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优质的产品,实惠的价格,细微的服务”是我们永远的承诺。 "First-class products, favorable price and considerate service" is our ever-lasting promise.

如何写开发信 中国式的开发信:

Dear sirs: From the internet, we get your company name. What I want is just to see that if we have the chance to cooperation in the near future or not. We are a factory of fiberglass in China and our main product is chopped strand mat (CSM) and stitch chopped strand mat and etc. We have been in the field for many years. I can give you the CSM in very competitive price and higher quality. If you need more information, please go to our website: www.fiberglassproducer.com I wonder if you need this product; if you are interested in our products, please kindly return this mail. Maybe now you have regular business partner。if so,please leave my message in your email box,maybe someday it will be useful。 If you need the price to compare with your partner gives, welcome! Yours sincerely Jack

Hi Sir, Glad to hear that you're on the market for fiberglass. We specialize in this field for several years, with the strength of chopped strand mat and stitch chopped strand mat, with good quality and pretty competitive price. Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation! Tks & br, Jack **** company (这里留下公司名、电话、传真、邮件就可以了,正文就可以写的很简单。)

范文 内容很简单,写一封邮件告诉客人 Mike,上次收到的样品已经寄给工 厂了,但工厂说材料不是 ABS,而是 PP,价格他们需要重新核算,但 近期内原材料涨价, 希望您能尽快确认, 我们好采购原材料并安排生产。

Dear Mike, This is Jenny from EDF Co. Ltd. We're so pleased to receive your samples. I already sent them to our factory last week, and was informed the real material is PP, not ABS as you mentioned last time. What's the matter? I'll give you reply as soon as we get the offer from the factory. It will take several days. Please be more patient. But they also told me, the raw material increased these days. Could you please confirm the price quickly after you get it? We'll purchase the raw material and do the production immediately! Looking forward to your reply. Thank you! Best regards, Jenny
这封邮件写得好么?老实说还可以,虽然主动语态和人称多了点,但是内容都点到了,表达也算 通顺,用的词汇也都是挺简单的,不难懂。但是不是有点啰嗦?如果能简单一点,是不是更好? 我们看看第二位应聘者写的 email:

Dear Mike, How are you? We received your all samples. The factory checked the details, and found the material was PP, not ABS as you told. Please give them some more time to re-check the price, because the material is different from the past orders. However, the material was increased very quickly! Therefore, please kindly place the order soon if the price is ok for you! We'll do production asap. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Tommy
这封呢?我个人觉得比上一封号一点,毕竟主动和被动语态结合,“We”只出现了一次,不算太 枯燥。内容也稍微简单了一点,点到位了。最重要的是,他把 purchase the raw material 去掉了, 直接用“We'll do the production asap.”这样更简洁,毕竟你要生产,能不采购原材料么?所以这是 废话。缺点是,我个人感觉还是啰嗦了一点。 我会这样写:

Hi Mike, Samples received and already passed to vendor. The material was PP, not ABS. Offer sheet is preparing and will be sent to you soon. By the way, raw material increased these days, pls make a decision quickly to go ahead after price confirmed. We'll arrange the mass production asap. Thanks and best regards,
C 几句话点到主题,表达清楚就可以了。能用一句话表达的,千万不写两句,省掉一切能省的废 话。 写完以后其实可以读一遍, 看哪句话可以删掉, 哪句话可以换一种表达方式, 少用第一人称, 多用被动语态! 等到你重新检查的时候,发现已经简单的不能再简单, 没词可以删了, 那就点“发 送”吧~~ 特点与缺点(10 个)

1) 邮件写得过长

2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

没有明确的主题 长篇大论的公司或工厂介绍 爱炫耀英文水平 喜欢用奇奇怪怪的字体 主动语态用得太多

We'll send you the samples tomorrow Samples will be sent to you tomorrow



Do you want our products?Do you interested in our products? Are you sourcing for *****? How is your business recently? Would you like to cooperate with us? 告诉客人你是谁,你做什么,你的优势在那里



容易被国外的服务器拦截的, 被默认为垃圾邮件,就是直接被客人删了。只有一种情况除外,当你收到一 个新客人的询价的时候,那你回复的时候,就可以插入报价单或者图片了.

