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湛江市 2013 年普通高考测试(二) 英 语
I.语言知识及应用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) Like many of my generation, I have a weakness for hero worship. At some point, however, we all begin to 1

_____ our heroes and our need for them. This leads us to ask: What is a hero? Despite huge 2_____ in cultures, heroes around the world 3 share a number of similar characteristics that instruct and 4 people. A hero does something worth talking about. A hero has a story of adventure to tell and a community who will 5_____ But a hero goes beyond mere fame. Heroes serve powers or principles 6_____ than themselves. Like high-voltage transformers, heroes take the energy of higher powers and step it down so that it can be used by 7 _____. The hero lives a life worthy of imitation. Those who 8_____ a real hero will experience life with new depth, enthusiasm, and meaning. A sure test for would-be heroes is what or whom do they serve? What are they 9_____ to live and die for? If the answer or evidence suggests they serve only their own fame, they may be 10_____ persons but not heroes. Madonna and Michael Jackson are famous, but who would claim that their fans find life more11_____? Heroes can make things change 12_____ .They have a 13_____ from the mountaintop. They have the skill and the charm to move the masses. They 14_____ new possibilities. It may be possible for large-scale change to occur without leaders with attractive personalities, but the pace of change would be 15_____ and the vision uncertain. 1. A. laugh B. question C. ask D. think 2. A. difference B. similarities C. changes D. suggestions 4. A. frighten B. surprise C. damage D. inspire 5. A. listen B. enjoy C. ignore D. hate 6. A. poorer B. smaller C. larger D lower 7. A. parents 8. A. imitate 9. A. bored 10. A. admiring 11. A. dreadful 12. A. luckily 13. A. vision B. B. B. B. B. B. B. children dislike willing selfish meaningful beautifully stand C. C. C. C. C. C. C. neighbors think hopeless famous useful quickly step D. D. D. D. D. D. D. ordinaries select doubtful careless thankful awfully climb

14. A. recover B. create C. instruct D. lighten 15. A. certain B. stable C. weak D. slow 第二节:语法填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) Nowadays employees are supposed to make contributions to their companies. What is the 16_____(value) contribution employees make to their companies, knowledge or judgment? I say judgment. Knowledge, no matter how broad, is useless 17_____ it is applied. And application takes judgment, 18_____ involves something of a sixth sense—a high performance of the mind. This raises interesting questions about the best 19 _____ (train) for today?s business people. As Daniel

Goleman suggests in 20_____ new book, Emotional Intelligence, the latest scientific findings seem to indicate that clever 21_____ inflexible people don?t have the right stuff in an age when the suitable ability is the key 22_____ survival. In 23_____ recent cover story, Time Magazine sorted through the current thinking on intelligence and reported, “New brain research suggests that emotions, not IQ, may be the true measure of human intelligence.” The basic significance of the emotional intelligence that Time called “EQ” 24_____ (suggest) by management expert Karen Boylston: “Customers are telling businesses, ?I don?t care whether every member of your staff graduated from Harvard. I will take my business and go 25_____ I am understood and treated with respect.,” II. 阅读理解(共两节,满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每题 2 分,满分 40 分) A The baby elephant Ishanga was lying in the bushes, scared, starving, and struggling to breathe. Until just a few days before, she had been with her mother, walking through the sweeping grasslands of Tsavo National Park in the African country of Kenya. The baby?s mother was killed, most likely by a poacher. On Wednesday, November 17,2010, an anti-poaching team was removing the deadly wire traps that poachers set throughout the park. Luckily, a member of the team spotted the baby and rushed to help her. Suddenly, a lion sprang from the bushes and clamped its mouth around her neck. One person managed to pull out his gun and fire shots in the air. The shocked lion released the baby and backed away. Now the weakened baby had a grave wound on her neck. About 300 miles north of Tsavo is a place that helps baby elephants. Over the years, the orphanage(孤儿院) raised 130 elephants and successfully released has them back into the wild. After a tense wait and a plane ride, the baby?s rescuers made it to the orphanage. The medical staff worked frantically to treat her wound. She was scared and wild. She screamed, and wouldn?t let any humans get near her, refusing to eat or drink. After two hours of intense medical care, Ishanga awoke and slowly struggled to her feet. Two keepers and a veterinarian had been with her all night. They were relieved that she seemed to be recovering. The next day, though Ishanga remained weak, her keepers introduced her to some of the other 14 young elephants living at the orphanage. The keepers stood back as the other elephants extended their trunk in friendly greetings. The older elephants led Ishanga around, giving her a tour of her new home. Over the past year, Ishanga?s wounds have healed. She has made many friends. It?ll be up to Ishanga to decide when she?s ready to leave the orphanage. Returning to the wild is a long process that can take more than 10 years. For now, she is in no rush to leave this extraordinary community of elephants and humans. Ishanga has a long, happy life ahead of her. 26. The underlined word “poacher” in paragraph 2 probably means_____. A. someone who hunts illegally B. someone who protects wild animals C. someone who is an elephant keeper D. someone who works in the park 27. When the baby elephant was saved by the team, she was_____. A. badly ill B. very dangerous C. dead D. badly wounded 28. The baby elephant was sent to _____by plane. A, hospital B. nature C. the orphanage D. National Park


