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ASME 常用词汇
Abrasion, allowance for 磨损,裕量 Accessibility,pressure vessels 压力容器可达性 Access openings 通道孔 Allowance for corrosion, erosion, or abrasion 腐蚀裕量侵蚀或/磨损裕量 Applied linings, tightness 应

用衬里密封性 Approval of new materials, 新材料的批准 Articles in Section V 第 V 卷中的各章 Article 1, T-150 第 1 章 T150 Article 2 第2章 Attachments 附件 lugs and fitting 支耳和配件 lugs for platforms, ladders, etc. 平台,梯子等的支耳 nonpressure parts 非受压件 nozzles 接管 pipe and nozzle necks to vessel walls 在器壁上的管子和接管颈 stiffening rings to shell 壳体上的刚性环 Backing strip 垫板 Bending stress, welded joints 弯曲应力,焊接接头 Bend test 弯曲试验 Blind flanges 盲板法兰 Bolted flange connections 螺栓法兰连接 bolt lands 螺栓载荷 bolt stress 螺栓应力 design of 关于设计 flange moments 法兰力矩 flange stresses 法兰应力 materials 材料 studs 双头螺栓 tightness of 紧密性 types of attachment 附件类型 Bolts 螺栓 Braced and stayed surfaces 支持和支撑面 Brazed connections for nozzles 接管的钎焊连接 Brazed joints, efficiency of 钎焊接头,焊缝系数 maximum service temperature 最高使用温度 strength of 强度 Brazing, cleaning of brazed surfaces 钎焊,钎焊的表面清理 fabrication by 用……制造 filler metal 填充金属 fluxes 钎焊剂 heads into shells 封头接入壳体 operating temperature 操作温度


Buttstraps, curvature 对接盖板,曲率 forming ends of 成型端 thickness and corrosion allowance 厚度和腐蚀裕量 welding ends of 焊接端 Carbon in material for welding 焊接用材料中的碳 Cast ductile iron vessels, design 可锻铸铁容器,设计 pressure-temperature limitations 压力-温度界限 service restrictions 使用限制 Castings 铸件 carbon steel 碳钢 defects 缺陷 impact test 冲击试验 inspection 检查 quality factor 质量系数 specifications 标准 Cast iron circular dished heads 铸铁碟形封头 Cast iron standard parts, small 铸铁标准部件,小件 Cast iron pipe fittings 铸铁管件 Cast iron vessels 铸铁容器 corners and fillets 圆角和倒角 head design 封头设计 hydrostatic test 水压试验 nozzles and fittings 接管和配件 pressure-temperatures limitations 压力-温度界限 Certificate of Authorization for Code Symbol Stamp 规范符号标志的认可证书 Certification of material 材料证明书 Certification of Nondestructive Personnel 无损检验人员证明书 Magnetic Particle Examination 磁粉检验 Liquid Penetrant Examination 液体渗透检验 Radiographic Examination 射线超声检验 Ultrasonic Examination 超声检验 Chip marks on integrally forged vessels 整体锻造容器上的缺口标志 Circumferential joints alignment tolerance 环向连接,组对公差 assembling 装配 brazing 钎焊 vessels subjected to external pressure 承受外压的容器 Clad material, inserted strips 覆层材料,嵌条 examination 检查 Clad plate 复合板 Cleaning ,of brazed surfaces 钎焊表面清理 of welded surfaces 焊接表面 Clearance between surfaces to be brazed 钎焊表面间的间隙 Combination, of different materials 不同材料组合 of methods of fabrication 制造方法


