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英语· 必修 1(人教版)




一、根据首字母或中文意思完成下列句子 (共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) 1.Let me write it down while it is still f__________in my mind.<

br />

2 . Without__________ our life would be quite different today.(电)


3.He got i__________in the right leg while playing football last week. 答案:injured

4 . When an earthquake comes people can feel the house s__________.


5 . At


party , Mr






6 . If a nuclear war should break out , it would bring a great__________ to man.(灾难)


7.Most of the buildings__________ in the earthquake.(毁坏)

答案:were destroyed

8.From yesterday on the temperature began to r__________.


9.Never j__________ a person only by his clothes.


10.Our class went on an __________ trip last Monday.(有组织 的)


二、根据句子的语境选择适当的短语填入空白处(注意所填短语的形 式变化)(共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分)

right away into being

at an end

dig out suffer from

in ruins


thousands of give out

be trapped in as if / though

1.After a long walk we all__________.

答案:gave out

2 . River






environment problems. 答案:come into being

3.Just wait for me on the spot; I will come__________.

答案:right away

4.More than a dozen people__________ of the avalanche(雪崩) alive. 答案:were dug out

5 . When we arrived at the cinema , the film was nearly__________. 答案:at an end

6 . __________ people gathered on the square watching the fireworks. 答案:Thousands of

7.All the students__________the heavy rain yesterday.

答案:were trapped in

8.Do you often__________ the headache after you have a cold?

答案:suffer from

9.It seemed__________ he had known the bad news.

答案:as if/though

10.A big fire left the house __________ when I was very young.

答案:in ruins

三、根据提示翻译句子(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 1.去年我们一直用蜡烛没有用电。(instead of) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:Last year we were using candles all the time instead of electricity. 2.那位科学家对此事一无所知,因为他一直埋头于做自己的研 究工作。(be buried in) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:That scientist knew nothing about the matter,because he was always buried in his study. 3.昨天,他在地里挖出了一箱子的钱。(dig out) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:He dug out a box of money in the field yesterday.

4.教师对孩子们的成功感到非常骄傲。(be proud of ) _______________________________________________________ _________________

答案:The teacher was very proud of her students' success.

5.在可怕的 20 秒内,那座城市成了废墟。(in ruins) _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案: In twenty terrible seconds, the whole city lay/was in ruins.




完型填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的 A,B, C,D 项中,选出最佳选项。 I began to grow up that winter night when my parents and I were returning from my aunt's house, and my mother said that we might soon be leaving for America. We were on the bus then. I was 1 , and some people on the bus were turning around to look at me. I 2 the thought of never hearing again

remember that I could not morning.

the radio program for school children to which I listened every I do not remember myself crying for this reason again. In fact,I think I cried very little when I was see-the strange and pictures. The 5 4 3 to my friends and relatives.

When we were leaving I thought about all the places I was going to places I had known only from books and

I was leaving never to come back was hardly in

my head then. The four years that followed taught me the importance of optimism,but the idea did not come to me at once. For the first two years in New York I was really 6 - having to study in three

schools as a result of family moves. I did not quite know what I was or what I should be. Mother complex for me. Some time to each other. I was often times”. My responsibilities in the family 10 a lot since I knew English 8 9 7 ,and things became even more before my stepfather and I got used ,and saw no end to “the hard

better than everyone else at home. I wrote letters, filled out forms, translated at 11 with immigration officers, took my grandparents to the doctor and translated there, and even discussed telephone bills with 12 representatives. 13 : From my experiences I have learned one important almost all common troubles little! I believe that my life will not be that easy. 1.A.crying B.shouting C.singing D.flying 14

go away! Something good is

certain to happen in the end when you do not give up, and just wait a 15 all right, even though it will

