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who--- poet types of poems

topics human feelings

Du Fu

( realism )

( romantic ) Li Bai

Shakespeare (1564—1616 )

Shelley (1792—1822 )

funny serious realism




romantic Song/Tang Dynasty classical modern

the sea

drinking wine
World War Ⅰ friendship the countryside peace power pets imagination nature…


Human feelings anger


A Few simple forms of English Poems

Haiku 俳句诗

Tang poems

Five kinds of poems Cinquain
五行诗 List poems 清单诗
Nursery rhymes 童谣

Nursery rhyme(童谣) Hush, little baby, don’t say a word, Papa’s going to buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird won’t sing, Papa’s going to buy you a diamond ring. If that diamond ring turns to brass, Papa’s going to buy you a looking glass. If that looking-glass gets broke, Papa’s going to buy you a billy-goat. If that billy-goat runs away, Papa is going to buy you another today.

[?:d] [in]

[?u] [ei]

?The features of Nursery rhymes:
1. They are still a common type of children’s ________ poetry.
2. The language is concrete _______ but imaginative.


They have strong rhythm _______and a lot of repetition _______

sense and even seem They may not make _____________
contradictory, but are easy to learn and recite.

List poem(清单诗)
Para3 Read Poem B & C
I saw a fish-pond all on fire
I saw a fish-pond all on fire, I saw a house bow to a squire, I saw a person twelve-feet high, I saw a cottage in the sky, I saw a balloon made of lead, I saw a coffin drop down dead, I saw two sparrows run a race, I saw two horses making lace, I saw a girl just like a cat, I saw a kitten wear a hat, I saw a man who saw these too, And said though strange they all were true.

Our first football match
We would have won… If Jack had scored that goal, If we’d had just a few more minutes, if we had trained harder, if Ben had passed the ball to Joe, If we’d had thousands of fans screaming, If I hadn’t taken my eye off the ball, If we hadn’t stay up so late the night before, If we hadn’t take it easy, if we hadn’t run out of our energy, We would have won… If we’d been better!


Poem D
Brother Poem E Beautiful, athletic Teasing, shouting, Summer laughing Sleepy, salty Friend and enemy too Drying, drooping, Mine dreading Week in, week out Endless

Haiku poems(俳句)
Poem F
A fallen blossom Is coming back to the branch. Look, a butterfly!

Poem G
Snow having melted, The whole village is brimful Of happy children.

The features of Poem F & G
17 syllables) Haiku poems ( ____
A fallen blossom Is coming back to the branch Look, a butterfly -----5 syllables -----7 syllables -----5 syllables

A Japanese ______ form of poetry. It is very popular with picture and create English writers. It can give a clear _____ minimum of words. feeling using the ________ a special ___________


Where she awaits her husband -----王建 On and on the river flows 望夫处,江悠悠. Never looking back 化为石,不回头. Transformed into stone Day by day upon the mountain top 山头日日风复雨, Wind and rain revolve. 行人归来石应语. Should the traveller return, This stone would utter(说,讲;表达)speech. -----by Wang Jian

相传远古时代,这里是汪洋大海,有一少妇,因 丈夫出海打鱼,久而不返,遂登山望夫,感而成 石。

How many feelings of the woman can we learn from Poem H ?
A. loneliness C. love E. anger G. sorrow B. happiness D. trust F. hate

Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again 再别康桥 徐志摩 Very quietly I take my leave 轻轻的我走了 As quietly as I came here; 正如我轻轻的来; Quietly I wave good-bye 我轻轻的招手, To the rosy clouds in the western sky. 作别西天的云彩 The golden willows by the riverside 那河畔的金柳 Are young brides in the setting sun; 是夕阳中的新娘

Their reflections on the shimmering waves 波光里的艳影, Always linger in the depth of my heart. 在我的心头荡漾。 The floatingheart growing in the sludge 软泥上的青荇, Sways leisurely under the water; 油油的在水底招摇; In the gentle waves of Cambridge 在康河的柔波里 I would be a water plant! 我甘心做一条水草

That pool under the shade of elm trees 那树荫下的一潭 Holds not water but the rainbow from the sky; 不是清泉,是天上虹 Shattered to pieces among the duckweeds 揉碎在浮藻间, Is the sediment of a rainbow-like dream? 沉淀着彩虹似的梦 To seek a dream? Just to pole a boat upstream 寻梦?撑一支长篙, To where the green grass is more verdant; 向青草更青处漫溯,

Or to have the boat fully loaded with starlight 满载一船星辉 And sing aloud in the splendour of starlight. 在星辉斑斓里放歌 But I cannot sing aloud 但我不能放歌 Quietness is my farewell music; 悄悄是别离的笙箫; Even summer insects heep silence for me 夏虫也为我沉默 Silent is Cambridge tonight! 沉默是今晚的康桥

Very quietly I take my leave 悄悄的我走了 As quietly as I came here; 正如我悄悄的来 Gently I flick my sleeves 我挥一挥衣袖 Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away 不带走一片云彩。

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