29. According to the passage, we can know that_____. A. Ishanga is eager to leave the community after recovering B. the anti-poaching team shot the lion and saved Ishanga C. it will probably take Ishanga a long time to return to the nature D. a year later, Ishanga still didn?t adapt to living in the orphanage 30. The passage is mainly about _____. A. the rescue of a baby elephant B. the importance of animal protection C. a brief introduction to the elephant orphanage D. a story about poachers and an anti-poaching team B Dave Bruno works as an online marketing manager. Several years ago, one weekend Bruno and his family did a major house cleanup and then donated several bags of unneeded items to the local Goodwill store. “After all were done, I looked around and realized that I still had too much stuff”, says Bruno, “It occurred to me that maybe I wanted to lead a simple life but in reality I behaved differently.” That realization prompted the 39-year-old father of three to try an experiment, “The 100 Thing Challenge”. With the goal of breaking free of what he calls a “bad habit of consumerism,,,Bruno was determined to live for one year with just 100 personal items. He cut down his possessions to 94 items, including a Bible, laptop, guitar, wedding ring, car and clothes. He created some guidelines for the experiment since his wife and daughters did not participate-family-shared and household items did not count as personal items. He also grouped together some basic things such as underwear and socks. Bruno began blogging about his new lifestyle and eventually wrote a book, The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul. Since completing the experiment, Bruno has continued to live by the motto: reduce, refuse, and rearrange and maintains just 110 personal things. “ Nearly three years of living with a minimal amount of personal possessions, I?m no longer in the habit of consuming for the sake of consumption(消费),” he wrote in his blog last week, “That has freed me up for all sorts of better endeavors than shopping—like spending time with family and writing a book and planning for business opportunities.” Bruno?s project has also inspired others to live minimally, many of whom post their own 100 Thing Challenge updates on YouTube. “The reality is that the 100 Thing Challenge is surprisingly easy say Bruno, “I ”, s ?m not saying there were no challenges or disappointments. I miss some things, but not that much. Frankly, it?s far easier to live with less stuff than with excessive trash.” 31. What does the underlined sentence mean in Paragraph 1? A. Bruno regretted to have an easy life. B. Bruno had a special behavior in reality, C. Bruno and his family led a happy life. D. Bruno would have liked a life with fewer items. 32. The things were included in Bruno?s 94 items EXCEPT _____. A. socks B. a Bible C. cookers D. a wedding ring 33. It can be inferred in the last paragraph that _____. A. it is less possible for people to live simply B. Bruno met some difficulties in the experiment C. many people were inspired to update their blogs D. getting rid of the habit of over-consumption is easy 34. What can we learn from the passage? A, Bruno hasn?t blogged for a long time. B. Unneeded things should be thrown away. C. Bruno has succeeded in the experiment. D. The family show interest in the experiment.

