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(湖北专版)2014高考英语大二轮 增分精品专题复习试题 容易“顾此失彼”的“main idea”型主旨大意题


容易“顾此失彼”的“main idea”型主旨大意题
Test 1 (2013·湖北省鄂西示范校高中毕业班质量检查)

Anyone who’s heard the story of the three little pigs might have some reservations about the use of w

ood as a building material. But architects and engineers are reusing wood as a quick and ecofriendly solution to modern construction—and not just for pioneer?style log cabins. The recent completion of an eight?storey wooden office block in Austria and a nine?storey housing block in London shows how the “wooden building” is fast becoming a reality.The LCT One building is a building made from both wood and concrete and designed by Austrian architectural firm Cree. Cree claims that building the glulam ( 胶合层 木 ) elements of the building off?site in advance cuts construction time by half,guarantees quality and reduces the buildings carbon footprint.Concrete gives off nearly its own weight in carbon dioxide as it’s produced;the raw material for wooden skyscrapers,by contrast, literally grows on trees and absorbs carbon from the air as it does so. Nabih Tahan,an architect,said:“We want to make buildings like car companies make cars,or computer companies make computers,using an industrial process and a system’s approach.To get good performance out of buildings,you can’t keep making them wildly piece by piece on site,cutting things in the rain.You need to design them right and have a step?by?step organized process.” British architects Waugh Thistleton calculated that they avoided producing nearly 125 tons of carbon dioxide in building what is so far the world’s tallest modern wood structure,the nine?storey Stadthaus building. Architects are now competing to build everhigher , evergreener wooden

buildings.Already construction has begun on a 10?floor residential block made from CLT in Melbourne, Australia.However, building regulations threaten to nip the growth of wooden structures in the bud. Many countries restrict the maximum height of wooden buildings.In Russia the limit is just four floors,in Canada it’s six,while in the US and China it’s a mere five. 语篇解读 这是一篇说明文,主要介绍了建筑师们现在重新利用木头来建造房屋的情

况,并说明了该种房屋节省原料以及具有环保的作用等。 1.Why is the wooden building becoming popular? A.Because it has building materials prepared in advance.

B.Because it doesn’t need concrete any more. C.Because it has the style of pioneers’ log cabins. D.Because it is environmentally friendly. 解析: 考查细节理解。根据文章第二段内容、第四段的“Concrete gives off nearly its own weight in carbon dioxide...as it does so.”和倒数第三段的内容可知,木头 建筑受欢迎是因为它环保,故选 D。 答案: D 2.According to Nabih Tahan,making buildings________. A.adopts a way of the production line B.needs the help of the computer companies C.is a performance of architects on site D.has to cut things piece by piece 解析: 考查细节理解。根据第五段的内容可知,他认为这种房子,可以像生产汽车或 生产电脑一样,采取流水线的方式,因此选 A。 答案: A 3.The underlined word “nip” in the passage may mean “________”. A.prevent C.achieve B.promote D.maintain

解析: 考查词义猜测。根据该词前后的内容“building regulations threaten”和 “the growth of wooden structures in the bud”以及最后一段内容可推知,这个词在这 里表示“阻碍”的意思。 答案: A 4.What’s the main idea of the passage? A.Concrete is used less in modern skyscrapers. B.Wooden building materials have greater strength. C.New wooden buildings promise eco?friendly buildings. D.More wood is used in buildings to save time. 解析: 考查主旨大意。本文主要介绍了建筑师们利用木头来建造房屋的情况,该种房 屋不但省时省力,而且还具有环保的作用,因此 C 项最能概括本文主旨。 答案: C Test 2 (2013·湖北省春季宜昌三校高三年级三月联考) While traveling through Sweden a few years ago,I was struck by the large number of young fathers pushing their babies in strollers (推车) or accompanying their young children in parks.Later,I found out that this was due to Sweden’s generous parental

leave policy,which gives new parents significant paid leave from work and encourages gender (性别) equality in the workplace and at home. The Swedish government provides a total of 13 months of shared paid leave for parents,paying them 80% of their salaries,up to a limit.However,this time must be split between the parents,with each taking at least two months off from work.By encouraging both parents to participate fully in child care responsibilities early on,this policy helps to reduce the negative effect of parenting on careers. Most developed countries have mandatory ( 强制性的 ) paid parental leave.The United States does not, though some states do provide for some paid maternity leave.In the USA new parents face a difficult and costly situation,with limited time and money to care for babies.Our governments often talk about the importance of

children and families,but our policies make it very difficult for people to have them without putting their careers and finances at risk.We should change this by establishing our own national paid parental leave program. Such a program would not be free,of course,but it would be affordable.Sweden’s leave program costs just 0.8% of its GDP,a small price to pay for a widespread benefit for families.This is not a selfish proposal;I do not have any children and would be unlikely to benefit directly from any of this. Parenting is not a universal choice.But it is a standard part of the life path for many.People should not be forced to choose between their careers and their family life,and women should not face unfair workplace treatment due to parenting.Early parenting duties shouldn’t be seen as the sole responsibility of mothers. Instead, they should be a shared responsibility for couples.A generous parental leave program aimed at all parents is an excellent way to achieve these goals. It is time that we established our own national paid parental leave program. 语篇解读 本文为议论文。 作者在文中主要阐述了美国建立全国性的带薪育儿休假制度 的必要性。 5.What was the writer impressed by while traveling through Sweden a few years ago? A.Many baby strollers in parks. B.Many homeless children in streets. C.Many young fathers caring for children. D.Many mothers feeding their babies. 解析: 考查细节理解。根据第一段中的“I was struck by the large number of young fathers pushing their babies in strollers ( 推 车 ) or accompanying their young

