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2015 届高考英语二轮专题复习小题精做:完形填空 5
Learning to accept I learned how to accept life as it is from my father. ____, he did not teach me acceptance when he was strong and healthy, but rather when

he was ____ and ill. My father was _____ a strong man who loved being active, but a terrible illness ____ all that away. Now he can no longer walk, and he must sit in a chair all day. Even talking is _____. One night, I went to visit him with my sisters, we started _____ about life, and I told them about one of my ______. I said that we must always give things up _______ we grow---our youth, our beauty, our friends--- but it always ____ that after we give something up, we gain something new in its place. Then suddenly my father _____ up. He said, “But, Peter, I gave up _____! What did I gain?” I thought and thought, but I could not think of anything to say. _____, he answered his own question, “ I ______ the love of my family.” I looked at my sisters, and saw tears in their eyes, along with hope and thankfulness. I was also _____ by his words. After that, when I began to fell irritated (愤怒的) at someone, I _____ remember his words and become ______. If he could replace his great pain with a feeling of live for others, then I should be _____ to give up my small irritations. In this ______, I learned the power of acceptance from my father. Sometimes I ____ what other things I could learned from him if I had listened more carefully when I was a boy. For now, though, I am grateful for this one _____. 21. A. Afterwards B. Therefore C. However D. Meanwhile 22. A. tired B. weak C. poor D. slow 23. A. already B. still C. only D. once 24. A. took B. threw C. sent D. put 25. A. impossible B. difficult C. stressful D. hopeless 26. A. worrying B. caring C. talking D. asking 27. A. worrying B. caring C. talking D. asking 28. A. as B. since C. before D. till 29. A. suggestsB. promises C. seems D. requires 30. A. spoke B. turned C. summed D. opened 31. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything 32. A. surprisingly B. Immediately C. Naturally D. Certainly 33. A. had B. accepted C. gained D. enjoyed 34. A. touched B. astonished C. attracted D. warned 35. A. should B. could C. would D. might 36. A. quiet B. calm C. relaxed D. happy 37. A. ready B. likely C. free D. able 38. A. case B. form C. method D. way 39. A. doubt B. wonder C. know D. guess 40 .A. award B. gift C. lesson D. word 2. A proud father has named his son after a computer software term. Jon Blake Cusack, from Michigan, told local newspapers the US traditional way of adding “Junior” after a boy’s name was too 21 . So, when his son was born last week, he decided on the name Jon Blake Cusack 2.0, as if he were a __22__ upgrade. Mr. Cusack admitted that it took months to 23 his wife, Jamie, to accept the idea. Mrs. Cusack said she asked several friends whether they can accept this name or not. All the men, she said, felt the name was __24 . However, her

women friends did not think so. “I think the women ___25__ like it,” she said. Mr. Cusack told the local newspaper he got the 26 from a film called The Legend of l900, in which an abandoned baby is given the name 1900 to remember the year of its 27 . “I thought if they could do this. Why can’t we?” After little Jon 2.0 was born, Mr. Cusack even sent a celebratory e-mail to the family and friends designed to look as if he and his wife had 28 a new software. “I wrote things like there are a lot of new features from Version 1.0 with 29 features from Jamie”, he said. And he is already planning for his son’s future. “If he has a 30 , he could name it 3.0,” he said. 21. A. ordinary B. usual C. normal D. common 22. A. software B. program C. machine D. computer 23. A. advise B. suggest C. persuade D. ask 24. A. cool B. bad C. out-of-date D. strange 25. A. take up B. add up C. end up D. get up 26. A. plan B. opinion C. thought D. idea 27. A. growth B. birth C. name D. time 28. A. created B. founded C. discovered D. found 29. A. newer B. common C. additional D. scarce 30. A. son B. child C. friend D. daughter I would like to suggest that for sixty to ninety minutes each evening all television broadcasting in the United States be forbidden by law. Let us take a , reasonable look at what the results might be if such a(an) were accepted. Families might use the time for a real family hour. Without the distraction (分散注意力) of TV, they might together after dinner and actually talk to one another. It is well known that many of our ----everything in fact, from the generation gap to the high divorce rate to some forms of illness ----are caused at least in part by to communicate. By using the quiet family hour to our problems, we might get to know each other better, and to like each other better. On evenings when such talk is , families could discover more active pastimes(娱乐). Freed from TV and forced to find their own activities, they might take a together to watch the sunset they might take a walk together. free time and no TV, children and adults might discover reading. There is more entertainment in than in a TV program. report that the generation growing up with television can hardly write an English sentence, at the college level. is often learned from reading. A more literate new generation could be a product of the quiet hour. A different form of reading might also be done it was in the past: reading aloud. The quiet hour could become the story hour. When the ends, the TV networks might be forced to with better shows in order to get us back from our newly- discovered activities. At first glance, this idea seems radical(激进的). will we spend the time then? The fact is: it has been only twenty-five years since television came to control American free time. Those of us thirty-five and older can childhoods without television. It wasn't that difficult. 3.A. valuable B. pleasant C. serious D. quick 4.A. suggestion B. advice C. opinion D. offer 5.A. get around B. sit around C. meet with D. stand

stiff 6.A. misfortunes 7.A. physical 8.A. failure 9.A. comment 10.A. impossible 11.A. ride B. 12.A. And B. 13.A. At B. 14.A. a good book composition 15.A. Professors 16.A. yet B. 17.A. Skill 18.A. before 19.A. talk B. 20.A. come across 21.A. How B. 22.A. remind