35. What is the best title for the passage? A. Live with 100 Things C. Survive by Your Motto

B. Defeat 100 Challenges in Life D. Consume for Consumption?s Sake C The United States is faced with serious traffic problems. Too many cars travel on the freeways to and from the city. This heavy traffic causes delays and lots of pollution from cars that are using their engines but not moving anywhere. Many cars going nowhere is called a “traffic jam.” While many cities in the United States have traffic problems, some of the worst are in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is a big city with a large downtown area. One of the reasons why there is so much traffic is that few people use public transportation to get around Experts say one possible solution to the traffic problem in Los Angeles would be to make people want to use the public transportation system of buses instead of their own cars. People say the buses should be made easier, faster, less costly and more dependable than driving a car. One suggestion is to reduce the cost of riding the bus. People who usually drive their cars could save a lot of money on gas and parking costs. Also, Los Angeles could make the buses easier for people to use. The buses could travel to more places in the city. And there could be more special lanes on the freeways that only buses could drive in. These changes would make taking the bus faster and easier than driving a car. Other experts have said that the best way to ease traffic problems is to charge people money to drive on the freeways. These charges, or tolls, would be for the most crowded roads. The tolls would be in effect during the times of day when most people drive to work and home again. These times in the morning and late afternoon are called “rush hour”. People would try to avoid driving on these roads, which would decrease the amount of traffic. Also ,the money collected from these tolls could be used to improve the roads and public transportation system. 36. The passage mainly discusses _____. A. different means of transportation of the United States B. possible solutions to solving American traffic problems C. causes of the serious traffic problems in America D. some new laws about American public transportation 37. Which is NOT the effect caused by the heavy traffic? A. Too many private cars. B. Time wasting. C. Serious air pollution. D. Traffic jams. 38. The reason why Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic problems is that _____. A. there is a lack of public transportation B. the city is big with a large population C. most people like to get around by car D. many people like to travel there for shopping 39. One of the ways the experts suggest is that _____. A. people should avoid driving to work and home B. more roads should be built for the increasing private cars C. people should be charged on the most crowded roads during rush hour D. more special lanes on the freeways should be marked out for private cars 40. According to the passage, if the solutions were carried out, _____ A. more cars would be reduced and more roads would be built B. it would be easier but slower to take buses than to drive cars C. many people would prefer to walk around rather than drive cars

D. the roads and public transportation system would be greatly improved D As the new semester begins, millions of college students across the country are trying hard to remember how best to write a paper or, more likely, how best to delay that paper. Procrastination is the thief of time and a lot of students suffer from it. They can spend whole days in the library doing nothing but staring into space, eating snacks, surfing the Internet, watching videos and looking at other students sitting around them, who, most likely, are doing nothing either. Paralyzed by their habit to procrastinate, they write micro blogs about their fears, asking their online friends if they sometimes have the same issue. But this does nothing to break the spell(魔咒). According to a recent report, 95 percent of us procrastinate at some point and 20 percent of the world?s population are always procrastinating. The figures are disappointing. Procrastinators are less wealthy, less healthy and less happy than those who don?t delay. Procrastinators like to find excuses " to justify their behavior, but BBC columnist Rowan Pelling says they are all wrong. Many procrastinators tell themselves they are perfectionists who work best under pressure. Pelling says this is nonsense, as work done at the last minute is more likely to have mistakes than work done on time. The behavior of procrastinators often makes them feel ashamed, inconveniences others and annoys loved ones. Pelling also points out that procrastination feels particularly delinquent(过失的)in a society that thinks of swift action as admirable, and, at times, even as a moral good. Fortunately, social scientists have thrown their weight behind efforts to understand this behavioral mistake and offer strategies to control it. Piers Steel, a Canadian social scientist and author of The Procrastination Equation, believes human is “designed” to procrastinate. Nevertheless, he suggests a couple of good ways to get through the task at hand. 41. From the first two paragraphs we can learn that _____. A. procrastination is beneficial to many students B. many students are under great pressure in their study C. lots of college students are working hard to write good articles on time D. many students are getting into the habit of delaying finishing their tasks 42. According to the passage, procrastination probably refers to _____. A. a bad habit B. a serious illness C. a difficult task D. a form of entertainment 43. Which of the following statements is WRONG? A. Procrastination makes people waste their time. B. Procrastinators usually complete their tasks perfectly. C. Swift action is considered as a moral standard in the society. D. Procrastination is common among people. 44. Which behavior belongs to procrastination? A. Never dream away the time. B. Always complete the tasks ahead of time. C. Never put off till tomorrow what should be done today. D. Always wait to work until the “good mood” or “good time”. 45. What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows? A. Measures to deal with procrastination. B. Approaches to handling the study pressures. C. More examples to illustrate procrastination. D. Introduction to the book The Procrastination Equation. 第二节信息匹配(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 请阅读以下人们关于“孩子玩电脑或电子游戏是否会影响他们的个性发展”的陈述。

