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【成才之路】2015高考英语 2.3 Cultural Corner Task课后强化作业 外研版必修5]

Cultural corner
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The measures will enable us to ________(加倍)our output of bicycles this year. 2.The activity is for ________(年轻人)between the ages of 10 and 16. 3.Daisy was a smart,good?looking,17?year?old girl with a lively ________(性 格). 4.________(健康)is a word that describes how well your body is able to handle physical activities. 5.She spends at least half of her ________(休闲)in reading novels. 6 . He is very much different from his drama roles and has an ________( 外向 的)personality. 7.Within a few days,she has become seriously ill,________ (遭受)from great pain. 8.We travelled together,but each ________(个人)bought his own ticket. 9.The local people still use ________(传统的)farming methods which have been used for hundreds of years. 10.He made the ________(要求)that she should leave the place at once. 答案:1.double 2.youngsters 3.personality 4.Fitness 5.leisure 7.suffering 8.individual Ⅱ.完成句子 1.优秀的毕业生总是供不应求的。 Excellent graduates are always ________________. 2.很显然这些事件与两天前的谋杀案有关。 It's obvious that these events ________________ the murder two days ago. 3.约翰认为在舞会上他很可能会遇到他十年未见的同学。 John thought he ________________ his classmates ___________. 4.如果你患病,你可以请一天的假去看医生。 If you ________ an illness,you can ________________ to see a doctor. 5.老师要求我们要把娱乐和学习结合在一起。 The teacher ________ that we ________ recreation ________ our study. 答案:1.in demand 2.are related to 3.was likely to meet;(whom) he had not seen 5.requires/demands;(should)combine; 9.traditional 10.demand 6.outgoing

for ten years 4.suffer from;have a day off with

Ⅲ.单项填空 1.All the students made a demand that they ________ instructions in learning. A.should give C.could give B.be given D.could be given

答案:B 考查动词用法。demand 表示“要求,需要”,无论是作名词还是动词用,后面 加 that 从句时,要用虚拟语气“should+动词原形”,其中 should 可以省略。句意:所有 的学生一致要求在学习中得到指导。 2.Recently they were ________ their father's sudden death. A.suffered from C.suffered by B.suffering from D.suffering in

答案:B 考查动词的相关用法。常用固定短语 suffer from 表示“遭受,忍受……(之 苦)”,注意 suffer 是不及物动词,没有被动语态,故根据句意和结构可知答案选 B 项。句 意:最近他们一直沉浸在父亲突然离世的痛苦之中。 3.________ a recent survey,four million people die each year from diseases linked to smoking. A.Thanks to C.Due to 答案:D B.Owing to D.According to

A、B、C 三个选项意思都是“由于”,空格处的意思应该是“根据”。故选择

D 项。句意:根据最近的一项调查,每年有四百万人死于与吸烟有关的疾病。 4.The author raises some opinions here on several issues ________ the topic. A.relate to C.related to B.relating to D.relates to

答案:C 分析句子成分,可知空格处作定语,修饰 issues,排除 A、D 项;relating to 作后置定语,相当于 about。根据短语 be related to 应选择 C 项。句意:围绕这个话题,该 作者就有关的几个问题发表了一些看法。 5.“Neal,listen”,she said,looking straight at him.“I ask you not to get ________ in this kind of matter.It's none of your business.” A.caught C.attached B.involved D.connected

答案:B 句意:“尼尔,听着,”她直盯着他说,“我要求你不要卷入这种事,跟你没 关系。”get involved in sth.“……卷入某事”;get caught in“被卡住”;be attached to sth.“喜欢,依恋某物”;be connected with“与……有关系”。 6.—I hear that Mary is ________ to stay with us for a few days. —That's great.

