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【步步高 北师大版】2016届高三一轮英语大一轮复习文档 选修6 Unit 17 Laughter

1.burst out laughing 突然笑起来 2.response n.回答 3.cash a cheque 兑现支票 4.withdraw vt.提取;撤退 5.clarify vt.澄清,讲清楚 6.delay n.延误,延期;v.延误 7.wait in line 排队 8.get rid of 处理掉,摆脱 9.fool around 胡闹,瞎弄 10.from

time to time 不时地 11.result in 导致,造成 重点识记词汇 12.acknowledge vt.认可,承认 13.figure n.人物;v.出现;考虑 14.resist vt.抵抗,抵制 15.scold vt.骂,责骂 16.forbid vt.禁止,不准 17.run into 撞上 18.put on 假装;穿上(衣服);上演;放上 19.turn sb.off 令人讨厌 20.regardless of 不管,不顾 21.scared adj.惊恐的,担惊受怕的→scare vt.使恐惧 22.desperate adj.不顾一切的 23.amuse vt.逗乐,使(某人)笑→amusement n.愉快


24.partly adv.部分地 25.politician n.政治家→politics n.政治→political adj.政治的 26.convince vt.使相信 27.agency n.代理处,经销处→agent n.代理人,经销商 28.play around 四处游戏 29.harmony n.协调,和谐→harmonious adj.协调的,和谐的 30.pull faces 做鬼脸 31.astonish vt.使惊讶,使惊骇→astonishment n.惊讶 32.thanks to 多亏;由于 33.profession n.职业,专业→professional adj.职业的 34.messy adj.凌乱的,肮脏的→mess n.凌乱 35.universal adj.通用的,普遍的;全世界的→universe n.宇宙 36.starve vi.饿死,挨饿→starvation n.饥饿 37.forgetful adj.健忘的→forget v.忘记→forgettable adj.易忘的 38.accomplish vt.取得(成功),完成(任务)→accomplished adj.完成 的;熟练的;有才艺的→accomplishment n.完成;成绩 1.The first time you listen,try to get the general idea and circle possible options. 你第一次听的时候,尽量掌握大意并把可能的选项圈出来。 必背经典句式 2.While still at primary school,Rowan had already shown admirable acting talent. 还在上小学时,罗恩就已经表现出令人赞叹的表演天分。 3.Have you ever had trouble trying to spell a word? 你有没有拼不出单词的时候? 4.Having scared the little beings,I began struggling to get loose and managed to break the strings that tied my left arm and slightly moved the strings that tied down my hair. 吓唬了那些小人后,我开始挣扎松开并设法摆脱了绑在左胳膊上 必背经典句式 的绳子并顺利地脱离了绑在头发上的绳子。 5.And it was no wonder, for their doctors, by the Emperor’s order, had put a sleeping drug in with the wine. 这就不足为奇了,因为他们的医生按照皇帝的旨意在酒里放了安 眠药。 构词记忆 ance acquaintance /?′kweInt?ns/n.1.[C]&[U]熟悉;熟知


2.[C]相识的人;熟人 allowance /?′la??ns/n.[C]津贴;补贴;零用钱 appearance /?′pI?r?ns/n.1.[多作不可数名词]出现 观;外貌 assistance /?′sIst?ns/n.[U]帮助;协助;援助 2.[C]&[U]外

Ⅰ.词汇与派生 A.语境填词 1.The school principal forbids(禁止) the use of lipstick on campus. 2.He was unable to resist(抵抗) the temptation of taking the wallet. 3.The employer often scolded(责骂) his men on the slightest pretence. 4.The conditions are pretty desperate(绝望的) for people,particularly in these early stages. 5.I am happy to clarify(弄清) any points that are still unclear. 6.I did not acknowledge(承认) that he had done anything wrong. 7.Mary agreed,but she did not sound very convinced(令人信服的). 8.We apologize for the delay(延迟) in answering your letter. 9.Although he has died,Mandela is still regarded as one of the most inspiring figures(人物) in the world. 10.He let out a long sigh,mainly of relief,partly(部分) of sadness. B.用所给词的适当形式填空 11.The harmony (harmonious) of sea and sky makes a beautiful picture. 12.Some of them make no bones about their political (politician) views. 13.He stopped and watched with amusement (amuse) to see the child so absorbed. 14.I tell them to make it as clear as they can,but after that,everything gets messy (mess). 15.Don’t you realize what a scare (scared) you’ve given us all? Ⅱ.短语运用 A.用方框内所给动词短语的适当形式填空 result in,run into,burst out laughing,get rid of,turn...off,face up to,give away, make fun of,fool around, put on 16.Everyone in the room burst out laughing when they saw his funny actions. 17.You should get rid of all the old furniture in the room. 18.The bus went out of control and ran into a line of people. 19.What you say will turn others off,if your mouth is full of food.

