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2014 高考英语阅读理解巩固练习(32)及答案
阅读理解 A We live in an age of unprecedented(空前的) opportunity: If you’ve got ambition, drive, and smarts, you can rise to the top of your chosen profession—regardless of where you started out from. But nowadays companies aren’t managing their knowledge workers’ careers. Rather, we must each be our own chief executive officer. Only when you operate from a combination of your strengths and self-knowledge can you achieve true and lasting excellence. To build a life of excellence, begin by asking yourself these questions: “What Are My Strengths?” To accurately identify your strengths, use feedback analysis. Every time you make a key decision, write down the outcome you expect. Several months later, compare the actual results with your expected results. Look for patterns in what you are seeing: What results are you skilled at generating? What unproductive habits are preventing you from creating the outcomes you desire? In identifying opportunities for improvement, don’t waste time developing skill areas where you have little competence. Instead, concentrate on and build on your strengths.

“What Are My Values?” What are your ethics( 道 德 标 准 )? What do you see as your most important responsibilities for living a worthy, ethical life? Do your organization’s ethics resonate(共鸣) with your own values? If not, your career will be likely to be marked by frustration and poor performance . “Where Do I Belong?” Consider your strengths, preferred work style, and values. Based on these qualities, what kind of work environment would you fit it best? Find the perfect fit, and you’ll transform yourself from a merely acceptable employee into a star

performer. “What Can I Contribute?” In earlier eras, companies told businesspeople what their contribution should be. Today, you have choices. To decide how you can best improve your organization’s performance, first ask what the situation requires. Based on your strengths, work style, and values, how might you make the greatest contribution to your organization’s efforts? 1. The following steps are all the ways to find and improve your strengths EXCEPT_________. A. writing down your expectations C. finding out your advantages 2. Which of the following comments is NOT true? A. People should find results they are skilled at generating. B. Processing information by hearing others discuss is the most effective way of working. C. People who work in one team should have similar ethics. D. The fit working environment can help the workers work more efficiently. 3. What can lead to a life of excellence? A. Self-pity and powers. C. Self-awareness and strengths. B. Ambition and smarts. D. Motives and self-knowledge. B. comparing the actual results D. developing your disadvantages

4. How might you make the greatest contribution to your organization’s efforts? A. Do what is needed. C. Work in your own way. 参考答案 1—4 DBCA B. Identify your own strengths. D. Obey the companies’ rules.


B Vincent Van Gogh was not always an artist. In fact, he wanted to be a church

minister but was sent to the Belgian mining community of Borinage in 1879. He discovered that the miners there lived with terrible working conditions and received poverty-level wages. Their families were not well fed and struggled simply to survive. He felt concerned that the small salary he received from the church allowed him to live a normal life, which, in contrast to the poor, seemed unfair.

A rich family in the community offered him free room and board. But Van Gogh turned down the offer, stating that it was the final temptation he must reject if he was to faithfully serve his community of poor miners. He believed that if he wanted them to trust him, he must become one of them. And if they were to learn of the love of God through him, he must love them enough to share with them. He was fully aware of a wide chasm which can separate words and actions. He knew that people’s lives often speak louder and clearer than their words. Maybe it was that same knowledge that led Francis of Assisi to frequently remind his monks(修 士,僧侣), “Wherever you go, preach. Use words if necessary.” There are a million ways to say, “I love you,” without even saying a word! 1、. Among the following statements of Vincent Van Gogh, which is Not true? A. He was an artist. salary C. He thought the wages of the minors too low. D. He once worked as a minister. B. He wasn’t satisfied with his

2、. From the second paragraph, we know _____________. A. Van Gogh was crazy C. Van Gogh was rich B. Van Gogh especially loved to teach children arts D. Van Gogh deeply sympathized with the lower-class

3、. Vincent Van Gogh rejected the offer because _____. A. it was illegal for a minister C. he was devoted to his job B. he wanted to be a minor D. he was dishonest

4、 The sentence “There are a million ways to say, ‘I love you, without even saying


a word.” (the last paragraph) implies that ______. A. actions speak louder than words C. there are numerous ways to express love useless 5、 We can infer from the passage ____________. A. our lives always speak louder and clearer than our words B. the miners there worked under excellent working conditions C. the ministers lived a much better and easier life than the miners at the time D. Van Gogh himself offered to work in the Belgian mining community of Borinage in 1879. B. silence can also show love D. saying “I love you” is

参考答案 1—5 BDCAC

C What is the nature of the scientific attitude, the attitude of the man or woman who studies and applies physics, biology, ch emistry, geology, engineering, medicine or any other science? We all know that science plays an important role in our societies.However, many people believe that our progress depends on two different aspects of science.The first aspect is the application of the machines, products and systems of knowledge that scientists and technologists develop. The second is the application of the special methods of thought and action that scientists use in their work.

