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2014 高考英语分类基础热身练:专题
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Once you have the________of weight loss or sleeplessness,stop taking the medicine and see your doctor. A.prescriptions B.symptoms C.senses D.feelings 2.________to admit mistakes should be praised instead of being scolded. A.Brave enough pupils B.Enough brave pupils C.Pupils enough brave D.Pupils brave enough 3.As we know,the________body temperature of human body is between 36 ℃ and 37 ℃. A.normal B.usual C.common D.most 4.In order to keep a good shape,Ms Freda is on________diet and takes Yoga as________regular exercise. A.a;the B.the;a C.a;a D.the;the 5.—You two seem good friends.How long have you known him?[ —In fact,I know nothing about him________recently. A.unless B.since C.before D.until 6.He called for complete quiet.However,every hour or so the phone by his bed would ring.It was driving him________. A.nervous B.anxious C.eager D.crazy 7.—What if I move the picture over there?Do you think it’ll look better? —________.Let me give you a hand. A.I don’t agree with you B.That’s right C.I couldn’t agree more D.With pleasure 8.The program designed by this director always begins________a pop song and ends with audience laughing all the way. A.to B.by C.as D.with 9.—I wonder if he will show up at the concert. —He will.He is only too________to watch the famous musician. A.anxious B.proud C.interested D.satisfied 10.The rescue team was________the village in order to save the people trapped in the coal mine. A.heading B.heading for C.heading on D.heading upon[ 11.—Would you like some more chicken? —No,thanks.I am________a diet and I’m trying to________weight. A.on;lose B.on;put on C.in;have D.in;lose 12.—Why do you look so blue? —My brother was________in a car accident. A.wounded B.hurted[ C.injured D.damaged 13.—I went to see my friends off at the airport.[


—Is that________you were late for the important meeting. A.because B.why C.how D.reason 14.—He told me that he wanted to date with you and he would be free on Friday and Saturday.Will Friday or Saturday________you? —Either will________. A.fit;be B.fit;OK C.suit;all right D.suit;do 15.Without proper lessons,you could________a lot of bad habits when playing the piano. A.give up B.catch up C.keep up D.pick up[ Ⅱ.完形填空 (2010 年皖南八校联考) The night started our ordinarily enough.Jack and Tara,our__1__,were in their small beds surrounded by toy animals.My husband,Pat,and I went to sleep__2__. __3__after midnight,Jack quietly touched me.“Mommy,I want to stay with you.I promise I won’t take much room.” I shifted__4__to make room.My son soon fell asleep.[ An hour later,Tara cried and I carefully went downstairs.“Mommy, my__5__is all stuffed up (堵住).I can’t really breathe very well.Will you please__6__with me a little while?” Tara doesn’t often get up at night,__7__I decided to be there for her.She soon fell asleep.I returned to my own bed.I was determined to sleep.But to my__8__,I found Jack sleeping on my side of the bed.He looked so__9__that I couldn’t remove him.Quietly and carefully,I lay down between __10__and Jack. I did manage to get some sleep__11__I heard Tara’s voice again.I returned to__12__Tara.“Mom,please lie down with me a little bit.I had a bad dream,and I’m so __13__.”“Of course,honey.It was only a dream.Mommy’s here and__14__is okay.” We fell asleep__15__each other’s arms. Even in my sleepy state,I thought of__16__these nights of merry?go?round (一 连串的繁忙活动) will be over.In their place,my twins will be grown.__17__before I’m ready,our children’s rooms will be much too__18__and empty.So it is especially on days when I’m worn out after a night on this mom’s merry?go?round that I remind__19__that these very days and nights are,in fact,“the good old days”, ever so__20__. 1.A.sons B.twins C.daughters D.students 2.A.downstairs B.in C.out D.upstairs 3.A.Sometimes B.Every time C.Sometime D.Anytime 4.A.gently B.kindly C.rudely D.impatiently 5.A.nose B.mouth C.heart D.eye 6.A.come B.stay C.talk D.play 7.A.even though B.so C.no matter when D.however 8.A.joy B.anger C.disappointment D.surprise 9.A.friendly B.heavy C.content D.sad 10.A.my father B.Tara C.Pat D.my mother 11.A.before B.when C.after D.while 12.A.show off B.look after C.watch out D.take care 13.A.scared B.exciting C.excited D.scaring 14.A.something B.anything C.everything D.nothing 15.A.over B.on C.by D.in 16.A.how often B.how soon C.how long D.how much