20.Happily,her hard work resulted in her future success. 21.The company put on a play about the homeless. 22.If you go to college,you must work hard,not fool around. 23.They made fun of Jim because of his strange hairstyle. 24.You have to face up to your responsibilities now that you have grown up. 25.Don’t giveaway to the public when we will start. B.用方框内所给短语的适当形式填空 regardless of,thanks to,from time to time 26.Thanksto your help,we succeeded in solving the problem. 27.Regard less of the bad weather,he went on working in the field. 28.From time to time she would stand suddenly from her chair,her eyes wide. Ⅲ.经典句式 29.The first time I saw her,I felt her beauty was beyond description. 当我第一次见到她时,我感到她的美无法用语言来描述。 30.If(I am)given another chance,I will do it much better. 如果再给我一次机会,我会把它做得更好。 31.The young mother had trouble (in)taking care of her baby. 这位年轻的母亲在照看婴儿方面有困难。 32.Having done that,I feel comfortable saying that people rely on tools too much. 在这样做之后,我可以心安理得的说人们太依赖于工具了。 33.It is no wonder that people have strong opinions about how to eat. 难怪人们对于怎么吃有着无数有力精辟的见识。

1 response n.回答 [应试指导] 作为高级词汇替换 reply give/make a quick response to 对??做出很快的反应 in response to 对??做出反应 in response 作为回答,作为回应 respond vi.回答;回应;做出反应 respond to 响应;回答 The product was developed in response to customer demand. 这种产品是为了满足顾客的需要而开发的。

[夯实基础] 她有没有回复你的信?(翻译句子) Has she responded to your letter? 2 delay n.延期;延迟;延误;v.延迟;延期;推迟?put off? [应试指导] 后跟非谓语形式的考查 [多词一义] delay,put off,postpone delay doing sth.延迟做某事 without delay 立即;毫不耽搁 Don’t delay claiming or you may lose benefit. 索赔从速,逾期利益可能受损。 Report it to the police without delay. 赶快将此事报告警方。 [夯实基础] 同义句改写 He delayed telling her the news,waiting for the right moment. He put off telling her the news,waiting for the right moment.(用同义短语替换 delay) 3 scared adj.惊恐的,担惊受怕的 be scared of 害怕?? ?be? scared to death 吓死了,吓得要死 be scared to do...不敢做?? scare vt.惊吓,使恐慌;n.惊恐,惊吓 scare sb.into/out of doing...恐吓某人做/不做?? scare...away/off 把??吓跑 What makes me scared most is that I’m going to end up not being married. 最让我担心的是我会一辈子嫁不出去。 We got a bit of scare.我们受了点惊吓。 [夯实基础] 语法填空 (1)Some parents try to scare their children into behaving well. (2)We lit fires to scare away/off the wolves. (3)I’m certainly not scared of him. 4 acknowledge vt.认可,承认?recognize?;确认;答谢?express thanks?;告知收悉 [应试指导] (1)后跟非谓语动词的用法 (2)写作高分句式:It is acknowledged that...(sb./sth.be