children in parks.”可知,作者在瑞典旅游时看到很多年轻父亲用手推车推着孩子或和孩 子玩耍,这给他留下了深刻的印象。 答案: C 6.Which of the following is true about Sweden’s parental leave policy? A.Fathers can take a 6?month parental leave. B.Fathers can take a 13?month parental leave. C.Parents are paid 100% of their salaries if they take parental leave. D.Sweden’s leave program costs about 8% of its GDP. 解析: 考查细节理解。根据第二段第一、二句“The Swedish government provides a total of 13 months of shared paid leave for parents, paying them 80% of their salaries, up to a limit.However,this time must be split between the parents,with each taking at least two months off from work.”可知,瑞典给每对夫妇双方提供总计为 13 个月的 带薪育儿假,同时可享受上限为 80%的工资待遇。但夫妻之间必须要共同分享这个假期且每 人休假时间不得少于两个月。 故 A 项正确。 B、 C 项错误。 根据倒数第三段第二句“Sweden’s leave program costs just 0.8% of its GDP”可知 D 项错误。 答案: A 7.The passage suggests that________. A.American women are sometimes treated unfairly in the workplace because of parenting B.in the USA parenting is now seen as a shared responsibility for couples C.high prices will be paid for the USA to establish a national paid parental leave program D.none of the American states provides for some paid maternity leave 解析: 考查推理判断。根据倒数第二段第三句中的“women should not face unfair workplace treatment due to parenting”可推断出因为养育子女,妇女工作中有时会受到 不公平的对待。 答案: A 8.What’s the main idea of this passage? A.Swedes enjoy paid parental leave. B.Paid parental leave benefits new parents. C.Parenting is not a universal choice. D.The US needs a paid parental leave program. 解析: 考查主旨大意。本文最后一句是主题句。作者在文中主要阐述了美国建立全国 性的带薪育儿休假制度的必要性。 答案: D

Test 3 (2013·安徽合肥名校实验部高三三模) Foxes have become a part of life in Britain’s urban areas.They are striking creatures but they are also dangerous.Three years ago,twin baby girls Isabella and Lola Koupparis were left with arm and face injuries after they were attacked by a fox while they were sleeping at their home.Last week,four?week?old baby boy Denny Dolan was bitten by a fox which entered his home.After gaining access to the home through the front door,the fox pulled the baby down from the sofa and tried to drag him outside,biting him and almost severing (割断) his finger. Although fox attacks on humans are still very rare,they will become more common if we don’t change our behaviour towards these increasingly fearless animals.It is humans rather than foxes that are responsible for rising fox attacks on humans. On the one hand,people who love foxes treat these wild animals like pets, leaving food out for foxes,feeding them from their hands,and even inviting foxes into their home.The result is that the fox is more brazen (厚颜无耻的) and less inclined to avoid us.It is those people who feed foxes that cause foxes to lose their fear of humans.However,as long as they have a healthy fear of humans,they won’t bother humans. On the other hand,foxes have moved into cities for lack of resources in rural areas.We take away their natural habitat to build more houses and factories.Foxes have no choice but to live and search for food in the city.If they live in the forest, no fox attack will happen. We have to learn to share the earth with animals and let foxes return to their natural habitat.We also have to learn to look upon foxes as wild animals.We have to remember that they are instinctive killers,efficient and silent with only one purpose , kill to eat.We must certainly not intervene them , even when they look starved.They are hungry for a reason.The hunger will force them to hunt for rabbits and other animals instead of waiting for food at your door. 语篇解读 本文为议论文。由于人类对大自然的无度开发,狐狸失去了天然的栖息地, 它们不得不进入城市。随之而来是狐狸伤人事件增多。作者认为:人类要为增多的狐狸伤人 事件负全责。 9.We can learn from the passage that________. A.it is common for people to spot foxes in British cities B.it is very difficult for people to raise foxes as pets C.it is common for foxes to attack a child in Britain’s urban areas

D.it is very dangerous for foxes to live in Britain’s urban areas 解析: 考查细节理解。根据第一段第一句“Foxes have become a part of life in Britain’s urban areas.”可知,在英国城市里见到狐狸很普遍。 答案: A 10.Why do more and more foxes flood into cities? A.Because urban people love the cute animal. B.Because foxes lack natural resources in the forest. C.Because no houses are built for them in the forest. D.Because their habitats are occupied by other animals. 解析: 考查细节理解。 根据第四段第一句“On the other hand, foxes have moved into cities for lack of resources in rural areas.”可知,狐狸涌入城市的原因是它们在农 村地区缺少生存的资源。 答案: B 11.We can learn from the passage that the author________. A.is very cruel to foxes C.is concerned about foxes B.is a wild animal lover D.is against feeding foxes

解析: 考查细节理解。根据最后一段可以看出作者是反对给狐狸喂食的。 答案: D 12.What is the main idea of the passage? A.It is humans rather than foxes that are to blame for the rising fox attacks on humans. B.People in cities must certainly not feed foxes,even when they look starved. C.Human beings have to learn to live in harmony with wild animals in cities. D.Foxes in British cities are striking creatures but they are also dangerous animals. 解析: 考查主旨大意。本文主要说明了狐狸伤人事件增多的现象并分析了其原因,最 后得出结论:人类要为增多的狐狸伤人事件负全责。 答案: A


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