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第二节 完形填空

第二节 完形填空 (江苏如皋期中考试) Several years ago, while attending a communication course(课程), I experienced a most unusual process. The instructor asked us to list (列清单) ___36___ in our past that we felt ___37___ of, regretted, or incomplete about and read our lists aloud. This seemed like a very private(私下的) process, ___38___ there’ s always some brave person in the crowd ___39___ will volunteer. The instructor then ___40___ that we find ways to ___41___ people, or take some action to right any wrong doings. I was seriously wondering ___42___ this could ever make my communication better. Then the man next to me raised his hand and volunteered this story: ―Making my ___43___, I remembered an incident from high school. I grew up in a small town. There was a Sheriff ___44___ of us kids liked. One night, my two classmates and I ___45___ to play a trick(恶作剧)on him. After drinking a few beers, we climbed the tall water tank in the middle of the town, and wrote on the tank in bright red paint: Sheriff Brown is a s.o.b.( 畜 生). The next day, almost the whole town saw our glorious ___46___. Within two hours, Sheriff Brown had us in his office. My friends told the truth but I lied. No one ___47___ found out.‖ ―Nearly 20 years later, Sheriff Brown’s name ___48___ on my list. I didn’t even know if he was still ___49___. Last weekend, I dialed the information in my hometown and found there was a Roger Brown still listed. I tried his number. After a few ___50___, I heard, ―Hello?‖ I said, ―Sheriff Brown?‖ Paused. ―Yes.‖ ―Well, this is Jimmy Calkins.‖ ―And I want you to know that I did it?‖Paused. ―I knew it!‖ he yelled back. We had a good laugh and a ___51___ discussion. His closing words were: ―Jimmy, I always felt bad for you ___52___ your classmates got it off their chest, but you were carrying it ___53___ all these years. I want to thank you for calling me...for your sake.‖

Jimmy encouraged me to ___54___ all 101 items on my list within two years, and I always remember what I learned from the course: It’s never too late to ___55___the past wrongdoings. 36. A. something anybody 37. A. ashamed 38. A. but 39. A. which 40. A. expected demanded 41. A. connect with get along with 42. A. how 43. A. notes 44. A. any 45. A. supposed considered 46. A. views 47. A. also 48. A. appears remembers 49. A. angry 50. A. words 51. A. cold 52. A. until because B. happy B. rings B. secret B. immediately C. upset C. repeats C. boring C. unless D. alive D. calls D. hot D. B. words B. even B. seems C. attentions C. still C. comes D. sayings D. ever D. B. why B. list B. most B. continued C. when C. plan C. none C. decided D. where D. stories D. all D. B. depend on C. make apologize to D. B. afraid B. although B. as B. suggested C. sure C. since C. what C. ordered D. proud D. while D. who D. B. anything C. somebody D.

53. A. around 54. A. stay up 55. A. excuse

B. out B. turn up B. punish

C. on C. clear up C. regret

D. away D. give up D. right

参考答案 36—40 BAADB 41—45 CABCC 46—50 BDADB 51—55 DDACD

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)(德州一中期中 考试)

Nowadays 41 children go to school 42 few of them have ever asked themselves 43 they go there. Some children think that they go to school just to learn their mother tongue, English and other foreign languages, history, science, 44 and a few other 45 . But why do they learn these things? Are

these the only things they should learn at school? Actually children go to school to 46 themselves for the time when they will be grown up and will have to 47 themselves. They learn their own language 48 they will be able to 49 with people in foreign countries, make

friends with them and learn 50 about their culture and history. They learn mathematics in order to be able to measure the things around them and calculate sums. 51 helps them understand something about the world around them and history teaches them about the past and people. Nearly everything they study at school has some use 52 in their 53 , but there is one more 54 reason why children go to school. It is more important to receive education that just learning 55 .We go to school 56 to learn how to learn. Learning is not just for school but for life. So

even after we have left school, we have to continue to learn. A man who 57 knows how to learn will always be 58 because whenever he is faced with a completely new task or problem, he will teach himself how to deal with it in the best way. 59 , children do not go to school just to learn languages, mathematics, geography, etc. They go to school to 60 how to learn. 41. A. some 42. A. but 43. A. how 44. A. cooking 45. A. subjects 46. A. make 47. A. teach 48. A. and 49. A. communicate 50. A. everything B. most B. so B. when B. sowing B. skills B. prepare B. support B. in order to B. work B. anything C. few C. and C. why C. playing C. languages C. teach C. live C. so as to C. talk D. all D. because D. that D. geography D. games D. study D. work D. so that D. study D. nothing D.