acknowledged+不定式) acknowledge sb./sth.to be/as...认为某人/物是??;承认某人/物是?? acknowledge doing sth.承认做某事 It is universally acknowledged that...??是大家公认的 in acknowledgement of 对??表示感谢 Naylor acknowledged,in a letter to the judge,that he was a drug addict. 内勒在给法官的信中承认自己吸毒。 There is an acknowledged risk of lung cancer from radon. 氡被认为有诱发肺癌的危险。 [夯实基础] (1)It’s universally acknowledged that he is the best player in the world. He is universally acknowledged to be the best player in the world.(改为简单句) (2)It is a truth which is universally acknowledged(公认的) that wealth doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. 5 resist v.抵抗,抵制?refuse to accept?;抗拒;反抗?fight back? [应试指导] 后跟非谓语动词的考查 resist doing 抵制做?? resist the temptation 抵制诱惑 can’t resist doing...忍不住做?? be resistant to 耐??的;对??有抵抗力的 She cannot resist giving him advice. 她忍不住给他提建议。 [夯实基础] 语法填空 (1)I couldn’t resist telling (tell) him the secret. (2)He was unable to resist the temptation (tempt) of taking the wallet. 6 forbid v.禁止;不准 [应试指导] 后跟非谓语形式的考查 forbid doing sth.禁止做某事 forbid sb.from doing...禁止某人做?? forbid sb.to do sth.禁止某人做某事 It’s forbidden to do sth.做某事是禁止的。 They’ll forbid you to marry.


他们不会准许你结婚。 She was shut away and forbidden to read. 她被关了起来,并且不允许看书。 [夯实基础] (1)语法填空 ①It’s forbidden to marry(marry) someone who is not a member of the same faith. ②The new law forbids smoking(smoke) in offices. ③He was forbidden to smoke(smoke) here. (2)We are forbidden to play on the pasture belonging to him. It’s forbidden for us to play on the pasture belonging to him. (用 It 作主语改写句子) 7 astonish v.使惊讶,使惊奇;使惊骇 It astonishes sb.that...使某人吃惊的是?? be astonished at/by...被??惊吓;对??惊讶 be astonished to do...做某事感到惊讶 in/with astonishment 惊异地;吃惊地 to one’s astonishment 令人吃惊的是 It astonished me that she had changed so little. 她几乎没怎么改变,这让我很惊讶。 I was astonished to see him here. 在这儿见到他,我很惊讶。 [夯实基础] (1)It astonished us that he actually arrived punctually. ①What astonished us was that he actually arrived punctually.(用 what 引导主语从句改写句子) ②To our astonishment,he actually arrived punctually.(用 to one’s astonishment 改写句子) (2)He was so astonished at the result that he couldn’t say a word. Astonished at the result,he couldn’t say a word.(用过去分词短语作状语改写句子) 8 desperate adj.不顾一切的;拼命的;绝望的 be desperate for 非常需要??;渴望得到?? be desperate to do sth.渴望做某事 Desperate with anxiety,Bob and Hans searched the whole house. 焦急万分的鲍勃和汉斯把整座房子找了个遍。 He made a desperate attempt to attack a plane. 他铤而走险,企图袭击一架飞机。 [夯实基础]

(1)Judging from what he said and did,we can conclude that he is desperate for(渴望得到) fame. (2)After ten years of hard study, he is desperate to pass(渴望通过) the college entrance examination. 9 convince vt.使确信;使相信;使信服?make sb.believe?;说服,劝说?persuade;talk? [应试指导] “动词+sb.+of”类语境词义辨析的考查 convince sb.of sth.使某人相信某事 convince sb.to do sth.说服某人做某事 be convinced of/that...相信?? convincing adj.令人信服的 I soon convinced him of my innocence. 很快便让他相信我是清白的。 He sounded very convincing. 他的话听起来很有说服力。 [夯实基础] 用 convince 的适当形式填空 (1)I am convinced of his guilt. (2)This last argument is the most convincing to me. (3)Convinced of its truth,he felt pleased. (4)Convincing others of something is really a challenging task.

1 get rid of去掉;除去;摆脱;处理掉 rid...of 使??摆脱或除去 be rid of 去掉;除去 rid oneself of 除去 The proposals are an attempt to rid the country of political corruption. 这些提议试图使这个国家摆脱政治腐败。 [夯实基础] 同义句改写 Why couldn’t he rid himself of those thoughts and worries? Why couldn’t he get rid of those thoughts and worries? 2 result in导致,造成 result from 由??引起 as a result 结果?as a consequence?

as a result of 由于;作为??的结果 without result 毫无结果地 As a result,I have made steady progress in my studies. 结果我在学习上稳步上升。(安徽· 书面表达) The typhoon has resulted in thousands of deaths. 台风已经造成数千人死亡。 [图解助记]

[夯实基础] His carelessness resulted in his death. (1)His death resulted from his carelessness.(用 his death 作主语改写句子) (2)He died as a result of his carelessness.(用 result 作名词改写句子)


