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云南省 2012 年 1 月普通高中学业水平考试
第二部分 第一节 单项填空 21. In ____ modern times,_____ cellphones are widely used in rural areas. A. a; the B.不填; the C.不填;不填 D.the; the 22. -----You can take a walk daily if you want to keep healthy. ------___________. A. Yes, that's enough. B. Thanks for your advice. C. I like surfing the Internet. D. Well, that's OK. 23. At about RMB 4,500 this iPhone 4 is good ______for money A. value B. price C. offer D. Currency 24. --What should I do with this passage? --________ the main idea of each paragraph A.Finding out B.Found out C.Find out D.To find out 25. His mother had thought it_______ good for him to get away from home and earn some money on his own. A. has been B. had been C. would be D. will be 26. The _____ shoes were covered with mud, so I asked them to take them off before they got into _____ car. A. girl's; Tom's B. girls'; Toms' C. girl's; Toms' D. girls'; Tom's 27. I felt so bad all day yesterday that I decided this morning I couldn't spend___day like that. A.other B.another C.the other D.others 28.He is old enough to_______ his own living. A. win B. gain C. take D. earn 29.----This dress is last year's style. -----I think it still looks perfect______it has gone out this year. A. so that B. as if C. even though D. ever since 30. — It's the office! So you _____ know eating is not allowed here. — Oh, sorry. A. must B. will C. may D. need 31. One-third of the country _______ covered with trees and the majority of the citizens _______ black people. A. is; are B. is; is C. are; are D. are; is 32.Can you tell me if you have found the key _____ your car. A. for B. to C. about D. by 33. Generally speaking, the media can often help solve problems and draw attention to the cases__________ help is needed. A. where B. when C. which D. that 34. After the earthquake he realized how great_____ was to be alive. A. that B. one C. it D.all 35. He sent me an E-mail, _______ to get further information foe his research. A.hoping B.hoped C. to hope D. hope

36. —How do you like the movie? —It's wonderful. The only pity is that I _______ the beginning. A. would miss B. miss C. had missed D. Missed 37. — I'd like some more cheese. — Sorry, there's _____ left. A. some B. none C. a little D. few 38. A good book is a good friend. you can get the help you need from it. ----You said it______. A. Very interesting. C. I agree B. All right D. I disagree

39. Not until I left home______ to know how much I missed my parents. A. did I begin B. had I begun C. I began D. I had began

40.------What about your journey to Dali? ------We had a pleasant time, but our car _____twice on the way. A.slowed down 第二节 完形填空 B. got down C. put down D. broke down

Making a film takes a long time and is very hard work. Writing the story for the film may take many weeks. Shooting the film often __41___ about six months. Actors and cameramen work __42___ very early in the morning until late at night. Each scene has to be acted and re-acted, filmed and re-filmed, until it is just __43__. Sometimes the same scene ___44_be acted many times. The film studio is like a large __45__, and the indoor stages are very big indeed. Scenery of all kinds is made in the studio. Churches, houses, and for ests are all built of wood and cardboard. Several hundred people work together to make one film. __46___ of these people are the actors and actresses. The director of the film, however, is the most __47__ person in a film studio. He decides how the scenes should be filmed and how the actors should act. Most people go to see a film because they know the film stars are in it. __48_the film may be very bad. It is better to chose a film __49 by a good director. Some famous directors make their films very real; people feel that th ey themselves are _ 50__ the people in the films. 41.A. spends 42.A. from 43.A. really 44.A. need 45.A. factory 46.A. A few B. pays B. when B. right B. dare B. school B. None C. makes C. since C. well C. may C. hall C. All D. takes D. for D. finished D. should D. cinema D. Some

47.A. different 48.A. Sometimes 49.A. was made 50.A. of 第三部分 阅读理解

B. important B. Some time B. which made B. among

C. difficult C. Sometime C. made C. between

D. hard D. Some times D. having made D. for

A (A)Go America offers students exciting summer jobs in the world’s most ex citing continent. Work anywhere in the USA---- the choice of location is yours ! Experience the wide open spaces “ out west ’ , the bright lights of the city or beach life on east resorts(胜地) 。 Then take time out and travel . For more information contact: Go America ! Lindon SE6 WH9 (B) Hi , Great news that you’re thinking of coming over this summer . Orlando is a fantastic place to live in . The weather is wonderful ,the beaches are great , and people are really friendly . It’s only been four months since we arrived ,but we’ve made lots of new friends .I already feel at home and Jane does so . I’m not sure exactly how you can get a permit , but I do know that there are organizations, like Go America , which help foreign students find summer work . There are restaurants, so I’m sure you’d have no trouble getting food .Anyway , let us know what you decide. Lots of love Sally 根据短文内容,判断以下句子的( T )误( F )(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分, 。 满分 5 分) ( )51 .Go America helps foreign students find summer jobs . ( )52. Go America is located in the USA . ( )53. Sally is satisfied with the place where she stays . ( )54. Jane feels at home in Orlando . ( )55. Sally gives advice on how to get a work permit

Many Chinese students who have learnt English for more than ten years are still unable to speak English very well when they meet a foreigner. They seem to have mastered the basic language structure(结构), but a conversation in English will make them feel uneasy. They are afraid that other people might find out their mistakes.

