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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语(人教版 十二省区,必修1)课后强化作业:Unit 2 section 3 Word版含答案]

Unit 2

English around the world Using Language


Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.ISBN stands for International S________Book Number. 2.The German speak English with a strong

German a______. 3.In which d________are you going, north or south? 4.Don't rock that baby on the rock while playing that r________music. 5.The place we live in is hot,________(尤其)in summer. 6.There was an________(表情)of anger on her face. 7.In the U.S.A., Kentucky and Tennessee are________(临近的)states. 8.________(闪电)is usually followed by thunder. 9.We________(承认)the problems you've faced and feel sorry for you. 10.This type of pine grows in the dry mountains of the______(西南)area of the US. 答案:1.Standard 译文:ISBN 代表的是国际标准书号。 2.accent 译文:那位德国人说英语时有浓重的德语口音。 3.direction 译文:你要去哪个方向,北还是南? 4.rock 译文:演奏摇滚乐时,不要惊吓到坐在石头上的孩子。 5.especially 译文:我们住的地方很热,尤其是在夏天。 6.expression 译文:她的脸上流露出愤怒的表情。 7.neighbouring 译文:在美国,肯塔基州和田纳西州紧挨着。 8.Lightning 译文:闪电过后有雷声。 9.recognize 译文:我们承认你遇到的问题并对你深表同情。 10.southwestern 译文:这种松树生长在美国西南部干旱的山区里。 Ⅱ.完成句子 1.All the people present have ________ ________ ________ ________(强烈要求) that the fresh water should be supplied at once. (request) 2.The beauty of the Bird's Nest is ________ ________(无法形容). (expression) 3.The captain________ ________ ________ ________ ________(命令他的人航行) to the port at a fast speed. (command) 4 . I didn't ________ ________ ________( 辨认出他的声音 )on the phone last night.

(recognize) 5.This is ________ ________ pen ________(和……一样) I bought yesterday. (as) 6.Chow YunFat ________ ________ ________ ________ (扮演主角)in the film Let the bullets fly.(play) 7.________ ________ ________ ________(信不信由你), they will not carry out their promise. (believe) 8.________ ________ ________ ________ ________(沿着这条路一直走)and then turn right. (straight) 9.The street ________ ________(被阻塞) because of a heavy traffic accident. (block) 10.The young man has to stay at home. ________ ________(那是因为)his leg was hurt yesterday.(because) 答案:1.made an urgent request sail 4.recognize his voice 2.beyond/without expression 3.commanded his men to

5.the same;as 6.played a leading part 7.Believe it or not 9.was blocked

8.Go straight down the road 10.That's because Ⅲ.语法填空

1.Sorry, I can't read the ________(express) on her face. I don't know how to please her. 答案:expression 句意:对不起,我读不懂她脸上的表情。我不知道怎样使她高兴。

expression 表情,符合句意。 2.Though they hadn't met for many years, they ________ each other at first sight. 答案:recognized 句意:虽然他们好多年未见面,但第一眼还是认出了对方。recognize 辨认出,符合句意。 3.Mrs. Black took her children to the same place ________ she visited two years ago. 答案:that 考查 the same...that 结构的定语从句。先行词是 the same place,指地点,关 系词在从句中作宾语,故用 that。 4.The role that our army ________ (play) flood control is very important. 答案:played in 考查固定搭配。句意:我们军队在抗洪救灾方面发挥着重要作用。句

中 that 为关系代词,指代 the role,引导定语从句。play the role in 是固定搭配。 5.Visitors are requested not________ the exhibits in Beijing Museum. 答案:to touch 考查 request 的用法。句意:在北京博物馆,参观者被要求不要触摸展 品。request sb. not to do sth.要求某人不要做某事。 6.The officer commanded that all the soldiers ________(start) at dawn. 答案:(should) start command 后面的 that 从句谓语动词要用虚拟语气,即“(should +)do”形式。句意:军官命令所有士兵黎明时出发。 7.A straight road goes ________(straight) from the school to our village.

答案:straight 考查 straight 的用法。句意:一条笔直的路直接从学校通向我们村子。 straight 既可用作形容词,也可用作副词。 8.—Tom, you are late again. —Yes, that's ________ my car broke down on the way. 答案:because 考查 because 引导的表语从句。句意:——汤姆,你又迟到了。——是 的,那是因为我的车在中途抛锚了。because 引导表语从句,表示原因。 9.It is so nice to hear from her. Believe it________, we last met more than ten years ago. 答案:or not 句意:收到她的来信真是太高兴了。信不信由你,我们有 10 多年没有见 面了。believe it or not 信不信由你。 10.He usually speaks ________dialect, so it is hard for everyone here to understand him. 答案:in 句意:他通常用方言说话,因此这里每一个人都很难理解他。 11.As I know, there is no________ car in this neighborhood. 答案:such no such car 相当于 not such a car。 12.I don't like the way________he talks and laughs. 答案:that/in which 句意:我不喜欢他说话的方式和笑的方式。the way“方式”做先