A.maybe C.possible

B.likely D.probable

答案:B 考查词汇辨析。根据句意和结构可知应选 likely,构成固定结构 sth./sb.be likely to do sth.表示“很有可能……”。句意:——我听说玛丽有可能和我们在一起待几 天。——太好了。 7.The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities ________rising steadily since 1990. A.is C.has been B.are D.have been

答案: C 句意: 自 1990 年以来, 在中国上大学的外国留学生的数量一直稳步增加。 “the number of+n.”作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式;由 since 1990 可知用完成时态,故选 C 项。 8.For a child to give up his less mature idea for a more sophisticated one, it requires that the child ________ psychologically ready for the new idea. A.is C.were B.be D.would be

答案:B 句意:对于一个放弃了不太成熟的想法而寻求比较复杂的想法的孩子来说,他 在心理上应为新的想法做好准备。require 表示“要求”,其宾语从句要用虚拟语气,谓语用 “should+动词原形”,should 可以省掉。 9.My MP4 player isn't in my bag. Where ________ I have put it? A.can C.should B.must D.would

答案:A 此题考查 can 表示猜测时的用法。句意:我的 MP4 没有在我的书包里,我会把 它放在哪里呢?表示可能性时,只有 can 可用于疑问句中。 10.—Where is my dictionary? I remember I put it here yesterday. —You ________ it in the wrong place. A.must put C.might put B.should have put D.might have put

答案:D 此题考查 may/might 表示猜测时的用法。句意是“我的字典在哪儿呢?我记得 昨天把它放在这儿了。 ”“你可能放错了地方。 ”这是对过去情况的猜测, 所以要用 might have done。 Ⅳ.完形填空 You have waited 45 minutes for the valuable 10 minutes break between classes. But when the bell for the next class rings, you can't __1__ how quickly time has passed.

If you are familiar with this __2__, you'll know how time files when you are having fun and __3__,when you are bored. Now scientists have __4__ a reason why this is the case. Scans have shown that patterns of activity in the brain __5__ according to how we focus on a task. When we are __6__, we concentrate more on how time is passing. And this makes our brains __7__ the clock is ticking more slowly. In an experiment __8__ by a French laboratory, 12 volunteers watched an image __9__ researchers monitored their brain activity. The volunteers were told to __10__ concentrate on how long an image appeared for, then __11__ the color of the image, and thirdly, study both duration and color. The result showed that __12__ was more active when the volunteers paid __13__ subjects. It is thought that if the brain is __14__ focusing on many aspects of a task, it has to __15__ its resources, and pays less attention to the clock. __16__, time passes without us really __17__ it, and seems to go quickly. If the brain is not so active, it concentrates its __18__ energies on monitoring the passing of time. __19__, time seems to drag. Next time you feel bored __20__, perhaps you should pay more attention to what the teacher is saying! 我们经常会感到快乐的时光似火箭,飞速流逝;而无聊的日子如抽丝,痛苦且漫长。这 到底是怎么回事呢? 1.A.guess C.believe 答案:C B.learn D.doubt

can't believe 体现出了对时间过得如此之快的惊讶与感叹。 B.point D.idea scene 在此表示“场景,场面”。 B.stops D.gains

2.A.view C.scene 答案:C

3.A.drags C.backs

答案:A 根据文中倒数第二段的解释可得知答案。drag 在此指“(时间)过得很慢”。 4.A.thought over C.suggested 答案:D come up with 表示“提出”。 B.develop D.slow B.made up D.come up with

5.A.change C.grow

答案:A 大脑的活动模式会根据我们对任务的注意力的不同而“改变”。 6.A.sleepy C.excited B.bored D.active

答案:B 联系上下文可知,人在比较厌烦或感到无事可做的时候,才会觉得时间过得很 慢。 7.A.report C.decide 答案:B 时间过得慢只是人的一种看法。 8.A.produced C.tried 答案:D 9.A.so C.while 答案:C perform“实施,进行”。 B.after D.but while 在此表示“在……的过程中”。 B.quickly D.first B.carried D.performed B.think D.see

