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Unit 2 Part Ⅰ Warming Up, Prereading,

Reading & Comprehending
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The language is rich in v________, that is to say, it has a large number of words. 答案:vocabulary 2.Are you a visitor or a n________ here? 答案:native 3.Growing vegetables looks easy, but a________ there is a lot to learn. 答案:actually 4.I think the new ship is not good enough to make a long v________. 答案:voyage 5.One should always b________ his opinion on facts. 答案:base 6.He has lost his i________ card and was questioned by the police. 答案:identity 7.We all admire her for her speaking English f________. 答案:fluently 8.Tom and Jack are good friends; the former is a teacher, the ________ is a student. 答案:latter 9.They bought some new beds to furnish their new a________. 答案:apartment 10.We took the e________ to the eighteenth floor. 答案:elevator Ⅱ.短语填空 at present, make use of, because of, come up, at the end of, even if, such as, a number of, more than, in some ways 1.We stayed in all day ________ the rain. 答案:because of 2. ________, the world economic situation to China should be an unusual good opportunity. 答案:At present 3.He lives ________ the road. 答案:at the end of

4.I know many of them, ________ John, Peter and Tom. 答案:such as 5.________ she were very busy, she would go. 答案:Even if 6.We are ________ energy from the sun in many ways. 答案:making use of 7.________ people complained about the poor lighting in the museum. 答案:A number of 8.He rang to say he would be late home—something had ________ at the office. 答案:come up 9.________ a quarter of the students never finished their courses. 答案:More than 10.As you see, we look the same ________. 答案:in some ways Ⅲ.单项填空 1.I can't imagine an old man over seventy succeeding in his ________ across the Atlantic in a boat. A.journey C.voyage B.tour D.travel

解析:voyage 主要指远距离的水上旅行,符合句意。 答案:C 2.A number of questions ________ at the meeting yesterday, but none was answered. A.cared about C.dug out B.came up D.set up

解析:句意:昨天会议上提出了很多问题,但都没有得到答复。come up 被提出,符合 句意。care about 关心;dig out 掘出;set up 建立。 答案:B 3.The use you ________ time is really practical. A.make C.make of B.take D.take of

解析:此句为含有定语从句的复合句,先行词为 the use,此题是对 make use of 的考查, 其中 of 不能省。 答案:C 4.—Will you go to Mary's birthday party?

—No. ________ invited, I can't go. I'll be too busy then. A.If C.Even if B.Unless D.When

解析:根据“我不能去。(因为)那时我很忙”可知答句意为“即使被邀请??” ,故选 C。 even if 引导让步状语从句。 答案:C 5.The number of people who speak English ________ larger, and a large number of people ________ native speakers. A.are; are C.is; is B.is; are D.are; is

解析:此句是并列句,前一分句的主语是“the number of people”,谓语动词用单数形式; 后一分句的主语是“a large number of people”,谓语动词用复数形式,故选 B。 答案:B 6.David is getting on well with his boss—he can always ________ a new idea for pleasing the boss. A.keep up with C.come up with B.put up with D.catch up with

解析:考查动词短语辨析。句意:David 与他的老板相处很好——他总是能提出一个新 主意让老板满意。come up with 提出,想出,符合语意。keep up with 跟上;put up with 容忍; catch up with 赶上;均不符合语境。故选 C。 答案:C 7.—Do you think it's a good idea to make friends with your students? —________, I do. I think it's a great idea. A.Really C.Actually B.Obviously D.Generally

解析:句意:——你认为和你的学生交朋友是一个好主意吗?——实际上,我就是这样 做的, 我认为那是个很不错的主意。 actually 实际上; really 真正地; obviously 明显地; generally 大体上。故选 C。 答案:C 8.________ the story of our village, an interesting film was made by the famous director. A.Based on C.Be based on B.Basing on D.Being based on

解析:句意:以我们村的这个故事为依据,这位著名导演导演了一部有趣的电影。题中 涉及 be based on 短语,句中 based on the story of our village 为 v.-ed 分词短语作状语,为非

谓语动词结构,故选 A。 答案:A 9.—Is everyone ________ at the meeting? —No, Tom is not here. He has something else to do. A.present C.silent B.alive D.missing

解析:根据答语可知问话人是想知道是否大家都出席了会议。present 出席的,到场的。 故选 A。 答案:A 10. the two football teams, the former comes from England; ________ comes from Brazil. Of A.the other C.the second B.another D.the latter