行词,定语从句的引导词可用 that,in which 或者不填。 13.The great________science and technology play in our daily life is seen everywhere. 答案:role/part 句意:科技在日常生活中所起的作用随处可见。play a role/part(in sth.) 表示“(在……中)起……作用;扮演……的角色”。 14.What________good command of English he has! 答案:a 考查 command 的用法。have a good command of 是固定搭配,意思是“精通, 能自由运用”。 15.The old pianist wouldn't listen to our repeated request that he________(play) in public again. 答案: (should) play 考查 request 的名词用法。 request 作为名词时, 其后的同位语从句、 表语从句中都应使用虚拟语气,即用“should+动词原形”(should 可以省略)。例如:Our request is that the class meeting(should)be put off till tomorrow evening.我们请求把班会推迟到 明天晚上。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 When someone says, “Well, I guess I'll have to face the music”, it doesn't mean that he is planning to go to hear a singer or attend a concert. It is something far less unhappy than you are called in by your leader to explain why you did this and that or why you did not do this or that. At some time or another, every one of us has to “face the music”, especially as children. We can all remember father's angry words “I want to talk to you”. And only because we did not

listen to him. What a bad thing it was! In the middle or at the end of every term, we students have to “face the music”. The result of the exam will decide whether we will face the music or not. If...that means parents' cold faces and contempt (轻视) of the teachers and classmates. “To face the music” is well known to every American, young or old. It is at least 100 years old. It really means that you have to do something, no matter how terrible the whole thing might be, because you know you have no choice. 文章大意:本文介绍了英语中的一个术语 face the music 的具体含义以及这个术语所适 用的场合和语境。 1. “To face the music” means “to________”. A.do something that we don't like to B.go to the theatre C.go to the music show D.do something that we want to 答案:A 细节理解题。从文章最后一段“It really means that you have to do something... because you know you have no choice.”可以得到答案是 A, 指要我们做一些我们不喜欢做的事 情。 2.In the third paragraph, “If...”really means “If________”. A.we don't do a good job B.we get an “A” in the exam C.the exam is easy D.the exam is difficult 答案: A 推理判断题。 从 that means parents' cold faces and contempt(注视) of the teachers and classmates.得知只有考试没考好才会有老师轻视,学生冷酷那样的结果。 3. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. “To face the music” is well known in the United States. B. “To face the music” has a history of more than 100 years. C. The young Americans know what “to face the music” means. D. Only the old in the United States know the meaning of “to face the music”. 答案: D 细节理解题。最后一段提到 “To face the music” is well known to every

American, young or old. 可知很多人都知道这个术语。故 D 项错误。 Ⅴ.完形填空 (2014· 福建省古田一中高一月考) If you are learning English because you're going to travel in England and wish to be__1__there, don't try to speak English perfectly, __2__ if you do so, no one will understand you.

In London ninetynine in every hundred people speak__3__English. You may say that__4__they don't speak English well themselves, they can__5__understand it when it is well spoken. They__6__when the speaker is English. But when the speaker is a__7__, the better he speaks, the__8__it is to understand him. No foreigner can__9__stress(重读)the syllables(音节)and make the tone(声调) __10__and fall in question and__11__exactly as a__12__does.__13__the first thing you have to do is to speak with a strong __14__accent, and speak broken, that is, English without any__15__. Then every English person you__16__will at once know you are a foreigner, and try to understand you and be ready to__17__you. He will not__18__you to be polite and use grammatical phrases. He will be__19__by his cleverness in making out(弄清) your__20__and being able to tell what you want to know. 文章大意:到了英国,不要把英语说得太好,否则没人会听懂你的话,也不会有人帮助 你。 1.A.settled C.understood B.heard D.known

答案:C 如果你在学习英语,想到英国旅游并且想要别人“明白”你的话,不要说完 美的英语。2 空后也有 understand 与此处照应。 2.A.because C.whatever B.unless D.for

答案:A “因为”如果你这么做的话,没有人会听懂你的话。 3.A.American C.standard B.bad D.no

答案:B 在伦敦百分之九十九的人说“糟糕的”英语。 4.A.because C.when B.since D.even if

答案: D “即使”他们的英语说得不好, 但是他们“至少”能相互理解彼此的话。 even if“即使”。 5.A.hardly C.at least B.really D.at most

答案:C at least“至少”;at most“至多”。 6.A.say C.think B.can D.hope

答案:B 他们“能”听明白你的话,如果你是当地英国人的话。 7.A.foreigner B.native



答案:A 但是当说话者是一名“外国人”时,那么他的英语说得越好,人们越“难” 理解他的话。 foreigner“外国人”; native“当地人”; Londoner“伦敦人”; traveler“游客”。 8.A.better C.harder B.easier D.clearer

答案:C hard“难”。注意此处的句式是“the+比较级,the+比较级”。 9.A.never C.ever 答案:C B.even D.only ever“(多用于疑问句、否定句和表示条件和比较的附属从句 )在任何时候;

从来;至今”。 10.A.right C.raise B.exact D.rise

答案:D rise“上升,升起”,与该空后的 fall 互为反义照应。 11.A.request C.sentence B.answer D.phrase

答案:B request“请求,要求”;sentence“判决,宣判”;answer“回答”。 12.A.native C.child 答案:A B.foreigner D.reporter native“当地人”。从来没有一名外国人能重读音节,把握升降调,像当地

人那样“回答”。 13.A.While C.Because B.Although D.Therefore(因此)

答案:D “因此”,你做的第一件事就是说英语时带有“外国”腔。 14.A.London C.foreign 答案:C 见上题解释。 15.A.grammar C.expression B.mistake D.word B.British D.country

答案:A 由前面的“speak broken”可知,还要把英语说得没有“语法规则”。 16.A.know C.look for B.see D.speak with

答案:D 那么,“和你说话的”当地人就会立刻知道你是一名外国人。 17.A.welcome C.teach B.help D.praise

答案:B 他们就会努力听你说话来“帮助”你。 18.A.expect C.show B.scold D.think

答案:A 他不“期望”你有礼貌,说的英语符合语法规则。 19.A.strict C.pleased B.surprised D.praised

答案:C 他会为自己弄明白了你的“意思”并能帮助你而感到“高兴”。pleased“高 兴的”;strict“严格的”;surprised“吃惊的”;praised“被表扬”。 20.A.way C.mistake 答案:B 见上题解释。 B.meaning D.country

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