17.A.No doubt 18.A.noisy 19.A.my children 20.A.potential Ⅲ.阅读理解

B.No wonder C.No problem B.quiet C.still B.my husband C.my friend B.precise C.precious

D.No worry D.calm D.myself D.previous

(2009 年浙江嘉兴检测) Today,I read an interesting article about television viewing.In one experiment, families were paid to stop watching TV for either a week or a month.Many could not complete the task and some families quarrelled or even fought.It was quite interesting and now I will say something about TV. After TV became a product most families could afford,people bought and started to watch their new TVs.Both adults and children became less creative in problem solving,less able to focus on tasks,and less tolerant of flexible time. In my family,we grew up with the TV on.Every weekend,we watched Gun Smoke and Bonanza together as a family.TV provides us with a comfortable background when we want to learn a foreign language at home,and it entertains us cheaply with live action sports,incomparable performing arts and important events of the world.In addition, it educates us about everything from the cells in our body to the galaxies in the universe. Perhaps it’s not even practical to live without television unless our views change unexpectedly as we get older.I don’t think that TV damages us so much as it robs us of time that could be spent doing other things such as learning new skills, getting some exercise or doing volunteer work. I was lucky to have a family that watched TV together.Today there seems to be a TV in every room of the house and there’s no need to agree on a program to watch.To watch TV or not is more of a question for adults than for us,and even though we all say we want to cut down the time we spend in front of the tube,we never really do.TV_has_us_hypnotized! 1.The experiment in Paragraph 1 shows________. A.how interesting watching TV is B.how much people like watching TV C.whether people like watching TV D.why people give up watching TV 2.After most families could afford a TV,they________. A.got more active at work B.found it easier to solve problems C.became more independent of TV D.fixed less attention on tasks 3.From Paragraph 3,we can learn that________. A.the author likes to spend weekends watching TV by himself B.watching TV too much prevents the author from growing up well C.TV programmes bring only fun to the author and his family D.the author and his family get a lot of valuable experience in watching TV 4.According to the author,which of the following is TRUE? A.It is a waste of time to watch TV. B.We benefit little when we watch TV. C.It is hard to live without television. D.We change our views as we live with television. 5.The underlined sentence in the last paragraph implies that______. A.we depend too much on TV B.watching TV makes us united

C.TV robs us of valuable time D.TV changes our daily life 课时作业(七) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.B 句意为: 一旦你有体重下降或失眠的症状, 就停药去看医生。prescriptions 药方, 处方;symptoms 症状;sense 感觉;feelings 感情。根据句意选 B 项。 2.D enough 作形容词修饰名词时其位置可前可后,但作为副词修饰形容词时其位置必 须后置。 3.A normal body temperature 正常体温。 4.C 句意为:为了保持体型,弗丽达女士正在节食并把参加瑜伽练习作为经常练习。 on a diet 节食;a regular exercise 常规练习。 5.D until recently 直到目前为止。 6.D 根据前两句“他想要绝对的安静。但是他床头的电话总响”可以推出他被弄得发 疯了。drive sb.crazy 是固定搭配,意为“使人发疯”。 7.C 根据后一句可知后者是同意前者的观点的。I couldn’t agree more 意为“我非 常同意”;That’s right“对”和 With pleasure 很乐意效劳,不合语境,故选 C 项。 8.D 根据句意可知节目总是以一首流行歌曲开始,伴着观众的欢笑结束。begin with 以??开始。 9.A 句意为:??他一定会来的。他非常渴望看那个著名的音乐家演出。be anxious to do sth.渴望做某事,B 项和 D 项与句意不符,C 项搭配不对。 10.B head“朝??方向”时为不及物动词,要赶往目的地,要加介词 for,head for 意为“朝??方向前进”。 11.A 后句意为:我正在节食,努力减肥。on a diet 意为“节食”,lose weight 减 肥。 12.C 句意为:你为何看起来那么沮丧?我弟弟在车祸中受伤了。在意外事故中受伤常 用 injure 或 hurt,但 hurt 的过去分词为 hurt,故选 C。 13.B 句意为:我去机场为朋友送行。那就是你迟到的原因吗?根据句意可知说明迟到 的原因要用 why 引导表语从句。 14. 题中 suit 是“对??方便; D 满足??需要”的意思。 后句中用 do 替代前面的 suit。 15.D pick up a lot of bad habits 养成诸多不良习惯。 Ⅱ.完形填空 1.B 根据文章最后一段中的“In their place,my twins will be grown”可知,此 处应为 twins。 2.D 根据文章第 5 空前的句子“An hour later,Tara cried and I carefully went downstairs”可知作者和丈夫在楼上睡。 3.C 午夜的某个时候应该是 sometime。sometime 有时,间或,every time 每一次, sometime 在某时,anytime 任何时候。 4.A 根据 Jack quietly touched me 中的 quietly,结合上下文可知,此处作者应该是 温柔地(gently)给儿子让出地方。 5.A 根据下文女儿所说的“I can’t really breathe very well”可知应该是女儿有 此鼻塞。 6.B 根据文章内容可知,此处应是女儿要求作者和她呆一会儿。 7.B 7 空前后两个分句构成因果关系,所以用 so。女儿晚上不常起来,所以这次作者 决定陪女儿一会。 8.D to one’s surprise 令某人惊讶的是。这里的意思是作者没有想到儿子将自己的 位置占了。 9.C 根据文章内容可知,是因为儿子的表情是如此满足(content),所以作者不愿意去 动儿子。 10.C 根据文章内容可知,床上有作者的丈夫 Pat 和儿子 Jack,所以作者只好睡在他们