A. For a lot of children, computers and video games are just an escape from reality, taking them away from real life for a while, replacing a stressful or boring environment with sights and sounds kids could only imagine before. They have the ability of entertaining people?s minds while drawing in the whole attention away from real life. So the result will be like this: whenever a child can?t handle problems in real life, he might just turn to computer games. B. Reading Tom Sawyer or Harry Porter is as personal an act as playing an online game or even more personal than playing an online or two-player game. I rarely seen two people happily reading ONE book ?ve together. But when kids play online games they need to work together and it encourages the development of social skills. C. Many results can occur from playing video games, from feeling abandoned and becoming addicted to getting better in touch with what other students are doing. The question here is whether or not video games affect a child?s development, not if it is good or bad. Anything that you interact with is going to have an effect on your development. D. People blame the computer and videos, because it is an easy target to hit. If you really want to look at people being lonely, look at the school system, where teachers could easily fix the problem by doing more group work with him/her choosing the students for the group. I mean, I could play outside by myself and still be lonely. There isn?t a difference. E. I do believe our children?s development is affected by computers and video games play if too much time is spent because that?s time that a child used to be playing outside with other children. I think that some computer work is good because it trains the brain in new patterns, but time on the computer need to be limited and playing outside should be encouraged. F. I am 6 feet 2 inches, 185 lbs, all muscle. I?m one of the most popular students and I e had a constant 30+ ?v hours of video games since I was in third grade. I played baseball all my life until high school, and still managed up to 40+ hours of video games. I am around the 80th position in my grade and have received many honors. So ifs not necessary that computer games affect a kid?s development in a bad way. It simply depends on how much exactly one plays, and how one manages their time. 下面是五位人士针对“孩子玩电脑或电子游戏是否会影响他们的个性发展”的观点,请从 A-F 中选 出相应的陈述与之匹配。 46. Parents need to watch the time their kids spend on computers or video games. 47. The effect of playing computer or video games on a child is different but it is there. 48. Computer or video games do affect children?s social development because they are not playing in reality. 49. If you have heard of online gaming, then you know video games can affect social development in a good way. 50. I?m living proof that computer or video games won?t do harm to kids. III.写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:基础写作(共 1 小题,满分 15 分) 【写作内容】 “你幸福吗? ”这是一个很现实而值得深思的问题。最近,我们了解了当前部分中学生 的幸福感: 1. 大多数同学觉得自己幸福,因为拥有健康与和谐的家庭; 2. 部分同学认为能够与周围的人融洽相处就是一种幸福; 3. 还有的同学认为学习成就感直接影响幸福感; 4. 你感到幸福吗?你的理由。 参考词汇:和谐的 harmonious

【写作要求】 必须用五个句子表达所有的内容,文章开头已给出,不计入总句数。 【评分标准】 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,语言表达流畅、连贯。 Are you happy? This is a very realistic and deep question. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 第 二 节 读 写 任 务 ( 共 1 小题,满分 25 分) 阅读下面的短文,然后按要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 Social Practice Social practice has been more and more popular in schools. Senior school students are asked to enter society and get some ideas of it. Surely, social practice has many advantages. Firstly, social practice can offer students a chance to contact society and meet different kinds of people. In this way students can gain some precious social experience, which will be useful to their future career. Secondly, students can apply what they have learned in class to practical work, thus knowing themselves more clearly. Thirdly, social practice can bring them some financial reward and make them more independent of their family. However, some problems may arise if no correct guidance is made. For example, some students get overly interested in social practice and want to work full-time and earn more money, thus neglecting their studies. And some students are likely to get in touch with the dark side of society, which will affect their future studies. In order to carry out social practice smoothly, students should first know its objective. They should put their studies in the first place and see social practice just as a useful supplement, so they ought to try to strike a balance between social practice and their studies. 【写作内容】 1. 请以约 30 个词概括上文的内容; 2. 请以约 120 个词谈谈你对“社会实践”的看法,包括如下要点: (1) 你对于社会实践的认识; (2) 你或你朋友所经历过的一次社会实践; (3) 你认为如何协调好学习与社会实践的关系。 【写作要求】 1. 可以用事例或者其他论述方法支持你的观点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不能直 接引用原 文句子; 2. 作文中不能出现真实的姓名和学校名称。 【评分标准】 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。


湛江市 2013 届普通高考测试(二) 英语答案



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