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作文一 People around the world may feel that the climate has been getting steadily warmer and warmer in recent years. Places which used to be abundant in snowfall have frequently experienced snowfree winters. Drought lasts longer in some dry areas. People find that without air conditioners they coul d hardly work or fall asleep on hotter summer days. The side effects of global warming are alarminS. A warmer global climate melts the ice caps, rais ing sea levels. What is more, it disturbs weather patterns, causing droughts, severe storms, hurrica nes. People suffer a lot from disasters relevant to global warming. To stop global warming we should make immediate and continual efforts. We hope the situation w ill soon change. Global warming catches and holds our concern, for it affects us and will affect our later generations. We cannot wait any longer. Do it. Do it right. Do it right now. 作文二 全球变暖 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic Environm ental Protection. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below. 1. 全球变暖对地球环境造成了很大影响 2. 引起全球变暖的原因 3. 我们需要采取的措施 Environmental Protection No one , regardless of race, religion or nationality, can deny that the world we live in is becoming increasin gly intolerable because of the effects of global warming. According to many experts, even greater i mpacts are still on the way. There are numerous causes for this problem. On one hand, human-related emissions of carbon int o the atmosphere is causing, and will in the future cause, significant global warming according to t he theory. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge about the importance of protecting environme nt hinders the solving of the problem. It is urgent that immediate and effective actions should be taken right away. First, more trees nee d to be planted to help improve and beautify the environment. Besides, stricter laws concerning gl obal warming and irresponsible use of fuel resources have to be put into effect and achieved good results. In a word, there is a long way to go before we can take a comfortable world for granted ag ain . 作文三 全球气候变暖是目前人类面临的最大环境问题。 请你根据以下提示, 写一篇英语短文, 为 “节 能减排”献计献策。 背景

随着经济的发展,更多的温室气体被排放,其中大约 70%为二氧化碳,这也是全球变暖的 主要原因之一 后果 海平面上升;自然灾害频繁。 措施 1.多使用清洁能源,少用煤、油; 2.在可能的情况下以步代车; 3....... 4....... 要求: 1. 短文必须包括表格中的所有内容要点,可适当发挥,措施中 3、4 点由考生自由发挥; 2. 词数:100 左右。 With the development of economy, more and more greenhouse gases are being discharged into the air. CO2 makes up about 70% of the greenhouse gases, which is considered to be one of the great est causes of global warming. It has harmful effects, causing the sea level to rise and many natural disasters to strike. So we must take effective measures to save our planet. First, we should use mor e clean energy and less coal and oil. Second, we should go to work on foot or by bus instead of dri ving a car if possible. Third, we should plant more trees, because plants can turn CO2 into oxygen. More importantly, we should form the habit of saving energy in our daily life.

作文四 Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning, I am Li Hua from Tianjin, China . It’s my great honor to be here to talk about the g lobal warming problem and ways of dealing with it. Lately , global warming is becoming a serious problem. Several factors contribute to it. First of all , a lot of greenhouse gas is produced by cars and factories; furthermore, the loss of forests is anoth er cause of global warming. Global warming will cause some harmful effects. Firstly, some islands will disappear because of t he rise of sea level. Secondly, extreme weather results from global warming. When temperature ris es, the production of crops will decrease. Besides, some animals and plants will disappear, thus de stroying the ecosystem. So we should protect the earth from greenhouse gases. We should plant trees and reduce the amou nt of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Hope our earth can become better and better. That’s all. Thank you.

作文五 To Control the Global Warming During the late 20 century, global warming became more and more bothering to human beings.

Nowadays, it is commonly acknowledged that to maintain permanent peace and development, environmental problems must be solved with highest priority. In my opinion, to control global warming, government should carry out sensible policies and common people also should take their resibonsibilities. I can remember big snow came every year when I was a child, and the weather was so cold that I couldn‘t go outdoors without my scarf and hat. But these years, big snows are hard to see, and even in December, you needn’t wear too much because it’s not cold at all. The climate is changing. In the past decades, global warming arouse many countries attention and they do took some measures to ease this problem. However, though the Kyoto Protocol was signed, some countries are not willing to hold their pace of economic development. To drive the global warming under control, we still have a long way to go. Governments are the main force in the combat against global warming. On the issues concerning global warming, the variety of attitudes toward global warming is a greatest obstacle for us to win this combat. So, at first, all the countries must reach an agreement on striking a balance between developing economy and solving this environmental problem. Then, some effective policies should be adopted to reduce the emission of the greenhouse gases. Common people's involvements are the key to ease the global warming. One persons ablity is slight, but if every one can make a little effort, the achivement will be incredible. What can we do for it? I think first, we can learn something about global warming, to be aware of it and to know our resiponsiblities to this planet. In addition, we can should not to make greenhouse gases, specificlly, to take bus or ride bicycle instead of driving private car. If we human beings can make joint effort to take care of this planet. I think global warming will certainly be solved in the near future.

