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2015 年石景山区高三统一测试 英 语 知识运用 21. _______ the sight of the police officers, the thief ran off. A.In B.At C.O n D.With 22. I went to see Dr. Smith yesterday, only to be told that he _______ for leave. A.would ask B.was asking C.has asked D.had asked 23. ---Hi, Anna. I called you several times yesterday afternoon but the line was always bust. ---Sorry, Tom and I _______ our project on the phone. A.had discussed B.discussed C.were discussing D.have been discussing 24. One key point of his speech on arts is _______ arts should serve the people. A.that B.which C.what D./ 25. The villagers _______ the buried people without stop since the accident happened. A.searched for B.have searched for C.had searched for D.have been searching for 26. Beautiful stories and legends about the West Lake, _______ have been passed down for hundreds of years, keep alive Chinese history and culture. A.that B.where C.in which D.which 27. Although _______ from illnesses for years, the old lady still faces her day with a smile. A.suffered B.having suffered C.suffering D. having been suffered 28. _______ impresses the readers most is the author’s humor and wisdom. A.Who B.Which C.What D.That 29. You _______ pay the price if you insist on doing so. A.may B.must C.can D.shall 30. The twin brothers were busy playing games and _______ noticed their mom’s returning. A.neither B.either C.no one D.both 31. The new software Emperor’s One Day gives children the chance _______ life as a ruler. A.experienced B.to experience C.being experienced D . having experienced 32. We are eager to see concrete measures against smog _______ in the near future. A.taken B.being taken C.to take D.take 33. _______ speed reading is a useful skill in the Internet age, slow reading is getting popular. A.Since B.While C.If D.Because 34. Tom made an excellent speech without _______ his notes even for once. A.referred to B.being referred to C.referring to D.having referred to 35. The old man wished he _______ to see the birth of his grandchild. A.would live B.lived C.had lived D.lives
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完形填空 Halloween Coming Out “A man was shot in the face during a bank robbery.” That was the news about me five years ago. From then on I never looked in a ____36____; it even scared myself when seeing my destroyed face. I lived in my house alone without outside contact. But one night I was making an ____37____. It was Halloween. What a fitting night for me to ___ _38____! I longed for human contact. When my pumpkin lantern smiled a toothy welcome in my front door, I heard footsteps and giggling(咯 咯的笑) as children came close to my house. “Trick or treat,” they cried. My hands started to ____39____. I opened the door and gave them a ____40____ smile through my damaged lips beneath a rough scar where my nose once ____41____. “Do you want a trick, or do you want a treat?” My voice sounded more like a ghost. The ____42____ expression on the children’s faces suggested everything. “Treat!” They ____43____ picked a candy or two from my bucket, and ran to the ____44____ of their parents. I closed the door, and pressed my back against it. I felt dizzy, but I ____45____ it. Then the bell rang.“Trick or treat.” a ____46____ voice came to me. I opened the door to find a small girl, wearing a Shirley Temple mask. “Hi, Shirley.” I spoke quietly not to ____47____ her.“Aren’t you beautiful tonight?” She stared at her feet and shook her head, “No.” “Yes, you are. You’re Shirley Temple, the most beautiful girl in the world.” She looked up at me, and pulled her 48_to the side. Seeing her deformed(变形的) face, my heart missed a beat. “Well, I think you are beautiful, darling.” I said gently. At the words, her eyes connected with mine. An uncertain hand reached toward my bucket and took one piece of candy. “Thank you.” Her voice was a ____ 49____. She turned and ran to her mother. I nodded my head to her mother and gave them both a ____50____. I closed my door and turned off my gate lamp. My ____51____ life began again. The next morning I heard my doorbell ring. I tried to ignore it, ____52____ it rang again. I went to the door and called out, “Who’s there?” “It’s Shirley Temple and her Mom.” I opened the door in a few ____53____ and looked. It was the woman and her daughter without her mask. Before I spoke, the mother said, “My girl said she wanted to meet you.” I watched tears start to ____54____ in the mother’s eyes.” This is her first time outside without her mask.” I pulled the door open and that was also the first time in five years for me to invite someone into my 55_. 36. A.mirror B.wallet C.pocket D.bank 37. A.expectation B.appointment C.introduction D.exception 38. A.act B.stay C.appear D.flee 39. A.shake B.cross C.dance D.tap 40. A.bitter B.friendly C.simple D.quiet 41. A.lived B.sat C.breathed D.slept 42. A.moved B.excited C.shocked D.puzzled 43. A.easily B.politely C.sadly D.quickly 44. A.security B.shadow C.defense D.sight 45. A.finished B.promoted C.got D.did

46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55.

