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Time is money
It is known that nothing is more precious than time. As a saying goes, “Time is money”, it reminds us that time is valuable. When time goes by, it will never return. We sho

uld make the most of our free time to read books or do exercise. However it is a pity that some people don?t make full use of their time. They waste time in some meaningless things. They spend lots of time in sleeping, shopping and playing computer games. They often believe that time is so much that they needn?t to cherish them. The opinion is incorrectly. Time never waits for anyone, so only you need to catch it. Being lazy will be harmful to us. Time is a little; it is expensive for us, which is the most precious thing in this planet. We cannot buy a minute. It is our golden time now .We should save time for us. Do not wait, as time waits for nobody. You don?t know how long it will take when you put off your plan. As we high school students, we need to spare all our efforts to our academic performance. Save time for our future, and it will be good for us.

Get well along with somebody

Sometimes people come into your life and you know that they are there to teach you a lesson, or to help you understand who you are or who you want to become. You never know these people who may be a neighbor or a friend, but then you eyes on them, you know at that very moment they influence your life in some ways Sometimes things happen to you may seem painful at first. But in another way; you?ll find that without getting over those difficulties you would have never realized your ability. The people you meet and the success you get really help, even the bad

experiences can be learned from. As a matter of fact, they are sometimes the most important ones. If someone loves you, give love back to them in the way you can, not only because they love you, but because in a way. They are teaching you how to open your heart and eyes to things If some hurts you, forgive them, for they have helped you learn about truth and the importance of being careful of people around. Self-confidence is necessary to a person. If you?re not confident, it will be hard for others to believe in you.

Protect our home
With the development of our society, the environment becomes much worse than expected. There are too much factories in the world and some of them are damaging our environment. They cause some terrible pollution such as air pollution and water pollution I hope that the government can take measures to get rid of these pollutions. It is important to protect the environment. My suggestion is that we should rides bikes more often instead of driving cars because it can reduce the emission of CO2.Of cause, riding bikes can not only protect our environment but also can help work out body. As students, we must try our best to protect the environment. We aren?t supposed to drop litter carelessly. Secondly, we can tell the importance of the environment to our parents and let them protect the environment. If we are free ,we can plant some trees .If everyone can do these ,I believe that the environment will become much better than before .When we see someone dropping the litter carelessly, we must prevent them and tell them the importance of protecting our environment. In my personal opinion, we should try our best together to protect the

environment because the earth is our only home. planet.

After all the earth is our only

My hometown
Jiang Su, my hometown, is my hometown. I love it very much! My hometown is a little small. However, there are lots of trees on both sides of road and full of ocean. It?s said that it used to the place where many factories, They always wasted littler into lakes that many people moved to other cities, and it also caused creatures? death. But now, my hometown is becoming more and more beautiful. Proper and active actions have been taken to improve the local environment and development. Since last year, in the southern part of the town, a large supermarket was built and it has been in service. Many people go shopping to buy something in need every day. On the one hand, in the north of it, there is a big and comfortable restaurant, where different kinds of Chinese food and dessert are in service .I spend my space time going there with my friend. It?s very wonderful! On the top floor, it?s a cinema. The films are so interesting that many teenagers are fond of seeing enjoyable films. Sometimes, if you feel tired, you can sit down in a small garden. Finally, I am proud of my hometown. Welcome!

Study and time
As high students, we study every day. We go to school to acquire more knowledge. However, we have the pressure to achieve high grades, so we should relieve one?s stress and pressure thought various afterschool activities, such as paining basketball, running and singing. We should not only study hard but also look after our bodies. Don?t damage our health for high grades. Nothing is more important than health.

As a saying goes; ?Every minute counts. We should save every minute. So we shouldn?t waste our precious time in things without value number of people usually waste their time to do some boring things. What a pity! Chance knocks but once. As we all know, time is money, but money can?t buy time. We must make full use our time to make sufficient preparations for our future. It?s widely accepted that saving more time can increase our academic performance. We should achieve a balance between study and play. On the other hard also need to relax ourselves. Our parents insist on sending us to school, were we could enjoy good education and we can?t miss the chance. In a world we don?t have too much time to waste, as time is so important that we can never waste it.

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