解析:根据第二段语境提示可知,作者不是渴望离开,而是感到 伤感,应选 A。 答案:A

2.A.keep B.consider C.bear D.take

解析:根据上下文可推断,作者舍不得离开祖国,再也听不到学 生广播节目的想法让他难以承受,选 C。 答案:C

3. A.saying hello goodbye

B. kissing goodbye C. seeing off D. saying

解析:按常规逻辑,离开家乡会和亲朋好友告别,选 D。 答案:D


B.magical C.difficult D.surprising

解析:童年时人们爱幻想和充满好奇,应选 B。 答案:B

5.A.city B.town C.country D.village

解析:上文提到他们要动身到美国,后来在纽约定居,应该是离 开祖国,应选 C。 答案:C


B.occupied C.engaged D.thought

解析:作者在前一句交待,他一开始并不知道乐观的重要性,所 以是感到迷茫的,选项 A 符合。 答案:A

7.A.replaced B.recovered C.reorganized D.remarried

解析: 后面作者提到了他有继父, 所以他妈妈应该是再婚, 选 D。 答案:D

8.A.passed B.came C.ago D.continued

解析:过了一段时间,我和我继父也习惯了彼此。 答案:A

9.A.happy B.calm C.sad D.nervous

解析:下文提到作者看不到苦难日子的结束,选 C。 答案:C

10.A.decreased B.increased C.added D.rose

解析:根据上下文,作者随着英语水平的提高,责任越来越大, 应该选 B。 答案:B

11. A.dialogue B. conversation C. talk

D. interviews

解析:到移民局应该是面试,故选 D。 答案:D

12.A.company B.office C.government D.school

解析:电话费应该是电信公司的事,选 A。 答案:A

13.A.principle B.custom C.rule


解析:作者最后悟出了生活法则,选 C。 答案:C


B.unexpectedly C.slowly


解析:最后所有的苦难都会过去,选 D。 答案:D

15.A.wear out B.turn out C.tire out

D.find out

解析:此处指生活一定会好起来,所以选 B。 答案:B


语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分)

阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在 空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 Never before in history has a city been so completely destroyed.At 5:13 1.__________the morning of April 8th,1906,San Francisco 2.__________(shake) by a terrible earthquake

3.__________is the 4.________ (bad) natural disaster in the nation's history.The world seemed to be at 5.__________end.In only one minute,a great part of the city was in 6.__________(ruin) and many buildings burst 7.__________ flames.A large number of people die or 8.__________ (injure).9.__________ number of people who lost homes 10.__________(reach) more than 250,000.San Francisco was gone.Nothing was left of it but memories and some houses far from the center of the city. 答案:1.on 2.was shaken

3.which/that 5.an

4.worst 6.ruins

7.into 9.The

8.were injured 10.reached




阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A,B,C,D 项中选出最佳答案。

Healthy Habits,Healthy Body ,Feel tired lately? Has a doctor said he can't find anything wrong with you? Perhaps he sent you to a hospital,but all the advanced equipment there shows that there is nothing wrong with you. Then,consider this:you might be in a state of subhealth(亚健 康). Subhealth,also called the third state or gray state,is explained as a borderline state between health and disease. According to the investigation by the National Health Organization,over 45 percent of subhealthy people are middleaged or elderly.The percentage is even higher among people who work in management positions as well as students around examweeks. Symptoms(征兆)include a lack of energy, depression(压抑), slow reactions , insomnia( 失 眠 ) , agitation , and poor memory.Other symptoms include shortness of breath,sweating and aching in the waist and legs. The key to preventing and recovering from subhealth , according to some medical experts,is to form good living habits, alternate work and rest, exercise regularly, and take part in open air activities. As for meals,people are advised to eat less salt and sugar.They should also eat more fresh vegetables,fruits,fish because they are rich in nutritional elements — vitamins and trace elements that are important to the body. Nutrition(营养) experts point out that it is not good to eat too much at one meal because it may cause unhealthy changes in the

digestive tract(消化系统).They also say that a balanced diet is very helpful in avoiding subhealth. 语篇解读:本文介绍了亚健康的症状、原因及对策。

