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I 单选

组题人:柴瑞婷 审核人:李玲 Where there is a will, there is a way

1.The children, ______ had played the whole day long, were worn out. A .all of what B. all of which C. all of them D. all of whom 2.People develop _______ preference for a particular style of learning at _____ early age and these preferences affect learning. A a; an B a; 不填 C 不填; the D the; an 3.The only way to succeed at the highest level is to have total belief _____ you are better than anyone else on the sports field. A how B that C which D whether 4.If what your friend comes up with surprises you, don’t reject it immediately. ______ , imagine that it is true. A Thus B Besides C Rather D Otherwise 5.There are a small number of people involved, possibly ______twenty. A. as few as B. as little as C. as many as D. as much as 6. You cannot accept an opinion ________ to you unless it is based on facts. A. offering B. to offer C. having offered D. offered 7. If he had spent more time practicing speaking English before, he able to speak it much better now. A. will be B. would be C. has been D. would have been 8. When I was little, my mother used to sit by my bed, me stories till I fell asleep. A. having told B. telling C. told D. to tell 9. The engine just start. Something seems wrong with it. A. can’t;to go B. won't ;having gone C. can’t; going D. won't;to have gone 10.- Forgotten something? I can keep an eye on your kids if you want to go and get it. Thank you all the same. A. It's very kind of you. B. Oh, how careless of me! C.I might as well go and get it. D. Well, I can do without it. II 完型 I tend to accept any idea put forward by experts on TV. One day, a sociologist proposed that the 11 society has been consuming modern humans little by little. For fear that I would become a victim of the consumer society, I 12 hurried to a bicycle shop in my neighborhood. 13 the shopkeeper Mr. Johnson was selling me the bicycle, he said, “This is the best thing you 14 have done. Life has become hopelessly 15 . A bicycle is simple, and it brings to you 16 things: fresh air, sunshine and exercise.” I agreed. Happy as a child, I got on the bicycle and headed out onto the streets. After some time, I 17 at the other end of the town. I was 18 that this simple vehicle could let me 19 long distances in a fairly short time. But how 20 did I really go? Since I hated to be 21 , I went back to Mr. Johnson and asked him to 22 an odometer (里程表) on my bicycle. He agreed, but 23 , “An odometer without a speedometer (速度计) is like a 24 without a knife.” I admitted he was right and in a few minutes, the two devices (装置) were 25 to the handlebars of my bicycle. “What about a horn?” he then asked. “Look, this horn is no larger than a matchbox and has many 26 .” Attracted by these functions, I bought the horn. “You can’t leave the back part 27 ,” noted Mr. Johnson. He fixed a metal box with buttons 28 the seat, and said, “Is there anything better than this oven when you feel 29 on your way? I can give you a special discount.” I was not strong enough to 30 the offer. “I congratulate you once more; this is the best thing you could have done,” said Mr. Johnson in the end. 11. A. adult B. human C. consumer D. bachelor 12. A. eventually B. immediately C. reluctantly D. gratefully

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. III

A. Although A. would A. boring A. natural A. gave up A. amazed A. march A. far A. unreliable A. fix A. swore A. pencil A. distributed A. shapes A. loose A. beside A. sick A. consider 阅读

B. Because B. should B. complicated B. mysterious B. broke down B. amused B. drive B. long B. impractical B. check B. added B. fork B. converted B. sizes B. blank B. before B. hungry B. withdraw

C. As C. must C. stressful C. complex C. calmed down C. confused C. cover C. fast C. unprepared C. repair C. replied C. box C. applied C. functions C. bare C. below C. hot C. make

D. Unless D. could D. tough D. unique D. ended up D. concerned D. measure D. deep D. inaccurate D. lay D. concluded D. cake D. attached D. models D. incomplete D. behind D. thirsty D. resist