10.A.partly C.how

答案:D 根据后面的 then, thirdly 可知 D 项切题。 11.A.remember C.forget B.focus on D.tell apart

答案:B 根据上文的 concentrate on 可知 B 项正确。 12.A.the researchers C.the clock 答案:D 研究人员监测的是“大脑活动”。 13.A.much attention to C.attention to many B.more attention to D.attention to more B.the experiment D.the brain

答案:D 试验对象关注的项目越多,大脑越活跃,故 D 项切题。 14.A.busy C.ready 答案:A B.likely D.sure be busy doing 表示“忙于……”。 B.gather D.spread

15.A.focus C.reach

答案:D 联系上下文可知,当大脑专注于一个任务的多个方面时,它的精力就会被分散。 spread“分散”。 16.A.However B.Furthermore

C.Therefore 答案:C


therefore“因此,这样一来”,表示因果关系。 B.watching D.counting

17.A.recognizing C.noticing

答案:C 根据 seems to go quickly 可知,时间在不知不觉中过去。notice“留意”, 符合语境。 18.A.enough C.right B.full D.proper

答案:B 大脑不太活跃时,大量的精力都放在了留意时间的流逝上。 19.A.In fact C.For example 答案:B as a result 在此表示因果关系。 B.with work D.of lessons B.As a result D.Instead

20.A.in class C.in mind

答案:A 由 the teacher 可知 in class 正确。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 I have a new hero. It is G. M. Hennen. I found him in the old newspapers as I was doing my research for the column A Look Back in History. In 1958, he retired as a newspaper carrier from the Sherman Herald Democrat. He was 77 years old and had delivered four million copies of the Democrat. He had gone through 17 automobiles and had thrown on average 400 newspapers a day, six days a week. He drove 100 miles a day, including the day he collected. Before he was a newspaper carrier, he was also a teacher and a construction worker. He opened the first motor delivery route in the newspaper's history. Driving a Model T Ford, his route consisted of Pottsboro, Gordonville, Sadler and Southmayd. Before he started in delivery, he solicited( 征 求 ) subscriptions( 订 阅 ) riding horseback over the county. Mr Hennen had only one wreck in 30 years. The car spun(疲驶) out of control and flipped on its top. That didn't stop him. A man with a truck used a tow rope to flip the car back over and tied the doors shut, leaving Mr Hennen to continue on his way. Now_that_was_ determination! Mr Hennen told of the time his headlights went out as he was delivering newspapers. He borrowed a kerosene lantern(煤油灯) from a farmer to light the way and continued

his route. What a story! I complain when I have to drive to work when it is snowing, and I only have to travel three miles. I could never be that tough. 1.According to the second paragraph, how many newspapers did Mr Hennen throw a week? A.1 600. C.2 400. B.2 000. D.2 800.

答案:C 根据第二段第三句“...had thrown on average 400 newspapers a day, six days a week”可知,海恩每周投递 2 400 份报纸。 2.Which of the following jobs did Mr Hennen NOT serve as? A.A newspaper carrier. B.A teacher. C.A construction worker. D.A doctor. 答案:D 根据第三段可知,海恩先生做过教师、建筑工人和报纸投递员,只有 D 项文中 没有涉及。 3.What does the underlined word “wreck” mean according to the fifth paragraph? A.Luck. C.Failure. B.Success. D.Accident.

答案:D 由本段后文的具体描述可知,此处指海恩先生出过的唯一一次事故,故选 D 项。 4.What do we learn from the underlined sentence? A.Mr Hennen was a successful worker. B.Mr Hennen was devoted to his job. C.Mr Hennen was not afraid of death. D.Mr Hennen was silly. 答案:B 作为一名报纸的投递员,30 年的职业生涯里,海恩先生只出过一次事故,且在 事故发生后,他锁上车门继续工作,故选 B 项。 5.What is the main idea of the text? A.Mr Hennen had several jobs. B.Mr Hennen was once faced with a wreck. C.Mr Hennen loved his newspaper carrying work. D.Mr Hennen had delivered four million copies of the Democrat. 答案:C 分析全文可知,海恩先生作为一个报纸的投递员,非常热爱自己的事业,故选 C 项。