1.According to this passage,which of the following is RIGHT? A.When you are in a state of subhealth,you should stay home and keep silent. B.When you are in a state of subhealth,you should go to see a doctor and buy some medicine. C.When you are in a state of subhealth,you should have yourself examined in foreign countries. D. When you are in a state of subhealth, you should find out the reasons and relax yourself. 解析:细节题。根据全文及第 5、6 段可知得了亚健康不是呆在 家里、不是去看医生、也不是到国外去检查,而应该找到症状、形成 好的生活习惯,故知答案为 D。 答案:D

2.It may be easy for middleaged people to be in a state of subhealth because__________. A.they have used up their energy B.they have lost their living hopes C.they have more pressure in life and work D.they begin to get older

解析:推断题。根据第 4 段及常识可推知中年人易得亚健康是 因为来自生活和工作的压力更大,故选 C。 答案:C

3.The key to prevent you from falling into a state of subhealth is that you should __________. A.work hard B.sleep more C.form good living habits D.take more medicine

解析:细节题。根据原文“The key to preventing and recovering from subhealth...is to form good living habits”可知答案是 C。 答案:C

4.As for food,experts suggest that __________. A.we should never eat meat B.we should have variety of food C.we should eat less than usual D.we should have meals without salt to sugar

解析:细节题。根据倒数第 2 段“As for meals...They should also eat more fresh vegetables...”可知食物要富于变化, 所以 B 为正 确答案。 答案:B

5. The underlined word “alternate” in this passage is closest in meaning to __________. A.arrange by turns B.cause to take place C.keep up D.take up

解析:词意猜测题。根据医学专家的建议是形成好的生活习惯, “alternate” work and rest,轮流工作和休息,故 A 为最佳答案。 答案:A

Are you carrying too much on your bag at school? I'm sure lots of children of your age will say “Yes”.Not only the students in China have this problem,but children in the United States also have heavy school bags. Doctors are starting to worry that younger and younger students are having back and neck problems as a result of school bags being too heavy for them. “It's hard for me to go upstairs with my bag because it's so heavy,” said Rick Hammond,an 11yearold student in the US. Rick is among students who have common school bags with two straps( 带 子 ) to carry them , but many other students choose rolling(有滚轮的) bags. But even with rolling bags,getting up stairs and buses is still a

problem for children.Many of them have hurt their backs and necks because of the heavy school bags. But how much is too much? Doctors say students should carry no more than 10% to 15% of their own body weight(重量).

Scott Batch,a back doctor,said children under Grade 4 should stay with 10%.But it is also important that older children don't stay with over 15%,because their bodies are still growing. “Children are losing their balance(平衡) and falling down with their school bags,” he said. Parents and teachers are starting to tell children to only take home library books they will be reading that night.Some teachers are using pieces of paper or thin workbooks for students to take home. One of the best answers is,as some children said,to have no homework at all! 语篇解读: 这篇文章谈到了由于沉重的家庭作业导致书包超重给 儿童带来的一些问题。

6.From the passage we can know that__________. A.only children in China carry too heavy school bags B.children in other countries don't carry too heavy bags C.both children in China and the US carry too heavy school bags D.only children in the US carry too heavy school bags

解析:根据第 1 段中的“Not only the students...but children in the United States...”可推知答案为 C。 答案:C

7 . Children feel it hard for them to go upstairs because __________. A.they are too young B.their school bags are too heavy C.they don't know how to go upstairs D.their parents don't always go upstairs with them together

解析:从第 3 段我们得知他们无法上楼的原因是因为书包太重 了。 答案:B

8.If a child carries a heavy school bag,__________. A.his back and neck will be hurt B.his head and arms will be hurt C.his hands will be hurt D.his feet will be hurt

解析:文章第 5 段说“Many of them have hurt their backs and necks because of the heavy school bags”,由此我们便可知道一个学 生如果背太重的书包,他们的后背和颈部就会受伤。 答案:A