中间。 11.A 作者刚睡没多久就又听见女儿的叫声。 12.B look after 照看,照顾;show off 炫耀;watch out 小心,提防;take care 小 心,注意。 13.A 做了一个噩梦,所以应该是害怕的(scared)。 14.C 根据作者所说的话,这里应该是“妈妈在这里,一切都会没事的”。 15.D 母女二人相拥着睡着了(in each other’s arms),介词应该用 in。 16.B 考查 how 短语引导的宾语从句,how often 对表示频度的词提问;how long 多长 时间;how much 多少。根据句子__16__these nights of merry?go?round (一连串的繁忙活 动) will be over 可知:这一连串的繁忙活动要过多久才能结束。how soon 对表示将来的时 间提问,意思是要多久以后。 17.A No doubt 毫无疑问;No wonder 难怪;No problem 没问题;No worry 不慌不忙。 18.B 根据文章内容可知,孩子们要长大,总会离开家的,所以总会人去房空的。 19.D 根据文章内容可知,作者一直在提醒自己,要珍惜这些繁忙而又美好的日子,因 为小鸟迟早会飞走的。 20.C 这些日夜操劳的日子繁忙而美好,但终究会因为孩子的长大离开而弥显珍贵 (precious)。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 【语篇解读】 电视越来越走进人们的生活,给人们带来了很多负面的影响,而作者却 不这么认为。 1.B 考查细节理解。根据文章第一段“many could not complete the task and some families quarreled or even fought”可知人们在实验过程中,因为在一段时间没有看电视, 而引发危机,足以说明人们对电视的依赖程度,所以选择 B。 2.D 考查细节理解。根据文章第二段中“Both adults and children became less creative in problem solving,less able to focus on tasks”可知。 3.D 考查推理判断。根据文章第三段最后一句“it educates us about everything from the cells in our body to the galaxies in the universe”可知 D 项正确;根据文章第三 段第一句“in my family,we grew up with the TV on...together as a family”可知 A 项错误;文章第三段第二句到最后,都是讲述电视对家庭带来的正面影响,所以 B 项错误;C 选项太绝对应排除。 4.C 考查推理判断。根据文章第四段第一句“Perhaps it’s not even practical to live without television unless our views change unexpectedly as we get older”可 知 C 项正确,D 项错误;根据第四段最后一句“I don’t think that TV damages us so much as it robs us of time”可知 A 项错误;根据文章第三段可知道电视使我们获益匪浅,判断 B 项错误。 5.A 考查猜测句意。结合文章最后一句“and even though we all say want to cut down the time we spend in front of the tube,we never really do”可知人们对电视非常依 赖。


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