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Unit 3 Travel Journal教案

Unit 3 Travel Journal (Book 1)
Vocabulary and useful expressions Teaching aims:
1.to present and learn to use some useful words and expressions. 2.to enable students to rewrite some

sentences using the new words and expressions. 3.to cultivate the spirit of cooperation, self-studying and self-exploring

Teaching procedures: Step 1 Leading in ---- crazy reading
1).Read all the sentences presented on the screen or on page one of the learning paper. 1.Although she didn't know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly. 2. I will make every effort to take good care of my family. 3. Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. 4. She gave me a determined look--the kind that said she would not change her mind. 5. They are always devoted selflessly to us and don't expect any reward. 6. He has devoted most of his life to bringing up two generations. 7. The air would be hard to breathe. 8. We can hardly wait to see them. 9. Parents spare no effort to bring us up. 10.I prefer to read while my wife prefers singing to reading. 11.A determined person always tries to finish the job, no matter how hard it is. 12.I stopped working and went home, cold and hungry. 2).Students recite these sentences and answer questions according to them.

Step 2 Thinking and discussing
1.Try to learn all the words and expressions on the learning paper all by yourselves , fill the blanks and answer the questions. 2.Discuss your questions about the words and expressions within your group

and underline the key points and what you do not understand.

Step 3 Question and answer
1.Students and the teacher learn the words together. 2.Students answer the questions from both teacher and other students. 3.The teacher explain what most of the students can not understand. 4.Language points: 1. effort n. 努力 常用搭配:1)竭尽全力做某事 make every effort to do... 2)不遗余力做某事 spare no effort to do... Attention: effort 意为 “努力”,多作可数名词, 抽象名词, 后常跟 to do 不定式作后置定语。 Practice: 1) He succeeded in his efforts to overcome(overcome) his fatal weakness. 2) The effort to get (get) my play finished has tired me out. 3) Make every effort to do your best, and believe you can do it. 竭尽全力做最好的自己, 相信自己一定能行。 4)Let’s spare no effort to build a harmonious society. 让我们不遗余力地来建设一个和谐社会吧。 2. prefer vt. 更喜欢 常用搭配:1)prefer to do/doing...更喜欢做某事 2)prefer A to B 与 B 相比更喜欢 A 3)prefer to do...rather than do... 联想发散:表示“宁愿做......而不愿做......”有哪些? 1)prefer to do...rather than do... 2)would do...rather than do... 3) would rather do...than do... Practice: 1) He prefers reading (read) books to watching (watch)TV.

2) She preferred to meet (meet) her friends at the airport rather than stay (stay)here waiting. 3) It being Sunday, rather than stay (stay)at home, I preferred to travel (travel). 4) After all, all kids prefer to be praised(praise) rather than be scolded (scold).

3. insist v. 坚持,坚持认为,坚持要求 常用搭配:insist on/upon (doing) sth. 坚持(做)某事 insist that... Attention: Eg.The boss insisted that the man had stolen the money and insisted that he should leave the company at once. 例句中两个 insist 分别强调了什么含义? 1)坚持认为, 其后所跟宾语从句使用陈述语气, 即 从句谓语动词用相应的时态; 2)坚持要求,其后所跟宾语从句使用虚拟语气, 即从句谓语动词用(should)+ do. 联想发散:你能想出与 insist 用法相似的词么? Practice:1)The doctor insisted that he was (be) seriously ill, and that he should be operated (operate) on immediately. 2)Jane’s pale face suggested that he was (be) ill, and her parents suggested that she should have (have) a medical examination. 3)Frank insisted that he was (be) not asleep although I had great difficulty in waking him up. 4. determine vt. 决定,决心 变型:determined adj. 坚决的,有决心的 determination n. 决心


常用搭配:决定/决心做某事 1)determine to do...(强调动作) 2)be determined to do...(强调状态) Practice:1) Concerned about her daughter ’s safety, Mrs Brown called the police.(concern) 2) Buried in the newspaper, I did not notice what was happening.(bury) 3) He left his hometown, determined (determine) never to come back. 4) Based on a true story, the film achieved great success.(base) 5) Devoting to helping the poor, he is highly thought of.(改错) 5. 主语+be+adj.+to do. Eg. The air would be hard to breathe. 仿写:The question is difficult to answer.这个问题很难答。 The water isn’t fit to drink. 这水不适合喝。 Attention: 1)在此结构中,to do 不定式用主动形式表达 被动含义; 2)若 to do 不定式中的动词是不及物动词, 需有与之搭配的介词。 Practice: 1)These apples are good to be eaten.(改错) 2)My boss is hard to work.(改错) 3)玛丽很难相处。 (翻译) Mary is hard to get along with.

Step 4 Exercises
1.Finish the exercises on the learning paper 单句改错 1).He left the place, determining never to visit his uncle again.

2).The old man insisted that I had taken his wallet and that I went to the police station with him. 3).The pen is easy to write. 4).Rather than going shopping, he prefers to stay at home. 5).More efforts should be made strengthen unity. 2.Check answers 3.Explain if it is necessary

Step 5 Homework
翻译下列句子,然后组成一篇 80 词左右的短文。 1.李华一旦下定决心,就没有什么能使他改变主意。 2.他非常喜欢旅游,因此他决定同他的朋友骑车去旅行。 3.王明不愿骑车而喜欢开车,而且他很固执。 4.李华花了两个小时的时间说服了王明改变了主意。


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