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外研版必修四Module1 Life in the future 课件

Module 1 Life in the future

Haze 雾霾

Robot 机器人

Cell phone 手机

Car 汽车


1. (课本p1)Would you like to live in it? would like to do 想要做某事 许多人愿意去国外旅行 Many people would like to travel abroad. ? Would like to do ? =feel like doing ? =want to do ? ? ? ? ?

? 2. (课本P1)_____are often used to build walls. ? be used to do 被用来做某事 ? 刀是用来切肉的 ? The knife can be used to cut meet. ? Be/get used to doing 习惯于 ? 要适应另一个国家的风俗习惯很困难。 ? It?s difficult to get used to getting another custom. ? Used to do 过去常常,现在已不做 ? She used to work hard.

? 3.课本P1 Discuss what materials your school is made of /made from. ? make from 由…制成 ? (看不出原材料) ? 纸是由木头制成的。 ? Paper is made from wood. ? Make of 由…制成 ? (看的出原材料) ? The desk is made of wood. ? 桌子是由木头制成的

? 4.(课本P2) What will the city of the future look like? ? 未来的城市会是什么样。 ? Look like 看起来像 ? 用于询问某人某物的外部形象 ? --What does the building look like? ? --It looks like a building. ? What?s sb./sth. Like? Be like ? 询问某人/某物的内在品质、个性、及天气 ? What is she like? She is friendly.

? 5. (回归课本P2)No one knows for sure,and making predictions is a risky business. ? 没有人确切地了解,预测也是一件很冒险的事。 ? for sure 肯定地 ? 我想他住在那里,但是我不能确定。 ? I think he lives there but I couldn?t say for sure. ? be sure of/about sth/doing sth,意为“确信......”; “对......有把握”。 ? If you are not sure about the situation in the world, you can read the newspaper every day. 如果 你对世界形势不大了解,你可以每天看看报纸。

? be sure to do sth, “必定”、“必然会”、 “准会”......。 ? He told me I was sure to get a warm welcome. 他告诉我,说我准会受到热情接待的。 ? be sure + 宾语从句,意为“确信某事一定会 ......”。 ? We are sure he will make great progress this term. 我们确信他这学期一定会取得巨大进步 。 ? Make sure 确保

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Prediction n. 预测,预言,预报 Weather prediction 天气预报 Make predictions 作预测 我对我的未来做出预测. I make predictions about my future. Predict v. 预知 预言 预测 It is impossible to predict what will happen. 预知未来的事是不可能的。 Risky adj. 冒险的 危险的 Risk vt.冒 ... 的危险;承受...的风险 At the risk of 冒…危险 他冒着自己的生命危险救了我的命 He saved my life at the risk of his own. Risk doing sth. 冒险做某事 At risk=in danger 处于危险中

? 6.(课本P2)But one thing is certain—they are going to get bigger before they get smaller. ? 但是有一件事是可以确定的——他们将会先 变大,在变小。 ? Certain adj. 确定的,肯定的 ? It?s certain that every effect must have a cause. 无疑,每个结果必定有其原因 ? 比sure的语气更重 It?s certain that 比 It?s sure that 更为普遍 certain的主语是物, sure的主语 是人

? 7.(课本P2) In the future, care for the environment will become very important as earth?natural resources run out. ? Care for 照顾 照料 喜欢 ? I don?t care for that color. 我不喜欢那种颜色。 ? care构成的短语 ? Care about 关心 在意 ? take care of照顾 负责 处理 ? Take care 当心 ? Be careful of /with /about.小心、注意、留神

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

run out (指供应品)用完,耗尽;不多了,没有 归纳拓展 (1)run out of/use up用完;耗尽 give out用完,消耗完;用完,耗尽(某物) 注意:run out,give out是不及物动词短语,后面 不能跟宾语; run out of,use up是及物动词短语,其后可以跟宾 语。 Our supplies soon ran out./Our supplies were soon run out of.我们的供给很快就耗尽了。 He has used up all his strength. 他已耗尽他所有的力气。

? (2)run across偶然遇见某人或发现某物 ? run after追赶,追逐 ? run away from突然离开……;从……逃走, 极力回避,逃避 run into偶然遇见某人;(旅行中)遇到(坏天气); 遭遇(困难、问题等)

