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The influence of 3C on our life

The influence of 3C products on our life
Living in the digital age, we are unavoidably exposed to all kinds of 3C products. They change the way people work even life habit. As all we know, factually, digital computers、digital TV、telephone and digital camera are not popularized any more. They’re generally changing our life style. Many people have a question: Are they good to us or bad to us? Everyone get benefit from 3C products. For example, in the old time, if you wonder to know something about current events or other news, you must get out. But now, through digital computers or digital TV, we can easily get news at home. Including that, we also can buy anything that we need without leave our home. What’s more, Telephone prefer us more convenience communication method. We just can contact anyone in anytime and anywhere. And the digital camera makes it possible to delete or correct the “unsuccessful” photo of ours, which was impossible with the traditional camera. However, anything has two sides. We can get news at ourselves home while we have less opportunities to talk with around person face to face…. Rely on the digital technology people have created one after another miracles. The worst thing is that 3C products can destroy our health because of radiation. Since the first computer was producted in 1946, our life style have changed quickly. Even though the world is becoming smaller, the distance between people becoming farther. Finally, too much dependent on the digital things, human seem to be more indifferent to the real world, which we, though reluctant to admit, have to accept. So we must make full use of 3C products. Actually, in many times, they can’t achieve their real values. It’s a challenge to us how to use 3C products.

The influence of 3C products on our life
The digital technology is the weapon and product of human beings to recognize and create the nature. Rely on the digital technology people have created one after another miracles. Today, the digital technology is developed in an increasing speed; its effects on depth and breadth are unprecedented increased so that people now depend on it heavily.However, the alienation of digital technology is becoming more and more serious, or even threat to people’s survival and development. Here are the performances and the features of the alienation. Firstly, as the development of the globalization, the alienation of digital technology becomes the common problem we have to face. Secondly, the alienation of digital technology field from production field extended to areas of consumption, by the economic extended to the field of culture field, people with the help of technology to provide attractive advertisements, convenient credit card and other means to become slaves in consumer goods, surrounded by the varieties of consumer goods we lost the freedom, independence and value. Depend on the advantage of technology, cultural creativity into mass production, fast food consumption and on sensory stimulation of pursuit. Thirdly, the alienation of digital technology has greatly enhanced the degree of political ideology; digital technology has become a common phenomenon and is the highest form of embodiment of the alienation of digital technology. Modernization of the digital technology is one of the most important reasons for alienation. In the process of implementing modern objectives, the one-sided pursuit of computability, predictability and practical effect, this way of thinking leads to the development of science and technology in unilateral, narrow and rootless, lost the most fundamental purpose and significance; subjectivity principle is the basic feature of modernity, it emphasizes the main people in nature in front of the center position and control image, also caused a self-centered individualism, such that, the nature brings a lot of natural disaster, at the same time self interests expansion, aggravated the dissimilation of science and technology. While globalization and world 's pursuit of modernity is to promote digital technology alienation becomes increasingly serious and widespread problem.

Justice principle of coordination of conflict of interest for the development of science and technology and application to create a harmonious social environment, can reasonably regulate the aim of digital technology, development and application of science and technology to enhance people’s sense of social responsibility. At the same time, to establish the common interests of the idea in favor of desalination and ease the contradictions of interests, so as to reduce and overcome alienation of science and technology. First, establish all the concept of coexistence, the interests of all countries are related to each other, each country faces disaster in particular environmental disaster is similar or identical, which requires all reasonable and sensible application and the development of science and technology, give full play to the construction function of science and technology, try to avoid the alienation of science and technology. Secondly, establish human sustainable development concept, to the future generations of survival and development, to the whole human delay, avoiding the damage to the natural environment. Third, to establish the social benefit first philosophy, effectively regulate individual and group, individual and social interest contradictions, thus to ensure that people in the use of technology to obtain their own interests to consider others, even under specific conditions to sacrifice individual interests to safeguard the interests of society. In such social environment, digital technology could have a healthy development