He does not accept statements which are not based on the most complete evidence

available.H e rejects authority as the only basis for truth.Scientists always check statements and make experiments carefully and objectively. Furthermore, he does not readily accept his own idea, since he knows that man is the least reliable of scientific instruments and that a number of factors tend to disturb objective investigation. Lastly, he is full of imagination since he often has to look for relationships in data which are not only complex but also frequently incomplete.Furthermore, he needs imagination if he wants to guess how processes work and how events take place. These seem to be some of the ways in which a successful scientist or technologist thinks and acts. 1、 .Many people believe that science helps society to progress through_________ A.knowledge only. C.technology only. B.more than one aspect. D.the use of machines.

2、 .Which of the following statements about a curious scientist is TRUE? A.He doesn’t find confidence and pleasure in work. B.He is interested in problems that are explained. C.He makes efforts to investigate potential connections. D.He looks for new ways of acting. 3、 .According to the passage, a successful scientist would NOT_______________. A.easily believe in unchecked statements. criticize others' research work. C.always u se his imagination in work. D. always use evidence from observation. 4、 .Which word can be used to describe the data that a good scientist uses? A.complete B.objective C.complicated D.accurate B . easily

5、 .What does the passage mainly discuss? A.Application of technology. modem society. C . Scientists' ways of thinking and a cting . B . Progress in

D.How to become a successful scientist.


参考答案 1—5 BCACC

(2012·四川眉山一诊) Cheating is nothing new.But today, educators and administrators are finding that instances of academic dishonesty on the part of students have become more frequent and are less likely to be punished than in the past .Cheating appears to have gained acceptance among good and poor students alike. Why is student cheating on the rise? No one really knows .Some blame the trend on a general loosening of moral values among today's youth.Others have attributed increased cheating to the fact that today's youth are far more pragmatic(实用主义 的) than their more idealistic predecessors(前辈).While in the late sixties and early seventies, students were filled with visions about changing the world, today's students feel great pressure to conform( 随 大 流 ) and succeed.In interviews with students at high schools and colleges around the country, both young men and women said that cheating had become easy.Some suggested they did it out of spite for teachers they did not respect; others looked at it as a game.Only if they were caught, some said, would they feel guilty.“People are competitive.” said a second?year college student named Anna, from Chicago.There's an underlying fear .If you don't do well, your life is going to be ruined .The pressure is not only from parents and friends but from yourself.To achieve.To succeed.It's almost as though we have to outdo other people to achieve our own goals. Edward Wynne, editor of a magazine blames the rise in academic dishonesty on the schools.He claims that administrators and teachers have been too hesitant to take action.Dwight Huber, chairman of the English department at Amarillo sees the matter differently, blaming the rise in cheating on the way students are evaluated.“I would cheat if I felt I was being cheated,” Mr.Huber said.He feels that as long as teachers give short?answer tests rather than essay questions and rate students by the number of facts they can memorize rather than by how well they can combine information, students will try to beat the_system. “The concept of cheating is based on the false assumption that the system is reasonable and there is something wrong with the individual who's doing it,” he said, “That's too easy an answer.We've got to start looking at the system.”

