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Book6 module 4 答案

Book6 module 4 答案

Music Section 1 词语荟萃
一、 单词拼写 1. interpreting 6·combine 二、短语翻译


2. characteristics 3. poetic 4. ambitions 5. depre


7.Contact 8.soloist 9.Regarding 10.performance

1.be famous for the work with traditional Chinese instruments 2. take me to performances 3.the biggest challenges of playing the pipa 4.a special way of interpreting the classical music 5.the same is true of/for playing the guzheng 6.be loosely connected to Chinese poetry 7.enjoy performing in public 8.contact with other musical traditions 三、单项选择 1---5 ACCAA 6---10 CDBAA 四、翻译下列句子 1.The two small shops combined to make a larger one. 2. The thought of going to work tomorrow really depresses me. 3. To switch off the machine,depress the lever. 4. His ambition was to be a famous singer. 5. She said nothing regarding your request.

一、完形填空 1---5DCABD 6---10 CDCBC 11---15 ADCBA 16---20 AACCC 二、阅读理解 1. 1)a 2)b 3)d 4)e 5)c 2.BBAD 3---5 BCD 6---10DABCB

Section 2 课文学习
一、单词拼写 1. performance 2. graduate 3. techniques 4. challenge 5. combined 二、用适当的介词、副词填空 1. of 2. from 3. as 4. to 5. of 三、单项填空 1---5BDCAD 6---10CBAAC

四、用所给的词汇、短语的适当形式填空 1.is giving concerts 2. Conservatory 3. interpreting 4. the same with 5. poetic 6.combine 7.share feelings and ideas 8.depressed 五、翻译句子

1. The writer, famous for his fantasy stories,has written another adventure story recently. 2.He likes traveling around,exploring the mystery of nature. 3.You need to make great effort to get out of trouble and this is true for study. 4.Chinese classical music is closely connected with Chinese poetry. 5.He had the opportunities to make contact with master musicians for his achievements in this area.

一、完形填空 1---5 ABBAC 6---10 DCACC 11---15 CCBAA 16---20 BDBAC 二、阅读理解 1—-5DBDCA 6---9 DBCA

Section 3 文化广角
一、单词拼写 1. critics 2.addition 3.present 4.statuette 5.relax 6. conservatory 7. regarding 8. therefore 9. statuette 10. rob 二、短语翻译 1.1ike the Oscars in the film industry 2.hold an award ceremony 4.for different reasons 6.in the shape of a gramophone

3.cover 30 different types of music 5.performances by famous artists

7.as important as they used to be 8.take sb.seriously 9.win prizes 三、选词填空 1. interpretation 2. combined 3. dependent 4. relaxation 5. composition 6. to be challenging 7. be contacted 8. depressed 9. miserable 10. ambition 四、用介、副词填空 1. with 2. with 3. regarding 4. with 5. of 6. in 7. in 8. up 五、翻译句子 1.Like the Oscars in the film industry, the Grammy Awards are considered an important prize in the music industry. 2.He is a man to be depend on and is always ready to help others. 3.The number of votes they get depends on how many albums of them can be sold. 4.They are called Indians because the first people who discovered them thought that was India. 5.However, people think that coal is not so important to people as it used to 10.on the other hand

be. 6.There are many well-kept secrets in this book, most of which have been new discoveries in science. 7.He How regrets not having taken his parents’ advice seriously.

一、阅读表达 1. The Trumpet and Its Ancestry 2.Air pressure. 3.It plays a leading role. 4.to produce the basic sound 5.从喇叭在古代宗教仪式上的使用,到在现代摇滚乐队中所起的作用,喇叭族系的乐器见 证了文明及其发展的历程。 二、阅读理解 1---5 BCDCB 6---10 CABDB

Section 4 功能提高
一、单项填空 1-5 BCBAC 6--10 CCCCB 11—15 BCCCA 二、用动词的适当形式填空 l·have been beating 2.have shown 3.have worked 4. have been operating 5. have been playing 6.had been researching 7.have been living 8.have;been staying 三、翻译句子 l·He has been living in the city for 20 years.As a result,he knows every street of the city. 2.No one knows how long he has been standing there. 3.The police have been watching the room for three days on end, but have not fount anything unusual. 4.People have been waiting for the news of the victory of the war. 5.The price has been going down, but we don’t know whether it will continue to. 6.She has been saying how hard-working she is,which makes us embarrassed. 7. We have been kept in the room for nearly 5 hours. 8.I have been reading the fantasy novel since he came back. 9.He has been working here since he graduated.

