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Unit 1 Living in Harmony(修改)

Unit one
I Forgive You

Lead-in part
First, let’s learn some proverbs related to forgiveness. Which sayings occur to you?

1. Forgive and forget.

2. Forgive others but not yourself.

3. To err is human, to forgive, divine.

4. Treat your neighbour as you would have them treat you./Do not do to others what you wouldn’t have them do to you.

5. Gold can?t be pure and man can?t be perfect.

A psychological test Where is your bottom line of forgiving others?

? Giving a chance to those who have made mistakes should be done by everyone, meanwhile, others are also giving you chances to commit mistakes. But there will be a bottom line for each one. Where is yours? ? 给犯错误的人机会,是每个人都会做的事, 同时,别人也一样在给犯错误的你机会, 原谅肯定不是没有底线的,你的底线在哪 里呢?

1. You will help someone unconditionally once, but will not keep doing so?

2. A lot of people are unworthy of being helped?
Yes. No.

3. A lot of people don’t take you seriously.

4. You will reward to the one who has helped you?


5. You try to make friends with those who always oppose you?
Yes. No.

6. There are also times that you are hypocritical(伪善的,虚伪的)?


7. You will burst into temper one day towards those who always bully you?
Yes. No.

8. Among your peers, you are claimed to be the one who have the final say?
Yes. No.

9. You like those who are frank and direct, but you don’t like yourself to be so?
Yes. No.

10. Once you are deceived by a person, you will never believe him any more?
Yes. No.

A、利益 一个人只要没有害过你,你都可以原谅, 前提是和这个人冰释前嫌对你有好处,那 么你会原谅,不过这种原谅也是表面上的 而已,一旦利益不挂钩,你还是会记恨这 个人。

B、感动到你 你倒是真的会原谅一个人,你认为人的 本质里都有单纯善良的一面,那么这个人 只要是真心悔过,在感动你之后,你就会 不自觉的在心里原谅对方

C、给你好处 你是个很小气的人,就是通常所说的小 肚鸡肠的人,所以你的生活圈子里,到处 都是得罪你以及你得罪的人 ,但是只要对 你有所帮助或是给你好处,你马上就会化 敌为友。

D、很低 你比较软弱,相信自己只要不害人别人 就不会害自己,即使遇到给自己难处的人 ,只要对方稍有歉意,你也会觉得自己得 理不饶人,反而不好意思起来,所以你可 以原谅所有人。

Part Division
Way 1:
Parts Paragraphs Main Ideas



Why forgiveness is necessary for human relationships and for your own health and sanity? You should act immediately and deliberately to forgive others although it is difficult to do so. At the same time, you should look back on your own warts and be aware of your own flaws. Forgiving others can get a satisfying reaction. No matter how the person responds to your effort, you will feel happy once you try to forgive him or her.





Part Division Way 2:
Para.1 The necessity of forgiving others. (The introduction of the author’s view) Para.2-4 The difficulties in forgiving others and the reason why we should forgive and how we can go about it. (The author’s argumentation) Para.5-10 The way of dealing with forgiveness. Para.11-15 The benefit of forgiving.

Vocabulary Learning
Workmate工友 词缀:-mate 同学 classmate 同桌 desk mate 室友 roommate

校友 schoolmate 队友 teammate 灵魂的伴侣 soul mate

Sentence Pattern Drills
No…can survive without… 没有人能够在没有水的情况下生存。 No one can survive without water. 没有人能够在没有亲人,没有朋友的情况下过得快乐。 Nobody can live happily without kin/ relatives or friends. 没有人能够在不努力的情况下获得成功。 Nobody can succeed without paying efforts/making endeavors. 没有人能够爬上那座山,如果没有必要的工具。 Nobody can climb that mountain without necessary tools.

Sentence Pattern Drills
It’s not…;It’s … 不是我,而是你。 It’s not me; it’s you. 这不是一件正直的人才会做的事情;这是全天下的人都会做 的。 It’s not a thing that an person of integrity would do; it’s a universal behavior. 这并不意味着失败;这意味着你排除了一种不合适的方法。 It does not mean failure; it means you eliminate an inappropriate way.