3 run into 撞上?crash into?;遭遇?experience?;偶然遇见?come across?;达到?某种数量或水平 ??reach? run across 不期而遇,偶然发现 run after 追求 run away 逃走;携带??逃走 run at 袭击;冲向 run down 耗尽能量;撞倒 run over 撞倒并碾轧 run through 迅速传遍;快速阅读 I ran across an old friend in the street. 我在街上和一位老朋友不期而遇。 Mary likes to run after every new fashion. 玛丽喜欢赶时髦。 [夯实基础] 写出下列句子中 run into 的汉语意思 (1)All the rainwater on the roof runs into the pipe.(液体)流入 (2)He has run the car into the garage door again.使撞在??上 (3)He ran a nail into the wall to hang his painting.把??打入 (4)I was about to leave when I ran into Mr.White.偶然遇见 (5)They have run into trouble while designing the new machine.遭遇,陷入 (6)These two rivers run into each other.混入,与??合流 4 regardless of不管;不顾 [多词一义] regardless of,despite,in spite of as regards 关于;至于 with/in regard to 关于 regard...as...把??当作?? regarding prep.关于?? Regardless of what happens my claim is safe and secure. 不管会发生什么,我的主张都是安全的、保险的。 [夯实基础] 用 regard 的适当形式填空 (1)Davis had very little to say regarding the accident. (2)As regards economic issues,he agreed with our views.

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(3)Our club is open to everyone regardless of age,sex or educational background.

1 Have you ever had trouble trying to spell a word?你有没有拼不出单词的时候? 句型公式:have trouble/difficulty ?in? doing... have difficulty/trouble ?in? doing...做??有困难?麻烦? have difficulty/trouble with sth.??有困难?麻烦? There is some/no difficulty/trouble ?in? doing...做??时有一些/没有困难?麻烦? do sth.with/without difficulty/trouble 做??有/没有困难?麻烦? take trouble to do...费力做?? take the trouble to do sth.不怕费事/不辞辛劳地做某事 I have some trouble with the work. 我做这项工作有些困难。 [夯实基础] (1)语法填空 Sorry I’m so late,but you cannot imagine what great trouble I took to come here. (2)I had no trouble finding your home. ①I found your home without trouble/difficulty.(用 without 短语改写句子) ②There was no trouble/difficulty (in) finding your home.(用 there be 句型改写句子) 2 He makes an attempt to eat it, but it is clear from the look on his face that he finds the taste truly disgusting.他试图吃它, 但从他脸上的表情可以清楚地看出这顿饭的口味真的很令人讨 厌。 句型公式:find+宾语+宾语补足语 find 后常跟复合结构,即 find+宾语+宾语补足语。宾语补足语可以由形容词、副词、介词短 语、现在分词、过去分词等充当;也可以形成 find it+形容词+to do,其中 it 为形式宾语,to do 为真正的宾语,形容词作宾语补足语。 Peter,who was usually shy,found himself talking to the girls. 彼得通常很害羞,却发现自己不知不觉中已在跟女孩子们说话。 He hurried there,but found them all out. 他匆忙赶到那里,却发现他们都出去了。 [夯实基础] 语法填空 (1)He found it difficult to work (work) out the problem.
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(2)He found his book lying (lie) open on the desk. (3)He opened the office and found much of his work finished (finish). (4)Did you find life hard (hardly) in the country? 3 单元语法 ——按照要求完成下列各题 Ⅰ.语法填空 (1)At last the bus came.I had been waiting(wait) for half an hour. (2)He gave up smoking last year.He had been smoking(smoke) for twenty years. (3)When I first met her,she had been working(work) in the company for ten years. (4)Jane was annoyed.Peter had been phoning(phone) her every night. (5)That was just the letter I had been expecting(expect). Ⅱ.写出第二句话,使它和前一句有相似的意义。括号内的动词用一般现在时或现在进行时。 (1)The car is our neighbor’s.(belong) The car belongs to our neighbor. (2)Gemma is at the computer now.(use) Gemma is using the computer. (3)My journey to work is usually by train.(go) I usually go to work by train. (4)I can hear the telephone.(ring) The telephone is ringing. (5)There are nuts in this cake.(contain) This cake contains nuts.