一、阅读表达 1.You Can 130 Anything 2.She couldn’t do anything。and she was very depressed. 3.you set your mind to 4.The miserable conditions of the kids made the father cried.That showed that the father was a kind-hearted man.He was full of love of the poor and ill people. 5.爸爸过去常常说:爱的力量胜过医生的治疗。仅仅在那位小女孩给我爸爸送画的数月后, 他便离开了人世。爸爸是深爱医院中的每一个孩子的。 二、阅读理解 1---4 CDDC 5---9 BADAC

Section 5 模块小结
一、翻译下列词组 1.Give/ play a concert 2.graduate from 3.muscial background 4.work as 5.Play a tune 6.play an instrument 7.share the feelings and ideas 8.give life to 9.in public 10.compose music 11.put together 12.a classic of modern American music13.put on the production 14.depressing reviews 15.word spread 16.pick up a saucer17.keep turning the handle 18.gangs of boys 19.mop one’s head with a spotted handkerchief 20.plug it into electrical socket 21.all of a sudden 22.lift the spirits of 23.keep alive a culture 24.in our organized ,regulated lives 25.can’t stand doing sth 26.adore listening to songs27.get dressed 28.live musical performances 29.wake up 30.in concert 31.in recorded music 32.in the shape of 33.old fashioned 34.take ?..seriously 35.well—established artists 36.interview sb. 37.decide on a topic 38.side road 39.make contact with 二、 单词拼写 1.interpreting 2.ambition 3.regarding 4.combined 5.presented 6. therefore 7. relaxed 8. contact 9. shrinking 10. depressed 11. symbolic 12. interval 13. relative 14. honored 15. session 16. tapped 17. relayed , liveliness 三、据本模块所学内容,完成下列句子 1.has played the pipa 2. The same is true of /for 3. is closely connected to 4. gives life to , relief from 5. when , banned from , done , made up , pedestrians , in a semi-circle 6.pedestrians ,in a semi—circle 7.voluntary ,slide away 8.made vacant 9.passers by with their heads down 10.take the bus 11.Hardly anyone 12.B 13.all in their twenties 14.arrived,at 15.drawing upon 16.filling

Section 6 模块检测
一、单项选择(每题 1 分,计 20 分) 1—5 DABCA6---10CBDAC11---15 ACBCC16---20 CACDC 二、完形填空(每题 1.5 分,计 30 分) 1---5 CABDC 6---10 ACBAD 11---15 CBCBD 16---20 BCACD 三、阅读理解(每题 2 分,计 40 分)

1---5 BDBDC 6---10 BDAAB 11—15 BCCDA 16---20 CDBCA 四、阅读表达(每题 2 分,计 10 分) 1.Reading ability is something gained rather than taught. 2.So long as teachers fail to distinguish between teaching and learning,they will continue to undertake to do for children that which only children can do for themselves. 3.Teaching and learning ale two entirely different processes 4.Too much time is spent in teaching about reading. 5.学习阅读包括了每个人在理解书面文字过程中的所有活动。 五、单词拼写(每题 1 分,计 10 分) 1.therefore 2.robbed 3.traditional 4.spread 5.ambitions 6.combines 7.relaxed 8.relatives 9.presented 10.western 六、翻译句子(每题 2 分,计 10 分) 1.My teaching style is similar to that of most of other teachers. 2.Until recently,this remote tribe had little contact with the outside world. 3.The biggest challenge is to respect the traditions,and to add my own style.The same is true of my second instrument,the guzheng. 4.Children should experience things for themselves in order to learn from them. 5.In addition to the gold medal,each champion will be given one hundred thousand dollars. 七、写作(计 30 分) One possible version: Music plays an important role for the mental development of a man.Children, if growing in musical environment.tend to be more self—controlled as well as more intelligent and easier to get along with.Besides,at spare time,it is more relaxing and happier for one to enjoy songs and tunes than just keep the eyes on TV. Finally,music is a language that will bring great encouragement and excitement to those who approach it.Therefore,only the deaf will remain motionless when Beethevon’s symphony“Hero”is performed. However,music also has a negative influence,which will do harm to both our mental and physical health.A noisy chant is certainly a disturbance and distraction for an attentive student.Moreover,listening to sad tunes,we might feel disheartened. As far as I am concerned,I'm almost fascinated by it,especially the pop music.The familiar songs will put me in high spirits all day long.Whenever I'm in trouble,1 will turn on the radio and the soft melody will inevitably occupy my whole heart.Thus,I’m a happy man again.

Book6 module 4 答案
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