A.thin A.interrupt A.gloves A.whistle A.glance A.busy A.for A.seconds A.well A.future

B.loud B.scare B.hat B.whisper B.wave B.social B.so B.efforts B.dry B.story

C.claim C.discourage C.mask C.signal C.hand C.meaningful C.but C.inches C.freeze C.mind

D.clear D.cheat D.glasses D.sigh D.surprise D.lonely D.or D.steps D.fix D.life

阅读理解 A In order to help customers find what they want quickly, it’s important to keep the thousands of titles in the Main Street Movies store organized properly. This section of the Employee Handbook will tell you how to organize videos. Each Main street Movies store has three main sections: 1. New Releases Wall. 2. Film library. 3. Video Games. New Releases Wall. Almost 70 percent of movie rentals are new releases, and that is the first place where most customers go when they enter the store. The center section of shelves on this wall holds Hottest Hits. When new titles come into the store, place them on this wall in alphabetical order. The shelves beside Hottest Hits are called Recent Releases. The New Releases Wall, including the Hottest Hits and Recent Releases shelves, holds about 350 titles. Film Library. The thousands of titles in the Film Library are organized into categories. The films within each category are displayed alphabetically. Here are the categories and their two-letter computer codes: AC Action DR Drama HO Horror CH Children FA Family MU Music CO Comedy FL Foreign SC SCIENCE Fiction Language *Foreign Language titles include films that were originally made in a foreign language and films with foreign language subtitles. A sticker on the back of each box tells which type of film it is. Video Game. All the video games in Main street Movies are arranged in alphabetical order. Although video games represent only a small percentage of our inventory( 库存), they are stolen more often than any other type of goods in our store. Therefore, video games are never displayed on the shelves. Shelves in the Video Game section hold cardboard with pictures and information about each game. When a customer wants to rent a particular game, you then find the game from the locked case behind the counter. 56. Whom do you think this passage is most probably addressed to? A.The readers in the store. B.The manager of the store. C.The customers in the store. D.The salespersons of the store.

57. In which order are the new movies moved in the store? A.From Hottest Hits to Film Library to Recent Releases. B.From Film Library to Hottest Hits to Recent Releases. C.From Recent Releases to Film Library to Hottest Hits. D.From Hottest Hits to Recent Releases to Film Library. 58. Why can’t video games be seen on the shelves? A.Because they’ve been sold out. B.Because they’re in the storehouse. C.Because they’re in a locked case behind the counter. D.Because they represent a small percentage of the inventory. 59. How can a customer find a film with foreign language subtitles? A. Check the computer. B. Look at the back of the box. C. Check the center section. D. Watch a few minutes of the film. B Hearing Voices Would you like to be an actor, but aren’t the right age or physical type for the part? Don’t give up: there may be a place for you in the world of voice-acting. Twenty-year-old Rickey Collins brings Tucker Foley to like in the cartoon Danny Phantom. In addition to many appearances on television and in movies, Rickey is a voice-over actor, someone we hear but don’t see. Rickey has acted since he was 6, both on and off camera. After school, his grandmother-a manager and acting coach-helped his develop his skills by doing voice exercises and reading aloud. Voice-over actors do many kinds of acting. They are the voices of cartoon characters on television, in movies and video gam es, and for communicating toys. In films, they replace the foreign language conversation with English version. They create crowd noises, make commercials, act in radio plays, and record telephone instructions and public announcements. They read books on tape and even record museum tours. Like other actors, voice-over actors need to understand scripts, interpret characters, and breathe correctly. They have to master voice techniques, such as pacing, volume, and range. Sometimes they use their normal voices; other times they change their voices to create different characters or noises. Rickey receives his Danny Phantom scripts only a few days before he tapes each episode(集). He rites helpful notes on the script to guide himself on speaking his part. Rickey practices, th en tapes at the recording studio. He and the other cast members sit in a soundproof booth, acting out their characters as they read their lines into the microphones. “The cartoon gets created after we record the words, so we have to imagine everything in our mind,” days Rickey. Later, the recorded words, music, and sound effects are combined with the cartoon art to create the cartoon we enjoy on TV. Sound interesting? Maybe you can have a “voice” in acting after all! 60. The sentence underlined in paragraph 2 means _______. A. Rickey draws the character B. Rickey names Tucker Foley C. Ricke y makes the character seem real D. Rickey decides the future of Tucker Foley 61. From the passage we can infer that _______. A. it’s very complex to become a cartoon film voice-over actor B. Rickey has been involved with acting most of his life

C. Rickey was an actor when he was six D. many people have nice voices 62. Paragraph 4 mainly tells us that _______. A. a voice-over actor works very hard B. being a voice-over actor needs talents C. being a voice-over actor requires skills D. a voice-over actor has many techniques 63. The information in this article would be most valuable to people _______. A. who want to build a career around their voices B. who need to develop their stage-acting skills C. who want to understand scriptwriting D. who need to practice voice exercises