高考题组 Ⅰ.短文改错(2013· 浙江) Dear Diary, Here I am in the middle of a city,350 miles far away from our farmhouse.Do you want to know why we move last week?Dad lost his job,and as Mom explained,“He was lucky to find other one.” His new job meant I had to say goodbye to my classmate,my school or just everything else I love in the world.To make matters bad , now I have to share a room with my younger sister , Maggie.Tomorrow is first day of school.I am awfully tiring,but I know I’ll never fall sleep. Good night and remember,you,dear diary,is my only souvenir from my past life and my only friend. Yours,

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Rosemary 答案 Dear Diary, Here I am in the middle of a city,350 miles far away from our farmhouse.Do you want to know why we move other last week?Dad lost his job,and as Mom explained,“He was lucky to find moved another classmate or ,my school just everything classmates and

one.” His new job meant I had to say goodbye to my else I love in the world.To make matters

bad , now I have to share a room with my younger sister, worse

tiring ∧ Maggie.Tomorrow is the/my first day of school.I am awfully ,but I know I’ll never fall tired sleep . asleep Good night and remember,you,dear diary, friend. Yours, Rosemary Ⅱ.写作常用句翻译 1.这幅图画使我相信做一个好女儿比做一个“好”学生重要得多。 (convince)(2011· 江苏· 书面表 达) The picture convinces me it is even more important to be a good daughter than a “good” student. 2.作为回应,母亲蹲下表示她的幸福和感激。(response)(2011· 江苏· 书面表达) In response,the mom kneels down to show how happy and thankful she feels. 3.结果我又累又沮丧。(as a result)(2011· 湖北· 短文写作) As a result,I was tired out and depressed. 模拟题组 Ⅰ.语法填空 1.We were astonished to find (find) the temple still in its original condition. 2.Every few years,the coal workers have their lungs Xrayed to ensure (ensure) their health. 3.—Have you finished reading Jane Eyre? —No,I was doing (do) my homework all day yesterday. 4.He was in poor health,so the doctor forbade him to drink (drink) wine. 5.She was on a diet,but she couldn’t resist eating (eat) sweet food.Consequently,her weight was gained again. 6.Seeing the scaring flood,the woman doctor was scared to take (take) the small boat. is my only souvenir from my past life and my only are

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7.The number of miners killed (kill) in the accident runs (run) into dozens. 8.Thank you for all the trouble you’ve taken to help (help) my daughter. 9.They were forbidden to enter (enter) the lab. 10.A cook will be immediately fired if he is found smoking (smoke) in the kitchen. Ⅱ.单句改错 1.I was feeling very well; not too proud, I hope, but in harmony to the time and place.to→with 2.You should not delay see the doctor today.see→seeing 3.Terrorism is so scared that many tourists refuse to go there for sightseeing.scared→scaring 4.The teacher has cautioned him not being late for several times so far.not→against 5.In public places,smoking has forbidden.has→is 6.He has been convinced the fact that this one is far from being true.convinced 后加上 of 7.It is a thrilled and unforgettable experience.thrilled→thrilling 8.We’re moving,so we have to get rid a lot of our furniture.rid 后加上 of 9.We will continue the race,regardless the weather.regardless 后加上 of 10.I felt something alive being moving on my left leg.去掉 being Ⅲ.写作句式升级训练 The best gift should be the one to which you devote the time and energy.(素材来源于 2014· 重庆· 写 作二) The best gift should be whatever you devote the time and energy to.(用 whatever 引导的表语从句改 写句子)

