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高中英语:Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note 单元综合评估测试(新人教必修3)



必修 3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note
单元综合评估测试 (100 分 一.单项选择(15 分) 1. ---Could I ask you a rather personal question ? --- __________. A. Yes, don’t worry B. Of course not, go ahead C. Yes, help yourself D. Of course, why not 2. If a cook is found _______ in the kitchen , he will be immediately fired. A.smoke C. smoked 3. --Was it B. to be smoking D. smoking in 1969________ the American astronaut 45 分钟)

succeeded________ landing on the moon﹖ --- Quite right. A. when; on C. when; in B. that; on D. that; in

4. I must find out why____so many students made the same mistake. A. is it that C. it is what B. was it which D. it was that




5 --- Be careful! Don’t break the bottles. Do you hear ______ I said, David? --- Yes, Mum A. what B. that C. why D. if

6.She asked Tom ________ with his car. A. what the matter was B. what the matter is C. what was the matter D. what is the matter 7. I find _____ important that we practice English every day. A. it C. that B. this D. what

8. Both his parents died in a traffic accident when he was a baby, so he was ______by his grandma. A brought about C brought in B brought up D brought down

9. The grandchild was listening to to his grandpa’s old and boring story in an interested _______. A. opinion C. taste B. voice D.manner

10. I hadn’t got any money ____me, so I left the bookstore without buying that book.


A. with C. by B. on D.about


11. You should be on time for the meeting to be held tomorrow, which is of great ____ A.important C.importance B.useful D.valuable

12. Do you mind ___ your computer for a while? A. may to use C. my using B.me to use D.I using

13. She ___ at the page for several minutes, trying to understand. A.glare C.saw B.stared D. watched

14. He pretended not ____ about it. A. hearing B. to hear . to have heard D. heard

15. Excuse me, I have no ___ on me. Can you ____ the note of 100 yuan? A. changes; changes B. changes; change C. change; change 三.完型填空(30 分) Michel is a young girl who works for the police__16____ a handwriting expert (专家). She has helped___17____ many criminals (罪犯) by using her special talents (天才). D. changed; changed




When she was fourteen, Michel was already____18__ interested in the differences in her friends'___19__ spend hours __20___ them. After__21____ that she would

college she went to France

for a ___22____ two-year class in handwriting at the School of Police Science. Michel says that it is___23____ for people to hide their handwriting. She can discover__24____ of what she needs to know simply ____25___ looking at the writing with her own eyes,___26___she also has machines ___27____ help her make___28____ different kinds of

paper and ink. This knowledge is often______ 29__ great help to the police. Michel believes that handwriting is a good _30_____of what kind of person the___31___ is. "I wouldn't go out with a fellow 32 I

didn't like his handwriting. " She says. But she_____33___ she fell in love with her future husband, a young policeman _____34___ she studied his handwriting. It is later proved to be ____35___, however. 16 A. with D. as B. follow D. judge B. too D. extra B. by

C. like 17 A. search

C. catch 18 A. so

C. quite


19 A. books


B.letter D. handwriting B. studying D. uncovering B. finishing D. stepping into B. natural D. common B. safe D.impossible B. nothing D. sight B. by D. about B. for D. but B. in which D. those B. out D. into B. to D. for

C. tongues 20 A.writing

C. settling 21 A.attending

C. starting 22 A. powerful

C. special 23 A.main

C. easy 24 A. most

C. little 25 A. with C. of 26 A. so C. thus 27 A. they C. that 28 A. up C. for 29 A. of C. with


30 A. test C. means 31 A. thief C. writer 32 A. whether C. if 33 A. adds


B. sign(标记) D. habit(习惯) B. criminal D. policeman B. unless D. after B. tells D. cries B. after D. and B. all right D. quite easy

C. repeats 34 A. before C. shyly

35 A. necessary C.important

四.阅读理解 20 分

A Some countries have a large number of earthquakes. Japan is one of them, while others do not have many, for example, there are few earthquakes in Britain . There is often a great noise during an earthquake. The ground shakes. Houses fall down. Railways are broken, which causes trains to run off. Sometimes thousands of people are killed in different ways. About 60,000 people were killed in 1783 in the south of Italy . Some people say




that earthquakes often happen near volcanoes (火山) ,but this is not true. The centres of some earthquakes are under the sea. The bottom of the sea suddenly moves. The powerful forces inside the earth break the rocks. The coast is shaken and great waves appear. These waves travel long distances and rush over the land when they reach it, breaking down houses and other buildings, even more than the earthquake itself. What kind of building stays up best in an earthquake? The Americans carefully studied the results of the earthquake at San Francisco (1906) and believed it best for buildings to be made with concrete (水泥) walls held together by steel frames (钢筋框架). Such are the buildings that can?t burn or fall easily. 36. The best title of this passage should be____. A. Earthquakes B. The Centres of Earthquakes C. How to Stop Earthquakes D. How to Build Strong Buildings 37. Which of the following is wrong? ____ A. Some earthquakes have their centers under the sea. B. It is not true that earthquakes often appear near volcanoes. C. Buildings with concrete walls are better protected against earthquakes. D. Trains? turning over is directly caused by earthquakes.




