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英语:Unit5《Music》Warming Up & Reading(新人教版必修2)

规律举一反三。 1. music n. → musical adj. → musician n. physics n. → physical adj. → physician n. magic n. → magical adj. → magician n. 2. humor n. → humorous adj. danger n

. → dangerous adj. mountain n. → mountainous adj.

3. pass by (verb-phr. ) → passer-by n. look on (verb-phr. ) → looker-on n.

1. Why is the title of the text “The Band That
Wasn’t” ? Because The Monkees was not a band until they appeared in the television show and didn’t follow the usual way to success. In addition, they were not like a band at first. They

played jokes as well as played music.
2. What do you learn from The Monkees’ success?

If you devote your own effort to what you are doing and
work hard in your own way, you will be the one you want to be.

1. dream of 梦见;梦想;设想(P34) ?He dreams of/about going to Europe. 他极想去欧洲。 ?The ordinary people of the country dreamed of/about peace. 这个国家的普通人渴望和平。

?Finally she slept and dreamt that she had arrived home. 她
终于睡着了, 梦见她已经回到家中。 ?He dreamed a wonderful dream last night which made him happy. 昨晚他做了个很棒的梦,这令他很愉快。 ?Everything went like a dream. 一切进展得十分顺利。

完成句子 ① He dreamt his life away ( 虚 度 一 生 ) , never really achieving anything.

②I’ve long dreamed of visiting (渴望游览)the Forbidden

2. pretend vt. 假装;假扮 【原句】Do you sing karaoke and pretend you are a famous singer like Song Zuying or Liu Huan? (P34)


?He pretended to fall over. 他假装跌倒。 ?He pretended to be ill. 他假装有病。 ?They pretended that they were tourists. 他们假装是旅游者。


当我走进房间时, 她假装在读一本小说。
①She pretended reading a novel when I came into the room.

( F)
②She pretended to be reading a novel when I came into the


( T)

③She pretended to read a novel when I came into the room. ( F) ④She pretended to have read a novel when I came into the room. ( F )

3. to be honest 说实在地;实话说 【 原 句 】To be honest, a lot of people attach great importance to becoming rich and famous. (P34)

?To be honest, I hate it when people speak with their mouths

full of food.

?To be quite honest with you, I don’t think you will pass. 老
实对你说, 我认为你不会及格。

?To tell you the truth, they lost the game. 实话告诉你吧,他们输了那场比赛。 ?Honestly speaking,I don’t think his work is good. 老实说,我认为他的工作做得不好。

__________ , the pay isn’t attractive

enough,though the job itself is quite interesting.
[2009浙江,18] A. Generally speaking C. In particular B. On the contrary D. To be honest

【解析】选D。句意:说实话,薪水没有什么吸引力,尽管 这项工作本身相当有趣。generally speaking一般说来;on the contrary相反;in particular尤其,特别;to be honest说


4. attach vt. & vi. 系上;缚上;附加;连接

attach. . . to认为有(重要性、意义);附上;连接(P34)
?Do you attach much importance to what he said?

?He attached his horse to a tree. 他把马系在一棵树上。

?No honour attaches to this position. 这个职位没有什么显赫可言。 ?He is greatly attached to his children. 他非常喜爱他的孩子。 ?The school is attached to Beijing University. 这所学校附属于北京大学。

用attach的适当形式填空 ①There was a nice little present for everyone, with a poem attached to it. ②The middle school is attached to a teachers’ college.

5. form vt. (使)组成;形成;构成

n. 形态;形状;表格

【原句】But just how do people form a band? (P34) 那么,人们又是怎样一起组成乐队的呢? ?Can you form a picture in your mind of what I described to you? 你能根据我对你讲述的东西在你脑子里形成个轮廓吗?

?Smith is out of form and is unlikely to run in the 100 meters race tomorrow. 史密斯的竞技状态不好, 大概不会参加明天 的100米赛跑。

?My garden is in the form of a square.

用form的恰当用法完成句子 ①If she’s in form , she can win the match easily. ②The money will be sent to you each week in the form of a cheque, not cash. ③Before you become a member of the club, please fill in/out the form.

④He forms the habit of getting up early.

6. earn vt. 赚;挣得;获得 【原句】Sometimes they may play to passers-by in the street or subway so that they can earn some extra money for themselves or to pay for their instruments. (P34) 有时他们可能在街上或地铁里为过路者演奏,这样他们可以 为自己或自己要买的乐器多挣一些钱。

?He earned fame and fortune. 他名利双收。

?She earned a living as a part-time secretary.

?His works have earned him many friends.


