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M1 U3 Grammar--- ving for future tense

Unit 3

Period 4 grammar

1. Students will be able to make sentences using the newly learnt grammar items 2. Students will be able to distinguish the diff

erences between the newly learnt meanings and the old one. 3. Students will be able to use the grammar items properly in the daily talks.

I'm babysitting on Thursday Would you like to go out on Monday? No, sorry, I can’t. Why not? I’m babysitting on Monday. Would you like to go out on Tuesday? No, sorry, I can’t. Why not? I’m doing my laundry on Tuesday. Would you like to go out on Wednesday? No, sorry, I can’t. Why not? I’m working overtime on Wednesday. Would you like to go out on Thursday? No, sorry, I can’t. Why not? I’m working out on Thursday. Would you like to go out on Friday? No, sorry, I can’t. Why not? I’m visiting relatives on Friday. Would you like to go out on weekend? Well… maybe!


现在进行时的基本用法: a. __________________________________ 表示现在(指说话人说话时)正在发生的 事情。 We are waiting for you.

b. 表示现阶段暂时的情况,说话时动作未 必正在进行。 __________________________________
Mr. Green is writing another novel. c. __________________________________ 表示发展中的或正在改变的情况,如: get, grow, become, turn, run, go, begin等。 __________________________________ The leaves are turning red. It’s getting warmer and warmer.

d. 与always, constantly, forever 等词连用,表示 ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 反复发生的动作或持续存在的状态带有说话 人的主观色彩(赞成、讨厌、生气等情绪)。 ____________________________________

1)You are always changing your mind. 2)He is always thinking others. 3)You are always leaving things about. 4)He is always talking big. 5) He is always helping others. 6) She is forever complaining about others. 7) You are constantly making the same mistake!

1.He is always helping others. 2.She is forever complaining(抱 怨) about others. 3.You are constantly(不断地) making the same mistake!

现在进行时除了表示正在进行 等目前的或暂时的情况外,还 可以表示将来时态。

Task 2:
What are they doing?

Task 3: Observation

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

He is leaving for London next week. “Where are we going?” I asked my sister. “When are we coming back?” I kept asking her. We are moving to the moon tomorrow . Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane is taking off. 6. Some friends of mine are coming to stay with me for the weekend.

Sum up am/ is / are doing 可以表示将来时


go, arrive, come, leave, start, stay, return,play, do, have, work, wear, spend, see, meet

Translate the following statements: 1.我下个月将去美国。 I am going to America next month. ————————————————— 2.我姑姑在信上说她后天将到我们家。 My aunt said she was arriving at our home the day after tomorrow in the letter. —————————————————— 3.我明天将什么东西也不做。 I am not doing anything tomorrow. —————————————————— 4.玛丽和我下个星期天去钓鱼。 Mary and I are going fishing next Sunday. ——————————————————

1. Because the shop___________, all the T-shirts are sold at half price. A. has closed down B. closed down

C. is closing down

D. had had closed down

2. I’ve won a holiday for two weeks to Florida. A I______ my mum. A. am taking C. take B. have taken D. will have taken

3. ----Can I join your club, dad? A -----You can when you _______ a bit older. A. get B. will get

C. are getting D. will have got
B 4. At this time tomorrow ______over the Atlantic A. we’re going to fly B. we’ll be flying C. we’ll fly D. we’re to fly

Task4: Making sentences according to the situations.

1. ---Why have you slept so early? ----_____________________. 2.--Why have you brought so much food? --______________________. 3.---Hurry! ___________________. 4.---How long ________in Shanghai ? ----For two weeks. I’m going to visit some schools in Shanghai. 5.---Watch out! _______________.


Make a short dialogue

When are you leaving?

How are you going to…..?
When are you arriving in/at…..? Where are you staying ?

How long are you staying in…?
When are you coming back?