B. troubles C. affairs D. problems B. mental C. common D. familiar B. attempt C. ability D. permission B. talk C. discuss D. remark B. unpleasant C. funny D. unnecessary look C. walk D. rest But C. Or D. While With C. For D. In B. a fine poem C. a quiet hour D. a B. Scientists C. Educators D. Parents still C. just D. even B. Writing C. Speaking D. Listening B. as C. after D. when programme C. performance D. quiet-hour B. come about C. come out D. come up Whether C. What D. If B. recognize C. remember D. know

Our three-year-old daughter Becky wanted a dog. But we were too busy to buy one. One day, Becky ran in, shouting, “Mom! Come to see my dog!” Her face was red with 36 . I followed her to the bush and found a 37 ! He was hurt. Seeing me, he stood up 38 ! I could see his teeth! God! My mouth felt dry. “Don’t be afraid. That’s Mom. She 39 you, too.” Becky said. Then he became friendly. It was 40 ! I 41 to find my husband and told him about the wolf. We should have 42 the wolf, but Becky loved him. Besides, he was gentle(温柔的) to Becky. So we called the vet finally. Becky named the wolf (狼) Ralph , 43 she carried food to him every day. Later, Ralph got well. They played together in the daytime. At night, Ralph would return to the mountains. Sometimes he 44 but came back several days later. On Becky’s first day of school, we could see Ralph’s 45 . After the school bus left, Ralph lay by the side of the road and 46 . When Becky returned, he got happy again. This 47 throughout Becky’s school years. Twelve 48 passed. One day we heard that a she-wolf was killed. The other wolf was hurt and ran away. We were 49 about Ralph. That night, Ralph returned with a wound (伤). Fifteen-year-old Becky held his head and 50 him. We hope he could come through. However, he 51 . Becky cried. I noticed something strange in the bush — two little yellow eyes! Ralph’s 52 ! Before he died, Ralph 53 his child to us! He knew he would be 54 here, as he had been. Ralph, Ralph... I was 55 . “Don’t be afraid, little ... Ralphie. That’s Mom. She loves you, too.” 23.A. encouragement B. entertainment C. agreement D. excitement 24.A. dog B. fox C. wolf D. tiger

25.A. lovely 26.A. hurts hates 27.A. wonderful 28.A. prepared 29.A. loved 30.A. and 31.A. disappeared 32.A. sadness 33.A. slept 34.A. stopped continued 35.A. days 36.A. surprised 37.A. comforted 38.A. succeeded 39.A. mother 40.A. posted 41.A. safe 42.A. confused

B. finally B. loves

C. suddenly C. kills

D. patiently D. D. normal D. wanted D. killed D. or D. came D. anger D. waited D. D. years D. careful D. amused D. woke D. child D. threw D. friendly D. frightened

B. unhappy C. unbelievable B. rushed C. pretended B. found C. damaged B. but C. so B. turned C. passed B. dream C. understanding B. left C. sang B. joined C. lived B. weeks B. puzzled B. beat B. died B. father B. brought B. happy B. disappointed C. months worried washed cried C. wife C. sold C. warm moved C. C. C. C.