Computed working pressure from hydrostatic tests 由水试验计算的工作压力 Conical heads 锥形封头 Conical sections 圆锥截面 Connections ,bolted flange (see Bolted flange connections)连接,螺栓法兰(见螺栓法兰连接) brazed 钎焊 clamp 卡箍 expanded 胀接 from vessels to safety valves 由容器至安全阀 studded 双头螺栓 threaded 螺纹 welded 焊接 Cooling, after postweld heat treating 冷却,焊后热处理 Corrosion allowance 腐蚀裕度 Corrosion resistant linings 防腐蚀衬里 Corrugated shells 波纹形壳体 Corrugating Paper Machinery 波纹板机械 Cover plates 盖板 on manholes and handholes 在人孔和手孔上的 spherically dished 球形封头 Cracking, stress corrosion 应力腐蚀裂缝 Cutting plates 板材切割 Cylindrical shells, supplementary loading 柱状壳体,附加载荷 thickness 厚度 transition in 过渡段 Data report, guide for preparation 准备数据报告的指南 Defects in welded vessels, repair 修理焊接容器中的缺陷 Definitions 定义 Design, brazed vessels 设计钎焊容器 carbon and low alloy steel vessels 碳钢及低合金钢容器 cast ductile iron vessels 可锻铸铁容器 cast iron vessels 铸铁容器 clad vessels 覆层容器 ferritic steel vessels with properuts enhanced by heat treatment 经热处理后提高抗拉性能的铁素体钢容器 forged vessels 锻造容器 high-alloy steel vessels 高合金钢容器 loadings 载荷 multichamber vessels 多受压室容器 nonferrous vessels 非铁金属容器 welded vessels 焊接容器 design pressure 设计压力 Diameter exemption 直径的豁免 Dimensions, checking of 尺寸,校核 Discharge of safety valves 安全阀泄放


Dished heads (see formed heads) 碟形封头(见成形封头) Disks, rupture 防爆膜 Dissimilar weld metal 不同金属的焊接 Distortion, of welded vessels 大变形、焊接容器 supports to prevent 用支撑防止 Drainage, discharge from safety and relief valves 排放,由安全阀和泄压阀泄放 Drop weight tests 落锤试验 Eccentricity of shells 壳体的偏心度 Edges of plates, metal removal from 由加工板边去除金属 tapered 锥度 Efficiency, around openings for welded attachments 焊缝系数,环绕焊接附件孔口 Elasticity, modulus of 弹性模量 Electric resistance welding 电阻焊 Ellipsoidal heads 椭圆封头 Erosion, allowance for 侵蚀裕量 Etching, of sectioned speciments 侵蚀,关于截面试样 solutions for examination for materials 检验材料的溶液 Evaporators 蒸发器 Examination, of sectioned speciments 剖面试样的检验 of welded joints 焊接接头的检验 Exemptions diameter and volume 直径和容积的豁免 Expanded connections 胀接连接 External pressure, tube and pipe 外压管 External pressure vessels 外压容器 allowable working pressure for 许用工作压力 charts 算图 design of heads for 封头设计 joints in shells of 壳体上的接头 reinforcement for openings 开孔补强 stiffening rings in shells 壳体上的刚性环 supports for 支承 thickness of shell 壳体厚度 reducers 变径段 Fabrication, brazed vessels 制造,钎焊容器 Ferritic steels vessels with tensile proper ties enhanced by heat treatment, design 经热处理后提高抗拉性能的铁素体钢容器,设计 fabrication 制造 head design 封头设计 heat treatment 热处理 heat treatment verification tests 热处理验证试验 marking 标志 materials 材料 stamping 标记


welded joints 焊接接头 Field assembly of vessels 容器的现场安装 Filler plugs for trepanned holes 锥孔的管塞 Fillet welds 角焊 Fired process tubular heaters 直接火管式加热炉 Fitting attachments 附件装配 Flange connections 法兰连接 Flange contact facings 法兰接触面 Flanges 法兰 bolted design 螺柱法兰设计 of formed heads for welding 用于焊接成型封头 type of attachment 附件的类型 Flat heads and covers, unstayed 无支撑平封头和盖板 reinforcement of openings 开孔补强 Flat spots on formed heads 成型封头上的平坦部分 Flued openings 翻边开孔 Forged parts, small 锻造部件,小的 Forged vessels 锻造容器 heat treatment 热处理 localized thin areas 局部薄壁区 welding 焊接 Forgings 锻件 identification of 识别 Ultrasonic Examination 超声检验 Form manufacturer’s data report 制造厂数据报告格式 partial report 零部件数据报告 Formed heads 成型封头 flued openings in 封头上翻边开孔 insertion of, welded vessels 插入,焊接容器 joint efficiency 接头系数 knuckle radius 转角半径 length of skirt 直边长度 on welded vessels 在焊接容器上 reinforcement for openings 开孔补强 Forming 成型 ends of shell plates and buttstraps 壳体板和对接搭板端 forged heads 锻造封头 shell sections and heads 筒节和封头 Furnaces 炉子 temperatures for postweld head treatment 焊后热处理温度 Furnaces for heat treating 热处理炉 temperature control of 炉温控制 Galvanized vessels 镀锌容器