解析:the other 与 one 搭配,构成 one ... the other ...一个??另一个??;another 指众 多里的一个,不强调顺序;the second 第二个,表顺序,实际数目可能多于两个;the latter 表示前面提到两者中的后者。故选 D。 答案:D 11.Ellen is ________ in both English and French, which gives her an advantage over other candidates. A.practical C.exact B.grateful D.fluent

解析:句意:埃伦说英语和法语都很流利,这使她比其他候选人更有优势。practical 实 际的;实用的;grateful 感激的;exact 精确的;准确的;fluent 流利的。故选 D。 答案:D 12.You should not look down upon a man ________ his poverty. A.because C.for B.because of D.though

解析:题意:你不应该因为一个人贫穷而看不起他。because of 后接名词,符合语境。 because 后接从句;for 作连词时后接句子,作介词时意为“为了” ;though“虽然” 。 答案:B 13.We are always feeling excited on hearing our ________ language in foreign countries. A.international C.personal B.native D.private

解析:题意:在国外每当听到母语时我们总是感到非常激动。native language“母语, 本族语” ,符合句意。international“国际的;世界的” ;personal“个人的” ;private“私人的” 。

答案:B 14.After a long period of hard work, the boy is ________ catching up with the others in his class. A.carefully C.gradually B.really D.generally

解析:题意:经过长时间的努力学习,这个男孩子正渐渐地赶上班里的其他孩子。在学 习上追赶别人应该是循序渐进的,gradually“逐步地” ,符合题意。carefully“认真地;仔细 地” ;really“真正地” ;generally“一般地” 。 答案:C 15.The railway department has made a rule that those who buy train tickets must show his ________ card. A.bank C.post B.phone D.identity

解析:题意:铁道部制订了一项规定,购买火车票的人必须出示身份证。identity card 为固定搭配,意为“身份证” 。bank card“信用卡” ;phone card“电话卡” ;post card“明信 片” 。 答案:D Ⅳ.完形填空 When I was 16 years old, I made my first visit to the United States. It wasn't the first time I had been 1 . Like most English children I learned French 3 2 school and I had often

been to France, so I

speaking a foreign language to people who didn't understand 5 a nice easy holiday

4 . But when I went to America I was really looking forward to without any 7 6 problems.

wrong I was! The misunderstanding began at the airport. I was looking for a 9


telephone to give my American friend Danny a friendly old man saw me looking lost and asked 10 “Well, that's 13 ?” “Who is talking about marriage?” I replied.“I tell her I've arrived.Can you tell me 15

and tell her that I had arrived.A he could help me. 12 ? But aren't you a bit

11 , he exclaimed.“Are you getting ”


want to give my friend a ring to

there's a phone box?”

“Oh! he said, “there's a phone downstairs.” ” When at last we 16 meet up. Danny explained the misunderstanding to me. 17 at first. There are lots of words which 19

“Don't worry, she said to me. I had so many ” the Americans 18

differently in meaning from us British. You'll soon get used to 20 British and American people understand each other.

funny things they say. Most of the

1.A.out C.outside

B.away D.abroad

解析:从短文首句“I made my first visit to the United States”得知“我”到国外去,因此 选 abroad。 答案:D 2.A.from C.at B.during D.after

解析:上学的时候学过法语。at school 表示“上学” 。 答案:C 3.A.get used to C.used to B.was used to D.used

解析:因为上学时学过法语,又加上“我”经常到法国去,因此“我”已习惯与人们说 外语了。在此,选项 A 有一定的干扰性,全文叙述的是过去的事情,因此应该用过去时态。 C 项的意思是“过去常常” ,to 后面应跟动词原形。 答案:B 4.A.English C.Russian B.French D.Latin

解析:因为“我”懂法语,因此“我”能够与那些不懂英语的人讲话。 答案:A 5.A.buying C.giving B.having D.receiving

解析:have a nice easy holiday 有一个愉快、轻松的假期。 答案:B 6.A.time C.language B.human D.money