作文六 THE CRISIS OF GLOBAL WARMING Background: 全球变暖 Cause: 温室气体排放,其中大约 70%为二氧化碳. consequence : 海平面上升 自然灾害频繁 measures: 1 节约家用电器 2 少用机动车辆 3.植树造林 词数 120 个 Global warming has become one of the biggest environmental concerns for people all over the world. With the development of economy, the emission of the greenhouse gas, consisting of about 70% carbon dioxide, has been steadily increased, contributing greatly to the global warming. The increase in the temperature of the earth has caused many harmful effects. It melts the ice caps, raising sea levels. It disturbs weather patterns, causing frequent natural disasters such as floods, droughts, severe storms, hurricanes (飓风), and so on. Actually, it’s easy for everyone to do something to save energy and reduce the emission of

greenhouse gas. For example, turn off an electrical appliance if it is not used. Walking, cycling, carpooling or using public transportation instead of using motor vehicles are all good ways to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. We are also supposed to plant trees and preserve forests. Every individual counts and individuals together makes a big difference.

作文七 倡议书 1. 据报道,在过去的十年间,北极圈内的平均气温比以前升高了 2—3 摄氏度。 2. 2009 年 12 月的哥本哈根世界气候峰会要求各国减少温室气体排放,拯救地球。 3. 2010 年新年刚开始,极度寒冷的天气袭击了亚洲、欧洲和北美洲。恶劣的天气正是全 球变暖的后果。 (就素材号召同学们行动起来积极应对地球变暖) Dear fellow students, It is reported that the average temperature within the Arctic Circle has risen by 2—3 degrees Celsius in the past ten years. At the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 all nations were required to reduce the greenhouse gas emission to save the earth. At the beginning of 2010, extremely cold weather hit Asia, Europe, and North America, which is the evidence of global warming. As is known to all, our environment has been worsening due to human activities. If we don’t take effective measures now, human beings will not be able to survive in the future. If we can save energy, recycle waste and plant more trees, we can make the earth a better place. So let’s take action from now on! let’s save the earth.

作文八 Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning. I’m Li Hua from Fujian, China. It’s my great honor to be here to say something about the global water shortage and ways of dealing with it. As we know, the global water shortage is becoming increasingly sever mainly due to global warming, environmental pollution and the ever-increasing population. Therefore, it’s high time we did something about it. Firstly, an effective way, I think, is to reserve water in a scientific way for future use. Secondly, new methods need to be developed to use the existing waster resources, for example, turning sea water into fresh water. Thirdly, we must stoop water pollution by law. Last but not least, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make good use of water, such as recycling and saving water in our daily life. In conclusion, people around the world should be aware of the real situation of water shortage, protect the present water resources and explore potential ones scientifically.


global warming and our life Global warming has quickly become one of the most heated issues. With the development of the economy, the emission of the green house gas, consisting of about 70% carbon dioxide, has been increased, attributing greatly to the global warming. Global warming is the slow and steady increase in the temperature of earth and its atmosphere. The increase in the temperature of earth has caused many effects like the melting of ice in Polar Regions, increase in disease occurrences, drastic climatic changes and rise of the sea level. As the effects of global warming is becoming more and more evident, many of us have started to realize that steps have to be taken to control Global warming, such as the usage of clean energy resources and the alternative of motor.

作文十 One possible version: Dear editor, The curtain went down on the Copenhagen climate summit, leaving the world concerned more about global warming once again. As is well known, it is human activity that has contributed to this problem. The burning of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil produces greenhouse gases. When huge quantities of extra carbon dioxide are put into the atmosphere, more heat energy tends to be trapped in it causing the global temperature to go up. However, the attitudes of scientists towards this rise are completely different. On the one hand, it’s predicted that there may be a rise of several metres in the sea level, extreme climate change or the disappearance of species. On the other hand, it’s supposed that the rise will make plants grow quicker and produce more, thus encouraging a greater range of animals. It seems that the topic is controversial and there is a long way to go.

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