Nowadays, our lives are completely directed and influenced by digital technology which has changed people’s life style across the globe. We can see it every day in the streets , it is impossible to find someone without a mobile phone. It seems that we need digital technology for everything because we are used to living with the advantages technology offers. On one hand technology lets us work in a convenient and efficient way. Besides, it is really important to the progress in medicine, where it has promoted research of many fatal diseases and helped develop other techniques on operation. On the other hand we cannot afford to neglect that it has made man amply dependent and reliant on it. Now, our everyday life is flooded with desktops, laptops, cell phones, MP3 players and book readers. Instead of having to write an entire letter by hand, people can send a quick email or text. Instead of visiting family for the holidays, people can video chat. Instead of going out to see a show or concert, people can simply view it online. In this way, we are slowly losing the practical skills. Even on a smaller scale, human dependence is visible. Students cannot solve simple math equations without the aid of a calculator. People cannot find the definition of a word without a computer. People even need to use a search engine to solve the most basic day-to-day problems. What is worse, sitting in front of a computer for a long time is very bad to our health. Much like junk food, technology is addictive, appealing, and most importantly, unhealthy. Sad to say, it seems to be time that humans start a much nutritious diet.
Digital technology has occurred for more than fifty years,and it has changed our life so much that we can’t even live without it. Once if we were far away from home,we can’t make our families know how we are except someone who was our fellow-villager was just going back and then we could request him to send a massage to our family。But it took a long time and nobody knows what will happen in these days。Today we can give them a call so that we can get the voice of each other or we can see them with the help of computer or the third generation mobile。 Just like this paper we may write it down on a piece of paper before the using of computer but now we’d like type。The digital technology makes our life colorful and work much more efficient。We can connect with the world in one second and exchange the ideas that makes us improve ourselves quickly。 However,a coin has two sides。It not always brings good to us。Almost every digital product has radiation to people。And now we are living around them。It causes the incidence of cancer highly increased and many kinds of disease come out to human beings。With the spread of computer,youngsters have many chance to get touch with it。They search information on Internet and chat with QQ or MSN。Then network fraud follows。 Some young girls were treated as well as some adults。 Some young boys prefer playing games on Internet。 They

are so addicted to the games that they stay in front of the computer for a whole day even no food。 They truant to play and don’t go home after night。 Some persons even commit a crime to get money for games。 This situation has now been widely concerned by society。 As we all know,digital products have been a part of our life。Maybe no one will get through his day without sending a message。 Digital technology acted a important rule in our life and will be much more important to us。 Be of equal importance we should guard the negative influence of digital technology to our life especially to the youngsters。 At Mid-Autumn Festival,looking upon the moon,you would miss your parents,friends and many people who are not at your side.Then perhaps you will send a message full of affection of missing and blessing by your phone or computer.It’s convenient and fast.Just like that,the digital technology changing our lifestyle make it possible. If it was to say,phone make people’mutual connection convenient and fast,the rise of internet which is the symbol of mordern digital technology has had a great influence on our lifestyle. As you know,the use of computer permeates into every field in our life.You can have a talk with someone far away from you face to face.Even he is not there,you can send a mail.At weekend ,if you don’t want to get out and have nothing to do,the internet may provide you some options:sufe on the internet to find what you are interested in;play a game singly or multiply;have a speech with somebody and so on.Around you,you may hear that someone are talking about the goods like clothes bought on the internet.Yeah,it’sMqmq,the biggest influence on our lifestyle.You can sit befor a computer and search what you need on the webpage,then pay for it.The next what you should do is to wait and recive it.By this way ,you could get virtrully all kinds of goods.What’s more,you can also do a phone payment,for that matter. Admittedly ,we are in the era of digital technology and it’s changing our life.And the tendency will not end,it will be used more and more widely finally to all the aspacts of our life.Can you imagine what will be if we were without these? However,even these situations happen to us and it seems that we can’t get away this technology,it also brings us problems.We can send a message easily but the same easy content.Sometimes we just respond or are out of polite that what we said in the message tends to be some kind of form.It prefers to be a procedure without any emotion rather than a communication.And people are social if just take this way to connect others you should be careful of alienation. Internet wides our horizons and give us the chance to have an access to many things that it’s impossible without it.But internet make us touch the bad the same time the good.Up to now,there isn’t an effective method to avoid the bad thing.Crimes because of internet rise more and more year by year.It also brings trouble to society. When something new happen to arise,it would bring us someting good and bad just like the digital technology.What we should do is to face up to it rationally. The influence of digital technology on our life style Summary Digital media era has been a significant effect to people's social life, not only convenient, but also changed the relationship of people and social . The social roles of people have changed dramatically, the digital media era impact on all levels of society profoundly .