文章大意:本文对越来越多的学生作弊现象进行了剖析。有些人将之归咎于现代青年人 道德价值观普遍松弛。另一些人则将之归咎于现在的学生比过去的学生更为实际。还有些人 认为这种上升趋势应归咎于校方评估学生的方式。 63.Educators are finding that students who cheat________. A.are more likely to be punished than before B.have poorer academic records than before C.can be academically weak or strong D.use the information in later years 答案:C 细节理解题。文章第一段最后一句话提到,学生不论成绩优劣,似乎都认可作 弊行为,因此选 C“成绩优或者劣的学生”符合原文意思。 64.According to the passage, youth cheat because of________. A.the eagerness to succeed B.the easiness to cheat C.the fear of competition D.the impossibility to be punished 答案:A 推理判断题。文中提到了多种学生方面的作弊原因。只有 A 的表达与原文相符, 可以回答题干的问题。B 是文中提到的内容,但不是原因。学生们恐惧的是失败,不是竞争, 不选 C。作弊受惩罚可能性小了但不是没有,所以不选 D。 65.What does the underlined part“the system” refer to? A.The education system. B.The school system. C.The system by which schools punish cheating. D.The system by which students are evaluated. 答案:D 语义理解题。原文说 Huber 将作弊现象的原因归咎于评估学生的方式,后面引 用他的话说明他的观点,学生们如果觉得考题和评分标准不理想,他们就会设法击败该制度。 考题和评分标准正是学生评估体系的内容。 66.Which of the followings would Dwight Huber probably agree with? A.The educational system is sound and students must follow every rule. B.parents alone must take responsibility for the rise in student cheating. C.There should be some changes in the evaluation system. D.Students who cheat should be expelled from school. 答案:C 推理判断题。第三段中将作弊现象增加的原因归咎于评估学生的方式,最后说 应该对这个体系加以审视。可以推测 C 正确。 D

(2012·稳派教育新课改质检) Having a hobby helps to make you a more interesting person and gives you something fascinating to talk about with others. It can also help you to avoid feeling bored and often provides the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. Learning something new is always good for keeping the mind alert and active, as is maintaining a long?term interest in something that attracts you. This will also make you more of an interesting person than a person who is addicted to MySpace, watching TV, or doing other time wasting and unhealthy tasks. Think of a hobby that might interest you. It might be an interest that you always wished you had time to explore, but never had the time or money required to pursue your interest. Collect things for a fashion magazine. Look at the walls in your post office, and think about collecting stamps and what you might need to do to start and maintain a stamp collection. Think of other items you might like to collect, for example, coins, dolls or chocolate wrappers. ________________. Have you ever gone to a museum, looked at the paintings on the walls, and wondered if you could do the same thing? How about trying painting for yourself—in oils or watercolors? Or maybe try drawing with charcoal or colored pencils. Enjoy sport as a hobby. Watch soccer, basketball, golf, athletics or tennis tournaments on television or at your local sports ground. Do you feel that a sport is something that you would love to learn? Think about what it would cost, and the time it would take to learn and play. Do you have the funds available for this type of hobby? Would you have the patience it would take to really learn to play or train for any of these sports? Would you rather play a team sport or an individual sport? Maybe there are friends or family members who already have equipment and uniforms you can have, as well as tips for how to begin your chosen sport. Ask them about their experiences and listen to their suggestions. 文章大意:本文主要介绍了爱好对一个人的好处,以及怎样找到适合自己的一个业余爱 好等。 67.It is implied in the first paragraph that________. A. having a hobby will waste a lot of time. B. a hobby will mean a lot of unexpected chances C. a hobby is no more than a time?killing activity

D. having a hobby will do you good a lot 答案:D 推理判断题。根据第一段第三句的“Learning something new is always good for keeping the mind alert and active” 和 “This will also make you more of an interesting person than a person who is addicted to MySpace, watching TV...”等可 知这一段主要讲的是有一个爱好对一个人的好处。 68.Which of the following is most suitable for the blank? A. Discover art for a hobby. B. Learn art in a museum. C. Make art in your own community. D. Copy art from other painters. 答案:A 细 节 判 断 题 。 从 第 四 段 的 “...a museum, the paintings , in oils or

watercolors,charcoal or colored pencils”等可知是属于艺术方面的,故选 A。 69.The questions in the 5th paragraph are used to________. A. show the curiosity of the writer about sports. B. present some advice for you to consider. C. express the doubt of the writer about sports. D. provide some choices on sports activity. 答案:B 细节理解题。结合最后一段第三句的“Do you feel that a sport is something that you would love to learn?”“Would you rather play a team sport or an individual sport?”可知这些问题的提出是为了给读者考虑的建议。 70.The purpose of writing this passage is to________. A. introduce the importance of a hobby B. explain how a hobby is developed C. teach us how to find a hobby D. prove the effect of a hobby on a person 答案:C 写作意图题。本文主要介绍了一个业余爱好的好处,以及如何找到适合自己的 爱好的各种建议等,所以 C 项符合意图。 E (2012·安徽省皖南高三联合测评) Did you know tigers are the largest living species of cat? Bengal tigers aren't the biggest, but they are still pretty large. The males weigh 180 to 258 kg and females weigh 100 to 150 kg. Adult male tigers are larger than adult females. Another thing that is different about male tigers is that they have a ruff of hair around their necks.