Item: Solar lantern with soft handle Model No.: HBC-294847/KT Description:.................(把详细的规格写清楚) Package: color box MOQ: 1,000pcs Pcs/ctn: 20pcs/ctn Ctn size: 50*40*60cm GW/NW: 20kg/18kg Q'ty/20': ....pcs; Q'ty/40': ...pcs Loading port: Shenzhen Payment terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, etc. Valid time: 60 days FOB Shenzhen: USD2.39/pc CIF Valencia: USD2.45/pc
如果客人要你报很多款产品,没法全部在邮件里写清楚的时候,那就只能用 word 或 excel 做报价单了,但 是最好在完成的时候用 acrobat 生成 pdf 格式,这样就不容易改。因为很多老外比较懒,你辛辛苦苦花了 大半天时间做个完整的报价单给他,他只要删掉其中 price 这栏,就会把它转给别的供应商报价。


喜欢插入 URL 链接 被服务器拦截掉的

Pls give me reply today 用于面对面讲 “Could you please help to give me reply today.”

“please, help, kindly, could, thank you, appreciate"这样的话在邮件来往中是很普遍的。除非你和客人已经 非常熟了,偶尔客套一下即可,平常就可以不需要了。

范文: 范文 西方式的 Sample one:

Hey guy,(巴西) XYZ trading here, exporting LANTERNS with good quality and low price in US. Call me, let's talk details. Rgds, Rick Cell phone: *** 一开始开门见山指出,很高兴获悉您对某某产品感兴趣,我们专业生产这类产品多年,优势 在于什么地方,质量好,价格相当有竞争力。这样就已经把要表达的意思表达出来了。 第二段就是两句话,有问题随时联系我,免费样品随时会寄来供您测试!既表达了你想 要合作的愿望,又表示了自己的诚意,只要您有需要,我们随时为您服务。 特点: 时间就是金钱.简洁,主题明确, 很少会充满 We, 之类的人称的。 I 相反要多用被动语态 多用 could, help 这样的字眼显得十分委婉.字体一般用 “Times New Roman, Arail” 外贸函电里还是有很多精华的东西的,比如“3C 原则”,比如多用被动语态,比如很多专 业的词汇和短语。 Sample two: Hi Sir, Glad to hear that you're on the market for fiberglass. We specialize in this field for several years, with the strength of chopped strand mat and stitch chopped strand mat, with good quality and pretty competitive price. Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation! Tks & br, Jack **** company (这里留下公司名、电话、传真、邮件就可以了,正文就可以写的很简单。) Tel: *** Fax: *** Mail: *** Website: ****** (请记住,如果你非要在里面加上网页链接,请放在签名里,不要放正文, 让人感觉更像搞推销的,不太好。) Sample three: 中国式的: Dear Mr. Mukund Kamath, I know you as Ideal Icecream from indiamart. You company looks fabulous. It is grateful to know

you. As you are in the line of ice cream, and you have the processes of homogenization and refrigeration, so homogenizers and ice cream freezing machine are necessary for you. And coincidently, we can provide various types of homogenizers and ice cream freezing machine for you. Enclosed is the catalog, please check it. If our products meet your need, please tell me the type then I can give you more details, if not, please give me some suggestions about our machines. Thank you very much. Best regards, Dear Mr. Mukund Kamath,( 西方式) Glad to get your contact info from Indiamart! We supply homogenizers and ice cream freezing machine with good quality and very competitive price. Hope to be a partner of your company! E-catalog will be provided if needed. Email me or just call me directly. Thank you! Best regards, Mandy ******Co., Ltd. Add: *** Tel: *** Fax: *** Mail: *** Web: *** Sample Four Hi, purchasing manager. Good day! We are XXXX supplier,and we have researched & designed some new product. If you are interested in, I 'll send you our catalogue. Thanks for your valuable time. Regards. Yours, XXX(Ms) compnay name Website:www ADD:XXXXXX TEL:+86 XXXXX FAX:+86 XXXXX Sample Five: Dear purchasing manager. Sorry to bother you again. Pls take a look at the attachment which is the catalogue of our DVR cards including price for your