C. something C. History

51. A. Foreign languages Geography 52. A. practical 53. A. work 54. A. difficult

B. Mathematics

B. special B. lives B. unusual B. science

C. different C. study

D. importance

D. communication D. kind D. facts

C. important

55. A. foreign languages 56. A. above all 57. A. doesn't 58. A. unsuccessful 59. A. Although 60. A. begin

C. mathematics C. in all C. really D. for all D. may

B. at all B. never B. calm B. But B. work

C. successful C. However C. live

D. useful D. Therefore

D. learn

参考答案 41-45 BACDA

46-50 BBDAC 51-55 DABCD

56-60 ACCDD

第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)(曲阜师范大 学附中期中考试) Lang Lang is a world – class young pianist who grew up in Shenyang. He went to a piano school in Beijing when he was just eight. ―You need his father said. ―But if you don’t work hard, no fortune will come.‖ What made him sad was 37 his piano teacher in Beijing didn’t like him. ―You have no talent. You will never be a pianist.‖ 38 a nine – year – old boy, 40 any 41 , his father didn’t Lang Lang was badly 39 . He decided that he didn’t want to be a more. For the text two weeks, he didn’t touch the piano. push, but waited. Luckily, the day became when his teacher asked him to 42 some 36 ,‖

holiday songs. He didn’t want to , but as he placed his fingers on the piano keys, he 43 that he could show others that he had talent told his father a new teacher. 44 . That day he 45 he had been waiting to hear – that he wanted to study with 46 that point on, everything turned around!

He started 47 competitions.In the 1994 International Young Pianists Competition, when it was, 48 that Lang Lang had won,he was too 49 to hold back his tears.Soon 50 was clear that he couldn’t stay in China forever- he had to play on the world big 51 .In 1997 Lang

Lang 52 again,this time to Philadelphia,U.S.There he spent two years practicing,and by 1999 he had worked hard enough for fortune to take over.After his 53 performance at Chicago’s Ravinia Festival,gigs(特邀演 出)in Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall started 54 , Lang Lang finally worked to reach the place where fortune spots him,and lets him 55 . 36.A.exercise 37.A.whether 38.A.1ike 39.A.hurt 40.A.singer 41.A.Hopefully 42.A.play 43.A.seemed 44.A.in all 45.A.that 46.A.From 47. A. receiving 48. A. told 49. A. excited 50.A.this 51.A.concerts 52.A.started 53.A.successful aningful 54.A.pulling 55.A.brighten B.breaking B.shine C.falling C.admire D.pouring D.develop B.fortune B.why B.With B.weakened B.pianist B.Patiently B.sing C.write C.knowledge C.when C.To D.that D.As D.frightened D.wealth


C.conductor D.player C.Wisely D.study D.realized D.at all D.Painfully

B.admitted B.above a11 B.what B.As

C.noticed C.after all

C.which C.Since

D.when D.After D. beating D. recognized D. satisfied

B. accepting B. mentioned B. encouraged B.it C.that

C. winning C. announced C. shocked D.what C.competitions C.moved

B.tours B.1eft B.cheerful


D.performed D.me


参考答案 36—45 BDDAB CADCB 46—55 ACCAB DCADB

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)(成都期中考 试题) The most unforgettable thing during my long summer holiday last year, of course is my trip 36 England. This was my first time to go abroad, so it really made me 37 . There are quite a lot of interesting places in England, 38 Oxford. When we walked around Oxford, we saw quite a lot of ancient buildings on 39 sides of the streets. One of the most famous tourist 40 in Oxford is Christ(基督)Church, and it’s 41 one of Oxford University's 29 colleges. There is a huge hall in Christ Church, 42 was used as the dining hall at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter 43 . I felt really excited when I heard this. 44 place that impressed me 45 during my trip is a place called Stratford-upon-Avon. It is a small town. Maybe you haven't 46 it, but I'm sure you have heard about William Shakespeare-the great man's 47 . In Stratford-upon-Avon, I could 48 Shakespeare's Birthplace, Shakespeare Countryside Museum, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and a lot of places that are connected with 49 . I went to Shakespeare's Birthplace. It was the house 50 Shakespeare was born and 51 his early years. 52 sitting room, hallway(走廊), bedrooms, and kitchen were furnished (布置) in