Gasket materials 垫片材料 Girth joints (see circumferential joints) 环缝接头(见环向接头) Handhole and manhole openings 手孔和人孔开孔 Head flange (skirt) length 封头翻边(直边)长度 Head joints 封头接头 brazing 钎焊 welded 焊接 Head openings 封头开孔 entirely in spherical portion 全部在球体部分 Head joints 封头接头 concave and convex 凹面和凸面 flat (see flat heads) 平板(见平封头) forged 锻造的 formed (see Formed heads) 成型的(见成形封头) forming 面型 thickness, after forming 厚度,成型之后 Heads, design, conical 封头,设计,锥形 ellipsoidal 椭圆形 hemispherical 半球形 spherically dished 球状碟形 toriconical 带折边的锥形 torispherical 带折边的球形 torispherical, knuckle radius 带折边的球形,转角半径 Heads and shells 封头和壳体 external pressure, out-of-roundness 外压,不圆度 openings through or near welded joints 通过或靠近焊缝处的开孔 roundness tolerance 不圆度公差 Heat exchangers 热交换器 Heat treatment 热处理 by fabricator 由制造厂进行 carbon and low-alloy steel vessels 碳钢和低合金钢容器 ferritic steel vessels with tensile properties enhanced by heat treatment 经过热处理后提高抗 拉性能的铁素体的容器 forged vessels 锻造容器 furnaces 炉子 high-alloy vessels 高合金容器 of test specimens 试样的热处理 verification tests of 热处理验证试验 Hemispherical heads 半球形封头 High pressure vessels 高压封头 Holes 小孔 for screw stays 用于螺丝固定 for trepanning plug sections, refilling 用于穿孔螺塞部分,再填充 telltale 指示孔


unreinforced, in welded joints 不补强,在焊缝上 Hubs, on flanges 高颈,在法兰上 Hydrostatic proof tests 水压验证试验 destructive 破坏性 prior pressure application 在升压之前 Hydrostatic test 水压试验 cast iron vessels 铸铁容器 combined with pneumatic 与气压试验混合的 enameled vessels 搪玻璃容器 external pressure vessels 外压容器 galvanized vessels 镀锌容器 standard 标准 welded vessels 焊接容器 Identification 识别 of forging 锻件 of plates 平板 of welds 焊接 Identification markers, radiographs 识别标志,射线照相 Impact test 冲击试验 certification 证明 properties 性能 specimens 试样 temperature 温度 Inspection 检查 before assembling 组装之前 carbon and low-alloy steel 碳钢和低合金钢 cast ductile iron vessels 可锻铸铁容器 cast iron vessels 铸铁容器 clad vessels 覆层容器 during fabrication 在制造期间 ferritic steel vessels with tensile properties enhanced by heat treatment 经过热处理后提高抗 拉性能的铁素体的容器 fitting up 组对 forged vessels 锻造容器 heat treatment, forgings 热处理,锻件 high-alloy steel vessels 高合金钢容器 magnetic particle 磁粉 material 材料 nonferrous vessels 非铁金属容器 plate 板材 postweld heat treatment 焊后热处理 pressure vessels, accessibility 压力容器,可达性 quality control 质量管理 sectioning of welded joints 焊接接头的剖面检验


spot examination 抽样检查 steel castings 铸钢件 surfaces exposed and component parts 暴露的表面和元件部分 test specimens 试样 vessels 容器 vessels exempted from 免检容器 welded vessels 焊接容器 Inspection openings 检查孔 Inspectors 检查师 access to plant 在厂内应有的便利 control of stamping 打印管理 duties 职责 facilities 装备 qualification 资格 reports 报告 Installation 安装 pressure-relieving devices 泄压装置 pressure vessel 压力容器 Integral cast iron dished heads 整体铸铁碟形封头 integrally finned tubes 整体翅片管 Internal structures 内部构件 Jacketed vessels 夹套容器 Joints 接头 brazed 钎焊 circumferential (see Circumferential joints) efficiency, brazed 环缝(见环向接头)系数,钎焊 welded 焊接 electric resistance, butt welding 电阻,对接焊 in cladding and applied linings 在覆层及衬里 in vessels subjected to external pressure 在承受外压的容器 lap (see Lap joints) 搭接(见搭接接头) longitudinal (see Longitudinal joints) 纵向(见纵向接头) tube-to-tubesheet 管子对管板 Jurisdictional Review 权限审查 Knuckles 过渡圆角 radius 半径 transition section 变径段 Lap joints 搭接接头 amount of overlap 搭接量 brazed 钎焊 longitudinal under external pressure 在外压作用下纵向的 welded 焊接 Laws Covering Pressure Vessels 涉及压力容器的法规 Lethal gases or liquids 致命的气体或液体 Ligaments, efficiency of 孔带,系数


