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unit3 The million pound bank note(warming-up,reading,and language points

1 抚养 提出 bring up

9 偶然

by accident

2 冒险
3 短语


10 盯着看

stare at

11 发现 污点 spot 12 船费 passa


4 一场 景色 scene 5 打赌 6 漫步

make a bet 13 作出解释 account for wander 14 寻找 seek


7 允许 许可证 permit
8 往下说 go ahead

15 忍耐
16 相反

patience on the contrary



Mark Twain

America's short story writer Humorist
Public speaker

America's best known literary figure Literary giant

Mark Twain
Real name Samuel Langhorne Clemens Meaning of his pen name the water is two fathoms deep November 30th, 1835 Birth date Hannibal, Missouri Birthplace Hannibal, Missouri, Place where along the Mississippi he grew up The Adventures of Tom His famous Sawyer, The Adventures stories of Huckleberry Finn

乞 丐 公 主


A. narration(记叙文) B. an exposition(说明文) C. An argumentation (论说文) D. a drama(戏剧)

The summer of 1903 Time __________________ London Place _________ Characters: Henry Adams A lost American businessman 2) Roderick and Oliver Two rich brothers 3) Servant

? ? ? 1)



Two rich gentlemen made a bet on what would happen to a penniless person if he was given a million pound note.

Henry, the hero of the story, an American businessman, carried out to the ocean. A British ship, for London, passing by, fortunately saved him.

Henry was given a letter with money in it by the two brothers and was asked not to open it until 2 o’clock.

A brief introduction to The Million Pound Bank Note

The Million Pound Bank Note Act I
Brief introduction to the story: Two brothers Oliver and Roderick brothers bet on what would happen if one had nothing but a bank-note of £ 1,000,000. They made a bet on a poor man Henry, who was in rags.

What do you think will happen to Henry? Will the bank-note help him or get him into trouble?


Reading Comprehension I 1. Henry was a __________. A. poor British businessman B. rich British businessman C. poor American businessman D. rich American businessman


Reading Comprehension I 2. The two brothers gave ____ to Henry. A. a check B. a lot of money C. a credit card D. a letter 3. When can Henry open the letter? A. He can’t open it until 1 o’clock. B. He can’t open it until 2 o’clock. C. He can open it after 1:30. D. He can open it on 3 o’clock.


Reading Comprehension II Write “F” if it is a fact. Write “O” if it is an opinion. 1. ____ Henry wants to find a job in London. F 2. ____ Henry is given an envelope by the F two brothers. 3. ____ Henry is an unlucky young man. O 4. ____The servant is called James. F 5. ____ Henry is foolish to go and meet the O two brothers.

Read again and fill in the blanks.
A month ago Towards nightfall The next morning Lastly

sailing Henry was ______ out of the bay.
Henry found himself _______ out to carried sea by a strong wind. spotted Henry was ________ by a ship. Henry arrived in ________ by London working on the ship unpaid.

lost Henry was _______ in London and Now wandering in the street. Roderick _______ him and asked saw Just at that time him to step in. Roderick gave Henry a letter with _____ To Henry’s surprise money in it.

Careful reading
1. Where did Henry come from? San Francisco in America. 2. Why did he stare at something that was left of the brothers’ dinner on the table? Perhaps he was very hungry. 3. What was Henry’s attitude when he got a letter? He didn’t want the charity. He just wanted an honest job.

4. What did he do in America? He worked for a mining company. 5. How did he land in Britain?
He was sailing out the bay when he was carried out to sea by a strong wind and was survived by a ship for London.

1. Why do ? It was his first visit to London you think so nobody knew him. that the ?He had no money so he would brothers have to rely on the bank note. chose ? They thought he looked honest Henry for because he asked for a job and their bet? not charity.

Think about what kind of person Henry was?

It is my first trip here.

Well, to be honest, I have none. (no money)
Well, I can’t say that I have any plans.

I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand. Could you offer me some kind of work here? I don’t want your charity, I just want an honest job.

Well, it may seem luck to you but not to me. If this is your idea of some kind of joke, I don’t think it’s very funny. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll be on my way.

Is money everything?

M o Is y s Moneyn e not Ieverything!
Money can buy a house, but not a home.


Money can buy a bed, but not sleep.
Money can buy a clock, but not time.

Money can buy a book, but not knowledge.
Money can buy you a position, but not respect.

Money can buy you medicine, but not health.
Money can buy a friend, but not love.

Money can buy you blood, but not life.