? 8. (课本P2) We will also have to rely more on alternative energy, such as solar and wind power. ? 我们也不得不依赖其他能源,像太阳能和风能 ? rely on 依赖,依靠;信任,信赖 ? 归纳拓展 ? rely on/upon=depend on依赖,信任 ? rely on/upon sb./sth.to do...相信(依赖)某人(某物)去 做…… ? Students rely on the pictures to help them understand. ? 学生们靠这些图示帮助他们理解。

rely on sth./sb.(for...)(为生活或生存)依赖某 物/某人 ? rely on one's own effort依靠某人自己的努 力 ? rely on it that...指望…… ? You may rely on it that he will come to meet you. ? 你放心好了,他会来接你的。

? alternative n.(二者当中)选一个,供选择的东 西 ? adj.(二者当中)选其一的,供选择的 ? 归纳拓展 ? (1) 除……外别无选择 ? haveno alternative but to do... =have no choice but to do ? We have no alternative but to go on.除了继续 下去,我们没有选择的余地。 ? alternative energy替代性能源 ? (2)alternatively adv.两者挑一地 ? (3)alternate v.交替;轮流

词语辨析: alternative,choice ①alternative“ 取 舍 , 抉 择 ” , 一 般 指从两个中选择一个 , 只限于办法 ,打算等,而不能指具体事物。 ② choice“ 选择” , 常用词 , 强调自 由地选择 , 不论选择方式及选择对 象的多少。

? power n. 能力,力量,动力,权力;vt. 使……有力 量,供以动力 ? ①Power should be used wisely. ? 应明智地运用权力。 ? ②Knowledge is power. ? 知识就是力量。

powerful adj. 强大的,强有力的 in power 当权的,在朝的 in one's power 为某人力所能及 out of/beyond one's power 不胜任,力所不 及 come to/into power (开始)掌权,上台 take power 取得政权

辨析:power, force, strength 都含有“力”,“力量”的意思。 1)power指身体上、精神上或心理上的力量, 不管是表现出来的还是潜在的。 It's beyond_his_power. 这是他力所不及的。 2)force指运用或发挥出来的力量,可以克服阻 力,使人或物按要求的方向运动。 He did it with great force. 他用了很大的力才把它做完了。

3)strength指内部固有的力量,表 示物质力量时,着重体格或构造健 全、完善等方面的力量(如体力强度 等);表示精神力量时,指持久、坚 定、无畏、坚韧等。 He has the strength_to lift the box. 他有力气举起这个箱子。

? To get rid of garbage problems, the city will load huge spaceships with waste materials and send them towards the sun, preventing landfill and environmental problems. ? 为了解决垃圾问题,城市将用巨大的飞船把垃圾送 向太阳;目 的是防止占用土地和产生环境问题。 ? 动词不定式作状语表目的 为了了解事情的真相,他开始调查这件事。 To know the truth of the matter, he began to investigate it. ? get rid of摆脱某人 ? =do away with=be rid of处理 除掉某物 ? =excape from逃脱 ? If you’re not going,we can get rid of the tickets. ? 如果你们不去,我们就把票处理掉。

? ? ? ? ? ? 归纳拓展 get across传播,为人理解;讲清楚 get about走动;(消息等)传开 get in进入;插话 get into卷入,陷入 get over从(疾病、失望等中)恢复过来;克服( 困难),解决(问题等) ? get together相聚,聚集

load vt.装;装载 n.负荷;重担;装载量 ? load into 装入… ? load into a boat (人)上船 ? load sth into the hold 把…装入船舱 ? load onto 把…装在…上 ? load sth with 给…加上,给…装上 ? They are loading the truck with bricks. ? 他们正在往车上装转

? 9. Police will arrest criminals by firing nets instead of guns. ? 警察将通过发射网而不是开枪抓捕罪犯。 arrest v.逮捕;拘留;吸引;n.逮捕;拘留
The police arrested the thief. 警察逮捕了小偷。 ? Her warning tone arrested myattention. ? 她警告的口气引起了我的注意。 ? arrest sb.for sth.因某事而逮捕某人 ? get arrested被捕 ? arrest one?s attention引起某人的注意 ? be under arrest被拘留