Limitation on welded vessels 焊接容器的限制 Limit of out-of-roundness of shells 壳体不圆度的限制 Linings 衬里 corrosion resistant 抗腐蚀 Liquid penetrant examination 液体渗透检验 Loadings 载荷 Local postweld heat treatment 局部焊后热处理 Longitudinal joints 纵向接头 alignment tolerance 对准公差 brazing 钎焊 vessels subjected to external pressure 承受外压的容器 Low-temperature operation 低温操作 Low-temperature vessels brazed 低温容器,钎焊 for gases and liquids 用于气体和液体 impact test requirements 冲击试验要求 impact test, when not required 冲击试验,当不要求时 marking 标志 materials 材料 testing of materials 材料试验 Lugs for ladders, platforms, and other 梯子,平台及其它附件的支耳 Magnetic particle inspection 磁粉检查 Manholes, and handholes 人孔,手孔 cover plate for 盖板 minimum vessel diameter requiring 所需最小容器直径 Manufacture, responsibility of 制造者,职责 Manufacturer’s Data Report (see Data Report) 制造厂数据报告(见数据报告) Manufacturer’s stamps 制造厂的印记 Marking castings 标志,铸件 materials 材料 plates 板材 standard pressure parts 标志受压件 valves and fittings 阀门和配件 with Code symbol 带有规范符号 Markings, transfer after cutting plates 标志,板材切割以后的转移 Materials, approval of new 材料,新材料的批准 approval of repairs 修补的批准 brazed vessels 钎焊容器 carbon and low-alloy steel vessels 碳钢和低合金钢容器 cast ductile iron 可锻铸铁 castings 铸铁 cast iron vessels 铸铁容器 certification 合格证 clad vessels 覆层容器 combination of 组合材料


ferritic steel vessels with tensile properties enhanced by heat treatment 经热处理后提高抗拉 性能的铁素体钢容器 forged vessels 锻造容器 for nonpressure parts 非受压元件 heat treatment of 热处理 high-alloy steel vessels 高合金钢容器 inspection of 检查 nonferrous vessels 非铁金属容器 pipe and tube 管子 plate 板 rods and bars 杆和棒 specification for 标准 standard pressure, parts 标准受压元件 unidentified 未鉴别的 use of over thickness listed in Section Ⅱ采用超过列于第Ⅱ卷表中的厚度 welded vessels 焊接容器 Measurement, 测量 dimensional 尺寸 of out-of-roundness of shells 壳体不圆度 Metal temperature determination 金属温度,确定 control of 控制 Mill undertolerance 钢厂负公差控制 Minimum thickness of plate 板材的最小厚度控制 Miscellaneous pressure parts 其它受压件控制 Multichamber vessels design 多承压室容器,设计 Multiple duplicate vessels 多个相同的容器 Multiple safety valves 多个安全阀 Nameplates 铭牌 New materials 新材料 Noncircular vessels 非圆形容器 ligament efficiency 孔带系数 nomenclature 术语 obround design 长圆形设计 rectangular design 矩形设计 reinforcement 补强 examples 实例 Nonpressure parts, attachment of 非受压元件的连接 Notch ductility test 缺口韧性试验 Nozzle openings, reinforced 接管开孔,补强的 unreinforced 非补强的 vessels subjected to external pressure 承受外压得容器 Nozzles attachment of to shell 接管,与壳体的连接 minimum thickness of neck 缩颈的最小厚度


