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单项填空:共 15 小题,15 分,每小题 1 分。本题含较易题和中等题。 从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳 选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 6. ——Which book do you think is the most useful to my studies? —— A. Any , as long as you read it. B. E

ither C. Neither D. None

7. I like this house with cherry blossoms around, but I can’ t afford to buy A.one B.it . C.them D.those

8. It is one thing to enjoy listening to good music, but it is quite A. other to perform skillfully yourself. B.another C.some D.any

9. I like the blue dress better than the black one, but it costs almost twice. A.as many 10. B.as much C.so many D.so much

——What do you think of his first public performance ? . D.the better one to spare B.cheapest

——It was really great. It couldn’t be A.good 11. B.the best C.better

Of the two coats, I’d choose the A.cheaper

some money for something else. C.more expensive 12.

D.most expensive delightful garden i

Wow, it’s so cute. It is

have ever seen. A.the most B.a more 13. ——Let’s organize C.most D.much surprise party for grandma’

s 70th birthday. ——That’s friends. A.a; a 14. B.the; a C.a;不填 D.the; 不填 news? The price of A.the; the B.the; 不填 good idea. We can invite several of her

Have you heard of

petrol is decreasing again. C. 不填;the 15.

D. 不填; 不填 popular story about

—— Have you read about

Newton? — — You mean when he was sitting under an apple tree, apple fell on his head ? 不填; the 16. D.the; the Christmas around the corner, I have made some A. On B. As C. At A.不填; an B.the; an C.

special presents for my parents. D. With 17.

The price of the necklace is so high that it is

the reach of the young man who just graduated from university. A.within 18. B.over C.below D.beyond

——It’s a difficult decision.

——Yes. It requires a lot of thinking, so let ’s go and talk about it A.for 19. B.from a drink. C.over D.to

What lay

his anger was really the hurt that the

young man felt at his friend’s refusal. A.in 20. B.over C.behind D.beyond

——Oh, would you like to attend a concert or see a film

this evening? ——I can’ t go anywhere, because I phone call. A.expect expecting 21. Mr. Lim his office an hour ago and he is still B.am expecting C.expected D.was a very important

on his way home. A.left 22. B.leaves C.is leaving D.was leaving

——Did you ask George for help ? need to ——I managed perfectly well on my

——I own. A.wouldn’t 23.




——Mike, you look worried. Anything wrong ? for the result. C.have waited

——Well , I took a blood test I A.am waiting B.was waiting

D.had waited 24. When you are home, let me know you B.have arrived safely.

A.are arriving D.had arrived 25.

C.will arrive

——Have you shown him around the museum yet ? a great time there. C.have had D.had had

——Yes. We A.had 26. B.have

——Will you go to Lily’s birthday party ? . C.had been invited

——Of course. Everyone in our class A.has been invited D.had invited 27. Mary says she will leave the company if she B.has invited


her carelessness. A.will be punished D.punishes 28. Sofia was so nervous that she couldn ’ t follow what B.will punish C.is punished

in the speech. A.was being said D.had said 29. No matter where , the works of Shakespeare A.performing B.to B.had been said C.was saying

always attracted large audiences. perform C.performed

D.being performed


the missing child, villagers have been doing all

they can over the past five hours. A. Found 31. B. Find C. Finding D. To find

After school the boys went to the library, only A.to be told B.to tell

that it was being decorated. C.telling 32. When D.told

for his views about his new job, Philip A.asked B.asking C.to be

said he was crazy about it. asked 33. D.having asked

in a long queue, Tom waited for the store to open A. Stood B. To stand C. Standing

to buy a new iPad.

D. Having stood 34. he has wasted too much time, the boy is B.

determined to stop playing video games. A. Realized Realizing 35. C. To realize D. Being realized

—— Remember : the first one

the top of the

mountain wins the prize. ——Got it. A.to have reached D.reaching 31I still remember to National Gallery in London for B.to reach C.reached

further research. I’m impressed by what I experienced there.