Keywords: digital technology , social relationship , life style ,influence

First, the definition of digital technology Digital technology, is an electronic computer accompanied to the science and technology, it is with the help of some equipment which will translate all kinds of information, including: maps, text, sound, image etc... into the

binary digits" 0”and" 1" that electronic computer can identify, after taking the operation, processing, storage, transmission, dissemination, reduction technology. Because of the operation, storage and other links in the use of computer for information coding, compression, decoding, therefore also known as the digital technology, computer digital technology... Digital technology also has been known as digital control technology. Digital media is stored in digital form, processing and dissemination of information media.Broadly speaking, digital media is not only limited in the media industry, it also includes digital TV, digital film, digital broadcast, video games, digital publishing etc.... digital technology combined with the new things. second, phenomenon of digital technology formation 1 personal media Along with the Internet development, once those who have no media resources and platform but have proficiency in a particular line , in the network, they can publish their own speech and wisdom, form a certain expression platform. Everyone is a media to disseminate information, who can be regarded as media. The dissemination means of general personal media include a variety of traditional material carrier, such as letters, cards, files and so on, also include BBS, EMAIL, mobile phone messages, blog etc.. In recent years, with the development of Internet, every personal influence has completely no longer confined to his relatives, friends and colleagues, its influence is unlimited expansion through the Internet and wireless network. Through a lot of platform or carrier, individuals also have information and knowledge production rights, personal media era is really coming. in recent years, many significant social events are disclosed at first in the network of china , and then become the public topic, the Internet 's reports are often more than traditional media timely, comprehensive, rich. For example, the people used mobile phone, digital camera to take photos or videos to putting the whole into the Internet, much faster than the official media. 2 network culture The generalized network culture refers to the era of the human culture, it is the human culture, traditional moral extension and diversification of the show, digital technology progress accelerates network cultural progress. We used in online chat, just play games, listen to music ...do inessential thing to pass the time. With the progress of digital technology, we found that the network can bring us the required resources, give us a chance to show myself relaxation. 3 participate in the consumption era With the development of digital technology, people no longer carry large amounts of cash to go shopping, only need to carry credit cards which can buy the selected commodity. Garment, feed , live, row and various consumption are available through digital technology. Third, the impact of social relations From the oral communication to print media, to radio and television appearance, but also to the emergence of the Internet, the communication through a long process, technology development bring the total transmission mode to a major change, bring important influence on social life. The development of digital technology, not only has had a major impact on the dissemination of ideas, but also created a shock. The performance of a variety of digital media art inclination and aesthetic characteristics, it shows us the flavor of the times with paradigm of art, expand our horizons, enrich our lives. But at the same time, we should also feel the current state of the art and future of the potential crisis, from science, humanities and its challenges, repositioning. Conclude The development of digital technology brings not only the human society with great change, but also the media theory study raises new questions. How to adapt to this change, to make the corresponding adjustment and coping according to the conditions and changes in the environment in order to re-examine the digital