(see also Connections)(也可见连接件) Nuts and washers 螺母和垫圈 Offset of edges of plates at joints 在接头处板边的偏差 Openings adjacent to welds 开孔,邻近焊缝 closure of 封闭 for connections to brazed vessels 用于对钎焊容器的连接 for drainage 用于排放 head (see Openings head and shell) 封头(见开孔,封头和壳体) in flat heads 在平板封头上 inspection 检查 manhole (see Manholes) 人孔(见人孔) nozzle (see Nozzle opening) 接管(见接管开孔) shell (see Openings, head and shell) 壳体(见开孔,封头和壳体) through welded joints 通过焊接接头 Openings, head and shell, computation of 开孔,封头和壳体,计算 not requiring additional reinforcement 不需要附加补强 reinforced, size 补强,尺寸 reinforcement for adjacent openings 邻近开孔的补强 reinforcement of 补强 requiring additional reinforcement 需要附加补强 shapes permissible 许用形式 unreinforced, size 不补强的,尺寸 Outlets, discharge, pressure relieving devices 排放口,出料,泄压装置 Out-of-roundness 不圆度 Overpressure limit for vessels 容器的超压极限 Partial data report, manufacturer’s 零部件数据报告,制造厂的 Parts, miscellaneous 部件,各种各样的 Peening 捶击 Pipe connections openings for 管子的连接,用于开孔 Pipe fittings vessels built of 管子配件,制造的容器 Pipe and tubes 各类管子 Pipe used for shells 用作壳体的管子 piping external to vessel 容器外的管子 Plate, curvature 板,曲率 measurement, dimensional check 测量,尺寸校核 Plate edges cutting 板边,切割 exposed left unwelded 留下不予焊接的显露部分 inspection of 检查 Plates 平板 alignment 找准 cover 盖板 cutting 切割 forming 成型 heat treatment 热处理


identification 标志 impact test 冲击试验 inspection 检查 laying out 划线 less than 6 mm thickness 厚度小 6mm markings transfer after cutting 标志,在切割以后的转移 minimum thickness 最小厚度 repair of defects 缺陷修理 specifications 标准 structural carbon steel 结构碳钢 Plug welds 塞焊 Pneumatic test 气压试验 pressure 压力 yielding 屈服 Porosity welded joints 气孔,焊接接头 Porosity charts 气孔图 Postheat treatment 后热处理 connections for nozzles and attachments 用于接管和附件的连接 cooling after 随后的冷却 furnace temperature 炉温 inspection 检查 local 局部 requirements 要求 temperature range 温度范围 welded vessels 焊接容器 Preheating 预热 Preparation of plates for welding 焊接板材的准备 pressure, design 压力,设计 limits 极限 (see also Working pressure, allowable) (也可见工作压力,许用) Pressure parts miscellaneous 受压件,其它的 Pressure relieving devices 泄压装置 discharge 排放 installation and operation 安装和运转 rupture disks 防爆模 setting 整定 Pressure vessels 压力容器 exempted from inspection 免检 Produce form of Specification 产品技术条件 Proof test hydrostatic (see Hydrostatic proof test) 验证试验,水压(见水压试验) Qualification 评定 of brazers 钎焊工 of welders 焊工 of welding procedure 焊接工艺


Quality Control System 质量保证体系 Quenching and tempering 淬火及回火 Quick-actuating closures 快开盖 Radiograph factor 射线照相系数 Radiographing 射线照相 examination by 检查 partial 部分 quality factors 质量系数 requirements 要求 spot examination 抽样检查 retests 重新试验 thickness, mandatory minimum 规定最小厚度 Radiographs, acceptance by inspector 射线照相,由检查员认为合格 gamma rays, radium capsule γ射线,装镭的盒子 interpretation by standard procedure 由标准程序的说明 rounded indications 圆形显示 Reaming holes for screw stays 为固定螺钉用的铰孔 Reducer sections, rules for 变径段,规程 Reinforcement 补强 defined limits 规定的范围 head and shell openings 封头及壳体开孔 large openings 大开孔 multiple openings 多个开孔 nozzle openings 接管开孔 of openings in shells, computation of 壳体上开孔,计算 openings subject to rapid pressure fluctuation 经受压力突然波动的开孔 Fluctuation 经受压力突然波动的开孔 strength 强度 Relief devices 泄放装置 (see also Pressure relieving devices, Safety and relief Valves)(也可见泄压装置, 安全阀和泄压 阀) Relieving capacity of safety valves 安全阀排量 Repairs, approval of defects in material 修理,材料中缺陷的认可 defective Brazing 有缺陷的钎焊 defects in forgings 锻件中的缺陷 defects in welds 焊缝中的缺陷 Responsibility of manufacturer 制造者的职责 Retention of Records 记录的保存 Radiographs 射线照相 Manufacturer’s Data Reports 制造厂的数据报告 Retests, frogings 复试,锻件 impact specimens 冲击试样 joints, welded 接头,焊接 Rods, bars, and shapes 杆棒喝型材


