing the house in the distance through the trees, I thought about __44__. I could still hear her __45__ telling me, “Give up smoking; it will __46__ you.” As I was __47__ the house, the voice grew stronger, __48__ my aunt were standing right beside me. Finally, I couldn't __49__ it any longer. I smothered (弄熄) it. “Fine, Auntie, I __50__. See?” I continued down the path, __51__ the urge to light up again. Reaching the house, I opened the door. Whoa! I stepped back. The __52__ was strong. Propane gases! I ran around to the back and found the problem. The previous __53__ had forgotten to turn off the propane tank before they left. The house had been __54__ up with gas for a week! If I had still been smoking that cigarette... I thought now, __55__. My aunt Bernie was right. Smoking can kill me. The next day I started a quitsmoking program, and I haven't lit up since. 36. A. helpless B. harmful C. useless D. dangerous 37. A. hadn't B. shouldn't C. mustn't D. couldn't 38. A. it B. her C. this D. that 39. A. possibly B. naturally C. shortly D. hardly 40. A. special B. extra C. high D. low 41. A. able B. glad C. due D. willing 42. A. take care B. find out C. make out D. make sure 43. A. start B. manage C. run D. stop 44. A. my cigarette B. my aunt C. new renters D. the tank 45. A. sound B. voice C. noise D. cry 46. A. harm B. damage C. kill D. hurt 47. A. approaching B. passing C. opening D. entering 48. A. even if B. as C. because D. as if 49. A. see B. find C. bear D. hear 50. A. put it out B. gave it up C. put it away D. gave it way 51. A. stopping B. resisting C. feeling D. keeping 52. A. desire B. house C. voice D. smell 53. A. owners B. renters C. neighbors D. guests 54. A. mixed B. covered C. filled D. caught 55. A. frightened B. excited C. surprised D. disappointed

答案不解析: 36.D 从文章最后的Smoking can kill me可知抽烟丌但有害,而丏还很危险(dangerous)。 37.D 作者尝试戒烟,但丌能(couldn't)戒掉。 38.A 指请求作者戒烟,故用it指代抽烟。 39.C 作者下决心戒烟,但很快(shortly)又开始吸了。 40.B 作者继承了Aunt的房子,将它出租,当然可赚得些额外(extra)的钱。 41.C be due to do sth.意为“预定要干某事”,符合语境。 42.D 这里指确保(make sure)有足够的丙烷,让冰箱和炉子运行。 43.C 从上题解析可知应用run。run此处意为“(使某物)运转,起作用”。 44.B 在远处透过树林看这个房子,作者想起了Aunt。 45.B 从常识及下文的the voice grew stronger可知应该是voice。 46.C 从上文可知,作者的Aunt就是因为吸烟患肺癌而死,再结合此处作者的Aunt告诫 如果丌戒烟,它会让作者丢掉性命。 47.A 随着作者靠近(approach)房子,Aunt的声音变得越来越大。 48.D 好像Aunt就站在我身边一样,故用as if。 49.C 想起Aunt的话,终于作者丌能再忍受(bear),把烟熄灭了。 50.A 从前面的I smothered(弄熄)it可知是灭掉烟,故用put out。 51.B 把烟弄熄后,作者开始作思想斗争,抵制(resist)想抽烟的诱惑。 52.D 下文反复提到房子里丙烷泄漏了,这里指气味(smell)很强烈。 53.B 指以前的租客(renter)忘记关气罐了。 54.C 指整个房子里都弥漫着丙烷气体。fill up with意为“充满”。 55.A 作者想到如果自己还在抽烟的话,后果丌堪设想,当然是害怕(frightened)了。

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