9.According to the doctor,Scott Batch,if a child in Grade 5 weighs(重) about 30 kilos,the school bag he carries should not be over__________. A.5 kilos B.3 kilos C.5.5 kilos D.4.5 kilos

解析: 根据第 7 段第 2 句可计算出问题的答案是: 30×15%=4.5 kilos。 答案:D

10.Some students think the best answer to this problem is that __________. A.they should have a little homework to do after they get home B.their teachers had better not ask them to do any homework C.they should only take home library books they will read that night D.they should use thin workbooks instead of thick ones

解析:文章最后一句呼吁不要再有家庭作业。据此可知答案 B 正确。 答案:B

Good evening.Tonight's broadcast brings together music from different corners of the world.The records we have chosen for you are from classical(古典的)Western music,Indian music,pop and a Negro spiritual.In this broadcast we shall study the language of music.We shall try to find out how music says what people feel.You will hear a Beethoven piece,a composition(乐曲) for the sitar(锡塔 琴), and songs sung by a pop group and some black Americans.It will be natural if you like one more than the others.I shall be trying to explain why they are all good music. The feeling in each of these four musical compositions is sadness.You can find sadness in words , in paintings , and in music.The word “music” comes from the Greek word

“muse”.The muses were goddesses(女神)of the arts.It is like the spoken language,but uses sounds differently.In the spiritual and the pop song you will hear voices.The words are part of the musical composition.In the other pieces you will hear only the piano or the sitar.I will comment(评论)after each record is played.Music is now heard everywhere, in shops and buses and at home.We shall be trying to find out more about how music works.It is worth making the effort.Only then can we say why one piece of music is good and another bad. 语篇解读:这是电台一档音乐节目的内容介绍。

11.The underlined word “spiritual” in “Negro spiritual” probably means __________.

A.song B.poem C.sentence D.article

解析:推断题。根据“The records we have chosen for you are from classical(古典的)Western music, Indian music, pop and a Negro spiritual” 可 以 知 道 , a Negro spiritual 是 与 classical western music,Indian music 相并列的,据此可推出 spiritual 指的是一种 音乐,因此选 A。 答案:A

12 . The first paragraph in this article mainly shows us__________. A.that music is popular in the world B.some American songs C.some Beethoven piano pieces D.why people like music

解析:推断题。根据“Tonight's broadcast brings together music from different corners of the world”可以知道, 世界各地的人们都喜 欢音乐。 答案:A

13.The feeling of the famous musical compositions of the world given in the text is__________.

A.happy B.sad C.strange D.surprising

解析:细节题。根据“The feeling in each of these four musical compositions is sadness”可推知此题答案为 B。 答案:B

14.The English word “music” looks like the Greek word “muse” because __________. A.English and Greek are the same language B.English comes from Greek C.the word “music” is from the word “muse” D.Greek was used earlier than English

解析: 细节题。 根据“The word ‘music’ comes from the Greek word ‘muse’”可推知此题答案为 C。 答案:C

15 . The writer wishes us to spend time and energies to__________. A.study and know something more about music B.sing more popular songs in the world C.hear more pop musical compositions in the world D.write more encouraging compositions

解析:推断题。根据“We shall be trying to find out more about how music works.It is worth making the effort”推知此题答案为 A。 答案:A