Rolled parts, small 轧制件,小件 Rupture disks 爆破模 Safety 安全性 safety relief, and pressures relief valves, adjustable blow down, capacity certification 安全泄放 和泄压阀,可调节的泄放,排放量证明 capacity, conversion 排量,换算 connection to vessels 连接至容器 construction 结构 discharge pipe 排放管 indirect operation 间接操作 installation 安装 installation on vessels in service 容器在役时的安装 liquid relief 液体泄放 marking 标志 minimum requirements 最低要求 pressure setting 压力整定 spring loaded 受载弹簧 springs, adjustment 弹簧,调节 stop valves adjacent to 邻近的截止阀 test 试验 protective devices 防护装置 for unfired steam boiler 对非直接火蒸气锅炉 Scope 适用范围 sectioning, closing holes left by 解剖,解剖孔的封闭 etching plugs taken 解剖样的侵蚀 examination by 检查 Service restriction 使用限制 Shapes, special 形状,特殊 Shell plates, forming ends of 壳体用材料,封头成型 Shells 壳体 allowable working pressure 许用工作压力 computation of openings in 开孔计算 forming 成型 made from pipe 由管子制造的 stiffening rings 刚性环 thickness 厚度 Transition section 过渡段 Sigma-phase formation σ相的形成 Skirts length on heads 直边、封头上的长度 support of vessels 裙座,容器支撑 Slag inclusion welds 焊缝中的夹渣 Special constructions 特殊结构 Specification for materials 材料标准 Spherical sections of vessels 容器的球形部分


Spot examination of welded joints 焊接接头的抽样检查 Springs for safety valves 安全阀的弹簧 Stamping location of 打印位置 multipressure vessels 多重压力容器 omission of 省略 safety valves 安全阀 with Code symbol 带有规范标记 Stamps, certificate of authorization 钢印,授权 low stress 低压力 not to be covered 不应覆盖 to be visible on plates 在板上可见 Static head, in setting safety valves, effect of on limiting stresses 静压头,在整定安全阀时,影 响,对极限应力 Stayed surfaces 支撑表面 Staying formed heads 成型封头的支撑 Stays and staybolts, adjacent to edges of staybolted surface 支撑件及拉撑螺栓,邻近用螺栓拉 撑得表面周边处 allowable stress 许用应力 area supported 支撑面 dimensions 尺寸 ends 端部 location 位置 pitch 节距 screw, holes for 螺孔 upset for threading 为车制螺纹的镦粗 welded 焊接的 Steam generating vessels, unfired 蒸汽锅炉,非直接火 Steel, carbon content 钢,含碳量 Stenciling plates for identification 在板材上打印标志 Stiffening rings, attachment to shell 刚性环,和壳体的装配 for vessels under external pressure 用于外压容器 Stiffness, support of large vessels for 刚性,大容器支座 Stop valves 截止阀 adjacent to safety and relief valves 邻近于安全和泄压阀 Strength of brazed joints 钎焊接头的强度 Stress corrosion cracking 应力腐蚀裂缝 Stress values, attachment weld 应力值,连接焊缝 basis for establishing 确定的基础 carbon and low-alloy steel 碳钢和低合金钢 cast iron 铸铁 ferritic steels with tensile properties enhanced by heat treatment 经热处理后提高抗拉性能的 铁素体刚 high-alloy steel 高合金钢 nonferrous metals 非铁金属


Stud bolt threads 双头螺栓螺纹 Studded connections 双头螺纹连接 Supplementary design formulas 补充设计公式 Supports, design 支座,设计 pressure vessels 压力容器 temperature free movement under 在温度下活动不受约束 types of steel permissible for 容许的钢材类型 vessels subjected to external pressure 承受外压的容器 Surface Weld Metal Buildup 金属堆焊表面 Tables, effective gasket width b 表,有效垫片宽度 b gasket materials and contact facings 垫片材料和接触面 maximum allowable efficiencies for arc and gas welded joints 电弧焊和气焊接头的最大许用 系数 minimum number of pipe threads for connections 管螺纹连接的最少螺纹牙数 molecular weights of gases and vapors 气体和蒸汽的分子量 of stress values, carbon and low-alloy steel 应力值,碳钢和低合金钢 cast iron 铸铁 cast ductile iron 可锻铸铁 ferritic steels with tensile properties enhanced by heat treatment 经热处理后提高抗拉性能的 铁素体钢 high-alloy steel 高合金钢 nonferrous metals 非铁金属 welded carbon low-alloy pipe and tubes 焊接低合金碳钢管 of values factor K 系数K值 factor M 系数M factor 系数 postweld heat treatment requirements 焊后热处理要求 recommended temperature ranges for heat treatment 推荐的热处理温度范围 spherical radius factor K1 球半径系数 K1 Telltale holes 指示孔 in opening reinforcement 开孔补强 Temperature, definitions 温度,定义 design 设计 determination 确定 free movement of vessel on supports 支座上的容器活动不受约束 heat treatment 热处理 limitations, of brazed vessels 限制,钎焊容器 of cast ductile iron 可锻铸铁 of postweld heat treating 焊后热处理 metal, control of 金属,控制 operating or working, definitions 操作或工作,定义 zones of different 不同区域 Termination point of a vessel 容器的界限点 Test coupons 试样