Ⅰ.阅读理解 Soutine was born in Belarus (then part of the Russian Empire) in 1893.He was the tenth of eleven children.From 1910 to 1913 he studied in Vilnius at the Vilna Academy of Fine Arts.In 1913,he emigrated to Paris,where he studied at the ?cole des BeauxArts under Fernand Cormon.He soon developed a highly personal vision and painting technique. For a time,he and his friends lived at La Ruche,a residence for struggling artists in Montparnasse where he became friends with Amedeo Modigliani.Modigliani painted Soutine’s portrait several times, most famously in 1917, on a door of an apartment belonging to Lé opold Zborowski, who was their art dealer.Zborowski supported Soutine through World War Ⅰ,taking the struggling artist with him to Nice to escape the German bombing of Paris. After the war, Paul Guillaume, a highly influential art dealer, began to champion Soutine’s work.In 1923,in a showing arranged by Guillaume,the prominent American collector Albert C.Barnes
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bought 60 of Soutine’s paintings on the spot.Soutine,who had been virtually penniless in his years in Paris, immediately took the money, ran into the street, hailed a Paris taxi, and ordered the driver to take him to Nice,on the French Riviera,more than 400 miles away. Soutine once horrified his neighbors by keeping an animal carcass in his studio so that he could paint it (Carcass of Beef).The smelly smell drove them to send for the police,whom Soutine promptly lectured on the relative importance of art over hygiene.There’s a story that Marc Chagall saw the blood from the carcass leak out onto the corridor outside Soutine’s room, and rushed out screaming,“Someone has killed Soutine.” Soutine painted 10 works in this series,which have since become his most wellknown works.His carcass paintings were inspired by Rembrandt’s still life of the same subject,which he discovered while studying the Old Masters in the Louvre.Soutine produced the majority of his works from 1920 to 1929. 1.It can be learned from the text that Soutine A.was the last but one child in his family B.moved to Paris at the age of 18 C.painted portraits several times for Modigliani D.was a great German painter 答案 A 解析 细节理解题。由第一段中的“He was the tenth of eleven children.”可知,他排行第十, 即十一个孩子中的倒数第二个。 2.Which of the following can be described as Soutine’s painting instructor? A.Zborowski. C.Fernand Cormon. 答案 C 解析 细节理解题。由第一段中的“where he studied at the ?cole des BeauxArts under Fernand Cormon”可知答案应为 C。Zborowski 和 Paul Guillaume 是艺术品商人;D 的身份在文中并没 有提及。 3.What does the underlined word “champion” in the passage mean? A.Hold first place in. C.Fall in love with. 答案 B 解析 词义猜测题。由第三段前两句可知,Guillaume 是个艺术品商人,还为苏丁安排画展, 可以推知,他应是捍卫或保护苏丁的画,故选 B。 4.What are the last two paragraphs mainly about? B.Protect. D.Guide. B.Paul Guillaume. D.Marc Chagall. .

- 15 -

A.Soutine’s painting style. B.Soutine’s personal life. C.Soutine’s strange behavior. D.Soutine’s masterpiece. 答案 A 解析 段落大意题。综合文章最后两段内容可知,这两段主要是说苏丁的绘画风格。 Ⅱ.完形填空 I was on a walk with a friend yesterday when I found an iPhone 5s in a pile of snow.I picked it up and it still 5 !I started looking through the name list and calling numbers to see 8 6 I could

figure out whose phone it was. 7 , only one person answered and she didn’t that I was calling from.She gave a(n) whose phone it is.” Since that lady didn’t know whose phone it was,my friend and the people 11 10 9

the number

of “It is just so nice that you are trying to find out

that we go back to the street

that we found the iPhone 5s in front of.I knocked on the door and two collegeage 13 and mentioned some

12 .They hadn’t lost their phones,but as I told them the 14 ,the young man said that he also 15

names on the name

those names and it must be 17 it

the phone of one of their friends. 16 ,both of the young men politely mentioned how

was that I took the time to hunt for the owner.I really didn’t have anything to say,because in my 18 I was just doing the right thing. 19 20 the phone—it wasn’t mine.I immediately tried to find out the owner, what I would want someone to do if either I or any of my family members 21 ,sincerely expressing a lot of thanks.I was very happy that the 23 22

I never considered because that is lost phones. Eventually the owner

part was that I didn’t say who I was—give my of helping others is not for endless joy of life. 5.A.phoned C.worked 答案 C B.rang D.helped

,or number.I strongly felt that the purpose

24 .Helping others is more than enough for me and it is the most

解析 “我”把它捡起来,而且它还能运行!work 运转,运行。 6.A.how C.when 答案 D 解析 “我”拨通几个号码看看是否(whether)能弄清楚这是谁的手机。 7.A.Unluckily B.Hopefully
- 16 -