解析:由前文可知, “我”是说英语的,因此说“我”想不会有语言问题。 答案:C 7.A.Too C.What B.What a D.How

解析:how 引导感叹句。how 修饰形容词 wrong,表示程度。 答案:D 8.A.cheap C.public B.popular D.good


答案:C 9.A.letter C.news B.ring D.word

解析: 从下文“I want to give my friend a ring”得此答案。 give sb. a ring 给某人一个电话” “ , 但有人理解为“给某人一枚戒指” 。 答案:B 10.A.that C.where B.if D.when

解析:他问“我”他是否能帮助“我” 引导宾语从句,意思是“是否” 。if 。 答案:B 11.A.well C.nice B.over D.ring

解析:从后文可知老人以为“我”要结婚,因此他说“很好” ,以表示祝贺。 答案:C 12.A.to marry C.marrying B.to be married D.married

解析:从下句“Who is talking about marriage?”可以得出答案。get married“结婚” 。 答案:D 13.A.small C.old B.little D.young

解析:由短文首句“When I was 16 years old”可知,老人觉得“我”的年龄还不适合结婚, 因此他说: “但是,你不是还小吗?” 答案:D 14.A.very C.just now B.just D.so

解析:在此 just 相当于 only“只是,仅仅” 。 答案:B 15.A.where C.over there B.in which D.that

解析:很明显, “我”想让他告诉“我”电话亭的位置。 答案:A 16.A.did C.could B.do D.had

解析:do/does/did 用在肯定句中起强调作用,由时态知选 did。

答案:A 17.A.trouble C.things B.difficulties D.fun

解析:联系上下文,Danny 在这里说她也遇到过一些麻烦。由 many 可知不选 A、D, 再由语境排除 C 项。 答案:B 18.A.write C.use B.speak D.read

解析:上文出现的情况是语言使用习惯的问题,因此 Danny 说美国人在使用单词的意 思上与英国人不同。 答案:C 19.A.every C.some B.these D.all the

解析:由下文“Most of the time British and American people understand each other.”可以看 出,Danny 对“我”说, “我”不久就会习惯这一切的。 答案:D 20.A.chance C.condition B.situation D.time

解析:大多数时间,美国人和英国人能彼此理解。 答案:D Ⅴ.阅读理解 Once a New Zealand teacher asked where I live. “In the white building, answered.“At our university both girls and boys live in the ”I same dormitory, I added. ” Beyond my expectation, however, my effort(努力) to show I am speaking American English (AE) turned out to be something else. The New Zealander seemed very puzzled at my answer. With a half smile, she asked, “Really? Do they live in the same room?” “Oh, no. They live in different rooms but in the same building.” I reacted quickly. Later I got to know the word “dormitory”. In AE it means one building while it means one room in British English(BE). The New Zealander misunderstood me because she spoke New Zealander English(NE), which, as we know, is much related to BE. Nowadays, not a few English learners, who try to catch up with the fashion, choose to speak AE. Yet, the problem is that they cannot speak pure AE, but half AE and half BE instead.

I think it necessary to keep one style in order to avoid misunderstanding. 1.Which of the following is RIGHT? A.AE and BE are two different languages. B.There are some differences between AE and BE. C.New Zealanders speak BE. D.New Zealanders cannot understand Americans. 解析: 细节理解题。 阅读全文可知 A、 和 D 与文意不符, C 而由第五段 “Later I got to know the word ‘dormitory’. In AE it means one building while it means one room in British English (BE). ”可知,美式英语和英式英语之间是有区别的,故选 B。 答案:B 2.What I said to the New Zealander is ________. A.really pure AE C.half AE and half BE B.really pure BE D.not English at all

解析: 推理判断题。 由第二段中“... my effort to show I am speaking American English (AE) turned out to be something else.”和第五段“In AE it means one building while it means one room in British English(BE). ”可知“我”对这个新西兰人说的是纯正的美式英语。 答案:A 3.According to the passage, ________. A.few people speak AE C.BE is becoming fashionable B.more people speak BE D.AE is becoming fashionable

解析:细节理解题。由倒数第三段“... not a few English learners, who try to catch up with the fashion, choose to speak AE.”可知美式英语越来越流行。not a few 相当于 many,即许多。 答案:D 4.The writer wrote the passage in order to ________. A.tell us a funny story B.warn us not to make mistakes C.tell us the differences between AE and BE D.encourage us to speak one style of English 解析:推理判断题。由文章的最后一句话“I think it necessary to keep one style in order to avoid misunderstanding.”可知,作者希望只说一种风格的语言,以避免误解,故选 D。 答案:D

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