结合辨析,完成句子 ①我已经收到了你的电报。 I’ve got your telegram. ②她获得了丰富的教学经验。 She gained rich experience in teaching.

③他们打赢了这场篮球赛。 They won the basketball match. ④他的成就赢得了人们的尊敬。(靠自己的劳动) His achievement earned him respect.

7. perform vt. &vi. 表演;履行;执行
performance n. 表演;演奏 【原句】Later they may give performances in pubs or clubs, for which they are paid in cash. (P34)后来,他们可能在酒吧 或者俱乐部里演出,这样他们可以得到现金。

?Come and see him in performance with the new band.

?She will be performing on the piano. 她将演奏钢琴。

用perform的适当形式填空。 这位执行者许诺说他将尽责按计划做好实验。结果他履行了 自己的诺言。

The performer promised that he would perform his duty
and would perform the experiment well according to the plan. As a result, he performed his promise.

8. play jokes on(=play a joke on)戏弄(P34) ?He is such a person who likes to play jokes on almost everybody. 他是这样的一个人,喜欢开几乎每一个人的玩笑。 ?Henry played a joke on John yesterday , which made John very upset. 昨天亨利拿约翰开玩笑, 这使得约翰很难过。

?Trying to find a job these days is no joke, I can tell you. 我
实话告诉你, 现在想找份工作可不容易。 ?Don’t make jokes about the handicapped. 不要说关于残疾人的笑话。


①The boys hid Jone’s bike to play a trick on him.

②He always thinks highly of himself and likes to make fun

of others. 他总是自命不凡,并喜欢取笑他人。
③They laughed at him for his being stupid. 他们都讥笑他的愚蠢。

捉弄某人 取笑某人 讥笑/嘲笑某人

play a trick/tricks on sb. make fun of sb. laugh at sb.

①取笑他是不礼貌的。 It’s impolite to make fun of him. ② Some people usually ____________ each other on April Fool’s Day. [2011嘉兴高一检测]

A. play jokes on
C. laugh at

B. play joke on
D. have jokes on

【 解 析 】 选 A 。 考 查 动 词 短 语 。 play jokes on 意 为 “ 戏

9. rely vi. 依赖;依靠

rely on 依赖;依靠

【原句】As some of these actors could not sing well enough, they had to rely on other musicians to help them. (P34)因为这 些演员中有些人唱得不是很好,他们不得不依靠其他音乐人

?You can’t rely on the weather. 天气是靠不住的。 ?I rely upon you to finish the work on time. 我相信你会准时完成这项工作的。

?You can rely on me for help. 你可指望我来帮忙。 ?You can rely on it that she will come to help you. 你要坚信她会来帮你。

You can’t rely ___________him to do the

job properly. He doesn’t have any experience after all.
[2011厦门高一检测] A. to B. with C. on D. in

【解析】选C。 rely on sb. to do sth. “指望某人做某事”为 固定搭配。句意:你不能指望他很好地做这份工作。毕竟他 没有任何经验。

10. familiar adj. 熟悉的;常见的;亲近的 【原句】They were so popular that their fans formed clubs in order to get more familiar with them.(P34) 他们非常走红以至于他们的歌迷们为了更加熟悉他们而成立 了俱乐部。

?I am not familiar with this part of the country. 我不大熟悉该国的这一部分。

?The things are familiar to people.


①He is quite familiar to this subject.
②He is quite familiar with this subject.


③His name is familiar with many people. (F)

④His name is familiar to many people.


11. break up 打碎;分裂;解体 【原句】The band broke up about 1970, but happily they reunited in the mid-1980s.(P34) “门基乐队”大约在1970年左右解散,但是令人高兴的是, 到80年代中期他们再次聚首。

?Sentences can be broken up into phrases and phrases into words. 句子可以分解为词组,词组可以分解成单词。 ?Who broke up their friendship? 是什么人破坏了他们的友情呢?

思考并填入相应的介副词,完成break短语。 ①break down ②break into ③break out ④break away from 出故障,坏掉;垮掉;分解 强行闯入??,破门而入 (战争,火灾等的突然)爆发,发生 脱离/ 挣脱 ??


The police tried to break up the crowd.

The robbers had planned to break into the bank to take

away money, but failed.

③车子在回家的路上抛锚了。 The car broke down on the way home. ④这位可怜的工人摆脱了他的残忍老板的控制。 The poor worker broke away from his cruel boss’s control. ⑤大火突然爆发,并使千年古寺成为一片废墟。 A big fire broke out , and made the thousand-year-old temple in ruins.

1. Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of

people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and
appreciating your music?(P34) 你是否曾梦想过在音乐会上面对成千上万的观众演唱,那里 每个人都为你鼓掌,欣赏你的音乐? 此句为主从复合句。含有which引导的非限制性的 定语从句,修饰先行词concert。which在从句中作介词at的 宾语,at which介宾结构在句中作地点状语。

?There are so many books in the book stand, from which I will choose some that I am interested in. 在书摊上有很多的书,从中我要选一些感兴趣的。

English is a language shared by several diverse cultures, each of____________uses it somewhat differently. A. which B. what C. them [2011浙江, 8] D. there

化共享的一种语言,其中每一种文化使用英语时都多少有些 不同。表示“整体中的一部分”,我们可以使用“不定代词 /数词+of +which(物)/whom(人)”,由于此题中先行词为 cultures, 所以使用which。

2. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as play music, most of which was based loosely on the Beatles.

些玩笑和音乐大多都在模仿“甲壳虫”乐队。 此句为主从复合句。which引导非限制性定语从句, 修饰先行词jokes和music。which在从句中作介词of的宾语, most of which 在从句中作主语。主句中的不定式to play jokes on each other as well as play music作were的表语,其 中play music与to play jokes on each other并列,由as well as 连接。不定式作表语常用来表示按计划安排将要发生的动作 或用来解释主语(计划、目的、工作等)的内容。

?They have many things to do now, the most important of which for them is to make a plan first. 现在他们有很多的事情要做,对他们来说最重要的是首先来 制定一个计划。

The discovery of gold in Australia led thousands to believe that a fortune ___________ .

A. is made B. would make

C. was to be made

D. had made

【解析】选C。考查时态。make a fortune意为“发财”,

make在句中需要使用被动形式,因此排除B和D, 题干中led
提示时间为过去,因此选择C。be to do“将会,将要??”, was to be made表示过去将来。

3. They put an advertisement in a newspaper looking for rock musicians, but they could only find one who was good

enough. (P34)



?Even though we had ten minutes left, we caught the train

leaving at eight finally.

?There is a note beside the grassland saying that everyone
should keep off the grassland. 草地边上有个警示牌,告诉人们勿踏入草地。








_________from behind the house. [2011全国卷Ⅰ, 27] A. rose B. rising C. to rise D. risen

【解析】选B。考查非谓语动词。句意:他紧接着看到的是从 房子后面升起的烟。此处rising from behind the house作定语 修饰前面的smoke。rise是不及物动词,与smoke之间是逻辑

上的主动关系,且强调rise这一动作正在发生。故用v. -ing形
式。to rise表示动作发生在将来;risen强调动作的完成。

attractive adj. 吸引人的;有吸引力的 (P35) ?Bright colors are attractive to children. 鲜艳的颜色对儿童有吸引力。 ?They are goods attractive in price and quality. 这些都是物美价廉的货物。

?It attracted many visitors to the place. 它吸引了许多参观者到这地方。

?His speech attracted the attention of the audience.

用attract的适当形式填空 ①Venice (威尼斯)is one of the great tourist attractions of the world. ②Do you have any ideas for making rail travel more

③I tried to attract his attention.

(A) Homeschool materials are everywhere. In fact, as a homeschool parent, one of the best learning tools you can use

is making use of songs. Think of it. When you hear your
favorite songs come on the radio and as soon as the lyrics(歌 词) begin, you can join in at once and sing along. Perhaps, you haven’t heard this song for months or even years! Doesn’t it amaze you? There is no doubt that learning through lyrics and rhymes(韵律)is a great way!

With some careful searching, you can come up with many songs, lyrics and rhymes that fit well with your homeschool lesson plan or unit study. Some places even have songs that have the same themes with the lessons. They are

perfect to be used to add to your homeschool materials! Even
if you don’t find a particular great song for what you may be teaching at the time, you can write your own. With a little

practice, you can not only write your own songs over time
but also be surprised how good you can become.

Take any of the traditional children’s songs and modify(修改)them to meet your needs. This is an interesting exercise for both you and your children. It helps you with reading, recognizing sounds, and improving memory. Soon

you’ll have your children want to write and sing their own
songs! Song and singing is such a great way to teach your children. It’s fun and relaxing. Sometimes, you really need such a break from your study and work. It will cost nothing. So turn your creativity and imagination loose and have fun. Whistle(吹口哨)while you work!

