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Unit2 The United Kingdom 过去分词作宾语补足语 The past participle as the Object Complement
过去分词的语法功能: 过去分词在句中可以作 1.定语 2.表语 3.宾语补足语 4.状语 a lighted candle 、 a broken heart、 fallen leaves、 cooked food、 honored people 他写的小说很畅销。 The novel written by him sells well. 过去分词短语作后置定语 表被动和完成 坐在那的那个人是我的叔叔。 (seat) The man seated there is my uncle. 过去分词短语作后置定语 表状态 不表被动 他看起来很着急。He looked worried. 过去分词作表语 表状态 我的眼镜破了。My glasses are broken . 过去分词作表语 表状态 1)Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. find + object+ past participle 2)… to form the United Kingdom by getting Ireland connected in the same peaceful way. get + object+ past participle 什么是宾语补足语? 英语中有些及物动词,除有一个直接宾语以外,还要有一个宾语补足语,才能 使句子的意义完整。 这类常用的及物动词有: make, consider, keep, see , find, call, get, have, let 等。 We think him clever. What he said made me angry. We consider the answer correct. Everyone calls him Tom. 宾语补足语的表示法 1. His father named him Jack. ( 名词) 2. They painted their house white. (形容词) 3. You mustn’t force him to go at once. (不定式) 4. Nobody noticed him enter the room. (不定式短语) 5. We saw her entering the room. (现在分词或其短语) 5. We must get the work finished by 10 o’clock. (过去分词) 6. We take English as a useful tool for research work. 用介词引出) 7. Whenever you may go, you will find him at work. (介词短语) 8. Let the fresh air in. (副词) 9. The plant has its own name. You cannot call it what you will. (从句)

用过去分词充当宾语补足语 过去分词作宾语补足语,表示动作已经完成或结束。能用作宾语 补足语的过去分词一般都是及物动词,表示被动意义或已完成的意

义, 有时候两者兼而有之。 作宾语补足语的过去分词与宾语有逻辑上 的动宾关系,即宾语是过去分词动作的对象。
After waking up, I found everyone gone.

The speaker raised her voice to make herself heard. They found their new bikes stolen. 1. 感官动词 feel, find, hear, notice, see, watch+宾语+过去分词(作宾补) ,表示 感受到某人或某事被做。 I was sleeping when I heard my name called. He was disappointed to find his suggestions turned down. When we got to the school,we saw the door looked. 2. 在 get, have, make, keep(使役动词)+宾语+过去分词(作宾补), 用过去分 词作宾语补足语, 表示“使/ 让 …” 。 We should keep them informed of what is going on here. Jane got her bad tooth pulled out at the dentist’s. 3. 表示“意愿;命令;希望;愿望;”的动词如 like, order, want, wish,expect 等可用过去分词作宾语补足语。 1) I wish these letters (to be) typed as soon as possible. 2) He didn’t want such question discussed at the meeting. 3) Everyone wishes the matter settled as soon as possible. 4. “with +宾语+过去分词”结构 “with +宾语+过去分词”结构中,过去分词用作介词 with 的宾语补足语。这 一结构通常在句中作时间、方式、条件、伴随,原因等状语。 *The murderer was brought in, with his hands tied behind his back. * With water heated, we can see the steam. *With the matter settled, we all went home. 5.在 “make+宾语+过去分词”结构中,过去分词表示结果 ? I raised my voice to make myself heard. ? He made himself known to them first. 6.过去分词用在表示状态的动词 keep,leave 等的后面,作宾补。 ? They kept the door locked for a long time. ? Don’t leave the windows broken like this all the time. 7. “have + 宾语+过去分词”的几种含义 在“ have +宾语+过去分词”结构中,过去分词作宾语补足语,have 也可 用 get 。这一结构有以下几种含义: 1. 意为“主语请别人做某事” 。 He wants to have his eyes examined tomorrow. 2. 意为“主语遭遇、遭受某一不愉快、不测的事情” 。 Be careful, or you'll have your hands hurt. 3. 意为“使完成某事” ,事情既可以是别人做完,也可以由主语参与完成。 He had the walls painted this morning.


过去分词作宾语补足语时,宾语是动作的承受者;现在分词作宾语补足语时宾语是动作的 执行者。试比较: I found him lying on the grass just now. I found him knocked down by a car.

过去分词强调他们之间的被动关系,不定式强调动发生的全过程,现在分词强 调它们之间的主动关系。 I saw her come into the classroom. I saw her coming into the classroom. I saw her taken out of the classroom.

一 、单项填空。
1. The manager discussed the plan that they would like to see ____ the next year. A. carry out B. carrying C. carried out D. to carry out 2. Mrs. Brown was very disappointed to see the washing machine she had had ___ went wrong again. A. it B. it repaired C. repaired D. to be repaired 3. In the past few years, we have had thousands of trees ____ around our school. A. plant B. planted C. planting D. being planted 4. Tom rushed out in a hurry, ____ the door____ . A. leaving; unlocked B. leaving; unlocking C. left; unlocked D. left; unlocking 5. He found them ____ at table___. A. sat; to play chess B. sitting; to play chess C. seated; playing chess D. seat; play the chess 6. I can make you ___ what I say, but you can’t make yourself ____ in English. A. understand; understand B. understand; understood C. to understand; understand D. understand; to be understood 7. I have had my bike___ , and I’m going to have somebody___ my radio tomorrow. A. repair; to repair B. repairing; to be repaired C. repaired; repair D. to repair; repairing 8 The girl asked him not to leave the door _____. A. to close B. closed C. to be closed D. closing 9. I have often heard the ABC song____, but I have never heard Alice ____ it. A. to be sung; to sing B. being sung; sang C. sung; sing D. sang; singing 10. The two students were told to have the classroom _______ after school. A. clean B. cleaned C. cleaning D. to clean 11. Can you suggest a good way to get my spoken English _________ in a short period of time? A. improve B. improving C. to improve D. improved

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