Harry is eighteen now.He studies in a middle school.His parents like him very much and hope he can become a famous man.So they often tell him to study hard and they do all for him.They call him at six in the morning, after breakfast his father takes him to school in a car and in the afternoon, as soon as the young man comes back, the lunch is ready.Of course, he never washes his clothes or goes to buy something in the shops. Once Harry's father was sent to London on business.He would stay there for half a year.Leaving, he told his wife to take good care of their son.The woman had to get up earlier and did all what her husband did before.And two months later she was so tired that she was ill in bed.Now the young man got into trouble.He couldn't do any housework.He had to do as his mother told him.Even he didn't know where to get on the bus! Yesterday Harry's mother found his shoes were worn out and told him to buy a new pair in the shop.But he didn't know how to choose.The woman had a sigh(叹息) and gave him a shoe pattern(鞋 样) and told him to buy a pair of shoes himself.It's Saturday today and Harry doesn't go to school.With a policeman's help, he found a shop.The shopkeeper was friendly to him.The man brought a lot of

shoes and asked him to choose.When he was trying on a pair, suddenly he remembered something and took them off.The man was surprised and asked, “What's the matter, young man?” “I'm sorry, I've left the shoe pattern at home!”

语篇解读: 本文讲一个只会死读书的书呆子自理能力很差, 连买 鞋子这么简单的事都做不了。

16.__________always does some housework in the morning. A.Harry's father B.Harry's mother C.Harry D.Nobody

解析:细节题。根据“The woman had to get up earlier and did all what her husband did before”可以推断以前是她的丈夫做这些 事的,因此应该选择 A。 答案:A

17.Harry's parents do all instead of him because__________. A.he's too young B.he has poor health C.he's busy with his studies D.they hope he spends all time on studies

解析:细节题。根据“So they often tell him to study hard and

they do all for him”可知答案为 D。 答案:D

18 . The woman had to look after her son by herself because__________. A.her husband wasn't at home B.she was stronger than her husband C.she knew the young man well D.she was freer than her husband

解析:推断题。根据第 2 段第 1 句话“Once Harry's father was sent to London on business.He would stay there for half a year”可知 答案为 A。 答案:A

19.When Harry was in London,__________. A.he had to stay at home B.he didn't find the bus stop C.he fell behind in his class D.he wouldn't go to school

解析: 细节题。 根据第 2 段最后一句“Even he didn't know where go get on the bus”可知答案为 B。 答案:B

20 . The woman told her son to buy a pair of shoes

because__________. A.she didn't know what kind he needed B.she was busy with the housework C.something was wrong with her D.she wanted her son to do something himself

解析: 细节题。 根据“And two months later she was so tired that she was ill in bed”可知答案为 C。 答案:C


信息匹配(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分)

阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。 1. I am a current high school graduate.I do hope there is a school in Cyprus which will offer me an invitation to study.I will appreciate it...to study at any of the best school in Cyprus that teaches computer science. 2.Hello Sir/Madam,I'm Egyptian,23 years old and I will be so glad if you allow me to study in Cyprus which I like so much.In addition,I have all the abilities to study abroad.I have taken many graphic courses, I am working as freelancer DTP specialist, and I can speak English well. 3. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Turkish Cypriots, I graduated from a high school here in Nigeria year 2005 and I also took my GCE the same year in which I have 5 credits that are in English, Mathematics,

Biology,and another two subjects.

4. I am a basketball player who loves to study in Cyprus.It is one of my dreams in life by moving away from my country to another to learn more in studies and playing for the college there. 5.Hello sir,I'm a Nigerian art student who loves to study in Cyprus.I have participated in some basic art courses, and now I want to get through training and examination to get a university degree.I love to gain admission into one of the colleges there. A.THE UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS is based at the Capital of Cyprus,Nicosia.Teaching is mainly in Greek.The official languages are Greek and Turkish.Since September 2005,the University's credit point system is based on ECTS.Turkish Cypriots who hold a sixyear highschool diploma are eligible for admission upon passing special examinations set by the University. B.FREDERICK UNIVERSITY is one of the largest private universities operating in the Republic of Cyprus.The mission of Frederick University is to provide learning opportunities through teaching and research in the fields of athletics,to promote sports level.This university is especially fond of basketball player. C.THE CYPRUS ACADEMY OF ART has been founded in response to demand for an informed and reliable preparation for education in the visual arts,including enrollment for progression

onto Degree study in Art Media and Design in the UK and other Universities worldwide. D.THE HIGHER TECHNICAL INSTITUTE OF CYPRUS is a public graphic educational institution established in 1968.Lessons are taught in the English language and most courses last for 3 years. E . CYPRUS COLLEGE was founded in 1961 by Ioannis Gregoriou as a business school.It has since expanded into a number of other fields,including computer science,graduate studies and social sciences. 答案: 1.E 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.C