Retell the text by filling the following blanks.

In the summer of 1903, two old and wealthy brothers, Roderick and Oliver, (1)_____ ___ made a ____. They wanted to see whether a man bet with a million pound bank note could (2)_______ __ month in London. Oliver survive a ______ believed so, while Roderick (3)________ ___. doubted it They happened to see Henry, wandering on the pavement outside their house. So they asked Henry to come in. From what Henry

said, the two brothers learned that Henry had been (4)_______ ____ ___ ____ by a carried out to sea strong wind and then spotted by a ship, on which he worked as (5)___ unpaid hand to an ______ _____ earn his passage. He was (6)_____ _______ the right person ______ they were looking for. So Roderick and Oliver gave Henry a letter with money in it and told him not to open it (7)_____ ___ until 2 ______. At first, Henry refused but finally o’clock he accepted it and (8)_____ ____ ________. made the promise

based on 1. This unit is a play __________a short story by an American writer.
which is This unit is a play ______ ______ based on a short story…. 你的意见都要以事实为根据。 You should base your opinion on facts.

brought up 2. He was ____________(抚养) in Hannibal, Missouri, along the Mississippi River.

bring up: 提出,抚养,呕吐
He can’t eat anything without bringing it up. 他吃什么都会吐 He was brought up in the country. 他是在农村长大的 Why did you have to bring up the subject of money? 你为什么非要提钱这个问题

is best known for 3. He ____________________his novels __________ his boyhood world on the river . set in

She is known as a writer.

The novel is set in an unnamed country.

4. Two old and wealthy brothers have ____________. made a bet. n: make a bet (on), win a bet, lose a bet 我们赌下一次的选举吧。 Let’s make a bet on the next election. v: 打赌,赌博 布莱克先生把钱花在了赌马上。 Mr Black spent his money in betting on horse races. I bet: 我敢说 Follow this advice and I bet you'll be employed soon! 遵循这个建议,我打赌你很快就会找到工作! You bet: 的确,当然 -- Are you going to see the film? --- You bet !

5. Permit me to lead the way, sir. ? Permit sb to do ? Permit doing 你准许你的孩子们吸烟吗? ? Do you permit your children to smoke? ? 在我们办公室不许吸烟。 ? We do not permit smoking in the office. ? Permit: n 许可证,通行证 ? 除非你有许可证,否则不许再这里停车。 ? You are not allowed/ permitted to park here unless you have a permit. permission ? permit: n ____________

6.---I wonder, Mr Adams, if you’d mind us asking a few questions. ----Not at all. Go right ahead (1) I wonder if / whether 不知你能否给我在学习上提些建议。 I wonder if you can give me any advice?

taking (2) Would you mind _______ care of my dog? (take)
(3)---- Could I ask you a personal question? ----- ________. A Yes, don’t worry B Of course, go ahead C Yes, help yourself D Of course, why not

7. Towards nightfall he found himself carried out to sea by a strong wind. 我发现自己被一群孩子围住了。

I found myself surrounded by a group of children.

He found the price of meat rising recently.
经典回顾: A cook will be immediately fired if he is found __________ (smoke) in the kitchen. smoking

8. The next morning I’d just about given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 正当…这时(突然) be doing…when

give up for lost: 认为没希望


just about …when 我正要离开,这时突然下起了雨。 (1). I was watching TV when a boy rushed in. (2). I was just about to go when it rained. (3) He was about to tell me the secret ____ someone patted him on the shoulder.

A. As

B. until

C. while

D. when

spot: v, n


I spotted her at once in the crowd.

The ink spotted her dress.

There are a lot of spots of paint on the carpet.
地板上有许多油漆斑点。 He was hit by a falling stone and got killed ______. A on a spot C on the spot B in a spot


D under the spot

9. The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, which accounts for my appearance. (1)There were different accounts of the story in the newspapers. 报纸上对此事有几种不同的说法。 (2) Recent pressure at work may account for his behavior. 他的行为也许应归因于他最近的工作压力。 (3) 请对你自己的行为作出解释。

Please account for your own behavior.

11. You can’t open it until two o’ clock

We can not know the value of health until we lose it. 12. James, show Mr Adams out. 领进来 带领参观 Show sb in Show sb around

We were shown into/in the waiting room.

13. Why don’t you explain what this is all about?

Why not explain __________________ what this is all about?

14. In exactly an hour and a half. He _____ in three days. A came back C B has come back D comes back

will come back

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