B.why D.whether

C.Naturally 答案 A


解析 不幸的是只有一个人接了电话。unluckily 不幸地。 8.A.recognize C.consider 答案 A 解析 接电话的人不知道“我”捡到手机的号码。recognize 认出,辨认出。 9.A.decision C.announcement 答案 B 解析 根据接电话的人所说的话,即“你努力弄清楚是谁的手机,真好。”可知,这是对方 B.opinion D.sentence B.accept D.check

在作出评价(opinion)。 10.A.said C.ordered 答案 B 解析 因为(接电话的)那位女士不知道这是谁的手机,“我”的朋友建议(suggested)我们回到 捡手机的地方。 11.A.station C.house 答案 C 解析 根据空后的“...that we found the iPhone 5s in front of.I knocked on the door...”可知, 此处 应填 house。 12.A.smiled C.refused 答案 D 解析 answer the door 意为“(听到敲门或铃声)去开门”,故选 D,表示“应门”。 13.A.point C.service 答案 B 解析 此处指代第一段中讲到的故事。 14.A.paper C.list 答案 C 解析 根据上文中的“I started looking through the name list”可知,此处应用 list。 B.report D.information B.story D.offer B.appeared D.answered B.phone D.gate B.suggested D.warned

- 17 -

15.A.forgot C.stopped 答案 B

B.had D.enjoyed

解析 年轻人说他也有(had)这些名字,这一定是他一个朋友的手机。 16.A.Then C.However 答案 A 解析 结合上下文可知, 此处表示动作的先后关系, 不表示因果或转折关系。 then 然后, 接着。 17.A.eager C.clever 答案 B 解析 两个年轻人都说“我”花时间去寻找手机的主人,这真是令人赞叹(wonderful)。 18.A.presence C.value 答案 D 解析 in one’s mind 在某人头脑中,在某人内心,为固定搭配。 19.A.keeping C.buying 答案 A 解析 “我”从来没考虑过保留这部手机,因为它不是“我”的。keep 保留,留下,符合语 境。 20.A.practically C.exactly 答案 C 解析 “我”立刻设法找到手机的主人,因为如果“我”或“我”的家人丢了手机时,这也 B.gradually D.probably B.repairing D.throwing B.absence D.mind B.wonderful D.kind B.Instead D.Therefore

正是“我”希望有人做的。exactly 恰好,正好。 21.A.got up C.turned up 答案 C 解析 最终,失主出现了(turned up),真诚地表达了谢意。 22.A.worst C.hardest 答案 D 解析 “我”感觉最好的(best)是“我”没有说“我”是谁。 B.strongest D.best B.picked up D.kept up

- 18 -

23.A.name C.reason 答案 A

B.hand D.idea

解析 由上文中的“I didn’t say who I was”可知,“我”没有告知对方自己的名字(name)或 号码。 24.A.companion C.freedom 答案 D 解析 “我”坚定地认为帮助别人不是为了得到回报。return 回报,报答。 Ⅲ.语法填空 W:Hi!It is nice to see you.25.Where have you been these days? M:I went to Beijing for business.I left last week and returned yesterday morning.Because it was Friday yesterday and the manager wasn’t going to work on the weekend,I had to spend the whole day 26.(in) preparing(prepare) a report about my Beijing business trip.I 27.worked(work) on it until I got a headache,but I finished the report in time to send to the manger just half an hour before the end of the workday. W:No 28.wonder you are looking so tired!You have been working much 29.too hard. M:That’s 30.why I come here to the park to relax a bit. W:How was your business in Beijing? M:I could say it was 31.a success.I was able to return 32.earlier (early) than I had planned.I 33.had thought (think) my trip would last two weeks and I would have to spend Christmas alone. W:Congratulations!I hope you can enjoy 34.yourself now.Let’s get together sometime. M:OK.Good bye! Ⅳ.写作素材(关于错误) 1.现在人们往往很难抵制各种诱惑。 2.这会导致做出一些错误的决定。 3.因而会受到别人的责骂。 4.为了消除错误,人们要明辨是非。 5.不要害怕犯错误,但必须学会改正。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达,并且请使用 which 引导的非限制性定语从句。 连句成篇 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文) Nowadays it is difficult for people to resist all sorts of temptations, which will result in making some wrong decisions.Therefore,they will be scolded by others.In order to get rid of mistakes,people should tell right from wrong.Don’t be scared of making mistakes,but you must learn to correct B.success D.return

- 19 -


- 20 -

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