基础写作(共 1 小题;满分 15 分)

写作内容: 近年来,不少中学生注册了博客,对此人们观点各异。有人认为 写博客可以帮助学生展示自我,减缓压力。也有人认为它浪费时间, 耽误学习。请根据以上提示并结合自己的想法谈谈不同的人(包括你 自己)对中学生写博客的看法。

写作要求: 1.文章的题目和开头已给出(不计入总句数); 2.只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容。


句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。 Middle School Students Are Writing Blogs In recent years,it's a common phenomenon that a growing number of middle school students start their own blogs on the Internet. _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案: Middle School Students Are Writing Blogs In_recent_years it's_a_common_phenomenon_that_a_growing_ number_of_middle_school_students_start_their_own_blogs_on_the_ Internet. Some believe it can provide a colorful stage for students to show












pressure.However,others agree that managing a blog will take a lot of time and energy,which should be used for study. Personally,I do approve of students having their own blogs because the Internet is playing a vital part in our life.As a matter of fact,whether blogging is of harm or not depends on how we employ it.If we can take full advantage of blogging and meanwhile avoid its negative effects,we can surely benefit a lot from it.


读写任务(共 1 小题;满分 25 分)

阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 During summer holidays,two classmates,Tom and Peter,were traveling in the desert.As they were walking,they had an argument, and Tom was so angry that he slapped Peter hard across the face.Peter felt hurt,but without saying anything,he wrote down in the sand these words:“Today my best friend Tom slapped me in the face.” It was very hot,but they kept on walking and walking until they found an oasis(绿洲),where they decided to take a bath.Suddenly Peter got stuck in the mire(泥潭) and started drowning.Seeing that, Tom rushed over and saved him without any hesitation.After Peter got recovered from the drowning,he wrote with a knife on a stone: “Today my best friend Tom saved my life.” Feeling curious , Tom, who had slapped and saved his best friend,asked Peter,“After I beat you,you wrote something in the sand but just now you put down what I had done on a

stone.Why?” Peter replied: “When someone hurts us, we should take it down in the sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away.But when someone does something good for us,we must carve it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.” Hearing that, Tom was deeply moved and understood what Peter had said and what he had done. 写作内容: 下面请你以“What I have learnt from Tom's understanding” 为题,谈谈你读了这个故事以后的感受。内容要点包括: 1.以约 30 词概括上述故事的要点; 2. 以约 120 词就 Peter“被打”和“被救”后的举动发表你的看 法,内容包括: (1)Tom 为什么感动了?他到底明白了什么? (2)你从这个故事中学到了什么?简要说明其理由。

写作要求: 可以使用实例来支持你的论点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容论 述,但不得直接引用原文中的句子。 What I have learnt from Tom's understanding _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________

_______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案: What I have learnt from Tom's understanding While traveling in the desert , Tom slapped Peter's face for arguments,and Peter wrote it down in the sand.But when Tom saved Peter's life,Peter carved that down on a stone,which moved Tom deeply. In this story,Tom was moved by Peter because he could forget the unhappy things and forgive him.However,for the life saved,he could remember and value it forever in his memory.I think how to get along well with friends and how to deal with others' kindness and rudeness was what he understood.As for me,not everyone can have such kind of good attitude and behavior towards the things happening among us.But Peter was different. “Attitude is everything!” Try to be kind to the people who have

done something unpleasant to you,and grateful to the people who have done good for you.A friend in need is a friend indeed and true friends never come easily.

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