Have you ever heard a tiger roar(嚎叫)? If you have then you know what a loud and sometimes scary sound it can be. Tigers roar for many reasons. They actually roar less often than lions. This is because lions live in groups and most tigers spend a lot of time alone. One of the reasons their roar is so loud is so that it can be heard over long distances. A tiger's roar can be heard for many miles. Here's something really interesting, in 2000, researchers discovered that tigers also communicate in frequencies(频率)that are too low for humans to hear. These frequencies are called infrasounds(次声波). They can travel for really long distances. What's really amazing is that these low sounds go through objects like buildings, forests, and mountains! Besides roaring, tigers also make a growl, hiss, purr and chuff sound. Tigers make the churl sound when greeting other tigers. They roar during the mating (交 配) season to communicate over long distances. Tigers also use chemicals to communicate. Males and females mark the boundary of their areas by spraying a mixture of urine (尿液) and scent on trees, grass, and bushes. Tigers also put scratches on tree trunks to mark their boundaries. A tiger's body is built for capturing and killing large prey. Tigers have powerful legs and a flexible backbone. This helps the tigers to quickly chase and catch prey over short distances. Bengals can leap 10 yards and can jump 15 feet in the air. Wild tigers are found only in Asia. Bengal tigers are protected, and they are the national animal of both Bangladesh and India. To help protect the tigers, the government in India had a special conservation program called project Tiger. Due to this project, the population of wild tigers in India now numbers about 3,500 which is up from the 1,200 tigers that lived there in 1970. Tigers can live in almost any climate. They live in large hunting areas. To survive they need water, shade and food. Tigers are found in rainforests, hot, dry woods, and cold, snowy forests. Tigers also live in mangrove (经济的) swamps, marshes, and tail grasslands. In general, tigers like to be in shade. Unlike lions, they rarely go onto open plains. 文章大意:让我们认识一下兽中之王吧! 71.How can we tell an adult male tiger from a female tiger? A. By the loudness of their roar. B. By examining their powerful legs. C. By looking at the hair around their necks.
- 10 -

D. By watching how fast they can run. 答案:C 细节理解题。由第一段的最后一句“Another thing that is different about male tigers is that they have a ring of hair around their necks”可知根据老虎脖子 上的“一圈毛”可以判断老虎的雌雄。 72.What does the underlined word in the sixth paragraph “prey” mean? A. Animals hunted for food. B. Animals running faster than tigers. C. Animals relying on tigers for food. D. Animals searching for food. 答案:A 词义猜测题。根据前面的“A tiger's body is built for capturing and

killing”中的 capturing 和 killing 判断,该词的意思是“猎物”,所以选 A。 73.Why do tigers roar less often than lions? A. Because they live in groups. B. Because they needn't communicate. C. Because they seldom spend time together. D. Because they communicate in frequencies. 答案:C 细节理解题。根据第二段 “This is because lions live in groups and most tigers spend a lot of time alone”判断,其原因是“老虎很少待在一起”。 74.Why does a tiger spray a mixture of urine and scent on trees, grass, and bushes? A. In order to show how powerful it is. B. In order to attract tigers of a different sex. C. In order to lure(引诱)other animals to come near. D. In order to warn other tigers not to come into its boundary. 答案:D 细节理解题。根据第五段的第二句“Males and females mark the boundary of their areas by spraying a mixture of urine and scent on trees, grass, and bushes” 判断,老虎这么做是为了标出自己的活动范围,以警告其他老虎。 75.From the passage we can infer that________. A.tigers mark their boundaries by scratching on the ground B.a male tiger makes the churl sound to attract a female one C.like other sounds, a tiger's roar can go through buildings D.tigers send different messages by making different sounds 答案:D 推理判断题。根据“Besides roaring, tigers also make a growl, hiss, purr and chuff sound. Tigers make the chuff sound when greeting other tigers.”可知。

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