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高中英语必修4第五单元 revision

? Oceans apart day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice on the line But it doesn't stop the pain If I see you next to never How can we say forever Wherever ______________ yo

u go Whatever ______________ you do I will be right here waiting for you Whatever _____________ it takes Or how my heart breaks I will be right here waiting for you

theme It is the ______song of a famous film Bed

Of Roses .《总有一天感动你》或译为 《同是天涯沦落人 》

1._______ student gets the whatever 无论什么,无限定范围 first place will get a beautiful gift. whichever无论哪一个,任何一个,有限定范围。 A. whoever 无论谁,在句中做主语 B. however whoever C.whatever D. whichever whomever 无论谁,在句中做宾语 2.You can eat food free in my whenever 无论何时,在句中做状语 restaurant_______ you like. wherever 无论何地,在句中做状语 A.whenever 无论怎样,在句中做状语 B. wherever however C. whatever D.however 无论她多努力学习,还是赶不上他。

However hard she studies, she can’t catch up with him.

Achievements :
It is awarded (授予) “Excellent homemade cartoons first prize." The cartoon is humorous.(难怪) It’s no wonder both the parents __________ and the children like it. This cartoon is famous for its ___________ _________characters(角色). various 这部系列卡通片已经被改编成了电影,如果你要买到入场 券,你应该提前预定。 This cartoon has Pleasant Goat&been adapted into a film, and if you want to get the ______________ you should book admission, Big Big Wolf ________________ in advance.

(05湖北卷)He hasn’t slept for three days.________ he is tired out

A.There is no point C.It is no wonder

B. There is no need D. It is no way

It’s There is no wonder that It’s no wonder that/ It’s no use doing 主语:记住主语是it 还是there There’s that no use /There’s need to do no doubtno doubt that doing no no need to do 和他谈话根本没有用。_______________________. It’s no use talking with him. 你们会输掉比赛是毫无疑问的。

There’s no doubt that you will lose the match. _______________________________________.

to a key university. I’m certain that you’ll be admitted to ___ ____ ___ a key university. 犯错误是难免的, 但要学会承认错误. ?One can’t avoid making mistakes, but one has to learn to ___________________ admit (making) them.

我相信你会被重点大学录取。 admission I’m sure that you’ll gain ________

我们的战士勇敢地朝着敌人挺进。 Our soliders advanced bravely _____________________ towards the enemy.

中国已成为世界上科技最先进的国家之一。 China has become one of the most advanced _______________countries in technology. Before _______ him, I called him __________. A. visiting; in advance B. visit; in advance C. visiting; advance D. visit;advance

Do you like the characters of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf? Which one attracts you most?

Pleasant Goat

Lazy Goat

Big Grey Wolf and Big Red Wolf Slow Goat Pretty Goat

用下列词汇词组的适当形式填空。 get close to the same as be moddelled after be amused at preserve deed attract whatever 1. Pleasant Goat is always trying his best to preserve ____ their homeland-- Verdant Grassland(青青草原). attractive 2. Because of her _________appearance, Pretty Goat is considered the unique beauty on the Verdant Grassland. 3.Nowadays, lazy Goat’ life style is modelled after _____________by many young people because they all like sleeping and eating . As is known to all, there are a lot of _________ in attractions Jinxiang. Every time I come here, I am _________ attracted by them as they are so attractive to me. ________

用下列词汇词组的适当形式填空。 get close to the same as be moddelled after be amused at preserve deed attract whatever 4. Big Grey Wolf is a perfect husband because he will whatever always do __________Big Red Wolf tells him to. the same as 5.Most girls want to marry a man __________Big Grey Goat. be amused 6. People from 52 countries will _________ at “Pleasant Goat& Big Grey Wolf “because it will be played on Disney channels(频道). 7.Every time Grey Wolf gets close to __________the goats to do deed a bad _______to them, Pleasant Goat always finds a way to save the rest of the goats.

As you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see …… ① vt. 使欢乐,娱乐,消遣 amuse sb. by sth. ② adj. amusing (物) amused (人) be amused at / by /with sth.以…为乐 ③ to one’s amusement 使某人好笑的是


他的魔术(magic show)使我们发笑。 He amuses us by his magic show. We are amused at his magic show


Magic Disneyland

the same as

the same that

I want to read the same 我想看和你一样的书。 book ____you read. as (两者相似,但不是同一本书) 我想看你看过的那本书。 (同一本书) I want to read the same book that ____you read.

vocabulary building As is known to all, there are a lot of _________ in n. adj. v. attractions Yongjia. Every time I come here, I am _________ attracted attraction attract by them as they are so attractive to me. ________ attractive variety amusement fantasy

amusing / amused

vary amuse



Today, there are many people in our classroom for ___________________ reasons, and I think various/ a variety of the age of us ___________from 18 to _____. varies

with 的复合结构 doing --with+宾语+ done --to do --(主动) (被动) (将来动作)

With the winter vacation _________(come) , we-----. coming The teacher felt relaxed with all the work finished _______ (finish).

to take Do you feel nervous with so many exams _________ (take) next week?

no wonder 难怪他在课堂上睡觉,因为他打了一晚上的电脑游戏。 No wonder he slept in class, for he had played computer games for a whole night. 1. —Brad was Jane’s brother! —____ he reminded me so much of Jane! (2004浙江) A. No doubt B. Above all C. No wonder D. Of course 2.— Her father is very rich.

—______ She wouldn’t accept his help even if it were offered. (2010山东)
A. What for? B. So what? C. No doubt. D. No wonder. 高考链接

Band of Verdant Grassland (青青草原乐队)

skillful (青青草原乐队) is_____ dis- un- im- music. re(skill) at playing The band members describe -er -or;-ee -ian --ment themselves ___________ (them) as a new band made up of old friends. 3.合成(Compounding): musician (music) Many adults think the The lead _______ 2.转化(Conversion) band will make them of the band is Slow Goat. find the world wide sunshine n+adj: ________ The music → the band is (阳光) of their life. Back n.背 of 支持,后退 adj+n: meanwhile must (必不可少的东西) a______ 慢的 → v.放慢 slow adj adv+v: overcome for many children. have a look

使用括号中词语的正确形式填空 1.派生(Derivation): Band of Verdant Grassland

Band of Verdant Grassland (青青草原乐队) is Para.1 four closely of band it is. kind made up of Whatclose friends: Slow Goat, Pleasant Goat, Lazy Goat and Pretty Goat. Every year the band will take part in variety activities. Para.2 Whyhumorous style, so after years of it is famousvarious It is a band of hard work, they became internationally famous to for their humorous performances.Wherever they Para.3 Get close to theHowever band go,they will be welcomed warmly by their fans. For people especially for children, they are not more than super stars. Their performances are so amused that it is no wonder their concert will amusing attraction so many fans. attract They will hold a concert on October. 28, 2010 in Wenzhou. If you want to meet them face to face, in you’d better get your admission by advance.

The Brochure about BOVG

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