? 10. No smoking will be allowed within a future city?s limits. ? 在未来城市范围内,将会禁止吸烟 ? limit n.(事物的)界限;限度;极限 vt.限定;限制 ? 归纳拓展 ? (1)set a limit to=put a limit on限制;对……加以限 制 ? to the limit达到极点 ? within limits适度地,有限地 ? (2)limit sth.to限定;把……限制在…… ? limit sb.to (doing) sth.限制某人做某事 ? (3)limited adj.有限的,受限制的 ? be limited to局限于

? 例句:They attempt to set a limit on consumer waste. ? 他们试图设定消费者的浪费限度。 ? No fishing is allowed within a twentymile limit. ? 20英里以内不准垂钓。 ? I limit myself to three glasses of beer a day. ? 我限制自己一天喝三杯啤酒。 ? Within:在…之内 In 与时间连用 ? within可以用于时间、空间、地点、事情

? 11.In the future all shopping will be done online, and catalogues will have voice commands to place orders. 在未来,所有的 购物将在网上进行,并且购物清单将由声音 指令操作。 ? command n. 命令;指令;掌握;司 令部 vt.& vi. 命令,指挥控制,支配; 博得;俯瞰

? ①The army is under the king’s command. ? 军队由国王直接统率。 ? ②The general commanded his men to attack the city. ? 将军下令他的部下攻城。 ? ③My boss commanded that I (should) get there at once. ? 老板命令我立即去那里。 ? ④The fire officer took command,ordering everyone to leave the building. ? 消防员开始指挥大家离开大楼。

? Order n.顺序;条理;订单;命令;秩序; 阶层;[生]目;点的东西 ? He gave his order to the waiter. 他把他点的东西告诉服务员了。 ? v.命令;定购;调整;整理;点餐;预定, 订货 ? He ordered three new suits for himeself. 他给自己定购了三套西装。 ? in order to 为了做某事 ? In order that为了

? in order to, so as to
– 两者都可表示“为了”。但in order to可置于句 首,而so as to不可置于句首。试比较:
– – – – In order to see me, she delayed a few hours. 她为了能见到我,拖延了几个小时。 He learns so as to become wise. 他学习知识是为了变得聪明。

? in order that, so that
– 这两个短语都可引导目的状语,且都是正式语体, 但in order that比so that更正式。另外, in order that不与can, could连用,而so that则可以。还有, so that可引导结果状语从句,而 in order that则不 可以。

? 12.Everyone will be given a telephone number at birth that will never change no matter where they live.(P2) ? 每个人在出生时都会领到一个电话号码,无论他们 生活在什么地方,这个号码都不会改变。 ? )“no matter+疑问词...”引导让步状语从句, 意为“不管,无论……”,可与“疑问词?ever” 引导的让步状语从句互换。 ? ①No matter how hard he tried,he couldn’t get her to change her mind. ? 不管他怎样努力,也没能使她改变主意。 ? ②My parents always waited up for me,no matter what time I got home. ? 无论我什么时候回家,父母总是(不去睡觉)等着我 。

? (2)where/when/how+?ever 只引导让步 状语从句,所以完全等同于no matter+ where/when/how,而 who/whom/what/which+?ever除引导让 步状语从句外还可引导名词性从句。引导名 词性从句时,who/whom/what/which+ ?ever不能转换为no matter+ who/whom/what/which。这时的 whatever意为“所有的一切人和事”,相当 于anything that;whoever意为“任何 ……的人”,相当于anyone who; whichever意为“……的那个人或事物”, 相当于the person or the thing that。

? ③No matter what(whatever)happened,he would not mind. ? 无论发生什么,他都不会介意。 ? ④No matter where (wherever) you go,you will find many kind people who want to help others. ? 无论你去哪儿,你都会发现有很多乐意帮 助别人的好心人。

? Whoever wants to visit the museum ,he must ask our teacher for permission. ? 无论谁想去参观博物馆,都需经我们老师 同意。(此句中whoever可改为no matter who。) ? ⑥Whoever wants to visit the museum must ask our teacher for permission.(此句中whoever引导主语 从句,不可用no matter who替换。)