A.to send sent

B.to be sent



32——Here’s the ten tickets you’ve booked. —— What do you mean, there are only ten tickets? There be twelve. D.must 33——Jack, you look so tired ! That trip. ——Yeah, it took us a whole week to get there. A.can B.should C.must D.need have been a long A.can B.would C.should

34Listen, Mike. Maria at the cinema. A.couldn’t D.wouldn’t 35It A.becomes 36. B.shouldn’t

have done it. She was with me


like a wonderful idea to me. Does it really work ? B.looks C.proves D.sounds she has donated

Mrs. Miles is not rich enough,

much to help the needy. A.so 37. B.yet C.or D.for

——Why were you absent yesterday ? I had been caught in the rain. C.or D.for

——I caught a cold, A.but B.so


Before the sales start, my mum makes a list of A.why B.what C.how


need for the coming season. D.which 39.

Susan rides her bicycle to work every day. This is

she keeps fit. A.what 40. at home. A. When 41. B. If C. Because D. Though B.which C.how D.when

I got on the bus, I realized I had left my wallet

we are all part of the global village, everyone

becomes a neighbour. A. Even though 42. B. In case C. As if D. Now that

you view the world around you the lens of

goodness, you will find life much more enjoyable. A.If 43. B.Until C. Since D. Though

Several songs of the band become major hits.No matter

they go,they are sure to be received warmly. A.where 44. B.why C.whom D.what they might be in time A.in case B.now

The professors flew there

to attend the opening ceremony. that 45. C.so that D.only if

I sympathize, I can’t really do very much to

help the poor out of difficulties. In order that 46. C. While

A. As long as


D. Unless

George is into the Internet game,it is hard for

him to think about anything else ——all his attention is on winning the game. D. Unless 47. The repairman said the problem was in the engine, A.which B.that A. Until B. Where C. Once

was just what I had suspected. C.when 48. D.as

Life is like a long race A.which

we compete with others B.that C.when

to go beyond ourselves. D.where

49 She remembered several moments in the past experienced a similar feeling A.which C.that D.when B.where

she had

50 I was born in a beautiful town

name will create a A.which

picture of purplish-blue flowers in my mind. B.of which C.that D.whose

16.Mr.lim home. A.left

his office an hour ago and he is still on his way

B.is leaving


D.was leaveing

17.---Did you ask George for help? ---I need to I managed perfectly well on my own.

A.Would’t B.won’t C.don’t D.didn’t 18.---Mike,you look worried.Anything wrong? ---Well,I took a blood test and I for the result.

A.was waiting B.am waiting C.have waited D. Had waited 19.When you are home, let me know you safely.

A.will arrive B.are arriving C.have arrived D. Had arrived 20.---Have you shown him around the museum yet? ---Yes.We a great time there.

A.have B.had C.have had D.had had 21.---Will you go to Lily’s birthday party? ---Of course.Everyone in our class A.has been invited C.had been invited .

B.has invited D.had invited for her

22.Mary says she will leave the company if she carelessness. A.will be punished C.punishes B.will punish D.is punished

23.Sofia was so nervous that she couldn’t follow what speech. A.was being said C.had been said 24.No matter where large audiences. A.performing C.being performed 25. B.to perform D. performed B.had said D.was saying

in the

the works of Shakespeare always attracted

the missing child,villagers have been doing all they can

over the past five hours. A.To find B.Found C.Find D.Finding 26.After school the boys went to the library,only decorated . A.to be told B.to tell C.told D.telling 27.When for his views about his new job ,Philip said he was that it was being

crazy about it. A.asking B.asked C.having asked D.to be asked 28. in a long queue ,Tom waited for the store to open to buy a

new iPad. A.Stood B.To stand C.Having stood D.Standing


he has wasted too much time,the boy is determined to stop

playing video games. A.Realized B.To realize C.Realizing D.Being realized

30.---Remember :the first one the prize . ---Got it . A.reaching B.to reach

the top of the mountain wins

C.to have reached


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