reference. Hope this will help you. Any question will be appreciated. Regards. Yours, XXX(Ms) compnay name Website:www ADD:XXXXXX TEL:+86 XXXXX FAX:+86 XXXXX Sample Five Hi sir, Sorry for re-troubling! Regarding our hot-selling DVR cards, attached the E-catalogue with offer for your review. Any questions, that will be much appreciated! Thanks. Kind regards, Sample six: Dear Mr.Purchase Manager Thanks for your time to read my message,and wish you very well. I just want to ask one question. Did you ever import boxing products made in PU or PVC from China? Looking forward to your early reply. Best regards

二:如何跟踪客户 如何跟踪客户:

1) 想出自己的优势 想出自己的优势:
第一, 我能在第一时间回复客人;第二,我能一次性给全所有信息,包括产品信息和包装资料, 价格,装箱量,起订量,装柜数,装运港,以及计算运费等等,只要客人一封询价 email 就能得到完整回复;第三,我能提供免费样品;第四,我能提供免费样本;还有第五第 六第七第八,只要你用心去想,就一定能想出一些你的优势所在的……… 第二, 样品的运费贵的时候,可以跟客人谈谈, 他下一次什么时候有货要出, 你把样品寄给他出货 的供应商,放在柜子里一起出。

第三,客户不回复 主要看具体情况, 看客人是怎么“死”的, 不同的“死” 第三 客户不回复, 起死回生并不是不可能, 客户不回复
法自然有不同的应变方法呢。 1)假设客人以前和你做过,由于质量出了问题,做了一单以后没下文了,那就要花时间去重新 赢得客人对你的信任。比如说跟他多沟通,推荐新产品,希望他下试单,甚至可以考虑放开付款 方式,比如做 O/A,减少客人风险,再给他 2%的 service compensation charge,作为售后服务中 2%的赔付,等等。办法很多,自己要多动动脑筋哦~~ 2)假设客人你一直在联系的,某一天突然没消息了,那就可以打打电话看,找找具体原因在哪

里。 可以先发邮件,再跟电话,了解真实的情况!这点至关重要,不管能不能合作,不管有没有订单, 一定要弄明白为什么没有拿下订单,为什么客人不选择和你合作,要把原因找出来,才能分析自 己的弱点啊。我认识的大部分 sales 都是喜欢报价,来来回回几次,客人没消息了,就不管了。 再给别的客人报价,再联系,几次以后没消息了,就又不管了。一定要想尽一切办法撬开客人的 嘴巴,让他亲口告诉你真正的原因!!你才能知道自己的问题在哪里!! ! ! 比如春节时候客人不来,那你就要主动一点,可以问问客人,什么时候会来中国?你希望和 他见个面,希望他能抽一点点时间给你,不管他去中国的哪个城市,你都会飞去见他。 又或者,你们如果去科隆参展或者去欧洲其它国家,可以专门去拜访他。或者参加广交会或 其它展会,也要告诉他摊位号,希望和他见面。 总之要和客人保持互动,可以不合作,但要明白原因。

