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2012英语词汇篇人教版选修6 unit 3《A healthy life》课件

以下是一则关于中国政府决定禁烟报道的主要内容。 内容包括:1. 全国公共场所禁烟;2. 实施时间:2011年1月1日起; 3. 目标:所有室内公共场所无烟;4. 措施:张贴禁烟标志。 相关数据:1. 吸烟人数:近期统计约3.5亿; 2. 分布:男性75%;女性:25%; 3. 受二手烟影响人数:约5.4亿; 4. 因二手烟死亡人数:超过10万/年。 参考词汇:二手烟second-hand smoke 请根据以上内容给学校墙报写一篇英语通讯稿,要点包括: 1. 禁烟决定的内容及实施的时间和范围; 2. 目标和措施; 3. 关于禁烟方面的相关数据。 注意:1. 词数100左右; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


Our country begins to carry out the policy that prevents smoking in public buildings since January 1st, 2011. The main aim is to make every public rooms have no smoke by posting the sign of preventing smoking. There are 350 million people smoking recently, in which the male hold 75 percent and the female hold 25 percent. Because of these smokers, about 540 million non-smokers are influenced. More than 100 thousand people die per year because of the second-hand smoke. 句型背诵 ①Our country begins to carry out the policy that prevents smoking in public buildings... ②The main aim is to make every public rooms have no smoke by... ③More than 100 thousand people die per year because of the second-hand smoke.

1. ______ n. 酒;酒精→ ______ adj. 酒精的 2. ______ n. 压力;重音;vt. 加压力于;使紧张 → ______ adj. 产生压力的;紧张的 3. ______ n. 青少年;adj. ______青春期的→ ______ n. 青春期 4. ______ vt.禁止;取缔;n.禁令;谴责→ ______ v.(同义词)禁止;阻止 5. ______ vt. 使习惯于→ ______ adj. 惯常的;习惯了的 6. ______ n. 收回;撤退;戒毒(或脱瘾)过程→ ______ v. 收回;撤退 7. ______ adj.无意识的;自动的→ ______ adv. 无意识地;自动地 8. ______ adj. 精神的;智力的→ ______ adv. 精神上;智力上 9. ______ n. 结果;效力→ ______ v. 影响 10. ______ adj. 怀孕的→ ______ n. 怀孕 11. ______ adj. 畸形的;异常的→ ______ adj. 正常的

12. ______ adj. 气喘吁吁的;屏息的→ ______ n. 呼吸 → ______ v. 呼吸 13. ______ adj. 不健康的;不合适的;不合格的 → ______ adj. 健康的;合适的 14. ______ vt. 加强;巩固;使坚强;vi. 变强→ ______ n. 力气;力量→ ______ adj. 强壮的;坚固的 15. ______ adj. 绝望的;拼命的→ ______ adv. 拼命地;绝望地→ ______ n. 绝望,不顾一切 答案:1. alcohol; alcoholic2. stress; stressful 3. adolescent; adolescence 4. ban; forbid 5. accustom; accustomed6. withdrawal; withdraw 7. automatic; automatically8. mental; mentally 9. effect; affect10. pregnant; pregnancy 11. abnormal; normal12. breathless; breath; breathe 13. unfit; fit14. strengthen; strength; strong 15. desperate; desperately; desperation

1.______ to 由于…… 2. ______ to 对……有瘾 3. ______ to 习惯于…… 4. ______ on 对……作出决定 5. feel______ (doing) 想要(做)…… 6. in______ of 不管;不顾 7. take______ / ______ ______ 冒险 8. ______ ______9. stand 支持;代表 10. be______ of/that... 为……感到惭愧/羞愧 答案:1. due2. addicted3. accustomed4. decide5. like 6. spite7. risks; a risk8. risk9. for10. ashamed

When I was taken off the school football team because I was unfit, I knew______ ______ _______ _______ quit smoking. 而当我因为体质差而被校足球队除名后,我才知道该是我戒烟的 时候了。 答案:it was time to

1. accustom vt. 使习惯于 These people accustomed themselves to hard work. 这些人习惯于艰苦的工作。

I am not accustomed to being interrupted. 我不习惯被别人打扰。 He is accustomed to loneliness. 他对孤独已经习以为常。 常用结构: be accustomed to sth./doing sth.习惯于……(表示状态) become/get accustomed to sth./doing sth. 习惯于……(表示动作) accustom sb./oneself to sth./doing sth. 使某人习惯于…… 注意:to为介词,后面须跟名词或动名词作宾语。 温馨提示:表示“习惯于……”的短语还有:be/get used to doing; adapt oneself to doing; adjust oneself to doing。 【即学即练】 完成句子 ①他的妈妈习惯于早起。 His mother_____ _____ _____ getting up early. ②你会很快适应这里的气候。 You will soon _____ _____ _____ the climate here. 答案:①is accustomed to②get accustomed to