? All forms of recreation, such as cinemas, bowling, softball, concerts and others, will be provided free of charge by the city. 所有形式的消遣娱乐,像电影、保龄球、垒 球音 乐会和其他的活动,都将由城市免费 提供。







? The police charged him with careless driving. ? 警察指控他开车疏忽。 ? The hotel charged me £10 for a room for one night. ? 那个旅馆一个房间一晚上收了我10英镑。 ? He was left in charge of the shop while the manager was away. ? 经理不在时,他留下来负责这个商店。 ? The park is open to the public free of charge. ? 公园对公众免费开放。

attach v.系;贴;连接;把 …… 固定;使附 属;重视 精讲拓展: ①attach...to...把……固定到……,把……附在 …… ②attach oneself to参加;和……在一起 ③attach one's name to在……上签名 ④attach to sb./sth.与……有联系,与……有关 联 ⑤be attached to依恋,爱慕,附属于 ⑥attach importance/ value... to sth.认为…… 重要/有价值

Attach a recent photograph to your application form.

②It's easy to become attached to the children you work

with. Too attached, sometimes.
很容易喜欢上和你相处的孩子们,有时候会喜欢过头。 ③It's easy to let the emotions attached to one situation spill over into others. 一件事中产生的情绪很容易蔓延到其他事情上。

? I’m too busy enjoying my life now to worry about the future!(P8) ? 我现在忙于享受生活而无暇担忧未来。 ? 【句法分析】 (1)too...to do sth.“太……而不 能做某事”是一个表示否定意义的句型。 ? ①You are too young to understand such things. ? 你太年轻了,不懂得这些事情。 ? ②The problem is too difficult for me to work out. ? 这道题太难了,我做不出。 ? It’s never too late to learn. ? 活到老,学到老。

? ①You are too young to understand such things. ? 你太年轻了,不懂得这些事情。 ? ②The problem is too difficult for me to work out. ? 这道题太难了,我做不出。 ? ③He is too willing to follow others’ advice. ? 他极愿意接受别人的意见。 ? ④She will be only too pleased to help you. ? 她会很乐意帮助你的。 ? ⑤It’s never too late to learn. ? 活到老,学到老。

? (3)be to do: 注定要发生的事,表示命令、吩 咐、禁止、职责、义务;在问句中表示征 求 意见 ? Her plan is to be a failure.他的计划注定 会失败 ? (4)be about to do 正要或即将发生的事 儿 He is about to leave,when the bell rang.铃声响的时候,他正要离开 ? (5)祈使句+and/or+主语+will+谓语 ? Study hard, or you won’t catch up with others.

? (6)用于时间、条件状语从句中 ? “主将从现”主句用将来时,从句用一般 现在时 。 ? If it doesn?t rain ,we will go for a walk. ? 注: wil 和be going to 的区别 ? Will 表示没有事先考虑临时决定要去做某事 ? be going to 事先考虑好的打算、意图 ? I?m going to have a picnic this weekend ? Ann is in hospital.I will go and visit her. ? Will 表示较远的将来; ? be going to 事情很快就要发生 ? It?s going to rain soon. ? He will go abroad in the future.


将来进行时由助动词 will/shall be +现在分词构成 。 will be 用于各类,
shall be用于第一人称。 (1)将来进行时的用法

This time tomorrow I shall be flying to New York. 明天这个时候我将飞往纽约。 When you come, we shall be having an English lesson. 你来的时候,我们将正在上英语课。 Don't call me up at ten o'clock in the evening; I shall be sleeping then. 不要在晚上10点钟打电话来,那时我正在睡觉。

②表示说话人感到某事即将发生或按计划预计要发生 。 We shall be holding a League meeting tonight.

I shall be taking the driving test next week.

What time will he be arriving at the airport?



将发生而不表示个人意愿 , 往往有表示将来某时间的状语 ;一般将来时单纯表示将来;am/is/are going to多用在口语 中,常表示个人意愿或某事不可避免即将发生。 Mr. Li will be teaching us Chinese next term.

Mr. Li will teach us Chinese next term.


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