technology. human demand is changing, at the same time to adapt this new thing, avoid it bound, and to guide, make it serve humanity better. As we all know,the digital technology has already appeared many years,and now it has permeated many aspects of our lives.For an simple example,when we go to the dining room for our meals,we have to using the card which was made by the digital technology.If you don’t have one card,you have to go other places to look for food or do you study with your stomach empty. When the technology was applied to our commom life, we should acknowleged that our life style has been very convenient,such as our class time using the media easier.We can communicate with our friends by the mobile phone,no matter when and where we are .And we can look for materials we need for our study on the Internet.So the digital technology makes our life easier. But we should know that every thing is a double-edged sword.And the digital technology is also a belessing and a course for that matter.Digital technology has some negative effect on our life style.I think everyone of us know that many chidren,teenagers and youth have no bright future as we have.The reason why it happened is the internet,only duing to the internet taked up all their time. At the same time, the technology bring some new diseases to our life,which give patient pain.For us,this makes us lazier because we can copy others’ from the internet.It is so easy that we can have more time for palying.But this makes our brian has less oppitunities to be practiced.So we usually have no our own opinoin about cases,and although we have some opinion, we can’t speak out them exactually.We may be stupid.At the same time,we lose the skills that look for books from the library.Most times,we’d like ask help from the Internet not the library.But many times,the library is the best way we should do. The digital technology not only have negative effect on our thinking and spirit but also on our bodies.Our bodies become more and more weak.Some people may ask why.They don’t understand that how does the digital life have relation to our bodies.I think that because the digital technoly we have less opportunities to walk to our places.This is an opportunities for us to make our bodies stromger,so we can do works for a long time. On the other hand,digital life have some effects on our psychology.Becasue the digital technologr,so much unhealthy culture was spread widely.Especially,when those culture become fashion among adolescent,they hurt theur psychology,bringing an false values and world outlook.This may bring them an dark future, As far as I concerned,when we used the digital technology,we should be more reasonable and lawful. Arrang the time and make a plan.We should make our life better applying the digital technology,not worse. We should develop a sense right and wrong. Nowadays, digital productions are widely used . As we all know ,the influence of digital technology on our life is more and more prevalent .then I will talk about the following aspects. With respect to our own life , I want to say travel .when we have opportunity to travel here and there ,we enjoyed ourselves at that time ,but at the same time ,some records like pictures which can remind my mind tailed to our needs .so digital camera come out ,we use it record places we have travled ,our daily life ,important friends, families in our life ,meaningful instantenous and so on. In another respects ,to our society ,digital technology also play an important role .For instance, because of the ladar ,we can detect planes if they are in a nomal state,we can watch TV from many other different places to come to know many things that we do not understand before. Additionally,it plays an important role in wars. Digital technology also be utilized in the filed of film,production and something about maintaining secret. With the appearance of the digital film,we can see many benefits such as lower production cost.In addition, as the digital film is no longer a film like the earlier times,so contrast with the film in that time ,it can be stored permanently and cannot be damaged and go bad easily . If we use the artificial satellite technology,we can achieve the long-distance broadcast. Besides, the appearance of the digital sign attributes a lot to keeping secret ranging from the national secret or the company secret.If we use the digital sign ,we can know if it is integrity or not without professional

checking, for the files using digital sign have High Securty and we need to use code to open it, so the traditional sign and the digital sign can not be mentioned in the same breath. Digital technology are applied in every fileds of our life,such as Numerical Control technology in part process, the electric wallet,stored devices,and the like . through using this,devices will become more and more precise,we will become more and more efficient and unforgettable,our life will become more and more convenient. Through this example ,we know that digital technology bring us many benefits ranging from one person to our society. But everything has its two sides. Digital technology also bring us a degree of troubles , for example ,some people use digital instruments as their tools to let out our personal secrets . In spite of this , with the development of the digital technology ,our life also has enormous changes, becoming more and more convenient ,effective ,advanced. With the development of society. Technology is more and more significant. It is full of our life and brings covenience to us. For example, The computer is a symbol of teachnology. people spent hours on the equations that a computer can solve in just a minute. Computer becomes the most helpful equipment for the peoples because they can use their time more efficiently.It can not only replace us to do a calcuation but also enrich our sparetime life and broaden our horizons.In transportation. You will have many options. If you want to gone some place quite remote where you have never been.Those options are more quick and comfortable than the carriage in the past. We don`t even need to ask people through the satellite positioning to you're your destination. On the medical, Our health level is raising while the teachnology improve. We use x-ray ascertain our location of fracture and internal body obnormalities. As the drug research the infection mortality reduce grealty. As the same time a large amount of informetion through science digital. We can through the many ways see the event of all over the world in time. For example, The radio network television and newspaper. Through by these we can appreciate different countries scenery and realize the customs in the commucation. When you missing your relatives or friends who are in the far diatance. You will take telephone or e-mail to express your regrad and know them recnet situation. But everything has two sides. Teachnology pace our life. If we depend on modern technology too much, it will bring bad effects. When teachnology brings convenience also pull away people’s distance. When teachnology promoted the development of industrial. Air pollution comes from factories, power stations and cars. Now the world has become crowded, forests are dispearing, rivers are polluting with dangerous chemical. In a word. The teachnology really has great inflence on our life style. In the ancient,messages were passed by smoke, letters or pigeons, and it always spent many days or months. But now it is different from the past, because people own the high technology which helps them to make something easy. No longer do we cost much money and many labors to look for a person or a source. People can communicate with others in a quick and convenient way. And the computers can help us find who we want to search for and what we need, and they even can provide the location of people. It is very useful for us. Now, many digital products come into the life of people and they become the necessities. It is perceived that digital products play a more important role in our life and our life style. It is said that the key, the purse and the telephone are the indispensable in the modern one’s life, when someone is out. The camera and the MP3 often appear in the package of traveler, and they become the ways of entertaining in the trip. For the car, the GPS is the beacon light and it provides the less distance and more quick ways. The students are always using electronic dictionaries to help them study the English. Even the TV, we also change it to digital and thin one. The most useful one is the computer which contains news, music, pictures and almost the whole information about the world, and we may search everything that we may image on it. Digitization ages are the revolution of our life, and it makes the world smaller and more clearly. Digital TV takes the vivid pictures, and the 3D gives us a new visual effect. With the development of technology, people spend more time on digital world. While they are the helper, sometimes it affects not only the children, but also the senior. For the youngsters, they face more alluring than before, especially in the aspect of high technology. For example, some are addicted to computer games and spend more time on playing, but not for studying. So we must use these high-tech products reasonably, and prevent the positive ones from becoming the negative ones.