1. In Paragraph 1, the author proves his point through____. A. his favorite songs B. his own experience C. people’s common experience D. singing along with the radio 【解析】选C。细节理解题。作者通过指出“大家听到喜欢 的歌曲都会跟着哼唱,哪怕几个月甚至几年都没听过这首 歌”,这一众人共有的体验来证实他的观点。

2. What does the underlined word “They” in Paragraph 2 refer to? A. Songs. C. Lessons. B. Teachers. D. Places.

【解析】选A。词义理解题。上一句中指出,有些地方甚至 有与课程主题相关的歌曲,它们是非常好的教学素材,因此, 此处的They是指这些歌曲。

3. According to the passage, modifying traditional songs

A. improve people’s writing ability

B. make materials more interesting
C. help children sing better

D. help people improve memory


4. The passage is probably written to___________.

A. homeschool students
B. homeschool parents

C. all the children
D. school teachers

【解析】选B。推理判断题。根据第一段第二句中的as a
homeschool parent及全文大意可以看出,本文是写给家庭 教育中的父母的。

5. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? A. How to Raise Children at Home B. How to Find Homeschool Materials C. Homeschool Materials in Songs D. Children’s Singing Materials 【解析】选C。主旨大意题。本文主要是关于家庭教育的教 学素材的,作者开头便指出以歌曲为素材是一个不错的选择, 下文对此展开了论述。

Beijing—Xuriyanggang, a migrant

worker(农民工) singing pair, has
attracted nationwide attention. After

performing at 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala(春节联欢晚
会), they were seen as the country’s hottest grassroots singers. Yet the song “In the Spring” that made them well-known,

has locked them in a dispute(纠纷).

“In the Spring”, the only song they performed either online or on the CCTV stage, can be dated to its owner,

Chinese rocker Wang Feng. On February 11th, Wang wrote
on his blog that he wanted to stop performing this song, but they continued to use it at various shows. Wang has now banned them from singing the song again. This has caused public discussion. The actor Liu Ying

said, “I understood that Wang let them sing the song in the
beginning to give them an early start with their singing career. In this sense, they should thank their teacher. ”

The appearance fee charged by Xuriyanggang has now climbed to 50, 000 yuan per show, a number that would be unthinkable if not for their performance at the Spring Festival Gala. Some say they make much money from a song that they were not legally(合法地) allowed to sing. Li Yong, who hosted this year’s gala, said that the legal rights must be

protected. Li said, “We should learn to respect copyrights(版
权). Everything else is not important in the face of the law. ”

Famous Chinese composer(作曲家)Xu Peidong said he’s glad to see more and more people realizing copyright protection, but he suggests that people produce good and lasting works, rather than the amount of money it might bring. Xu also said, “The quarrel should not stop us on further artistic creation(艺术创作). Let’s look forward, and try to develop a better environment. ” Xuriyanggang’s apology came later, saying that they

were sorry, and were thankful for Wang Feng’s help and
encouragement. Wang Xu believed they would pass through this difficulty.

6. Which of the following is NOT true according to the first
paragraph? A. Xuriyanggang is a migrant worker. B. Xuriyanggang is very popular now. C. Xuriyanggang is in a dispute. D. Xuriyanggang performed at 2011 Spring Festival Gala.

【解析】选A。推理判断题。从第一段可知“旭日阳刚是一 个音乐组合(由两个农民工组成),他们在2011年春节联欢晚 会上演唱了一首歌曲《春天里》,他们虽是草根歌手,却很 受人们欢迎。但最近,他们陷入了版权纠纷。”可见A项


7. What’s the meaning of the underlined word“banned” in Paragraph two? A. 允许 B. 禁止 C. 请求 D. 承认

【解析】选B。词义猜测题。从第二段可知旭日阳刚因在各 种场合下有偿演唱其合法版权本属于汪峰的歌曲《春天里》 不听劝阻而被汪峰禁唱。所以选B. 禁止。

8. According to Li Yong and Xu Peidong, which one of the following statements is RIGHT? A. Xuriyanggang’s making money from the song they were not allowed to sing is legal. B. Everything is not important in the face of the law. C. People should respect and protect legal copyrights. D. The appearance fee charged by Xuriyanggang is unthinkable now.


述的不是李咏的观点,也不正确,故不选 A。根据最后两句
可知李咏认为合法版权在法律面前重要,其他的一切都不重 要,这与B项“一切在法律面前都不重要”不相符。D项 “旭日阳刚的出场费现在是无法想像的”与第四段第一句 “旭日阳刚的出场费每场已达50 000元”不符。结合第四、 五两段可得知李咏和徐沛东都认为我们应尊敬和保护合法版 权。故C项正确。

9. What’s the passage mainly about?

A. How Xuriyanggang became famous.
B. Xuriyanggang made an apology to their teacher.

C. How to protect legal copyrights.
D. Xuriyanggang was troubled by copyright dispute.


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