单项填空 ③Since he often travels on business, he can himself to sleeping in any place he can find. (2010· 天津模拟) A. devote B. accustom C. force D. reduce 解析:选B。考查动词辨析。句意为:由于他经常因公出差,他能 适应在任何能找到的地方睡觉。accustom oneself to doing sth. 使某 人适应……,符合句意。devote 致力于;force强迫,迫使;reduce 减少。 2. quit vt. 停止(做某事);离开 He got his present job when he quitted the school. 他退学后得到现在这份工作。 Quit talking rubbish. 别胡说八道了。 常用结构: quit sth.离开…… quit doing sth.停止做某事 【即学即练】 完成句子 ①发现不良习惯时我们必须及时改正。 We must_____ _____ _____ as soon as we find them.

②我没办法戒掉看电视。 I can not_____ _____TV. 答案:①quit bad habits ②quit watching 单项填空 ③Doctors are doing research to find out what happens physically when people______ smoking. A. quit B. decline C. depart D. reserve 解析:选A。句意为:医生正在做当人们戒烟后身体上发生变化的 研究。quit停止做……;decline下倾;下降;下垂;depart离开,启 程;reserve储备,保存;预约。根据句意可知,选A。 3. ashamed adj. 感到惭愧或羞耻的(常作表语) I behaved badly yesterday and I am ashamed (of myself) now. 我昨天表现不好,现在感到很惭愧。 She was ashamed to ask such a simple question. 她不好意思提这么简单的问题。 He was ashamed that he had done the stupid thing. 他很惭愧自己做了这样愚蠢的事情。

常用结构: be ashamed to be/to do sth.耻于做……;因难为情而不 愿意做…… be ashamed that...为……而感到惭愧或羞耻 be/feel ashamed of (doing) sth. 为做……而感到惭愧 be ashamed for sb.替某人感到惭愧 【易混辨析】 ashamed/shameful/shameless ashamed 指事情使人感到羞耻,惭愧,难为情等。 shameful 指事情或行为本身不道德。 shameless 指某人或行为是可耻的。 【即学即练】 单项填空 I was ashamed______ lied to my mother. A. to be B. of having C. that D. of being 解析:选B。句意为:我因为向母亲撒了谎而感到惭愧。A项虽有 be ashamed to do的形式,但后面是lied,所以应排除,故同样排除C 和D。故选B。

4. risk n. 冒险;风险 vt. 冒……风险 If you don’t obey me, you should be at your own risk. 你如果不服从我的话,你应该自担风险。 They knew they risked being arrested. 他们知道自己冒着被捕的风险。 He risked his life to save the drowning boy. 他冒着生命危险去营救那个溺水的男孩。 常用结构: risk doing sth.冒险做…… at the risk of doing sth.冒着做……的危险 at all risks=at any risk无论冒什么险;无论如何 risk one’s life to do sth.冒着生命危险做某事

at risk处境危险;遭受危险 【即学即练】 单项填空 He risked______ his job to see me off. A.losing B. to risk C. being lost D. lost 解析:选A。risk doing sth.冒险做某事,为固定结构。

5. due to由于…… Due to the foggy weather, the traffic moved very slowly. 由于有雾,车辆行进缓慢。 Our happy childhood is due to our father’s hard work. 我们幸福的童年应归功于父亲的辛勤工作。 The failure is due to his carelessness. 失败是由于他的粗心造成的。

【联想拓展】 表示“由于”的短语还有: because of 常作状语,用于口语中,表示“因为,由于”。 on account of 比because of 正式,多用于书面语中。 owing to 构成的短语作状语,既能指积极的原因,也可指消极的原 因,正式用语,多用于公告、声明中。 thanks to 由于,多亏,常用于书面语,多表示正面的情况,有时也 表示反面的情况。 as a result of 由于;由于……的原因。 in/as consequence of 由于……的缘故,常用于书面语中。 in view of 由于;鉴于,常用于书面语中。 【即学即练】 完成句子 ①这场车祸是由于他开车疏忽大意造成的。 This accident was ______ _____ his careless driving. ②多亏你的帮助,这部车现在可以开动了。 _____ _____ _____your help, the car works now.