C Basketball, Past and Present In 1891, a teacher invented a new exercise in Springfield, Massachusetts. A particularly cold winter meant that Dr. James Naismith’s students couldn’t exercise outdoors, and he needed to find a way that would both entertain them and make sure they got enough exercise. He nailed a peach basket up at one end of the gym and began to develop the rules of what is now one of the most popular sports in the world: basketball. As colleges began to adopt the game at the turn of the 20th century, basketball undertook a number of rapid changes. Five-person teams became the norm around 1898. Metal hoops replaced peach baskets in 1906. Though it was short lived, the first basketball league was formed in 1898. Under the direction of President Roosevelt, in the 1930s college sports were reorganized to change the rules, largely to prevent injury to players. This organization became the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCCA. The first professional league, later to become the National Basketball Association, or NBA, was put together in 1948. The game as we know it is still standardized very carefully. In the NBA and the NCAA, games are played for four quarters of 12 minutes each. A regulation court is 94 feet by 50 feet, though international basketball leagues sometimes use a somewhat smaller court. It has been suggested that because the athleticism of professional players has increased so much since 1891 the sport might be best served by increasing court size, though this change seems unlikely given the large amount of money that would be required to improve courts. Outside of the professional and collegiate leagues, there seems to be no end to the introduction of new varieties of basketball from very corner of the world: water basketball, wheelchair basketball, even a new form called slamball(极限篮球). One might even say that Dr. James Naismith’s creative achievement to sport exists in each one. And the basketball is significant for another reason: women have been playing almost since its inception: the first game of women’s basketball was played in 1891, the same year the sport was invented. 64. What purpose does the first paragraph serve? A. To provide the origin of basketball. B. To stress the importance of basketball. C. To offer basic knowledge of basketball. D. To catch the reader’s attention by telling a story. 65. Which of the following statements reflects the basketball inventor’s spirit? A. Basketball is now making a large profit.

B. Many new, creative varieties of basketball exits. C. Americans are still very successful at basketball. D. Basketball has become an international sport now. 66. The underlined word “inception” probably means _______. A. golden age B. beginning C. booming D. fading period D The past ages of man have all been carefully labeled by anthropologists(人类学家). Descriptions like “Paleolithic(旧石器时代)Man”,“Neolithic(新石器时代)Man”, etc, neatly sum up whole periods. When the time comes for anthropologists to turn their attention to the twenty-first century, they will surely choose the label “Legless Man”. Histories of the time will go something like this:“In the twenty-first century, people forgot how to use their legs. Men and women moved about in cars, buses and trains from a very early age. There were lifts in all large buildings to prevent people from walking. And the surprising thing is that they didn’t use their legs even when they went on holiday. They built cable railways, ski -lifts and roads to the top of very huge mountain. All the beauty spots on earth were ruined by the presence of large car parks.” The future history books might also record that we lost the right of using our eyes. In our hurry to get from one place to another, we failed to see anything on the way. Air travel gives you a bird’s-eye view of the world or even less if the wing of the aircraft happens to get in your way. When you travel by car or train, the unclear picture of the countryside constantly slides over the window. When you mention the most impressive place-names in the world, the typical 21st century traveler always says “I’ve been there.”—meaning“I drove through it at 100 miles an hour on the way to somewhere else.” When you travel at high speeds, the present means nothing: you live mainly in the future because you spend most of your time looking forward to arriving at some other place. But actual arrival, when it is achieved, is meaningless. You want to move on again. By traveling like this, you skip all experience. The traveler on foot, on the other hand, lives in the present. For him traveling and arriving are one and the same thing: he arrives somewhere with every step he makes. He experiences the present moment with his eyes, his cars and the whole of his body. At the end of his journey he feels a delicious physical tiredness. Satisfying sleep will be his: the just reward of all true travelers. 67. Anthropologists name man nowadays “Legless Man” because _______. A.people prefer cars, buses and trains B.people travel without using legs C.lifts prevent people from walking D.people use their legs less and less 68. According to the passage, what might make people lose the right of using their eyes? A.The modem means of transportation. B.A bird’s-eye view of the world. C.The unclear sight from the vehicles. D.The fast-paced life style. 69. From the passage, we know traveling at high speeds means _______. A.appreciating beautiful scenery B.experiencing life skills C.focusing on the next destination D.feeling physical tiredness 70. What does the author intend to tell us? A.Modem transportation devices have replaced legs. B.Traveling makes the world a small place. C.Human’s history develops very fast. D.The best way to travel is on foot.