Test gages requirements 试验仪表,要求 Test plates heat treatment 试板,热处理 impact test 冲击试验 production 生产 Tests, hydrostatic proof 试验,水压验证 pneumatic (see pneumatic test) 气压,见气压试验 vessels whose strength cannot be calculated 不能由计算求得强度的容器 calculated 不能由计算求得强度的容器 Thermal buffers 热缓冲器 Thermocouples attachment 热电偶,安装 Thickness gages, details 厚度量规,细节 Thick shells, cylindrical 厚壳体,圆柱形 spherical 球形 Thin plates marking 薄板,标志 Threaded connection 螺纹连接 Threaded inspection openings 螺纹检查孔 Threads, stud bolts 螺纹,双头螺栓 Tolerances, forged shells and heads 公差,锻造容器及封头 Toriconical heads 带折边的锥形封头 Torispherical heads 带折边的球形封头 Transfering marking on plates 板上标志的移植 Transition in cylindrical shells 柱状壳体的过渡 Trays and baffles, acting as partial shell stiffeners 塔盘及挡板,作为部分壳体加强圈 Tubes and pipe 管子 Tube-to-tubesheet joints 管子与管板的连接 Ultrasonic examination of welds 焊缝的超声检验 UM vessels UM 容器 Unfired steam boiler 非直接火蒸汽锅炉 Unidentified materials 未识别的材料 Valves, connections 阀,连接 safety and relief (see safety and relief valves) 安全和泄压装置 Valves and fittings, marking 阀及其配件,标志 Verification tests, heat treatment 验证试验,热处理 Volume exemption 容器的免检 Weld deposits, cleaning 焊接熔敷金属,清理 peening 捶击 Welded joints, category 焊接接头,类别 description of types 类型的描述 efficiency 焊缝系数 impact test, across 冲击试验,横向 postweld heat treating 焊后热处理 radiographic examination, complete 射线照相检查,整个的 rounded indications 圆形显示 sectioning, etch test 解剖,侵蚀试验


spot examination 抽样检查 staggered, longitudinal 错开,轴向 taper, plates of unequal thicknesses 锥度,不等厚板 types around openings 类型,环绕开孔 ultrasonic examination of 超声检验 Welded reinforcement of nozzle openings 接管开孔的焊缝补强 Welded vessels 焊接容器 holes in joints of 接头处的孔 inspection 检查 limitations on 限制 tests of 试验 Welders and welding operators 焊工和自动焊工 identifying stamps 识别标记 records of, by manufacturers 由制造厂所作的记录 test of qualification 评定试验 Welding 焊接 cleaning of welded surfaces 焊件表面清理 details, limitations 细节,限制 forged vessels 锻造容器 materials 材料 materials having different coefficients of expansion 膨胀系数不同的材料 of attachment around openings 开孔周围的连接 plate, fitting up joints 平板,连接处的装配 plate edges, matching 板边,匹配 preparation of plates 钣材的制备 procedure qualification 工艺评定 processes 工艺 test requirement 试验要求 Weld metal, composition 焊缝金属,成分 Welds acceptability, when radiographed 焊缝合格,用射线照相时 when sectioned 解剖时 fillet 填角 identification of 识别 plug 塞焊 reinforcement, butt welds 补强,对接焊 repairs of defects in 焊缝中缺陷的修补 sharp angles, avoid at weld edges 尖角,避免在焊缝边上 structural 结构 tack 定位焊 types, description 类型,描述 ultrasonic examination of 超声检验 Working pressure allowable, braced and stayed surfaces 许用工作压力,有拉撑和支撑表面 by proof test 验证性试验 definition of 定义


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