A Your glasses may someday replace your smartphone, and some New Yorkers are ready for the switch. Some in the city can't wait to try them on and use the maps and GPS that the futuristic eyewear is likely to include. ks5u " I'd use it if I were hanging out with friends at 3 a. m. and going to the bar and wanted to see what was open," said Walter Choo, 40, of Fort Greene. The smartphone-like glasses will likely come out this year and cost between $250 and $600, the Times said, possibly including a variation of augmented(增强的) reality, a technology already available on smartphones and tablets (平板电脑) that overlays information onto the screen about one's surroundings. So, for example, if you were walking down a street, indicators would pop up showing you the nearest coffee shop or directions could be plotted out and come into view right on the sidewalk in front of you. " As far as a mainstream consumer product, this just isn't something anybody needs," said Sam Biddle, who writes for Gizmodo.com. " We're accustomed to having one thing in our pocket to do all these things," he added, "and the average consumer isn't gonna be able to afford another device (装置) that's hundreds and hundreds of dollars. " 9to5Google publisher Seth Weintraub, who has been reporting on the smartphone-like glasses since late last year, said he is confident that this type of wearable device will eventually be as common as smartphones. "It's just like smartphones 10 years ago," Weintraub said. "A few people started getting emails on their phones, and people thought that was crazy. Same kind of thing. We see people bending their heads to look at their smartphones, and it's unnatural," he said. " There's gonna be improvements to that, and this a step there. " 31. One of the possible functions of the smartphone-like glasses is to ____. A. program the opening hours of a bar B.supply you with a picture of the future C. provide information about your surroundings D.update the maps and GPS in your smartphones 32. The underlined phrase "pop up" in the third paragraph probably means " ____". A. develop rapidly B. get round quickly C. appear immediately D. go over automatically 33. According to Sam Biddle, the smartphone-like glasses are ____. A. necessary for teenagers B. attractive to New Yorkers C. available to people worldwide D. expensive for average consumers 34.We can learn from the last two paragraphs that the smartphone-like glasses ____.

B. are as common as smartphones D. will be improved by a new technology B Almost every machine with moving parts has wheels, yet no one knows exactly when the first wheel was invented or what it was used for. We do know,however,that they existed over 5,500years ago in ancient Asia. The oldest known transport wheel was discovered in 2002 in Slovenia. It is over 5,100 years old. Evidence suggests that wheels for transport didn't become popular for .while, though . This could be because animals did a perfectly good job of carrying farming tools and humans around. But it could also be because of a difficult situation. While wheels need to roll on smooth surfaces, roads with smooth surfaces weren't going to be constructed until there was plenty of demand for them. Eventually, road surfaces did become smoother, but this difficult situation appeared again a few centuries later. There had been no important changes in wheel and vehicle design before the arrival of modern road design. In the mid-1700s,a Frenchman came up with a new design of road--a base layer (层)of large stones covered with a thin layer of smaller atones. A Scotsman improved on this design in the 1820s and a strong, lasting road surface became a reality. At around the same time, metal hubs(the central part of a wheel came into being, followed by the Wheels were invented in 1967, sixty years after the appearance of tarmacked roads(泊油路). As wheel design took off, vehicles got faster and faster. 35.What might explain why transport wheels didn’t become popular for some time? A.Few knew how to use transport wheels. B.Humans carried farming tools just as well. C.Animals were a good means of transport.D. The existence of transport wheels was not known. 36. What do we know about road design from the passage? A. It was easier than wheel design. B. It improved after big changes in vehicle design. C. It was promoted by fast-moving vehicles.D. It provided conditions for wheel design to develop. 37. How is the last paragraph mainly developed? A. By giving examples. B. By making comparisons. C. By following time order. D. By making classifications. 38.What is the passage mainly about? A.The beginning of road deaign. B.The development of transport wheels. C.The history of public transport. D.The invention of fast-moving vehicles. C. When asked about happiness,we usually think of something extraordinary, an absolute delight,which seems to get rarer the older we get. For kids,happiness has a magical quality.Their delight at winning a race or getting a new bike is unreserved(毫不掩饰的). In the teenage years the concept of happiness changes.Suddenly it’s conditional on such things as excitement,love and popularity.I can still recall the excitement of being invited to dance with the most attractive boy at the school party. In adulthood the things that bring deep joy----love,marriage,birth----also bring responsibility and the risk of loss.For adults,happiness is complicated(复杂的) My definition fo happiness is “the capacity for enjoyment”.The more we can enjoy what we have,the happier we are.It’s easy to overlook the pleasure we get from the company of friends,the freedom to live where we please,and even goo health. I experienced my little moments of pleasure yesterday.First I was overjoyed when I shut the last lunch-box and had the house to myself.Then I spent an uninterrupted morning writing,which I love.When the kids and my husband came home,I enjoyed their noise after the quiet of the day. Psychologists tell us that to be happy we need a mix of enjoyable leisure time and satisfying work.I don’t think that my grandmother,who raised 14 children,had much of either.She did have a network of close friends and family,and maybe this is what satisfied her. We,however,with so many choices and such pressure to succeed in every area,have turned happiness into one more thing we’ve got to have.We’ve so self-conscious about our “right” to it that it’s making us miserable.So we chase it and equal it with wealth and success,without noticing that the people who