Vocabulary Learning
good-tempered sweet-tempered even-tempered hot-tempered ill-tempered quick-tempered short-tempered bad-tempered 好脾气的 性情温和的;脾气好的

脾气温和的 性子急的;易怒的 坏脾气的,易怒的
性子急的;脾气急躁的 脾气坏的;易怒的 坏脾气的

Vocabulary Learning
universal involving everyone in the world or in a particular group
全民的,大家的 Translate the following sentences into Chinese. e.g. The stories have universal appeal. 这些故事吸引了很多人。 e.g. This is a topic of universal interest. 这是一个大家都关心的问题/大家都感兴趣的问题。 e.g. We need a democracy based on universal suffrage投票. 我们需要的是基于全民投票/普选权基础上的民主。 It’s universally acknowledged that…大家普遍认为 大家普遍认为/大家公认的是,获得成功最重要的因素并不是勤奋。 It’s universally acknowledged that the most important factor in achieving success is not/ does not lie in diligence.

Vocabulary Learning cling to 抓住;粘住; 坚持 He clings to the hope that he will succeed. 坚持 The little child wails and clings to his mother. 抓住 The wet T-shirt clings to his body. 粘住

Vocabulary Learning
heal v. 治愈 Eg. The wound in my arms has healed. The doctor’s art of healing is quite remarkable.

Time helped heal the old wounds.

CF: treat, heal & cure
这三个动词均有“治疗”之意。 treat 指通过用药、住院、手术等来治疗疾病。 heal 着重治疗的效果,多指外伤的愈合,也可以 指精神上的创伤的治愈。 cure 也着重治疗的结果,多指治愈内科疾病,也 可用来指消除某种不良的影响。

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the three words above. Change the form where necessary.
1. The dentist is treating my teeth. _______ 2. Penicillin cured him of pneumonia. _____
healed 3. The cut on his finger ______ quickly. cured 4. The new treatment ______ his skin disease.

_____ 5. Time heals most troubles.

B Attempts to _____ unemployment has so far failed. A. treat B. cure C. heal

The rift between the two younger men never C ______. A. treats B. cures C. heals

Sentence Pattern Drills Whoever …should… 任何尝试冒险的人都应该做好失败的准备。 Whoever attempts the adventure should make the preparation for failure. 任何对这个项目有兴趣的人都可以参与进来。 Whoever feels interested in the project can take part. 任何有能力的人都应该贡献自己的一份力量。 Whoever has the capability should contribute his strength.

Sentence Pattern Drills It will be the hardest thing most of us ever have to do. 这是我做过的最有意思的事情。 This is the most interested thing that I have ever done. 这将是我要做的最有挑战性的事情。 This will be the most challenging thing that I have to do.

Vocabulary learning … may roll off the tongue. 词组:trip/roll off the tongue if a name or phrase trips or rolls off your tongue, it is easy or pleasant to say: e.g. Their names trip off the tongue very easily. 做好人可能说起来很容易。 Being a good man may roll off the tongue easily. 永不放弃可能说起来很容易。 Never giving up may roll off the tongue easily.

Vocabulary Learning
sweep/brush … under the carpet 你应该正视自己的错误,不应该隐藏事实。 You should face your own mistakes, and should not sweep the fact under the carpet. 我最憎恨那些隐藏真相的人。 I hate most those people who sweep the truth under the carpet.

Vocabulary Learning
one-off adj. something that is done or made only once: 一次性的餐具其实很不卫生(insanitary)。 One-off kitchenware is actually very insanitary. 我们公司要求一次性付款。 One-off payments are requested in our company.

Sentence Pattern Drills The longer…, the harder… (para.8) The more…, the more…(para.10) The more…, the more… (para. 14) 你越是专注,效率就会越高。 The more attentive you are, the higher the efficiency is. 你实践/实地考察得越多,你就会越了解这个项目。 The more field practice you do, the more you will understand this project.

Vocabulary Learning
Like it or not= (whether you) like it or not used to emphasize that something unpleasant is true or will happen and cannot be changed: 不管你喜欢与否,大多数人总是喜欢以貌取人。 Like it or not, most of the people/the majority tend to judge others by their appearance. 不管你喜欢与否,你得接受新税法。 Whether you like it or not, you will have to live with the new tax law.