sixteenth-century 53 . I also went to see the Shakespeare Exhibition. It illustrated(以图解说明) Shakespeare's life and career in both Stratford and London. I really enjoyed this nice trip to England, 54 I learnt a lot. I'm very

happy that I could visit such an interesting 55 . I want to go there again in the future. 36. A. at 37. A. excited appointing 38. A. for example for instance 39. A. both neither 40. A. views interests 41. A. also yet 42. A. that 43. A. novels songs 44. A. Other Another 45. A. deep high D. highly 46. A. thought about considered as 47. A. hometown theatre B. office C. PLY D. B. heard about C. listened to D. B. deeply C. B. Every C. Each D. B. which B. records C. who C. films D. where D. B. too C. still D. D. each B. scenes C. sites D. B. either C. B. such as C. as such D. B. for B. appointed C. on C. exciting D. to D.

48. A. speak 49. A. Shakespeare Harry Potter 50. A. who where 51. A. paid took 52. A. It's had 53. A. style shade 54. A. for which which 55. A. place summer D. It was

B. say B. Oxford

C. talk C. England

D. see D.

B. that

C. when


B. spent

C. cost


B. Its

C. It

B. site

C. shape


B. which

C. from which

D. in

B. town

C. country


参考答案 35.C 36.D 37. A B 43. C 50. D 44. D 51. B 45.B 52. B


39. A




46. B 53.A

47. A 54. C

48. D 55.C

49. A

第二 完型填空 (河南洛阳期中考试题) I was on a bus one March evening. The driver didn’t soon because it was not yet 17 16 to start the bus

. A middle-aged woman got on. Tired and,

she told her story half of her she 20 19


, not to anyone in particular. On her way to the station,

was stolen. The other half was hidden under her blouse, so

still had some left. A few minutes later, she stopped crying , but still 21 When all the seats were taken, the driver started the engine. The


conductor began to collect fares (车费) When she came to an old man inn worn-out clothes, he 22 that he had spent all his money when he had accidentally got on a wrong bus and now he was trying to go home . On hearing this, she ordered the old man to almost in tears as he 24 23 the bus. The old man was

her to let him take the bus home. The driver took 25 . The woman was

the conductor’s side and repeated the conductor’s watching the incident. 26 the old man , she interfered (干预). ―Stop 27 that’s no

the driver and the conductor raised their voices at him ! Can’t you see he’s only 28 . ―Well,

trying to get home? ‖ ―He doesn’t have any money!‖ the driver 29

to throw him off the bus,‖ she insisted. Then she reached 30 money, and handed it to the conductor. 31 time.‖ All

inside her blouse, took out her

―Here’s his fare his fare and mine. Just stop giving him a

heads turned to the woman. ―It’s only money, ‖ she shrugged (耸肩). She rode the way home 32 a happy smile, with the money she’d lost earlier 34 33 .

On the road of life, the help of strangers can How much sweeter the others! 16. A. try 17.A.empty 18.A.tearfully .calmly 19.A.fare wealth 20.A.strangely ortunately 21. A. unsatisfied B. weak B.happily B. care B.full B.seriously 35

our loads and lift our spirits.

will be when we make it a little smoother for

C.decide C.crowded C.carefully

D. intend D.ready D






C. unhappy

D. excited

22.A.explained .found 23.A.get off 24.A.begged hanked 25.A.request ommand 26.A.Unless 27.A.attacking .wronging 28. A. warned 29. A. problem 30.A.spending .borrowed 31. A. busy 32.A.giving 33.A.forgotten eturned 34.A.move .carry 35.A.world




B.start B.scolded

C.get on C.praised

D.stop D.t




B.Although B.bothering

C.Until C.blaming

D.When D

B. whispered B. need B.collected

C. shouted C. matter

D. repeated D. reason D


B. cold B.wearing B.used

C. hard C.taking C.earned

D. fearful D.forcing D.r







参考答案 16—25 DBACD CAAAD 26—35 DBCDC CBACB

第二节 完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)(河南焦作期中 考试题) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、 C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项 Years ago, if a teenager had some problems in his life,he might go home and write in his diary; now, a teenager with the same problems might go onto the Internet and write about them in a blog (博客). In many ways, a diary and a blog are very 36 . But what make blogging different from writing in a 37 diary? The biggest 38 is that a blog is much more public than a diary. Usually, a teenager treats his diary like a book full of secrets that he does not want to 39 with others. 40 who writes in a blog instead of a diary will