A. may have a potential market C. are popular among young adults

have those things aren’t necessarily happier Happiness isn’t about what happens to us----it’s about how we see what happens to us.It’s the skillful way of finding a positive for every negative.It’s not wishing for what we don’t have,but enjoying what we do possess. 39.As people grow older,they A.feel it harder to experience happiness B.associate their happiness less with others C.will take fewer risks in pursuing happiness D.tend to believe responsibility means happiness 40.What can we learn about the author from Paragraph 5 and 6? A.She cares little about her own health B.She enjoys the freedom of traveling C.She is easily pleased by things in daily life D.She prefers getting pleasure from housework 41.What can b informed from Paragraph 7? A.Psychologists think satisfying work is key to happiness B.Psychologists’opinion is well proved by Grandma’case C.Grandma often found time for social gatherings D.Grandma’s happiness came from modest expectations of life 42.People who equal happiness with wealth and success A.consider pressure something blocking their way B.stress then right to happiness too much C.are at a loss to make correct choices D.are more likely to be happy 43.What can be concluded from the passage? A.Happiness lies between the positive and the negative B.Each man is the master of his own fate C.Success leads to happiness D.Happy is he who is content 七选五 Taking a math test can be pretty stressful. Even if you know the material, you can still get the problem wrong. Knowing how to go through your math test and check your work can save you from handing in a test full of mistakes that can be avoided. 44 Write it out You can also check a math problem by writing everything out on paper. 45 Writing out math problems reduces your chances of missing anything to the lowest possible level, which is a common cause of incorrect answers. 46 Make sure your answers work by doing the opposite procedure of what your problem calls for, including the answer you got the first time around. In other words, you would use the opposite of this addition problem—subtraction (减法)—to determine whether or not your answer is the correct one. Plugging in You may find that a variable isn’t good enough or have a problem where you have to solve for a variable (变量). 47 This is the only real way to assure yourself that the answer you’ve found is correct. Check for a reasonable answer 48 For example, if you get an answer in the millions and you know it should be in the thousands, you’ve likely misplaced a point. Go back through the work on your paper to make sure all of your formulas and calculations are correct. If everything looks okay, do the problem again and compare the result of the second try to what you’ve got on the first try. A. Do the opposite B. Correct the answers C. Plug the variable in the equation (方程) to check it out. D. Therefore you’ll improve your grades, as well as your math skills. E. It also helps you to figure out everything after you have already finished the test. F. If the result of a problem seems to make no sense, it indicates that the answer is incorrect. G. This helps you to know what information you have and what information you need to solve.

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