38. According to this passage, ____makes more losses than the earthquake itself. A. a great noise B. terrible waves caused by the earthquake C. volcanoes D. nothing 39. Earthquakes often happen ____. A .near volcanoes B. by the sea C. in Japan D. in Britain 40.When an earthquake happens, ____ can be heard. A. sounds of great waves B. sounds of houses falling down C. a great noise D. people?s cries

B Many years ago, children who had good manners kept quiet if their parents were talking with other persons. Today, well-mannered children have more freedom. Sometimes good manners in one place are bad manners in other




Suppose you are a visitor in the land of Mongolia . Some friends ask you to eat with them. What kind of manners do they want you to have? They want you to give a loud “burp” after you finish eating. Burping will show that you like your food. In some countries, if you give a loud burp, you are told to say, “Excuse me, please.” In many places people like to eat together. But in some parts of Polynesia , it is bad manners to be seen eating at all. People show their good manners by turning their backs on others while they eat. What are good manners like in an East Africa town? The people try not to see you. They are being polite. You may see a friend. He may not see you at all. If you're polite, you will sit down beside him. You will wait until he finishes what he doing. Then he will talk to you. Suppose you visit a friend in Arabia . You should walk behind the tents until you come to his tent. If you pass in front of the other tents, you will be asked into them. The people will ask you to eat with them. And it is bad manners if you say no. 41. In Mongolia, burping is a way of showing that___. A. you enjoyed your meal B. you are not full C. your meal is not good D. you want to eat more




42. In Polynesia , to be polite while eating you should ___. A. talk much with others B. sit still C. turn your back on others D. eat quickly 43. In Arabia it is bad manners ___. A. to walk behind the tents B. to visit a friend C. to refuse to sit down D. to say no if you're asked to eat 44. In East Africa , people ___ a visitor ___ he finishes what he is doing. A. won't talk to; until B. don't like; until C. like to walk with; while D. talk to; before 45. It is good manners to show that we___ . A. don't want other people to bother us B. don't want other people to laugh at us C. want to be friends with other people. D. are different from each other

五.根据首字母或汉语意思写出下列的单词。 (10 分)




46.He had no money with him and had to earn his _________( 船费)by doing jobs on the ship. 47.The sunrise is a beautiful __________(景象) 48.Only one man _________(幸免)the accident. 49.I can make a b______ that our team will win. 50.We are not p________ to swim in the river. It’s too dangerous. 51.After three hours of waiting for the train, our p______finally ran out. 52.His a________ made me surprised. 53.Jenny has just bought a new skirt with red s_______. 54.On the c_______, I don’t like the way you’re talking. 55.Do you like a_______in your life?

六.单句改错(10 分) 56. The old man just stood there glared at the thief.

57. My friends always help me when I’m on trouble.

58. We must do something to prevent the roof fall in.

59. He has the number of letters to answer. He has to work all day.

60. With a lot of problems solve , the boss couldn’t sleep well at night.




61. Rather than to allow the fruits to go bad, he sold them at half price.

62. It was not until midnight he went back home after the exam.

63. I don’t know what to deal with the problems.

64. Would you mind me to use you bike?

65. In a matter of fact, she doesn’t like teaching.

七.作文: 学校英语俱乐部拟与 2010 年 6 月 20 日举办一个“戏剧之夜”,你班在选择 剧目时遇到了困难。请你根据以下信息给某大学外教 Professor Taylor 写一封 信,请他给你们一些建议。 内容:1.想找一个 15 分钟左右的短剧本; 2.很难找到和学校生活有关的剧本。 注意:1.信的开头和落款已为你写好; 2 词数 100 左右; 3.参考词汇:戏剧 drama Dear Professor Taylor , We are students from the No.2 Middle school . Our teacher , Mr Wu,




told us that we may write to you for help . Here is the problem ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua

单元综合评估测试答案(100 分) 一、单项选择 BDDDA CABDB CCACC 6、B 7、C 8、D 9、A 10、B 11、

二、 完型填空 1、D 2、C 3、A 4、D 5、B D 12、C 13、B 14、A 15、B 三、阅读理解 ACDAC ADBCC

16、D 17、C 18、A 19、A 20、B

四、根据首字母或汉语意思写出下列的单词。 1.passage 6. patience 2. scene 3. survived 4. bet 5. permitted

7. appearance 8. spots 9. contrary 10. adventure

五、单句改错 10 分 glared—glaring 2. on—in 3. fall—falling

4. the—a

5. solve—to solve

6. to 去掉

8. what—how 或 deal 变 do 9. to

7. midnight 后加 that

use—using 10. In—AS 六、作文: One possible version : Dear Professor Taylor , We are students from the No.2 Middle school . Our teacher , Mr Wu, told us that we may write to you for help . Here is the problem. The English club of our school is going to hold a Drama Night On June 20th,2010. Our class would like to put on a short English play , but it is very difficult to find a good play which is not too long , about 15minutes . It is even more difficult to find something about school life . We were told that you are an expert on English drama and have been doing research in this field for many years . Would you please give us some advice ? We would really appreciate your kind help and we’re looking forward to your early reply . Yours sincerely, Li Hua


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