Digital products improve the quality of our life and bring the abundant ways of entertainment. But now more applications sever the education. In the college, the students are always in the environment of technology, for example, multi-media education. In the digital world, we should make the advanced technology create more fortune, but not the obstacle for us. The number of 0 and 1 create the digital ages. The perspective of modern technology is the future. At the same time, we should adapt to the big environment. Although sometimes some feel that some of the technology has influent on our secrets and true information, but it is the useful and flexible. In my view, the digital technology helps us to solve many problems that may not work out. The computer can simulate and give us some data that help the people finish some research and creation. No matter where we are, the digital technology is like the shadow following us. _________________________________________________________________________________________ The most important technological event of our time is the rise of the digital technology. From communication to the numerical control to the computer, we are filled in the digital technology into all aspects of daily life, which has changed our habits and life concepts. I really can not imagine what life like if we do not have the digital technology! Operate mode Complicated data, a large number of documents, important information and so on,People were busy in the vast files and data every day. Without a computer before, the tasks can not be imaged, so a lot of manpower and material were wasted here. Computer has changed the way we work. Unimaginable, word, excel, etc. are able to help people to complete the work at your fingertips. Do not leave the house all day and we can use computers and office networks possibly. No matter what the task is, it can be done through the function of network transmission anytime and anywhere. In this way, not only we can be able to do office at home or elsewhere, but in the home’s office, we also save time when driving on the road. Moreover the traffic jam no longer exists when we go to work, so the traffic burden will be reduced. In the 21st century, the situation in the home office will become increasingly popular. Educational methods Learning becomes more efficient. From the previous one teacher one class to the present digital teaching, it can be said that the way of education has happened enormous changes. With digital technology in the classroom, student can not only learn the basic knowledge necessary but also learn more extra-curricular knowledge, broaden their horizons, while also widening their knowledge. This new form of education has a important significance in modern society. Because the progress and the development of social require all levels of people to learn and to update their knowledge constantly. This is put forward new tasks of education. The object of education is not just schools, but also the practitioners of a variety of ages, knowledge structure, demand levels and industry. This life-long continuing education and training tasks, the form and the structure of school is not qualified from time to space. Consumer channel Who says shopping is equal go shopping, we can stay at home and buy all the goods. Online booking, telephone booking, delivery, digital technology makes my shopping needs easily, while also changing our way to shop. Communication facilities Plans do not change more quickly than changes themselves. Changes are slower than a phone call. Digital technology allows people to speed up the rate of exchange the information, for example, we can stay at home and do business. A telephone, a message, a greeting, a blessing, digital technology has changed our way of communication and exchange. I am a student of safety engineering. Digital technology plays an important role in our subject. For example, the bank's digital surveillance system can effectively deter and combat the illegal intrusion. Digital technology makes people's lives safer. However, the impact of digital technology on our lives is far more than these. It can be said that our lives are filled with the digital technology and it is changing our way of life too.

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