邮件追踪 Dear ***, Sorry to trouble you again! Please find my mail below. Could you please kindly check by return today? Because we'll be on holiday from May.1st to 3rd. Thank you in advance! Best regards, Cindy 先写得委婉一点,把你上次写给他的邮件放在下面。如果他还是没回复,那就再重新发一 遍,上面加上大写的红色的或者粗体的“RE-SEND!!”如果还是没消息,就打电话吧~把之 ! 前的邮件粘贴在后面,所有的东西都需要文本的确认。 电话追踪: 你可以这样做,电话里说的东西,谈的东西你先记下来,等电话打完后,马上跟一封邮 件过去: Hi ***, As we discussed on the phone, there were some details as below: 1)***** 2)***** 3)***** Please confirm by return asap. We'll do everything according to your request! Thank you! Kind regards, *** 范文:

Hope you are fine, my friend. It is regret that I haven't receive any information from your side. May I have your idea about our offer? We will try to satisfy you upon receipt of your reply. As we don't want to lost a good

customer like you! If there is anything we can do for you, we shall be more than pleased to do so. Hope we can build good cooperation with your. 如果客人还没有回信,一周后再问客人不回信的真实原因.(一般情况,70%的客人会告诉你他 的原因) Glad to contact you again! Have you kindly check my offer? Hope they are workable for your market! Sorry that we still don't receive any information from you. I would apprreciate for your any comment about our offer, including price, quality, sercive. No matter if it is positive answer, It is great help for us to meet your requirement. Waiting for your favorable reply soon! 之后的日子里,可以尝试新产品的报价,刺激下客人的神经. 我通常是这样写的: good day! my quotation of digital photo frame you might have received and considerated. could you kindly advise your comments at your earlier convenience? if the products isnot your are expecting,pls advise me your details requirement, i will re-offer asap. i am of service at any time! 但是,不同的客人,我会变换着写邮件,让客人知道我们公司,产品的存在.我不会把客人 缠得太紧,约十来天给他一封邮件我通常这样回复的: Dear ***, Wish you have a nice day! May I ask whether you have received my quotation?Now I am sending it again,if you have any other ideas.Please feel free to contact me.We will do much better if you can give any advices to us. I am waiting for your reply ASAP. Best regards Wennie.但是,想成功可不是容易的事情. dear sir have you received our quotation of ..., if you have any further question,please don't hesitate to contact us.we are waiting for you comment about our quotation. we hope that we can establish a good business relationship with you in the nearest future. your prompt reply will be appreciate.

回复 A:直接去函敦促 Dear Hugo Chu, Wish everything well with you and your esteemed company ! We are in receipt of your letter dated Aug 10 , and as requested was expressed you 3 catalogues for our refrigeration goods . We hope they will reach you in due course and will help you in making your selection . Wish we will promote business as well as friendship! Best wishes ! Kevin 回复 B: 先写邮件问清情况。本人觉得先写邮件问清情况,简单的询问,如 HAVE YOU RECEIVED MY P/I, IS THERE ANY QUESTION OR PROBLEM WITH YOU? 再问何时开 L/C 或汇订金过来.....如客户没回复, 那你应该(很有必要)打个电话过去问清情况。 是价格问 题还是临时发生改变? 客户是中间商, 还在等最终客户的确认?还是其它问题?然后根据情 况做一些措施看能否挽回这一张订单。 Dear Sir, Good morning! Hope you have got a wonderful weekend! For several days no news from you, my friend. Now I am writing for reminding you about our offer for item of **** dated ** ** ** according to your relative inquiry. Have you got (or checked) the prices or not? ( You can add some words to introduce your advantage of your product or something else to attract the customer). Any comments by return will be much appreciated. It will be our big pleasure if we have opportunities to be on severice of you in near future. Looking forward to your prompt response, Thanks and best regards, Yours Faithfully Kevin 回复 C: 如果仍然没有回音的话, 可以在一、 两个月后再写一封信。Dear Sir, Now I am writing for keeping in touch with you for further business. If any new inquiry, welcome here and I will try my best to satisfy you well with comptetitive prices as per your request. By the way, how about your order (or business) with item ***? If still pending I would like to offer our latest prices to promote an opportunity to cooperate with each other. Thanks and best regards, Kevin

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