1.Will / shall do 表达单纯的将来. 2.Be going to do 计划、打算 3.Be to do 预定、计划、注定(决 心) 4.Be about to do 正要,不与表将来的时 间副词连用.常用be about to do… when…: I was about to leave when my boss came.

(1) 按规定预计要发生的未来动作(时刻
表、日程表),仅限于动词come, go,

leave, move, start, return, arrive, begin, stay等动词。 The plane takes off at 10:10. That is, it’s leaving in ten minutes.

(2) 用在状语从句中用一般现在时代替将

If you do that again, I’ll hit you. (3) 用在I bet 和I hope后面, 常用一般现在 时表将来。 I bet you don’t get up before ten tomorrow. 我敢说你明天不到10点是不会起床的。

Task5: exercises

1. Tomorrow ____ Sunday. will be are to 2. We, human beings, _____ die. are going to 3. When ____you________ set off? 4. If you ______ to succeed, you must are to work hard. was 5. I ____about toleave when the bell rang. leaves 6. The next plane ______(leave) at 6:00 p.m.


1. ---Did you write to Grace last summer?
---No, but I’ll ______ her over

Christmas vacation.
A. be seen B. have seen

C. be seeing

D. to see

2. -- I’m going to the States?
-- How long ___ you ___ in the States? A. are; stayed C. have; stayed B. are; staying D. did; stay

3. I’ve won a holiday for two weeks to Florida. I ____ my mum. A. am taking B. have taken

C. take

D. will have taken

4. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology ____ so rapidly. A. will change B. has changed C. will have changed D. is changing

5. --- You’ve left the light on.

--- Oh, I have. ___ and turn it off.
A. I go C. I’ll go B. I’ve gone D. I’m going

6. --- Is this raincoat yours? --- No, mine ____ there behind the door. A. is hanging C. hangs B. has hung D. hung

7. --- What’s that terrible noise? ---The neighbours ____ for a party. A. have prepared B. are preparing C. prepare D. will prepare

8. Because the shop ____, all the

T-shirts are sold at half prices.
A. has closed down

B. closed down
C. is closing down D. had closed down

9. --- Can I join the club, Dad?

--- You can when you ___ a bit old.
A. get C. are getting B. will get D. will have got

10. I feel it is your husband who ___ for the spoiled child. A. is to blame B. is going to blame C. is to be blamed D. should blame

11. At this time tomorrow, ____ over the Atlantic. A. we’re going to fly B. we’ll be flying

C. we’ll fly
D. we’re to fly

12. --- Are you still busy?
--- Yes, I ___ my work, and it

won’t take long.
A. just finish B. am just finishing C. have just finished D. am just going to finish

13. ---Did you tell Julia about the result?
---Oh, no, I forgot. I ____ her now.

A. will be calling
B. will call C. call D. am to call

14. --- What are you going to do this afternoon? --- I’m going to the cinema with some friends. The film ___ quite early, so we ___ to the bookstore after that. A. finished; are going B. finished; go C. finishes; are going D. finishes; go

15. ----Have you moved into the new house? ----Not yet. The rooms ___. A. are being painting B. are painting

C. are painted
D. are being painted

16. --- do you like the material? --- Yes, it ____ very soft. A. is feeling

B. felt
C. feels

D. is felt

17. I don’t really work here; I ___ until the new secretary arrives. A. just help out B. have just helped out C. am just helping out D. will just help out

1. Betty ________ (leave) for is leaving
Guangzhou by plane at 3:00 this is seeing afternoon. Her brother Bob ________ (see) her off. It’s half past one now. They __________ (wait) for a taxi are waiting outside the school gate.

are going 2. The Browns ________ (go) to the North China by train next week.
They __________ (stay) in Beijing are staying

for a week. They ________ (go) to are going
Xi’an. They __________ (get) there are getting by air.

3. Some friends are coming (come) to _________
Anne’s birthday party this evening.

Anne’s mother __ (be) busy ______ getting is
(get) ready for the birthday dinner.

Anne _________ (help) her mother is helping


Review what we have learned today

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