③鉴于这种情况,我们必须从现在开始着手解决这些不起眼的小问 题。 _____ _____ _____this situation, we must now set out to solve these small matters. 答案:①due to/owing to ②Thanks to ③In view of 单项填空 ④The great success of this program has been largely_____ the support given by the 10 local businessmen. A. instead of B. thanks to C. due to D. as a consequence 解析:选C。instead of不是……而是,代替;thanks to因为,多亏 了,常置于句首;due to由于;as a consequence 结果,不用作表语。 句意为:这个项目的巨大成功主要是由于当地10位商界人士所提供 的支持。 6. addicted to 对……有瘾;入迷;沉溺于(to为介词) Schoolboys are easier to be addicted than schoolgirls to Internet. 男生比女生更容易上网成瘾。 He was addicted to cocaine.他吸可卡因上瘾。 He was addicted to gambling.他赌博成瘾。

常用结构: be addicted to sth./doing sth.=addict oneself to sth./doing sth. 沉溺于某种嗜好;醉心于某种活动 【联想拓展】 addict n. \[C\] 入迷的人;有瘾的人vt. 使……成瘾 addictive adj. 使成瘾的;上瘾的 addiction n. 沉溺;成瘾;上瘾;入迷 【即学即练】 单项填空 Although she is only 17 years old, she______ drugs for two years. A. addicts B. has addicted to C. has addicted D. has been addicted to 解析:选D。句意为:尽管她只有17岁,却已有毒瘾两年了。be addicted to对……上瘾;其中addicted是形容词,前面应有系动词 be。

7. Every time you feel like smoking a cigarette, remind yourself that you are a non-smoker. (P19) 每次你想要吸烟的时候,你要提醒自己:你(已经)是不吸烟的人 了。 every time在句中相当于连词,连接了两个分句;remind后面又跟 了that引导的宾语从句。 用法点拨:时间状语从句通常由when, while, as before, after, as soon as 等从属连词引导,但有时也可由every time, each time,the moment, the day等引导,这时这类词或词组就起到一个从属连词的 作用。 Each time I get a cold, I have a headache. 每次伤风我都头疼。 He phoned me the moment he reached Chicago. 他一到芝加哥就打电话给我。

温馨提示:此外immediately, instantly, directly等词也可引导时间状 语从句。 He made for the door directly he heard the knock. 一听到敲门声他就跑去开门了。 I got in touch with him immediately I received the letter. 我一接到信就和他联系了。 【即学即练】 单项填空 ______ I toured Zhang Jiajie, I was deeply impressed with its beautiful scenery. A. For the first time B. At first C. It was the first time D. The first time 解析:选D。考查句子结构。the first time作连词,引导时间状语从 句。

Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. You mustn’t try taking drugs, because they are easily _a____ and it is hard to get rid of them. 2. They had _a____ themselves to the cold weather here. 3. People can easily become______ (精神上) addicted to drugs when they start taking them. 4. She hopes to get a job on the local newspaper and ______ (最后) work for the Times. 5. She is ______ (不好意思的) of her failure. 6. So I did the wrong thing! Well, nobody’s ______ (完美的). 7. My father has ______ (停止) smoking. 8. The doors opened ______ (自动地) as we approached. 9. Some ______ (青少年) have got into the habit of taking drugs. 答案:1. addictive 2. accustomed 3. mentally 4. eventually5. ashamed6. perfect7. quit/quitted8. automatically 9. adolescents

Ⅱ. 用方框内所给短语的适当形式填空
addicted to/decide on/be accustomed to/manage to/remind/leave out/in spite of/at the risk of/ashamed to/stand for 1. His father has become_______ drugs. 2. I’m sorry for _______ the important point in your speech. 3. His grandfather has _______ life in the mountains from his childhood. 4. How do you _______ carry such a heavy box? 5. These pictures _______ me of my school days. 6. I have _______ buying a bike for my brother’s birthday. 7. She saved my life _______ losing her own. 8. _______ his illness, he works hard. 9. WTO _______ the World Trade Organization. 10. He _______ not having passed the driving test.