写一封求职信 写作技巧 求职信如同感谢信一样是书信的一种重要形式。求职信的篇幅不宜过长,除语气诚恳, 言简意赅外,还应注意以下几点: 1.说明申请的具体理由。如见广告应征,熟人介绍,专业对口等。 2.概括本人的经历和特长,真诚地表明自已能胜任此项工作或职务。 3.最后一般要写上希望对方积极考虑,尽早答复或同意请求。 4.有时可加上附件说明你的基本情况。 【常用的开头和结尾句式】 1.I have learned that you are looking for...and I would like to apply for the position. 2.I have learned from an advertisement that your company is in need of... 3.The job sounds particularly interesting and it is the kind of work that I have wanted to do for quite a long time. 4.I have worked on... and I am used to working hard. 5.I'm sure I will be able to do it well if I get the job/position. 6.I look forward to hearing from you soon. 7.Thank you for your consideration.I wish to get an answer soon. 8.I will appreciate it if I am offered the opportunity. 9.I will be grateful if I can get the job. 10.I’m looking forward to your reply. 【自我介绍时的注意事项和句式】 在介绍自己的经历时,常用一般过去时,如:I once won the first prize in the school English contest.如果介绍目前的情况,要用一般现在时,如:I am fond of dealing with different people and have a good knowledge of English and computer.当然,如果描绘 自己的未来,就用一般将来时。 典题示例 假定你是李华,将于今年七月从新星外语学校毕业。你从报纸上得知 B&B 公司要招聘一 名英文秘书,你很感兴趣。请给该公司写一封求职信,包括下列要点: 1.年龄; 2.学习情况及英语水平;

3.兴趣和特长; 4.性格特点。 注意:1.词数 120 左右; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头语和结束语已为你写好。 June 8 Dear Sir/Madam, I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English secretary. … I'm looking forward to your reply. Sincerely yours, Li Hua 【审题谋篇】 1.时态:这是一封求职信,内容主要介绍自己目前的情况,故以一般现在时为主,但若 介绍自己的过去,要用一般过去时。 2.结构:以第一人称作自我介绍,注意上下文的衔接,不要前言不搭后语。 【写作关键】 1.我对这个职位感兴趣,希望申请这个工作。 ①对……感兴趣_______________________________________ ②申请_______________________________________________ 2.我擅长英语,尤其是英语口语。 ①擅长_______________________________________________ ②尤其_______________________________________________ 3.另外,我经常使用电脑,非常熟悉电脑。 ①另外_______________________________________________ ②熟悉电脑___________________________________________ 4.最重要的是,我能与他人相处得很好,并且有合作的意识。 ①与……相处_________________________________________ ②有……意识_________________________________________ 【连句成篇】 ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 参考答案:

写作关键 1.①be interested in.../have an interest in... ②apply for 2.①be good at/do well in ②especially/in particular 3.①what's more/besides/in addition ②have a good knowledge of computer/know much about computer 4.①get on/along with ②have a sense of 连句成篇 June 8 Dear Sir/Madam, I_learned_from_the_newspaper_that_your_company_needs_an_English_secretary.I ’m really interested in this position and hope to apply for it and work for you. I’m 18 years old and will be graduating from Xinxing Foreign Languages School this July.I’m an excellent student, among the top 5 in my class of 50 students.English, especially spoken English,is what I’m good at.What's more,I often use the computer and have a good knowledge of it so I can type very fast.In my spare time,reading poems and listening to music are my favourites.Being an active young person,I am fond of sports and all kinds of outdoor activities.Above all,I can get along well with others and have a sense of cooperation. I’m_looking_forward_to_your_reply. Sincerely yours, Li Hua

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