Vocabulary Learning
flaw n. a mistake, mark, or weakness that makes sth. imperfect 机器故障使得这个产品出现了瑕疵。 The breakdown of the machine leads to the flaw in the products. 这个武器的缺陷在于不能够迅速开火。 The flaw of the weapon lies in that it can not fire rapidly. The flaw of the weapon is its inability to fire rapidly.

Vocabulary Learning
move n. a step in a course of action towards a particular
result e.g. Men say they like it when women make the first move after quarrelling. 当局没有采取措施/步骤来解决这个争端。 Authorities take no moves to solve the conflict. 下棋的时候,你每一步都应该深思熟虑。 When playing chess, you should have a deep thought about every move. 我对这个舞步不熟,所以显得有点笨拙。 I am not familiar with the dancing moves, so I appear to be clumsy.

Vocabulary Learning
do sb. wrong backbite or misunderstand sb. or treat sb.
unfairly e.g. Everyone dislike being done wrong. 我的老板总是喜欢冤枉员工。 My boss always do the employees wrong. 关联: justify v. 平反,正名 我们要给所有那些被冤枉的人正名。 We would like to justify all those who have been done wrong.

Vocabulary Learning
alternative n. something you can choose to do or use
instead of something else 其他的选择,二中择一 我别无选择,只有将他交给警方。 I had no alternative but to report him to the police. 如果付款还不收到的话,法律手段将是我们唯一的选择。 If the payment is not received, legal action will be our only alternative. alternative to sth./ to doing sth. Is there a viable alternative to the present system? The alternative to curing this disease is to drink a little wine.

Review the expressions
1. 身心健康 2. 彻底根除;根除

physical and mental health
root out

3. 生根
4. 坚持 5. ??的关键 6. 脱口而出

take hold
cling to sth. the core of… roll off the tongue miss the whole point of forgiveness the initial act of … a one-off act constant emotional confrontation Time really doesn’t heal. tackle the art of forgiveness

7. 偏离了宽恕的真正含义 8. ??的最初行为

9. 一次性的行为 10. 不断的情感冲突
11. 时间不会治愈创伤。

12. 运用宽恕的艺术

13. 随着时间的流逝 14. 不管喜欢不喜欢

as time rolls by like it or not

15. 认真审视自己
16. 不隐瞒缺点地 17. 修复破裂的关系 18. 缓和局面 19. 迈出第一步 20. 记住?? 21. 为他们,也是为自己 22. 不再生气 23. 心平气和地对待发生的事

take a long, hard look at ourselves
warts and all heal broken relationships ease the situation make the first move keep…in mind for you just as much as for them let go of your anger be at peace with what happened

In-class practice
Here is some suggestions for dealing with forgiving others.

Firstly, calm yourself.
Secondly, don’t wait for an apology. Thirdly, try to see things from other people’s perspective. . Fourthly, recognize the benefit of forgiveness. If you can do all this, forgiving would not be something difficult.

Oral expressions about apology and forgiving
I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I’m so sorry about/ for…. It is all my fault. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. A thousand pardons for taking up so much of your time. I apologize for what I said just now. Please forgive me for having lost your letter. I hope you will forgive me. Oh, my fault. I (do) beg your pardon. Forgive me for doing ... I regret doing ... / that It’s wrong of me to do ... I owe you an apology for ... May I offer my sincerest apologies for (doing) ...?


Don’t think anymore about it. It doesn’t matter at all. Don’t let it worry you. Please don’t take it too hard. It’s not your fault. I quite understand… Forget it. Well, it’s just one of those things. (这是常有 的事。)/ These things happen. It’s OK. That can happen to the best of us. (没关系。谁都会发生这种事。) It can’t be helped. (这是难免的事) You are only human.


1. This is an argumentation. What’s the author’s point of view? How does he persuade readers? 2. Is he persuasive? Why? 3. Do you agree with the author? Please illustrate your opinion.

What makes a good writing?
1. 2. 3. 4. Clear logic (good structure) Beautiful sentence patterns Various expressions Substantial content

Home assignment
Writing For this part, you are required to write a composition on the topic Sometimes there are reasons for not forgiving others based on the discussion above. Your composition should be no less than 120 words.

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