答案:1. addicted to2. leaving out3. been accustomed to 4. manage to5. remind6. decided on7. at the risk of 8. In spite of9. stands for10. was ashamed to Ⅲ. 完成句子 1. Her worldwide fame is_____ ______ 归功于)his support.(due) 2. She found it necessary to _____ her child _____(使……养成) getting up early. 3. He kept on smoking _____ _____ _____ (不管) warnings.(spite) 4. It’s so hot today. I _____ _____ (渴望)going swimming. (feel) 5. The girl has _____ _____ (养成)the habit of playing with her hair while reading. (get) 答案:1. due to 2. accustom; to 3. in spite of 4. feel like 5. got into Ⅳ. 单项填空 1. It doesn’t make any _____ now what he says—it’s too late for apologies. A. difference B. effect C. progress D. development

解析:选A。句意为:现在你说什么都不起作用了——道歉为时已 晚。make a difference (to) sb./sth.对……有影响,起重要作用; have an effect on sb./sth.对……有影响;取得进步;make developments取得发展。根据句意,选A。 2. The girl was caught stealing a gold ring_____ flourish(虚荣). A. under the stress of B. to put stress on C. to stress D. from the stress of 解析:选A。句意为:在虚荣心的驱使下,那个女孩在偷一个金戒 指时被逮住了。 under the stress of在……的压力下。 3._____ there are many differences in personality, they have a lot ______common. A. While; in B. Although; on C. In spite of; inD. Thanks to; on 解析:选A。in spite of 为介词短语,后接名词、代词或短语,不能 接句子;而本句第一个空后是句子形式,需填连词, while用作连 词,意为“虽然;尽管”; have...in common为固定短语,意为 “有共同之处”。

4. During the earthquake, the great part of damage and loss of life was_____ the poor quality of the buildings, which couldn’t fight against its force. A. as forB. instead of C. according to D. due to 解析:选D。句意为:在这次地震中,损失和人员伤亡之大是由于 建筑物的质量问题,它们不能抗震。due to意为“由于;归因于”, 符合句意。instead of 不是……而是;代替;according to根据;as for至于;关于。 5. It was a(n) _____ situation, because the restaurant was too expensive for us but we didn’t want to just leave. A. amazing B. curious C. desperate D. awkward 解析:选D。根据because从句的意思可知,这是很难为情的局面, awkward意为 “难为情的;局促不安的”,符合句意。amazing令人 惊奇的;curious 好奇的;desperate绝望的;拼命的。 6. I don’t forget for ever how many years ago______ was that I last met her in the coffee bar. A. this B. it C. which D. when 解析:选B。forget后接的是宾语从句,从句中含有一个强调句型,被 强调的部分是how many years ago, 所以答案为B。

7. I need to buy a new MP4 and cellphone badly but I can’t afford______ . A. one B. that C. it D. the one 解析:选C。it代指前面所提到的to buy a new MP4 and cellphone这 件事情。 8. ______ excited us greatly that the torch relay of 2008 Olympics was held in Qufu, the hometown of Confucius. A. What B. That C. It D. As 解析:选C。it 作形式主语,代替后面真正的主语 that引导的从句。 9. I’ve heard said that Princess Harly was put into prison because of illegal behaviour. A. it B. him C. what D. that 解析:选A。it作形式宾语,that引导的宾语从句为真正的宾语。 10. —Have you get used to the weather here? —Yes. But I don’t enjoy ______ in the summer when it rains on end. A. this B. that C. one D. it

解析:选D。句意为:——你习惯这里的天气了吗?——是的。但是 我不喜欢夏季阴雨绵绵的时候。enjoy后接if/when从句时,需先用 it作形式宾语。有此用法的词还有prefer, dislike, appreciate, hate, love 等。 11. I recognized him_____ I saw him in the crowd. A. now that B. in case C. the moment D. if 解析:选C。句意为:在人群里,我一看到他就认出他来了。the moment(一……就……) 引导一个时间状语从句。now that既 然;in case万一;if如果。 12. He is _____ now. To help him is a _____ that I’m prepared to take. A. in risk; risk B. in danger; risk C. danger; risk D. in danger; in risk 解析:选B。句意为:他现在处于危险中,帮助他是我愿意冒险的 事情。in danger 处于危险中; take a risk采取冒险行为。

13. Much _____ I like this car, _____ I can’t afford it. A. as; /B. though; butC. although; /D. as; but 解析:选A。句意为:尽管我很喜欢这部车,但是我买不起。as 和 though引导让步状语从句时,要用倒装结构,且都不和but连用。 14. They were anxious for a month, ______ away from home without saying a word. A. because of he was B. with their son was C. for him had been D. with their son 解析:选D。句意为:他们的儿子没留下任何消息离家出走近一个 月,他们非常焦急。with+名词+形容词,作原因状语;because of是介词,后面应该接名词或动名词。 15. —What a pity______ ! My new car won’t start. —There must be something wrong in it. A. there is B. this is C. it is D. that is 解析:选C。句意为:——真遗憾,我的新车起动不起来了。—— 它一定出了问题了。此处it指代后一句的意思,两句话会并为一句 为:“It is a pity that my new car won’t start”。

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