It's uncommon that many students who are bad speakers of English can write English perfectly. This proves that they are unable to organize their idea in English. The center of the problem is that they lack practice and confidence ( 自信). Why should you be afraid? Do you fear those foreigners with whom you are speaking? Don't be shy, they will not laugh at you just for a little mistake you make. The best way to get rid of trouble is to learn to speak by speaking more. I am sure that constant practice will help you succeed. ( )56.What's the best topic for the passage? A. How to speak to foreigners B. How to study English well C. How to organize the idea in English D. Practise speaking English all the time ( )57.According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true? A. We can speak English fluently by doing more speaking. B. If you can write English perfectly, you are able to organize your idea in English. C. If you can write good English composition, you can speak English very well. D.many Chinese students can't speak English freely because they are afraid of making mistakes. ( )58.In the last paragraph, the expression "get rid of" means_______. A. throw away B. set free C. give up D. do with

For many of us, British author J.K Rowling represents success. She created the hugely popular boy wizard Harry Potter series and her personal fortune is said to be larger than of the British Queen. However, she delivered a speech for the Harvard commencement(毕业典礼) about failure. I have decided to talk to you about the benefits of failure. What I feared most for myself a your age was not poverty, but failure. However, the fact that you are graduating from Harvard suggested that you are not very familiar with failure. A mere seven years after my graduation day, I had suffered great failure. A short-lived marriage had come to an end and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless. Now, I am not going to tell you that failure is fun. So why do I talk about the benefits of failure? Simply because failure meant so much to me. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me. I was set free, because my greatest fear had already been realized and I was still alive, and I still had a daughter whom I loved, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so this way I rebuilt my life. I discovered that I had a strong will, and more discipline than I had suspected;

( )59.In paragraph1, J.K Rowling is described as_________ A.a famous businesswoman B.a wealthy mother C.a successful writer D.a good leader ( )60.Rowling said to the Harvard graduates that_______ A.failure is a great fun B.failure has its benefits

C.failure is mother of success D.failure is unavoidable in life ( )61.What dis Rowling learn from failure? A. She no longer pretended and rebuilt her life. B. She began to focus on her family. C. She discovered the beauty of the world. D. She came to understand life in a different way.

A diner(食客) in a very splendid restaurant started to take off his jacket,seeing the,the head waiter dashed over to his table and said.“I’m afraid I must ask you to keep your jacket on,sir,for it is not good manners to do it in such a smart restaurant.” “Now listen".said the diner."I ' ll let yon know that the Queen of England gave me permission to remove my jacket here.’’ “The Qneen of England?”said the waiter in great surprise “Sure”, .replied the dinner,“when 1 was in England hast month. friend of mine a who had a very important position in high Society took me to see the Queen.It was rather hot so I started taking my coat off.The Queen looked over and said,“you may do that in the United State,hut you may not do it here.”So I got the Queen’s permission,right?” ( )62.It can be certain that the story happened_________. A.in England B.in the Qneen’s palace. C.in America D.in an ordinary restaurant ( )63.The diner thought he could take off his jacket because________. A.he was permitted by the Queen of England to do so in the U.S· B.the weather was so hot that no one could stand it. C.He had the freedom of taking off his clothes anywhere. D.He was in such a shabby restaurant. ( )64.What the Queen really meant was that____________. A.people in the U.S were less polite. B.he shouldn’t take off his coat in such a formal occasion in England. C.she permitted him to take off his jacket in America. D.he English and the Americans enioyed different ways of life. ( )65. ----What do you think of the diner? ----I think he was_____ A.a person who was stupid B.a person who had a sense of humor C.such a man as used to make trouble D.always ready to do what the Queen told him to 第二卷 第一节 单词拼写 66. It's said that "Teachers' Day" does not _______(存在) in Japan. 67. As a famous saying goes, "A friend in _______(需要) is a friend indeed."

68. What are the ______(优势) of having a mobile phone? 69. When asked what he would like to drink, he said he ______(喜欢) tea to coffee. 70. Don't worry, Tom is a ______(可靠的) person. He is sure to help you. 第二节 单句改错 71. He is so a great man that we all show respect to him. 71._____________ 72. Although he failed again, he would not lose his hear. 72._____________ 73. He knows almost everything about the village because th brought up there. 73._____________ 74. The teacher took a piece of chalk out the box and began to explain the problem. 74._____________ 75. He looked sad at the cat that was sitting in the cold corner. 75._____________ 第三节 书面表达 假设你是李华刚从英国回来, 想给接待你的房东 Mrs.Green 发一封邮件表示感谢 1. 感谢她对你在英国期间的照顾和帮助 2. 告诉她你参加活动后的一些感受; 3. 邀请她和家人来中国访问或旅游; 注意:词数 80--100 Dear Mrs.Green,

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua

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