It’s interesting that

probably write nearly the same information. I have a little sister, and sometimes I go online to read her 41 . She writes about things like waking up early for swimming practice and not studying enough for her chemistry test. 42 I was her age, I wrote about the same thing, but 43 in my dairy. Then, after I had finished writing, I would hide my diary in 44 that my sister might read it.

a secret place because I was

The biggest problem with blogging is that anyone can read what you write. If I was angry 45 a friend during high school and wrote something unpleasant 46 , if my sister ever wrote

about him in my diary, he would never know.

something bad about a friend, that friend might read her blog and 47 angry. There are also 48 to blogging, of course. If I was feeling sad one day

and wrote in my diary, ―Nobody cares about me‖, because no one would 49 about it. However, if my sister wrote the same sentence in her

blog, her best friend would quickly respond and tell her how much they 50 her. Blog help people stay in contact with their friend and know

what the people around them are doing.

36. A. simple different 37. A. reading 38. A. difference 39. A. tell 40. A. all 41. A. report 42. A. Although Because 43. A. already 44. A. angry 45. A. for 46. A. So 47. A. stay 48. A. advantages reasons 49. A. care 50. A. stand

B. special

C. similar


B. having B. problem B. share B. someone B. diary B. Since

C. taking C. way C. publish C. none C. blog C. When

D. writing D. opinion D. solve D. anyone D. web D.

B. only B. sad B. in B. However B. keep C. with

C. still C. glad D. by C. Therefore C. get

D. never D. worried

D. Then D. seem

B. disadvantages


D. wishes B. know B. miss C. think C. need 41-45 CCBDC D. ask D. like 46-50 BCABD

参考答案 36-40 CDABB

第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分, 满分 30 分)(河南平顶山 期中考试题) 阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从 36--55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项。

The friendship between us lasts forever. Mary Allen was my best friend-- 36 a sister. We did 37 together, piano lessons, movies, swimming, horseback riding, and 38 . When I was 13, my family moved. Mary and I kept in 39 through letters, and we saw 40 on special occasions--like my wedding and 41 . Soon we were busy 42 children and moving to new homes, and we wrote less 43 . One day a card that I 44 came back stamped ―Address Unknown‖. I had no 45 how to find Mary. Over the years, I thought of Mary often. I wanted to 46 stories of my children and then grandchildren. I needed to share my sorrow when my brother and then my mother died. There was an 47 place in my heart that only a friend like Mary 48 fill. One day I was reading a newspaper 49 I noticed a picture of a young woman 50 looked a lot like Mary and whose last name was Wagman—Mary’s married name. ―There must be thousands of Wagmans,‖ I thought, but I wrote to her 51 . She called as soon as she got my letter. ―Mrs Tobin!‖ she said 52 , ―Mary Allen Wagman is my mother.‖ Minutes later I heard a voice that I 53 at once, even after 40 years. We laughed and cried and asked about each other’s lives. Now the empty place in my heart is 54 , and there’s one thing that Mary and I know 55 : we won’t lose each other again! 36. A. as like 37. A everything nowhere 38. A. such on 39. A. secret friend D. pace D. many B. touch C. B. nothing D. everywhere B. much C. so C. B. so C. namely D.

40. A. other another 41. A. Mary’s Mary 42. A. for 43. A. often probably 44. A. gave sent 45. A. doubt question 46. A. read find 47. A. eager empty 48. A. could must 49. A. while once 50. A. whom which 51. A. anyway meanwhile 52. A. disappointedly excitedly 53. A. realized received D. whose D. when D. discover D. missed D. their

B. others D. each other B. his



B. in B. possibly D. hardly B. took

C. at C.

D. with


B. idea D. wonder B. share



B. equal D. enough B. can


C. will


B. since


B. who


B. however D. therefore B. rudely



D. coldly B. accepted D. recognized C.

54. A. cleared fixed 55. A. for sure chance D. in a way D. removed

B. filled


B. on purpose

C. by

参考答案 36—40 DACBD 41—45 ADACB BCADB 51—55 ACDBA


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