Cold-He arted Youth Laughter is a great thing. It has been proven to be physically and mentally effective on people ___71___. The reason for this is that people are laughing at the wrong things, particularly the youth. They find humor in things that people wouldn’t have generally found funny in the past. More and more young people respond to negative situations with laughter. Their responses to negative situations are becoming increasingly worrying, and this needs to be addressed. ___72___ You can find hundreds of clips showin g people falling off from things or getting hurt so badly that they break bones or suffer major injuries. Unfortunately, not rushing to their aid or calling an ambulance, they double over in laughter. To make matters worse, many teens laugh not just at physical accidents; they are also failing to take important topics seriously, such as the government or the state of our world. Children and teens nowadays show alarming indifference and insensitivity toward things that should arouse serious thought and emotion. ___73___ The sad thing is, it’s not thei r fault. Tea ching youth that violence is okay and entertaining, or teaching them that the state of our world is not a big deal is telling them not to be caring and concerned. They are the next generation, and they’re not going to be able to contribute to be world if important issues do not matter to them anymore. ___74___. As a whole, society heeds to concentrate on bringing back natural human emotion and easing up on the confirmation of indifference, violence, and carelessness. ___75___. A. Search online for videos of some accidents. B. Don’t try to laugh by putting someone else down. C. However, laughter can be bad, and is increasingly becoming so. D. We are humans, not cold machines, and we need to start acting that way. E. How can they help others when they don’t take their physical or emotional pain seriously? F. The fact that the youth are always laughing at the wrong things have nothing to with education. G. I believe youth are laughing at serious subjects because they think important topics don’t matter to them anymore.

第四部分 书面表达 (共两节,35 分) 第一节(15 分) 假如你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,你将参加学校举行的英语口语 根据以下提示写一篇竞选稿。


1. 担任班长,深受好评; 2. 组织和沟通能力强; 3. 英语口语好,乐于助人; 4. 当选后的打算。 注意: 1. 词数不少于 50; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Hi everyone! I’m Li Hua from Class One, Grade Three. Today I’m very glad to run fo r Chairman of the Oral English Club.___________________________________________________________________ __________ _____________________________________ __________________________________ _________________. I sincerely hope you will give me a chance and vote for me. Thank you.

第二节 (20 分) 假如你是红星中学高二( 1)班的学生李华,最近你校开展了诚信教育( Honesty Education)系列活动,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文, 记述你和同学们参与活动的全过程。 注意:1. 词数不少于 60; 2. 短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。 宣誓:take an oath 无人监考:no-invigilation exam

Recently to carry forward the value of honesty. A variety of activities have been held in our school.___________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________. ___________________________________________________________________________

_________________. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________.

2015 年石景山区高三统一测试 英语参考答案 第一部分:听力理解(共三节,30 分) 1-5 ACABB 6-10 ACABC 11-15 ABCCB 16.Gersel/GERSEL 17.92634738 18.tickets 第二部分:知识运用(共两节,45 分) 第一节 (共 15 小题;每小题 1 份,共 15 分) 21-25 BDCAD 26-30 DBCDA 31-35 BABCA 第二节(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 36-40 ADCAB 41-45 BCDAD 46-50 ABCBB 第三部分:阅读理解(共两节,40 分) 第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,共 30 分) 56-60 DDCBC 61-65 BCAAB 66-70 BDACD 第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 71-75 CAGED Possible version: Hi everyone!I’m Li Hua from Class One,Grade Three. Today I am very glad to run for Chairman of the Oral English Club. I think I’m competent for the position. As monitor of my class,I often get thumbs up from my classmates and teachers. My experience counts a lot for my good organization skills. And I’m a good communicator. Most importantl y,my English is fluent. If you want to improve your English,I’m always ready to help you. If I’m lucky enough to be elected as chainman,I will arrange some activities for you, such as English Comer,English parties and so on. I sincerely hope you will give me a chance and vote for me. Thank you. (二) 内容要点 1. 诚信主题班会; 2. 诚信宣誓; 3. 参加无人监考考试; 4. 获得表彰。 (四)One possible version: Recently, to carry forward the value of honesty, a variety of activities have been held in our school. Our class also got involved in it. We held an honesty-themed class meeting. All the students discussed what honesty meant to us and brought forward various ideas about how to encourage honest behaviors. Finally we agreed on trying no-invigilation exams. Then led by our monitor, we took an oath that we would take any test honestly without invigilators. In the following exams, we did as that we had promised. The result was amazing: no one cheated and we felt a stronger self-respect and responsibility. A good deed speaks for itself and we got an award as an Honest Class. Honesty in the best policy. How true it is!



51-55 DCCAD

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