参考答案 1. CBDAB CDACA 【解析】 2. DACAC DBACB 【解析】 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.D 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.D 11.A 12.C 13.B 14.A 15.C 16.D 17.B 18.B 19.D 20.D 21.A 22.C 【解析】 试题分析: 作者建议美国每天晚上在法律上禁止 60-90 分钟的电视转播, 而这些时间应当用 于家人之间的交流及阅读书籍。 3.C 上下文连串。作者在第一段提出了自己的建议。下面解释自己的理由。首先作者建议 用认真理性的态度考虑这个建议被接受后的结果。根据 reasonable 的含义也可判断出。 4.A 名词辨析。从空白前的不定冠词可以排除 advice。从文章第一句作者就表明自己要提 出建议,因此选 suggestion。如果这样的建议被接受。 5.B 短语辨析。sit around 固定短语,一般指坐着没事干。这里指吃过饭,全家人坐在餐 桌旁交流。 6.D 名词辨析。由 many 可以推断出该空应该填入可数名词,首先排除 trouble,该空后的 破折号是对空白处词的解释。这里指我们面临的许多问题。 7.B 上下文连串。mental illness 精神疾病。这里指家庭缺少交流、理解而引起的往往是 精神疾病。 8.A 名词辨析。A 失败;B 尝试;C 能力;D 允许。根据上下文可以判断出答案。我们也许 知道家人少于交流。 9.C 动词辨析。“discuss our problem 讨论问题”。这里指家人坐在一起讨论问题,增进
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了解。 10.D。形容词辨析。unnecessary 没有必要的。晚上这样的交谈是没有必要的,家人聚会 还可以找到新的消遣形式。 11.A 名词辨析。由下面的 they might take a walk together 可以排除 A 项。为了看日出, 开车到某个地方是很可能的。 12.C。连词辨析。此题用 or“或者” ,这里表示选择。这里指英语句子或者常常从阅读中 学到。 13.B 介词辨析。with free time and no TV 表示原因。这里指由于没有电视而有空余时 间。 14.A 上下文连串。此题与前句是顺承关系。一本好书包含的乐趣多于一个电视所提供的。 15.C 名词辨析。educator“教育者”。此句讨论的问题应当是教育方向的问题。 16.D 副词辨析。教育者的研究显示:看电视长大的这一代人几乎不会写一个英语句子,甚 至上了大学的人也不行。Even 表示强调。 17.B 名词辨析。A 技巧;B 写;C 说;D 听。这里指学生看电视过多,因此不会写句子。 18.B 连词辨析。as 作因为,由于。A 在??之前;C 在??之后;D 当??时候。这里指 因为它是在过去。 19.D 上下文连串。阅读的那种安静时间可以变成讲故事的时间,这时,电视网络系统就必 须提供更好的节目以把人们再吸引回来。 20.D 短语辨析。come up with “提出、提供”,不能用被动语态; come across:“偶 遇”; come about:“发生,产生”; broadcast“广播,播放”,不与 with 连用。 21.A 疑问词辨析。A 怎么;B 是否;C 什么;D 如果。那么我们怎么花费时间呢? 22.C 动词辨析。remember 记得。A 回忆;B 辨认;D 知道。我们当中 35 岁及其以上的人还 应该能记得没有电视的童年。 考点:考查议论文 23.D 24.C 25.C 26.B 27.C 28.B 29.D 30.A 31.A 32.A 33.D 34.D 35.D 36.C 37.A 38.B 39.D 40.B 41.A
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42.C 【解析】 试题分析:本文讲述了女儿和 Ralph 之间深厚的感情,是现实版的狼图腾。 23.D 名词辨析。A 鼓励 B 娱乐 C 协议 D 兴奋;Becky 兴奋地跑进来然我们去看她的狗。 24.C 上下文串联。根据下文第 6 空后的 about the wolf 说明这是一只狼。 25.C 词义辨析。A 可爱的 B 最后 C 突然 D 耐心地;看见了我,它突然就站立起来,露出牙 齿。 26.B 动词辨析。A 伤害 B 爱 C 杀死 D 讨厌;不要怕,她是妈妈,她会爱你的。 27.C 形容词辨析。A 很棒 B 不开心 C 难以置信 D 正常;它变得友好,真是难以置信啊! 28.B 动词辨析。A 准备 B 奔跑 C 假装 D 想要;我奔跑进家里找到丈夫告诉他这一切。 29.D 动词辨析。A 爱 B 发现 C 破坏 D 杀死;我们本可以杀死这头狼,但是女儿很爱它。 30.A 连词辨析。女儿给它起名为 Ralph 并每天带食物给它吃。慢慢地它好转了起来。 31.A 动词辨析。A 消失 B 转身 C 经过 D 来;有时候它会消失,几天后又回来了。 32.A 名词辨析。A 悲伤 B 梦想 C 理解 D 生气;在女儿上学那天,第一次感觉到了它的悲伤。 33.D 动词辨析。A 睡觉 B 离开 C 唱歌 D 等待;Ralph 躺着路边等待女儿回来。 34.D 动词辨析。A 停止 B 加入 C 生活 D 继续;这样的生活一直继续到女儿学习结束。 35.D 上下文串联。根据下文 Fifteen-year-old 说明 12 年过去了。 36.C 形容词辨析。A 惊讶 B 困惑 C 担心 D 细心;我们很担心它的安全。 37.A 动词辨析。A 安慰 B 击败 C 洗 D 娱乐;Becky 弯腰下去安慰它。 38.B 动词辨析。A 成功 B 死亡 C 哭 D 苏醒;指 Ralph 最终没有撑过来,死了。 39.D 名词辨析。A 母亲 B 父亲 C 妻子 D 孩子;根据下文所述,Ralph 把他的孩子给了我们。 40.B 动词辨析。A 邮寄 B 带来 C 卖 D 扔;Ralph 把它的孩子带给了我们。 41.A 形容词辨析。A 安全 B 开心 C 温暖 D 友好;他知道在我们这里是很安全的。 42.C 形容词辨析。A 困惑的 B 失望的 C 感到的 D 害怕的;我被它感动了。 考点:考查故事类短文阅读 点评:本文讲述了女儿和 Ralph 之间深厚的感情,是现实版的狼图腾。本文主要是测试学生 综合运用语言的能力, 即从语篇的角度综合测试阅读理解能力、 词汇的掌握和对英语习惯用 语的熟悉程度、以及语法规则的灵活运用。考生做题时必须时刻从上下文考虑,不应该只看 到所添的词在短语或句子内是否可行。因此,在做题时最好将全文通读一下,了解了全文的 意思以后再作答。

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